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Settlers XXIX: Descendants of Henry Yonkin and Barbara Hartzig

We are indebted to Linda Crawford for typing up this wide-ranging history of how an early settler family came to Sullivan County in the nineteenth century. This presentation primarily focuses on the arrival, expansion and future generations of the Yonkin family. For further information on the Hartzig family, you can go to Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group Four, and scroll down to The Descendants of John Hartzig. In 2014, Linda also submitted a detailed update on the descent lineage of William Hartzig, the brother of Barbara (Hartzig) Yonkin. This update is covered both on this page and in the link to the William Hartzig line provided below.

There are also several linked pages on various branches of the Yonkin family and their relatives where pictures have been posted. Most of these pictures are the contribution of Norman Bensen, a Yonkin family descendant. He is a grandson of Cora (Yonkin) Kunes, whose picture is located at the end of this page. As you look through the family links and connections listed below, you will find a bright PICTURES!!! label next to links where there are historical photos. Just click on each such link and find the posted story with associated photographs. We are especially grateful to Norm for this pictorial contribution.

The Yonkin Family
A Reunion About 1920
Individuals Not Identified Except that First Boy from left would probably be Richard Streby, Born 1912, on his grandmother's lap with his mother to his right

Photo contributed by Norm Bensen

The Yonkin family history diverges into many streams and directions as the children of the emigrant founder married and propagated once again. We have divided the story into about a dozen units on various branches of the family. In each case, we will introduce that unit with a high-lighting in CRIMSON color. You can skip down to any indiviudal unit by looking for the crimson headings. The units in hierarchical order are as follow:

The original emigrant pair were HENRY YONKIN, SR and ELIZABETH HAINES. They came to what is now sullivan County in 1823, as described in the History of Cherry Township by George Streby. They had several children including HENRY YONKIN, JR, who married BARBARA HARTZIG, daughter of JOHN HARTZIG. Another son, PETER YONKIN ("YUNKIN") married into the Suber family, which you can read about at Settlers XII: The Suber Family in Local History. Here we will focus on the line coming down from HENRY YONKIN, JR.


(1) JOHN YONKIN, son
(4) ELLEN E. YONKIN, daughter
(a) BERTHA MAE YONKIN, daughter
(8) ALMIRA YONKIN, daughter

Here is the Hartzig lineage:

[3] JOHN S. HARTZIG, son
[2] NAOMI JANE MILLER, daughter

JOHN HARTZIG born in 1774 in Berne, Switzerland; died August 22, 1852 aged 78 years. Buried in Peace Cemetery, Dushore, PA.

Married Catherine Shiredecker. She was born in 1780 in Berne Switzerland; died July 11, 1853; buried in Peace Cemetery

They came to the States in 1818. Stayed in New Jersey for a year and then came to Cherry Township, Sullivan County, PA in 1819.

Children of John & Catherine Hartzig:

I. Barbara Hartzig 1802-1891
II. John Hartzig 1808-1890
III. William Hartzig 1810-1882
IV. Mary Caroline 1822-1892

BARBARA HARTZIG (John Hartzig) born June 2, 1802; died October 7, 1891;buried in Peace Cemetery, Dushore, PA.

Before Barbara married Henry Yonkin she had a son by Hiram Long. The son’s name was Hiram Long Jr. You can learn about the history of the Long Family on Settlers Page XXIII at Julius and Mary Barth Long: Ancestors and Descendants. She then married Henry Yonkin. He was born January 13, 1806; died December 29, 1889. Henry had several siblings who were born in the United States after his family emigrated about 1807. Among these were Peter (husband of Catherine Suber), John, Joseph and Jacob Yonkin. The last of these, Jacob Yonkin, was born in Briar Crest Township and married Elizabeth Moyer (also spelled in some sources as "Meyer"). In turn, their son, George Yonkin, married Mary Thrasher, daughter of Samuel B. Thrasher, thereby linking those great families.


The Sullivan Review
October 1891

Mrs. Barbara Yonkin, wife of Henry Yonkin, deceased died on Wednesday, October 7, 1891, aged 89 years, 4 months. Deceased was born in Berne, Switzerland, and emigrated to this country with her parents when still a child. She was the mother of twelve children, ten of which, six sons and four daughters, survive her. In early life inured to the toils and privations incident to the time, she lived to see the wilderness blossom, and her children possessed of wealth and influence. Her funeral at the Germany Lutheran church on Sunday was very largely attended.

Children of Barbara & Henry Yonkin:

1. John Yonkin 1820-1904
2. Mary C. Yonkin 1831-1907
3. Charles F. Yonkin 1832-1910 PICTURES!!!

Charles F. Yonkin
Son of Henry and Barbara (Hartzig) Yonkin

Photo Contributed by Norman Bensen

4. George W. Yonkin 1836-1924 PICTURES!!!
5. Ellen C. Yonkin 1837-1906
6. William H. Yonkin 1838-1915
7. Jacob Yonkin 1839-1855
8. Peter J. Yonkin 1842-1910
9. Hannah Yonkin 1844-193?
10. Emily Yonkin 1846-1854
11. Edward Yonkin 1847-1932
12. Almira Yonkin 1849-1941


JOHN HARTZIG (John Hartzig) born in 1808; died June 11, 1890; buried in Peace Cemetery, Dushore, PA. Married ELIZABETH KESTER. She died March 8, 1860, aged 43 years and 7 months

The Sullivan Review
June 19, 1890

Another of Cherry Township’s oldest citizens, John Hartzig, died Wednesday, June 11. He was 83 years old, one of the pioneers of the county and widely respected.

Children of John & Elizabeth Hartzig:

I. Catherine Hartzig 1834-1924
II. Charles Hartzig 1836-1917
III. John S. Hartzig 1838-1933PICTURES!!!
IV. Hannah Hartzig 1840-1938PICTURES!!!
V. Louisa Hartzig 1844-died Sept. 31, 1857
VI. Lucinda Hartzig born July 8, 1846; died Dec. 23, 1904
VII. Loretta Hartzig 1853-1855



WILLIAM HARTZIG (John Hartzig) was born in August 26, 1810; died November 26, 1882

Married Sarah Kester, daughter of Jacob Kester (1774-1857) and Katherine Knubaharin (1791-1873). Sarah was born August 29, 1813; died June 27, 1874

Children of William & Sarah Hartzig:

i. William Hartzig 1833-1879--m. (1) Mary Ann Bender (2) Sevilla P. Richards
ii. Sarah "Sally" Hartzig 1835-1879-- m. Benjamin Sayman
iii. John Hartzig 1838-193--m. Susanna Bahr3
iv. Samuel Hartzig 1839-died January 21, 1858
v. Elizabeth Catherine Hartzig 1846-1887--m. Heinrich John Hileman


MARY CAROLINE HARTZIG (John Hartzig) born October 14, 1822; died March 17, 1892. Married PHILIP MILLER. He was born January 6, 1812; died July 4, 1871, buried in Thrasher’s Cemetery, Dushore, PA.

The Sullivan Review
April 7, 1892

Mrs. Philip Miller, formerly of this place, died at her home at Almota, Whitman County, Washington, March 17, 1892. Deceased left Dushore in 1878 with two sons and one daughter to take up her residence in the Far West. She was the mother of nine children: Mrs. S.W. Lewis and Mrs. Percival Wentzell, of this place; Mrs. Lewis Snyder, of Towanda; Mrs. Albert Jennings, of ; Augustus, Albert, Guilford and Lewis Miller, of Washington.

Children of Mary & Philip Miller:

1. Anna Miller 1839-1911
2. Louisa Miller born November 9, 1842
3. Augustus Miller born September 7, 1845
4. Henry Miller born June 18, 1849; died December 21, 1883 (see death notice below)
5. Louis P. Miller
6. Naomi Jane Miller 1854-1941
7. Mary Julietta Miller born August 25, 1858
8. Guilford Miller 1859
9. Albert Miller

Note: There is a history of the Miller homestead in Washington State under the listings for Whitman County; there are listings for the homesteads of Guilford J. Miller and his brother Henry Miller. These records used to be online, but in 2008 they had been removed or relocated. We will repost them when the source becomes accessible. You will also observe that their mother's middle name is listed here as Salina, not Caroline.

The Sullivan Review
January 10, 1884

Augustus MILLER, of Cherry, received a letter on Monday containing the sad intelligence that his brother, Henry, aged 35 years, had died at his home near Onecho, Washington Territory, on Dec. 21, of typhoid and malarial fever. His mother, Mrs. Philip MILLER, who resides there, has been very ill for several months, but is improving at present

Cora D. (Yonkin) Kunes
Daughter of Charles F. and Wealthy (Merithew) Yonkin
Photo Contributed by Norman Bensen, Her Grandson

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