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Settlers XXVII: The Thrasher Heritage

The Thrasher, or, in the correct Germanic tradition, the Drescher family has its origins deep in the Palitinate region of what was once part of the Holy Roman Empire. Later it became part of the Germanic realm fought over by France, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Prussia and others. Since the appearance of the German nation in the late nineteenth century, that area has been part of Germany. Nevertheless, now as it was in the days of the ancestral Dreschers, the area was torn apart by wars, revolutions, agricultural strife and the political and military effects of religious disputes. The Thrasher family came to America to escape these unpredictble events and to build a new life in the New World. There are other places on this historical web site where you can learn historical bits and pieces about the Thrashers (as they came to call themselves in the middle and late nineteenth century). However, this page is specifically dedicated to their role as one of the great German settler families of Sullivan County. We are especially indebted to Linda Ryan Crawford, a Thrasher descendant who lives in Ringdale, PA, for this historical presentation. Linda can be reached at You can also send comments to Bob Sweeney at

Note: Several others made contributions to many of these family histories. Phyllis McCarroll House submitted the information on Reuben Eberlin's family, the Maggie Thrasher Hunsinger McCarroll, and Walter Thrasher and Samuel B. Thrasher information. Phyllis passed away on September 09, 2009, a loss for all genealogists in north central Pennsylvania. Here is her Obituary. Keith Kneller submitted the Lovetta Kneller Thrasher children’s line. He can be reached at Frank and Odessa Rhoads Thrasher contributed the text and pictures related to George Mathias Thrasher and his descendants. They can be reached at Also, Irene Schaefer gave us the Genevieve Kinsley Schaefer information.

Old Thrasher Homestead
Two Miles East of Dushore, PA
Source: The Sullivan Review, April 11, 1968, Dushore, PA

Let's begin with a newspaper article and picture that appeared in the local newspaper in Dushore in the late 1960s.

Old Thrasher Homestead To Be Razed Saturday

Note: The caption under the published picture read:

Old home to be razed at Fire School on Saturday if wind and the weather conditions are favorable. The vertical planks between the windows are the enclosure for a two -story fireplace which was used to heat the home before modern fuels were available.

The old Thrasher Homestead located just off Route 87 about two miles east of Dushore will be burned by members of the Dushore Fire Company this Saturday as part of their Fire School training. The home is over 100 years old and has had a long and interesting history.

The house on the old Thrasher homestead was built by George Thrasher about 1846. He was the son of the pioneer, George Thrasher, Sr. who came to Sullivan County in 1828, purchasing a tract of 800 acres of land which was later divided among his children, one of whom was George, the great, great grandfather of Raymond Kelley. Mr. Kelley is the present owner of the homestead. The tract also included the Thrasher's Cemetery. The first house was a log cabin which stood near the site of the present house.

Little is known about the German carpenter who bult the spacious double plank house except that his name, or perhaps his nickname, was "Grosskup"*, but the condition of the house attests to his skill and workmanship. The large stone fireplace with foundations extending from cellar to roof is still in working condition, with the original crane and the hearthstone supported by a huge hand-hewn beam. The small-paned windows, with the wavy glass, are still in the original frames on the first floor. The square-paneled doors have never been replaced. The wide floor boards have been painted or carpeted.

George Thrasher was killed in 1849 by runaway horses. After the Civil War, his widow and sons added a wing containing three rooms, thus forming the present T-shaped structure.

*Editor's Note: "Grosskup" is slang for "Big Head" in German.

Who were these Thrashers and how did they come to be so conspicuous in the history of Sullivan County?

The Thrasher Family in Sullivan County

Our Thrasher story begins in the middle eighteenth century in Pennsylvania. There is more than one Drescher or Thrasher lineage going back to the same family in Germany, which you can read about in Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group One. Just scroll down to the section on the Thrashers and several of the families with whom they intermarried. Our story here deals with that branch of the family that descended from George Thrasher and Catherine Fox. who came to Sullivan County from Berks County in the early 1800s. As you read the biographical and genealogical summaries, as well as the periodic excerpts from obituaries posted in The Sullivan Review, Dushore's newspaper since the late 1800s, we hope you will acquire a feel for the culture and beliefs of this true founding family. We have divided the story into about a dozen units on various branches of the family. In each case, we will introduce that unit with a high-lighting in CRIMSON color. You can skip down to any indiviudal unit by looking for the crimson headings. The units in hierarchical order are as follow:



(b) PHOEBE THRASHER, daughter
(c) RACHEL THRASHER, daughter



(-1-) ANNA THRASHER, daughter


Throughout our research we have come across the different spelling of Thrasher, Drescher, Thresher and Thrash. We will use the Thrasher spelling, although tombstones, obituaries, church records, and other documents may use the other spellings.



GEORGE THRASHER was born September 19, 1774 in Reading, PA. He died July 12, 1846 aged 71 years 9 months and 24 days in Dushore, PA and is buried in Thrasher’s cemetery, Dushore, PA.

He married CATHERINE FOX, who was born July 18, 1773 and died May 8, 1854.

George first settled in Luzerne County, PA, then in 1828 purchased 800 acres in what is now Cherry Township in Sullivan County.

Children of George and Catherine Fox Thrasher:

  1. Elizabeth Thrasher born in 1799, died June 8, 1891

The Sullivan Review
June 11, 1891

Miss Elizabeth Thrasher died at the home of her nephew, Solon Heverly, in Cherry Township, Sunday evening, aged 93 years, 3 months and 29 days.

For a generation "Aunt Betsy" has been loved and venerated by a host of relatives who were young only when their years were compared to hers. For years she has found a home and tender loving care in the house of her nephew.

Her illness, caused by accumulating years, had been long continued, but greatly alleviated by the tender ministrations of those around her. She died as she had lived, peacefully, contentedly, and resigned to her Master’s will.

2. Catherine Thrasher 1800-1873

3. Hannah Thrasher (further research required)

4. George Thrasher 1803-1849

5. Benjamin Thrasher 1805-1857
Note: His birth date is established by what is written on his grave stone, namely that he died at 52 years of age; by his reported date of 45 years of age in the 1850 Federal census; and indirectly by the fact that he would have to have been born after the oldest son, who traditionally was named after the father and inherited the homestead. In this case, his older brother George Thrasher was born in 1803.

6. Jonathan Thrasher 1807-1883

7. Samuel Thrasher 1809-1895

8. Joseph Thrasher born November 12,1812 and died June 20, 1829.

9. Adam Thrasher 1815-1877

10. Reuben Thrasher born November 30, 1817; died December 8, 1895; buried in Thrasher Cemetery in Dushore, PA.

Married Anna Suber; she was born May 19, 1819; daughter of Jacob & Mary Fraunfelder Suber; died July 7, 1898; buried in Thrasher’s Cemetery, Dushore, PA.

Children of Reuben & Anna

1. Hannah Thrasher born in 1840; died in 1863

2. Catherine Thrasher born in 1844; died April 14, 1863, age 19 years, one month and 12 days

3. George Thrasher born in 1846; died March 22, 1863, age 17 years and one month

4. Elizabeth Thrasher born in 1849; died April 7, 1863, age 13 years, 3 months, and 20 days

5. Jacob Thrasher born 1856; died March 17, 1934, buried in Thrasher’s Cemetery, Dushore, PA. Married Hulda Conner on October 2, 1883.

She was born July 6, 1854; died December 11, 1921.

Jacob & Hulda had no children.

The Sullivan Review
March 21, 1934

Jacob Thrasher died Saturday, March 17th at his home in Cherry Township, following a lingering illness at the age of 78 years. His wife precede him in death several years.

He was a son of the late Reuben and Anna Suber Thrasher, and resided on the old Homestead. He married Miss Hulda Conner, a sister of the late Cyrus Conner of Cherry Township.

He is survived by one niece, Mrs. Alveretta Kschinka, who cared for him during his recent illness, and two nephews, Marvin Conner of Elmira, NY and Kemerly Conner of Cherry Township.

Funeral service was held Monday afternoon in the Zion Lutheran Church at this place. Interment in the Lutheran cemetery.

Now lets' take a closer look now at the family history of the several of the chidren of George Thrasher and Catherine Fox, We will begin with their daughter, Catherine.

CATHERINE THRASHER (George Thrasher); born August 8, 1800, died June 8, 1873. Married Philip Heverly.

Philip Heverly was born March 19, 1803. His parents were Philip and Polly (Wright) Heverly. He died January 1, 1880. He married 1st Anna Kellogg; about a year and a half later they divorced. Then he married Catherine Thrasher.

Children of Catherine and Philip Heverly:

  1. Solon Heverly 1835-1898
  2. Reuben Heverly 1836-1919
  3. Barbara Ann Heverly 1837-1869
  4. Henry Heverly 1839-1854

1. Solon Heverly (Catherine, George Thrasher); born June 24, 1835; died June 29, 1898. Married Caroline Graff; born June 6, 1842; died April 11, 1919

Children of Solon & Caroline:

I. Fred Heverly 1864-1942

II. John Heverly 1868-1952

III. Charles B. Heverly 1871-1916

IV. Nettie Heverly 1875-1924

V. Jesse Heverly 1876-1876

VI. Lewis Heverly 1877-1877

VII. Elizabeth Heverly Note: Further research required.


I. Fred Heverly (Solon, Catherine, George Thrasher); born 1864; died June 23, 1942

Married but no children

II. John Henry Heverly (Solon, Catherine, George Thrasher) born 1868; died March 4, 1952

Married Eula Hall; she was born 1877; died June 30, 1935

Child of John & Eula Hall Heverly:

1. Mrs. James Tracy

III. Charles B. (Solon, Catherine, George); born January 1871 in Cherry Twp.; died June 10, 1916 of stomach ulcers.


1st Alice M. Transue

2nd Cora Meyer; born August 3, 1871, the daughter of John and Mary Hoffa Meyer; she died November 14, 1955

The Sullivan Review
March 18, 1897

A Very SAD DEATH- Mrs. Charles Heverly of this place died at her home on Cherry Street about six o’clock Monday morning, March 15, aged 20 years. A young husband and a nine-month-old babe survive to mourn a loss beyond repair.

The funeral was held at Zion Lutheran church Wednesday, at 10 a.m. the interment taking place at Thrasher’s cemetery.

The circumstances of this death tell a story of heroism and devotion seldom equaled, of self possession and resolution rare in anyone, but especially so in the gentler sex. A week before her death, the lamp in her room was accidentally overturned and the young mother’s clothing was ablaze. She ran from the room to the rear of the house and dashed water upon herself until the flames were extinguished, and then returned to save her babe and the house. Incredible as it may seem, she succeeded in putting out the fire blazing in the window curtains and saving the house, but her life paid the penalty. She was not badly burned but the fright and shock were terrible, and in the illness that followed she grew steadily weaker and weaker, until Monday morning, when the brave young heart gradually ceased its beating, the vital spark that glowed so bright went out, and the pure young spirit took its flight to another world. The announcement of her death was a surprise and a terrible shock to the community, and the greatest sympathy is expressed for the bereaved husband and friends.

Child of Charles & Alice Transue Heverly:

1. Ethel M. Heverly; born June 6, 1896; died March 17, 1898 aged 1 year 9 months and 11 days. Buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore Pa.

Children of Charles & Cora:

1. Charles M. Heverly 1899-1979

2. Leonard R. Heverly 1901-1981

3. Marion E. Heverly 1904-1999

4. Ruth Heverly 1911-1988


  1. Charles M. Heverly (Charles B, Solon, Catherine George Thrasher); born May 26, 1899; died October 18, 1979
  2. Leonard R. Heverly (Charles B., Solon, Catherine, George Thrasher); born February 2, 1901; died November 20, 1981; buried in Thrasher's cemetery,


1st Rita Scouton; born August 15, 1899; died August 23, 1983

2nd Emma Fehr

Children of Leonard & Rita Scouton:

i. Leonard S. Heverly 1927-1980

ii. Lura Heverly Note: Further research required.

3. Marion A. Heverly (Charles B., Solon, Catherine, George Thrasher); born February 4, 1904; died October 21, 1999

The Sullivan Review
October 23, 1999

Miss Marion Elizabeth Heverly, 95, of Dushore, died Oct. 21, 1999, at the Smith Personal Care Home in Wyalusing. She was born in Dushore Feb. 4, 1904, a daughter of Charles & Cora Meyer Heverly. She graduated from Dushore High School in 1922, attended summer school and in September of 1922 accepted a teaching position in Bradford County.

She continued attending summer school and in one year graduated from Bloomsburg Norman School with a teaching certificate. Miss Heverly continued to teach in various areas of Bradford County until 1947, when she accepted a position with the Dushore Public School System in the primary grade. She taught in the Dushore school building until 1963 and was then assigned to first grade at Turnpike Elementary School in Mildred. She retired from teaching in 1969, teaching a total of 46 years in the elementary schools of Sullivan and Bradford counties.

She was a member of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Zion Chapel, in Dushore and a member of its Altar Guild. She was also involved with the Dushore Tuesday Book Club, the Dushore Music Club, the Wyalusing Chapter #523, O.E.S. and the Sullivan County Retired Teachers organization.

Surviving are two nieces, Jean Hanson of Durham, NC; and Lura Brown of Paradise, PA.

A memorial Service will be held Saturday, October 30, at 11 a.m. at Zion Chapel with Rev. Eddie Nilsen presiding. Burial will be in Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Dushore. Memorials may be directed to Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, PO Box 480, Dushore, Pa 18614, or to The Sullivan County Public Library, Dushore, PA.

Arrangements are under the direction of the P. Dean Homer Funeral Home, Dushore.

4. Ruth K. Heverly (Charles B., Solon, Catherine, George Thrasher); born July 8, 1911; died December 17, 1988; married M. R. Harris.

Child of M. R. and Ruth (Heverly) Harris:

Jean Harris

The Sullivan Review
December 22, 1988

Ruth K. Harris, 77, of Laceyville a native of Dushore, died Dec. 17, 1988 at Tyler Memorial Hospital, Tunkhannock. She was born in Dushore July 8, 1911, a daughter of Charles and Cora Meyer Heverly.

A graduate of Dushore High School, she then attended the Robert Packer Hospital School of Nursing and graduated with the class of 1934. She spent her entire nursing career as a school nurse for the Wyalusing Area School District.

Mrs. Harris was the widow of M. R. (Bill) Harris who died in 1984. She was a member of St. John's Episcopal Church, Laceyville, and a member of Meshoppen Chapter No. 70 Order of Eastern Star.

Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Dean (Jean) Hanson of Durham, NC; a sister, Miss Marion Heverly of Dushore; two grandchildren Kristen and Eric Hanson, of Durham; several nieces and nephews. Two brothers, Charles and Leonard predeceased her.

Memorials may be directed to the Wyoming County Cancer Fund, Tyler Memorial Hospital, Tunkhannock; or to the Laceyville Ambulance Association, Laceyville.

Nettie Heverly (Solon, Catherine, George Thrasher); born December 27, 1875; died August 3, 1924; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married John Hamer on April 23, 1895. He was born in England on May 18, 1863; died September 17, 1932.

Children of Nettie and John Hamer:

  1. Harry Frederick Hamer; born January 22, 1896
  2. John D. Hamer 1899-1964
  3. Alice Hamer 1904-1982
  4. Caroline E. Hamer; born 1903; died April 23, 1903, aged 3 months & 5 days.
  5. Eula Hamer 1912-1986

John D. Hamer (Nettie, Solon, Catherine, George Thrasher); born April 22, 1899; died March 20, 1964; buried in Fairview Cemetery in Dushore, PA

Married Helen Bahr on September 15, 1926. She was born May 20, 1902; died October 1983.

Children of John D. & Helen Bahr Hamer:

  1. Delores Hamer
  2. Theresa Ann Hamer

Alice Hamer (Nettie, Solon, Catherine, George Thrasher); born September 20, 1904; died October 19, 1982

Married G. Ralph Rohe

No children, but had two stepdaughters and one stepson

Eula Hamer (Nettie, Solon, Catherine, George Thrasher); born February 29, 1912; died January 25, 1986.

Married Ralph Gordinier

Children of Eula and Ralph Gordinier:

  1. Shirley Gordinier
  2. Barbara Gordinier
  3. Rebecca Sue Gordinier
  4. Suzanne Gordinier

2. Reuben (Catherine, George Thrasher); born June 23, 1836; died January 1, 1919

Married Elizabeth Graff; she was born in 1839; died in 1916

Children of Reuben & Elizabeth:

I.George William Heverly 1863-1922

II. Clara C. Heverly 1865-1951

III. Boyd F. Heverly 1867-1943

IV. Ida E. Heverly 1871-1944

V. Eva A. Heverly 1873-1880

VI. Mary Grace Heverly 1879-1961

I. George William Heverly; born February 20, 1863; died November 11, 1922 buried in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA.

Married Elizabeth L. Dieffenbach in June 1884. She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Hoffa Dieffenbach. She was born October 29, 1864; died December 30, 1942

Children of George W. & Elizabeth Heverly:

1. Fordie Heverly

2. Angie Heverly 1892-1976

The Sullivan Review
October 7, 1976

Angie Heverly, 84, of Sayre, died September 30, 1976, at Robert Packer Hospital. She was born February 11, 1892, in New Albany, a daughter of George and Elizabeth Dieffenbach Heverly.

She was secretary to the supervisor of the Sayre schools until her retirement in the mid 40’s. She was a member of the Sayre Presbyterian Church and the Women’s Association of the church. She was also a member of the D.A.R., Tioga Point; the Robert Packer Hospital Auxiliary and the Sayre Retired Teachers Association.

Surviving are three first cousins, Mrs. Blanche Kuhnle, Mrs. Helen Obert and Richard Hileman, all from Dushore.

Funeral services were held Oct. 2 at Sayre with the Rev. Richard Ransdell of the Sayre Presbyterian Church officiating. Burial was in the Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens.

II. Clara C. Heverly Messersmith (Reuben, Catherine, George); born March 11, 1865; died September 5,1951 at her home on Carpenter St. in Dushore, PA; buried in Thrasher’s cemetery, Dushore

Married Henry Messersmith of Colley on March 13, 1890

Children of Clara & Henry:

  1. Blanche Messersmith 1891-1983
  2. Thomas E. Messersmith 1898-1898
  3. Ethel May Messersmith 1899-1949
  4. Eldridge Messersmith 1902-1902

Blanche Messersmith (Clara, Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born July 19, 1891; died April 28, 1983. Married William H. Kuhnle on January 6, 1925. He was born September 27, 1895; son of William F. & Elizabeth Schwoerer Kuhnle; died May 1, 1973

Children of Blanche & William Kuhnle:

1. Helen E. Kuhnle (Blanche, Clara, Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher) was born November 29, 1925.

Married Fred L. Fiester

Children of Helen & Fred Fiester:

1. Susan Jean Fiester, born March 7, 1949

2. Leo Frederick Fiester, born April 24, 1956

2. Kathryn M. Kuhnle ( Blanche, Clara, Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born November 26, 1927

Married Lloyd Huffman

Children of Kathryn M. & Lloyd Huffman:

i. Nanette L. Huffman

ii. William F. Huffman

iii. Adele K. Huffman

iv. Janet L. Huffman

v. David L. Huffman

Ethel M. Messersmith (Clara, Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born September 19, 1899; died July 30, 1949

Married Frank Coleman on December 30, 1915; later divorced

The Sullivan Review
August 4, 1949

Miss Ethel M. Mesersmith, daughter of Mrs. Clara Messersmith of Carpenter Street, passed away at the Mills Community hospital, Towanda, Saturday afternoon, following a lingering illness.

Miss Messersmith was a daughter of the late Henry Messersmith of Colley and Mrs. Clara Heverly Messersmith, now of Carpenter Street, Dushore. She was born September 19th, 1899, at Colley where her parents then lived. Following the death of her husband, Mrs. Messersmith moved to her present home with her two daughters, where they have since made their home.

Miss Messersmith attended the Dushore Public Schools, where she graduated. For many years she was an employee of the Dushore Silk Mill, until her health failed. At an early age, she became a member of Zion Lutheran Church, and was very active in all phases of church work. A charter member of the Luther League, active as a member and teacher in the Sunday school, a member of the choir, and active in the work of the Dorcas Society.

Besides her mother, she is survived by a sister, Mrs. Blanche Kuhnle of Wilmot, and two nieces.

Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock the Dorcas Society held a prayer service at her late home. Funeral services were held in Zion Lutheran Church, Wednesday morning at 10:30 o’clock. Burial in the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery in the family plot. The funeral was largely attended.

III. Boyd F. Heverly (Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born in 1867, died January 26, 1943, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Jennie Wilcox ; she was born in 1868; died in 1948

No Children

IV. Ida E. Heverly (Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born in 1871; died in 1944


1st Charles M. Neily on April 7, 1914

2nd ________ Vanderpool

VI. Mary Grace Heverly (Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born April 21, 1879 in Cherry twp.; died March 2, 1961 buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married John L Hileman on September 6, 1906; born November 1, 1879; died February 1960

Children of M. Grace and John Hileman:

Elizabeth Hileman 1907-1955

  1. John H. Hileman 1911-1970
    1. Richard E. Hileman 1913-1986
  2. Helen H. Hileman 1914-1996

Elizabeth Hileman (M. Grace, Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born January 13, 1907; died January 11, 1955; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Eugene Cain

Children of Elizabeth & Eugene Cain:

    1. John Cain
    2. Mary Grace Cain

John H. Hileman (M. Grace, Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born November 25, 1911; died February 23, 1970

Married Ruth Wagner; she was born in 1911; died in 2000

Child of John & Ruth Wagner Hileman:

1.Linda Lee Hileman

Richard E. Hileman (M. Grace, Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born December 14, 1913; died October 24, 1986; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Kathryn Helsman on November 26, 1942

Children of Richard & Kathryn Helsman Hileman:

  1. Richard Hileman
  2. Connie Hileman

Helen Hileman ( M. Grace, Reuben, Catherine, George Thrasher); born December 8, 1914; died March 28, 1996;

Married Bernard Obert on July 6, 1945

3. Barbara Ann Heverly (Catherine, George); born January 28, 1838, died August 19, 1869

Never married

4. Henry Heverly (Catherine, George); born January 17, 1839; died August 18, 1854

We now turn to the family history of George Thrasher, the oldest son of George and Catherine (Fox) Thrasher.

GEORGE THRASHER, son of George Thrasher and Catherine Fox, was born July 28, 1803 in Luzerne County PA. He married LYDIA WEAVER in 1830; she was born July 13, 1812, the daughter of Christian and Maria Weaver. After George’s father died in 1846, his son, George, moved from Luzerne County to the family farm in Sullivan County. Two years later on March 19, 1849, he was killed when, on his way to the mill with a load of grain, his team of horses ran away.

Lydia Thrasher died June 25, 1887.

The Sullivan Review
June 30, 1887

Mrs. Lydia Thrasher died at her residence in Cherry Township, Saturday morning at the advanced age of 74 years 11 months and 13 days. Mrs. Thrasher removed with her husband George Thrasher and their family from Luzerne County to Sullivan 40 years ago last April. The following year, her husband was killed by a team running away. Mrs. Thrasher then undertook the laborious task of rearing her large family of eight children, the youngest being only one year old at the time of her husband's death.

She succeeded in rearing the family and managed her farm and business better than many of the men of that time. Six years ago, she was stricken with paralysis and has been a great sufferer since, for the last three years being confined to her bed. Five sons and one daughter survive her.

Mrs. Thrasher was an exemplary Christian woman, having been an active member of the Lutheran church since her youth. The remains were interred at the Thrasher's cemetery Monday, Rev. S. Wenrich officiating.

Mrs. Thrasher leaves a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn her loss, who have sympathy of all in their bereavement.

Children of George and Lydia Weaver Thrasher:

1. Joseph Thrasher 1831-1909
3. PHOEBE THRASHER 1834-1882
4. Adam Thrasher 1838-1913
5. Ransom Thrasher 1839-1902
6. RACHEL THRASHER 1840-1925
7. Reuben Thrasher 1843-1923
8. Anna Catherine Thrasher 1847-1885

1. JOSEPH THRASHER (George, George Thrasher) born April 28, 1831 in Sugarloaf Twp., Luzerne Co. PA; died May 15, 1909, buried May 21, 1909 in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Sally Ann Moyer on May 17, 1853. She died May 21, 1892

Children of Joseph & Sally:

  1. John A. Thrasher (Joseph, George, George Thrasher) born in 1855; died January 20, 1930 buried in Thrasher's cemetery

Married Lucy E. Douglass born October 23, 1857; died Nov. 10, 1933

Children of John & Lucy: Note: Further research required on these children.

    1. Cora B. Thrasher, born about 1878
    2. Eda A. Thrasher 1882-1953
    3. Florence E. Thrasher, born September 14, 1884
      Cora B. Thrasher (John, Joseph, George, George Thrasher), born about 1878; died May 31, 1947

      Married 1st ________ Bennett
      Married 2nd ________Fredericks

The Sullivan Review
June 5, 1947

Cora B. Fredericks, aged 69, died Saturday May 31, 1947 at the home of her daughter Mrs. Ren Andrews of 308 N. Keystone Avenue, Sayre.

Survivors besides Mrs. Andrews are Mrs. Frances Parker, East Athens, Mrs. Floyd Carpenter of Lawton, Willard Bennett of Waverly, N.Y. and John Bennett, Towanda, two sisters Eda Thrasher of Cherry Township and Mrs. Florence Bennett of Sayre, an uncle Lydney Thrasher of Cherry Township and twenty grandchildren.

Eda A. Thrasher (John, Joseph, George, George Thrasher) born March 20, 1882; died October 1953

The Sullivan Review
October 8, 1953

Miss Eda A. Drescher, 71, formerly of this place, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Florence Bennett, 207 North Wilbur Avenue, Sayre, early Sunday morning.

Miss Drescher was born March 20, 1882, the daughter of John and Lucy Douglas Drescher of Cherry Township. Her only immediate survivor is the sister at whose home she died.

The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 from the Holcombe Funeral Home, with the Rev. Charles A. Souders officiating. Burial was in Zion Lutheran cemetery.

2. Milton Uriah Thrasher born August 23, 1857; died Oct. 15, 1863

3. Henry Rolandus Thrasher born Jan. 16, 1860; died Oct. 1, 1863

4. Malinda Thrasher (Joseph, George, George) born Sept. 25, 1863; died April 25, 1935. Never married.

The Sullivan Review
May 1, 1935

Miss Malinda Thrasher died Thursday, April 25th at her home in Cherry Township at the age of 72 years and 7 months. She was a daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Thrasher. She is survived by one brother, Lydney Thrasher, and several nieces and nephews.

Funeral service was held in Zion Lutheran church at this place, Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Interment in Zion Lutheran cemetery in the family plot. The pallbearers were: Glen Taylor, William Steiner, N.C. Saxer, William Kelley, Leo Rohe, F.G. Karge.

5. Lydney Thrasher (Joseph, George, George Thrasher) born about 1866; died January 12, 1949

The Sullivan Review
January 13, 1949

Lydney E. Thrasher of Cherry Township, died Wednesday night at the Robert Packer hospital at Sayre at the age of 82 years.

Mr. Thrasher has been in poor health for some time. He was admitted to the hospital about three weeks ago. He is survived by several nieces.

Funeral services will be held at the Holcombe Funeral Home Saturday, January 15th at 1:45 and at Zion Evangelical Lutheran church at 2 o’clock, Rev. John D. Keener officiating.


3. PHOEBE THRASHER 1834-1882

4. ADAM THRASHER (George, George Thrasher) born May 17, 1838; died July 31, 1913

The Sullivan Review
August 7, 1913

Adam Thresher, who had been suffering with paralysis for nearly a year died July 31st at the home of his sister, Mrs. Rachael Hieber, in Cherry Township. He was aged 75 years, 2 months and 14 days.

Mr. Thresher was born in Sugarloaf Township, Luzerne County, this state, on May 17, 1838. He was a member of the Lutheran church. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the house, Rev. W.H. Fehr officiating. Interment was made in Thresher's cemetery.

Besides his sister Rachael he is survived by one brother, Reuben Thresher of Cherry.

Here is a link to a likely picture of Adam Thrasher, although the identification is still not certain. The reference is entitled Who Is This Man?

5. RANSOM THRASHER (George, George Thrasher) born February 5, 1839 in Sugarloaf township; died March 7, 1902. Married Celinda J. Yonkin on June 13, 1899; she was born 1849; died February 23, 1923

Children of Ransom & Celinda Yonkin Thrasher:

1. Adopted son, Glen Thompson

Sullivan Review
March 12, 1903

Ransom Thrasher died at his residence in Cherry Township Saturday evening, March 7, aged 67 years, one month and two days. As previously mentioned in these columns, he was stricken with paralysis while seated in the office of J.H. Lawrence, Esq., in this place, on election day, and never rallied from the shock. He remained conscious most of the time, but grew gradually weaker until the thread of life was broken.

The funeral services were held Tuesday forenoon at the Old Zion (Thrasher's) church, a couple of miles from town, and interment was made in the cemetery adjoining. The funeral was attended by a vast concourse of friends and relatives, far beyond the capacity of the little church to accommodate. Ransom Thrasher was not only one of the foremost citizens of Sullivan County, but a representative of one of its most prominent families. His grandfather, Geo. Thrasher, was a native of Reading, and first emigrated to Luzerne County, and afterwards, in 1828, to what is now Cherry Township, where he purchased 800 acres of forestland, and with the help of his seven sturdy sons began the task of carving a home out of the wilderness. He died in 1846, and after his death his son George, who had remained behind in Luzerne County, came to Sullivan and settled on the old homestead.

George Thrasher the second was married in Luzerne county to Lydia Weaver, and to them were born eight children, as follows: Joseph, a farmer of Cherry township; Stephen, now deceased; Phoebe, who became the wife of J.B Lamberson, and is now deceased; Ransom, the subject of this sketch; Adam, the partner of Ransom in his farming operations; Rachel, the wife of Benjamin Hieber; Reuben, a farmer in Colley township, and Catharine, now deceased. George Thrasher was killed by his team running away in 1849, and is buried in the Thrasher cemetery, where over sixty members of that family are now interred.

Ransom was born in Sugarloaf township, Luzerne County, February 5, 1836, and was seven years of age when he came with his parents to Sullivan County, and but ten years old when deprived of a father’s love and care. Growing to manhood he and his brother Adam purchased the old homestead and by close application to business and hard work they succeeded in amassing a considerable fortune.

About four years ago he was married to Celinda Yonkin, who survives to mourn the loss of a kind and indulgent husband. There are no children. In politics Mr. Thrasher was a staunch Democrat and had held many township offices, and in 1896 was elected to the office of county treasurer without opposition. He discharged the duties of the office to the entire satisfaction of the people, and on the expiration of his term retired to private life, beloved and respected by all who know him. His death is mourned by the entire county.

Here is Ransom Thrasher in a picture taken four years before his death for a history of Sullivan County.

Ransom Thrasher (1839-1902)
Grandson of George and Catherine (Fox) Thrasher
Source: Thomas Ingham, History of Sullivan County, 1899


7. REUBEN THRASHER (George, George Thrasher) born September 3,1843; died in 1923; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Catherine Olivia Barber , born January 2, 1853, died July 15, 1884

Children of Reuben & Catherine Barber Thrasher:

i. Addie M. Thrasher 1879-1918

ii. Lillian L. Thrasher 1880-1932

Addie M. Thrasher, born May 14, 1879; died June 23, 1918

Married 1st George Eberlin on August 9, 1896 at the Grace Episcopal Church in Waverly, NY. (Phyllis House had the marriage certificate in Janauary 2002) They divorced December 12, 1904.

Married 2nd John H. Huffmaster on February 27, 1908 in Dushore, by Rev. Andrew Bocher. He was born in 1877, died October 22, 1932.

Children of Addie & George Eberlin:

  1. Infant Eberlin, born and died same day, October 28, 1896, buried in Thrasher's
  2. Reuben George Eberlin (Addie, Reuben, George, George Thrasher) born June 26, 1898 in Colley; died May 25, 1950

Married Stella Louise McCarroll on March 20, 1918

Here is a picture of the young Reuben and Stella.

Reuben George and Stella Louise (McCarroll) Eberlin
About the Time of Their Marriage in 1908
Photo contributed by Phyllis McCarroll House
Note: The reproduction here is distorted by the curved surface of the original.

Children of Reuben & Stella McCarroll Eberlin:

      1. Gladys Margaret Eberlin 1923-1980
      2. Lewis George Eberlin (twin) 1925-1996
      3. Lois Louise Eberlin (twin) 1925-1982
      4. Ray Robert Eberlin (twin) 1931-1996
      5. Roy Paul Eberlin (twin) 1931-

Here is a picture of Ray and Roy, one pair of Eberlin twins.

Ray and Roy Eberlin
Twin Sons of Reuben and Stella (McCarroll) Eberlin
Photo contributed by Phyllis McCarroll House

i. Gladys Margaret Eberlin (Reuben, Addie, Reuben, George, George Thrasher) born August 15, 1923; died May 22, 1988; buried in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA

Married ______Eckenstein

ii. Lewis George Eberlin (Reuben, Addie, Reuben, George, George Thrasher) born October 17, 1925; died May 14, 1996; buried in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA

Married 1st Ethel Barton she died April 15, 1976

Married 2nd Nancy Williams Hunsinger

Lewis and Ethel adopted two children: John and Kimberly. No children from second marriage.


iii. Lois Louise Eberlin (Reuben, Addie, Reuben, George, George Thrasher) born October 17, 1925; died February 15, 1982, buried in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA

Married Joseph Walter (Coddington) Merritt. He passed away in May 1995 at home in Center Lisle, Broome County, NY. They had twelve children, including two sets of twins just like Reuben and Stella Eberlin, the parents of Lois. This information was provided in July 2004 by Tina Ann Eaton, granddaughter of Lois Louise Eberlin. Tina also provided this picture of Joseph and Lois to us in March 2007:

Joseph Walter and Lois Louise (Eberlin) Merritt
Taken About 1980
Photo contributed by Tina Ann Eaton


iv. Ray Robert Eberlin (Reuben, Addie, Reuben, George, George Thrasher) born August 15, 1931 (twin); died February 26, 1996; buried in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA

Married Doris Marie Salsman on August 15, 1964. She was born June 11, 1938, daughter of Carlton W. & Fannie Augusta May Salsman.


Children of Ray & Doris Eberlin:

    1. Robert Ray Eberlin, born February 18, 1964; died August 19, 2000
    2. William Eric Eberlin, born August 3, 1971

The following Children were from Doris’ first marriage, but Ray adopted the three girls.

Ricky Leroy Dildine, born June 5, 1955

Jacquelyn M. (Dildine) Eberlin, born June 27, 1956

Lewis E. Dildine, born January 23, 1958

Bonnie Sue (Dildine) Eberlin, born April 7, 1959

Kathleen Kay (Dildine) Eberlin, born October 7, 1961

v. Roy Paul Eberlin (Reuben, Addie, Reuben, George, George Thrasher), born August 15, 1931.

Married Donna Jordanoff

Children of Addie & John Huffmaster:

  1. Harry Huffmaster, born October 5, 1915; died October 15, 1915; buried in Thrasher's
  2. Ernest Earl Huffmaster born July 19, 1917, died January 27, 1991

Married Ada Elizabeth Stiff on December 1, 1949

No children

Lillian L. Thrasher (Reuben, George, George Thrasher) born November 1, 1880; died November 28, 1932; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Leo Rohe January 14, 1899; he was born in 1875 and died in 1956

Children of Lillian & Leo Rohe:

1. Olivia L. Rohe born August 5, 1899; died May 29, 1979, buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, Pa

Married Paul E. Hieber on June 21, 1922; he was born March 17, 1895, son of John & Catherine Messersmith Hieber; and he died September 1984

No Children

Here are two pictures of Paul and Olivia Hieber taken at the time of their wedding.

Paul and Olivia (Rohe) Hieber
Wedding Pictures 1922
Photos contributed by Carol Brotzman

Here are their funeral cards.

Cover of Hieber Funeral Cards

Funeral Cards for Paul E. and Olivia L. (Rohe) Hieber
Photos contributed by Carol Brotzman

Click here to see a Hieber-Rohe Ancestral Chart prepared by Carol Brotzman that shows the deep links among the local German families produced by the marriage of Paul and Olivia (Rohe) Hieber.


8. ANNA CATHERINE THRASHER (George, George Thrasher), born June 1, 1847; died December 18, 1885 aged 38 years 6 months and 17 days. Buried in Thrasher's cemetery.

BENJAMIN THRASHER (George Thrasher); born in 1805; died July 12, 1857; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA, aged 52 years, 5 months and 12 days.

Married Anna Hunsinger; born January 23, 1812; daughter of Bernard & Barbara Fuller Hunsinger; she died September 9, 1890; buried in Thrasher’s cemetery.

Children of Benjamin & Anna Hunsinger Thrasher:

  1. CATHERINE THRASHER, 1830-1896, married William Kisner
    You can learn about the Kisner family and actually see a picture of Catherine at Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group One--scroll down to the section on the Kisner family history.
  2. Son, 1832
  3. Levi Benjamin Thrasher 1833-1907
  4. SAMUEL B. THRASHER 1835-1904, married Rosena Miller
  5. SALLY ANN THRASHER 1838-1917, married Frederick Huffmaster
  6. Benjamin Thrasher 1840-1903
  7. CAROLINE THRASHER 1841-1901, married Harvey Landback
  8. Son, 1842
  9. Susannah Thrasher 1844-1878
  10. Maria Amanda Thrasher 1847-1911
  11. Noah Thrasher 1851-1907
  12. Hannah Thrasher January 6, 1849-September 13, 1853

Catherine Thrasher 1830-1896

Levi Benjamin Thrasher 1833-1907

Samuel B. Thrasher 1835-1904

Sally Ann Thrasher 1838-1917

Benjamin Thrasher (Benjamin, George Thrasher) born May 26, 1840; died August 25, 1903; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA


1st Mary Magdalena Suber in 1869; she was born December 11, 1845; died February 14, 1893; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

2nd Hannah Molyneux

No Children in either marriage except that Benjamin & Mary had an adopted daughter named Malinda; she married Adam Kisner. Hannah also had a daughter from her first marriage.

Caroline Thrasher 1841-1901

Susannah Thrasher (Benjamin, George Thrasher); born September 30, 1844; died July 22, 1878; buried in Thrasher’s cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Benedict Ortlieb; born October 25, 1829, died June 1, 1889. You can learn more about the Ortlieb family of Sullivan County at Benedict Ortlieb and His Descendants.

Maria Amanda Thrasher (Benjamin, George Thrasher); born in 1847; died December 5, 1911; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Charles Hartzig; born September 5, 1836; died August 15, 1917; buried in Thrasher's cemetery.

Children of M. Amanda & Charles Hartzig:

  1. Harry Hartzig 1875-1961
  2. Hattie Hartzig 1880-1975

Charles and Amanda (Thrasher) Hartzig
With Children Harry and Hattie Hartzig
Taken Before 1911
Photo source: Catherine Pedro Rohe Collection
Passed down most likely from Peter Rohe through his son Leroy Rohe,
grandson Lawrence Rohe, to Catherine, his great-granddaughter.

i. Harry Hartzig (M. Amanda, Benjamin, George Thrasher); born 1875; died 1961

Married Laura Hoffa on November 26, 1908. She was born November 19, 1878; died October 4, 1936; buried in Thrasher's cemetery

Child of Harry & Laura Hoffa Hartzig:

  1. Eleanor L. Hartzig 1915-1976

The Sullivan Review
October 7, 1976

Miss Eleanor L. Hartzig, Dushore, died October 2, 1976, at her home, following a lingering illness. A native of Sullivan County, she was the daughter of the late Harry and Laura Hoffa Hartzig.

She was a retired postal clerk, having worked in the Dushore Post Office for many years. She was a member of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Zion Chapel, of Dushore and its Dorcas Society.

Surviving are several cousins.

Funeral services were held at the Russell P. McHenry Funeral Home on October 5, with the Rev. Edgar Reed, her pastor, officiating. Interment was in the Zion Cemetery.

ii. Hattie Hartzig (M. Amanda, Benjamin, George Thrasher) born October 20, 1880; died February 7, 1975

Married Walter Eichenlaub; born August 15, 1879, son of John & Amanda Buck Eichenlaub; he died January 14, 1963

Child of Hattie & Walter Eichenlaub:

1. Donald Eichenlaub; born June 27, 1906; died December 18, 1973

Married Anna Chilson on September 10, 1932

Children of Donald & Anna Chilson Eichenlaub:

i. Robert D. Eichenlaub

ii. Theresa Ann Eichenlaub

Noah Thrasher (Benjamin, George Thrasher); born June 21, 1851; died August 1917

Buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Never married.

The Sullivan Review
August 15, 1917

Noah Thrasher of Cherry Township, despondent over his helpless condition, early Thursday morning committed suicide by cutting his throat. He was residing with his nephews, Frank and George Huffmaster. The funeral was held Saturday at 2 p.m., Rev. W.H. Fehr officiating. Interment at Thrasher Cemetery. Aged 66 years, 1 month.

JONATHAN THRASHER (George Thrasher); born March 25, 1807, died August 12, 1883; buried in Indiana

Married CATHERINE BOSTIAN; born January 1, 1816, died December 12, 1893

Children of Jonathan & Catherine Thrasher

  1. Elizabeth Thrasher
  2. Catherine Thrasher
  3. Isaac Thrasher 1836-1920
  4. William Thrasher
  5. Sarah Jane Thrasher
  6. George Thrasher
  7. Phoebe Ellen Thrasher

Isaac Thrasher (Jonathan, George Thrasher); born October 20, 1836, died February 20, 1920

Married Elizabeth Rarrick on July 3, 1859; born September 8, 1837, died April 1, 1920

Children of Isaac & Elizabeth Rarrick Thrash:

  1. Mary Thrash 1852-1932
  2. Jonathan T. Thrash 1861-1933
  3. Catherine Thrash
  4. Mariah Thrash
  5. Andrew Jay Thrash

SAMUEL THRASHER (George Thrasher) was born in 1809 and died in Cherry Township, Sullivan County, PA, on June 10, 1895. in Dushore, PA. He married Rachel Persun, daughter of Mathias and Hester Persun. She was born July 02, 1810 in New Jersey, and died February 29, 1884 in Cherry Township, aged 73 years 7 months, 27 days. She is buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA. Much of the information provided here was collected by Frank and Odessa Rhoads Thrasher, Carol Brotzman and Joyce Frink. While we have provided here an overview of the lives of Samuel, his wife and their three children, you can examine the family history in more detail at The Descendants of SAMUEL THRASHER.

The Sullivan Review
June 13, 1895

Samuel Thrasher died at the residence of his son, Freeman, in Dushore boro, Monday night, June 10, aged 85 years and six months. Deceased was one of the oldest residents of this portion of the county. He had been confined to his bed for nine weeks with palsy.

The interment will be at Thrasher's cemetery today (Thursday), the friends meeting at the house at ten o'clock.

Grave Marker
Rachel (Persun) Thrasher (1810-1884)
Wife of Samuel Thrasher
Photo contributed by Odessa Rhoads Thrasher

Children of Samuel & Rachael Persun:

  1. Freeman Thrasher 1840-1913
  2. George M. Thrasher 1842-1926
  3. Hester Ann Thrasher 1846-1925

Freeman Thrasher (Samuel, George Thrasher); born 1840; died October 29, 1913

Never married

The Sullivan Review
October 29, 1913

Freeman Thrasher, who suffered a stroke of paralysis a few weeks ago while working in P.J. Finan’s potato field, was taken with another stroke Tuesday afternoon and rapidly became weaker until death relieved his suffering this Wednesday morning at about 6 o’clock.

He is about 73 years of age and is survived by one brother, George of Towanda, and one sister, Hester Ann at home. At the time of going to press, funeral arrangements have not been made.

George Matthias Thrasher (Samuel, George Thrasher); born June 1842, died October 16, 1926 in Johnson City, NY

Married Frances A. "Frankie" Sites in 1876

Here they are in old age outside their home in Johnson City, NY in 1924

Photo contributed by Frank and Odessa Rhoads Thrasher

Note: Information on this family comes from Frank and Odessa (Rhoads) Thrasher of Florida. Odessa's husband, Franklin Edward Thrasher, is the great-grandson of George Mathias Thrasher, the Civil War Veteran:

The couple married in Jackson Township, Susquenhanna county, PA, in late 1876 or early 1877. George M. brought his bride back to Dushore to live for 10 years , then in LaPorte for 7 years, Thorndale for 6 years, Lopez and Ricketts for 17 years. In 1913, they moved to Bradford County, Towanda, PA. In 1915, they moved to Johnson City, New York where they both passed on.

George Matthias Thrasher enlisted in the Union army at Harrisburg, PA on May 15,1861, as a private, Company 1, 6 th regiment of PA Volunteers. He was honorably discharged at Bristol Station, Virginia, on Feb. 12, 1864. He immediately re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer as a private in Company E, 191 st. Regiment, PA Volunteers; discharged June 12, 1865 at Annapolis, MD. Applied for his Union pension on Nov. 18, 1912, at the age of 70, residing in Ricketts, Sullivan County, PA. The reason for his disability claim was gunshot wound to right side of neck.

Bettie, his daughter, recorded that George Matthias was a prisoner during the Civil War in the Andersonville, GA prison. She didn't recall how long he was there, but he spoke of only having corn meal to eat while he was there and all the men lost about half of their body weight.

George was 5'8'' inches tall, had a light complexion, blue eyes, and red hair. He worked as a distiller. Odessa Thrasher 's mother remembered that he ran away and joined the Army at 16 years old. George said that General Grant was crazy and had them destroy everything. George M Thrasher thought the man was insane but had to follow orders. George said that Abraham Lincoln came to Gettysburg, PA and went from tent to tent shaking hands with them. That was the night before the battle.

Editor's note: This last sentence is not historically accurate. Abraham Lincoln may very well have been shaking hands with troops the night before the Battle of Gettysburgh. They may also have been troops that ended up at Gettysburgh, which is less than 100 miles from Washington, DC. However, he was not physically in the Gettysburgh area when the battle itself, which came about somewhat accidentally, took place. The famous Gettysburgh Address was given several months after the battle itself to dedicate the National Cemetery there.

More About George Matthias Thrasher:
Burial: Riverhurst Cemetery, Endicott, Broome County, NY GAR VETERAN CIVIL WAR

More About Frances Amelia Sites:
Burial: Riverhurst Cemetery, Endicott, Broome County, NY

The Thrashers at Home
From l to r: Sitting on top step with left arm crossed over to right arm is Bill Sesseman (stepson of George Samuel Thrasher); standing with pipe is George Mathias Thrasher; sitting on porch railing is Frances Amelia "Frankie" (Sites) Thrasher; little girl on lower step is Thelma Mae Thrasher, age 3 1/2 yrs (mother of Frank Thrasher, our contributor); sitting beside her is her father, George Samuel Thrasher (son of George M. and Frances)
37 Burbank Avenue, Johnson City, NY
Summer of 1921
Photo contributed by Frank and Odessa Rhoads Thrasher
Note: The photo is dated summer of 1921. All the flowers are roses. An inscription on the back of the photo reads-- When it comes to roses, no one can compete with grandma Frankie.

Gravestone of George Mathias Thrasher
Son of Samuel Thrasher and Rachel Persun
Veteran of the Civil War
Photo contributed by Frank and Odessa Rhoads Thrasher

Children of George & Frances Sites Thrasher: Note the birth info comes from the 1900 Federal census for Ricketts, PA and from the family information of Odessa Thrasher; there may have been more children born --an infant is buried in Thrasher's cemetery.

  1. Anna Elnora Thrasher, born November 1880; died 1942
  2. George Samuel Thrasher, born August 13, 1887 in Honesdale, PA;died August 7, 1933 at the Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, PA. He married Clara Jane Noss, daughter of Conrad Noss and Elnora McIntyre, on April 1, 1915 in Towanda, PA. She was born August 19, 1887 in Nescopeck, PA, and died September 08, 1969 in Hammonsport, NY. According to Odessa Thrasher, George was employed as an engineer on the Lehigh Valley Railroad where he eventually became an engineer on the Black Diamond, the top of the line express train. George Samuel died at the age of 46 of a heart attack. He also worked as a lumberjack in the north woods of Michigan for a while. Both he and his wife Clara are buried at Tioga Point Cemetery in Athens, PA. There is a picture of the couple below.

  3. Carl Llewellyn Thrasher, born June 25, 1892; died October 24, 1957
  4. Warren Freeman Thrasher, born September 3, 1895; died September 6, 1970 in Pottstown, PA
  5. Pearl Alene Thrasher, born January 1897 in PA

George Samuel and Clara Jane (Noss) Thrasher
Wedding Picture April 1, 1915
Photo contributed by Frank and Odessa Rhoads Thrasher.

Grave Marker
George Samuel and Clara Jane (Noss) Thrasher
Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA
Photo contributed by Frank and Odessa Rhoads Thrasher.

Hester Ann Thrasher (Samuel, George Thrasher) born about 1846; died March 2, 1925

Buried in Thrasher's cemetery, but there is no stone. She never married.

The Sullivan Review
March 4, 1925

Miss Hester Ann Thrasher died Monday morning at the home of G.W. Lamberson, of Carpenter Street, at the age of 79 years and nine months.

She is survived by one brother, George Thrasher of Endicott, N.Y. and several cousins.

Funeral service will be held at Zion Lutheran church, Thursday morning at 10:30. Interment will be made in the Thrasher's cemetery in the family plot.

ADAM THRASHER (George Thrasher); born in 1815; died February 17, 1877; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Hannah C. Dieffenbach; born January 1, 1815, a daughter of Jacob Dieffenbach; died April 20, 1858; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore

You can learn more about the relationship by marriage between the Thrasher family and, respectively, the Meyer and Schaeffer families at Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group Four. Just scroll down to the section on The Descendants of Jacob Meyer.

Children of Adam & Hannah Dieffenbach Thrasher

  1. Elizabeth Caroline Thrasher 1843-1923
  2. Lucinda Rebecca Thrasher 1849-1932
  3. George W. Thrasher; born 1852; died July 20, 1863

1. Elizabeth Caroline Thrasher (Adam, George Thrasher); born February 6, 1843; died August 26, 1923, buried in Elimsport Cemetery, Elimsport, PA

Married John Henry Schaeffer; born June 18, 1843; died February 22, 1921.

Children of Elizabeth & John Schaeffer:

  1. Adam J. Schaeffer
  2. Edwin I. Schaeffer
  3. Mary L. Schaeffer
  4. Aaron H. Schaeffer
  5. Joseph W. Schaeffer
  6. Hannah E. Schaeffer
  7. Catherine M. Schaeffer
  8. Charles L. Schaeffer
  9. Ellis F. Schaeffer
  10. Cyrus Cleveland Schaeffer
  11. Minnie A. Schaeffer

2. Lucinda Rebecca Thrasher (Adam, George Thrasher); born March 15, 1849 in Cherry twp.; died May 26, 1932; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore

Married Cyrus Conner; born in 1848; died in May 1924

Buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Children of Lucinda & Cyrus Conner

  1. Alveretta Conner 1877-1956
  2. Marvin Conner 1878-
  3. Kemerly Conner 1887-1975

Alveretta Conner (Lubinda, Adam, George Thrasher); born January 6, 1877; died April 1956; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore

Married Theodore U. Kschinka; born October 14, 1870; died February 10, 1946; buried in Thrasher's cemetery.

Child of Alveretta, & Theodore Kschinka:

  1. Sylvia Fern Kschinka 1897-1971

Sylvia Fern Kschinka (Alveretta, Lucinda, Adam, George Thrasher); born December 19, 1897; died December 27, 1971; buried in Laddsburg cemetery, Laddsburg, PA

Married Harlan L. Miller on October 12, 1916; he was born April 20, 1893, son of James H. and Ada S. (Brown) Miller; died March 1950; buried in Laddsburg cemetery

Children of S. Fern & Harlan Miller:

  1. Leslie Miller 1922-1994
  2. Viola Mae Miller, born September 23, 1929

Leslie W. Miller (S. Fern, Alveretta, Lucinda, Adam, George Thrasher); born May 3, 1922; died April 21, 1994; buried in Laddsburg cemetery

Married Rose Marie Smith in September 1943

Children of Leslie & Rose Marie Smith Miller:

  1. Leslie W. Miller Jr.
  2. Harlowe Rae Miller
  3. Cassandra Jo Miller

Marvin L. Conner (Lucinda, Adam, George Thrasher); born in 1878

Married Mayme K. Leonhart

Child of Marvin & Mayme Leonhart Conner: Note: Further research required.

  1. Vida Alethea; born April 11, 1898

Kemerly C. Conner (Lucinda, Adam, George Thrasher); born in 1887; died in 1975

Buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore, PA

Married Edna Mae Kinsley on December 23, 1914; she was born in 1893; died February 18, 1983

Children of Kemerly C. & Edna Kinsley Conner:

  1. Lee Conner, living in 2004
  2. Earl Conner, living in 2004
  3. Reese Conner 1921-, living in 2004
  4. Alice Conner, married ________ Meggiolaro; Alice was living in 2004.
  5. Iona Conner
  6. , living in 2004
  7. Kebery P. "Babe" Conner 1927-1988

Kemerly P. "Babe" Conner (Kimberly, Lucinda, Adam, George Thrasher); born August 15, 1927; died January 31, 1988; buried in Thrasher's cemetery, Dushore

Married Reva Mae Johnson on April 8, 1951; later divorced

Children of Kemerly P. & Reva Johnson Conner:

  1. Thomas Conner
  2. Babette Conner

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