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Henry Brown (1885-1957)
Son of James Brown and Isabelle A. Shields
As a Blacksmith in Cortland, NY in 1939

Contributed by Carol Brotzman

James Brown and Isabelle A. Shields

The material in this summary was organized and contributed by Carol Hoose Brotzman, who lives in Bradford County, PA. Carol is the Church Historian for the Beaver Meadows church in Tuscarora Township, PA. She was assisted in this regard by Mary Lou Bordwell who is a direct descendant of the Brown family. Please send any new information on family members to Carol. She will include it in the family database. Carol can be reached for inquiries concerning your line via e-mail at Mary Lou can be reached at The Sullivan County Settlers Web Page is grateful to Carol and Mary Lou for their historical information.



Generation No. 1

James Brown was born in England, and died March 15, 1906 in Indiana County, PA. at the Greenwich mining operation, mine #4, near Starlight, Indiana County, PA in a mining accident. He married Isabelle A. "Belle" Shields on April 23, 1881 in Dushore, PA, according to the Sullivan Review for April 28, 1881. Reverend R. S. Wagner, the Lutheran minister, was presiding and the marriage report says the bride and groom were both living in Bernice, PA at the time of their marriage. Isabelle was born January 1, 1859 in PA, and died May 4, 1918 in Dushore, PA.

Prior to 1876, Isabelle was married to Moses Eilenberger. Their daughter, Marietta, was born July 9, 1876 in Asylum, Bradford County, PA and died February 25, 1960. This child, Marietta, married William Norman Thayer when she grew up. Thereafter, she remarried and went by Marietta Thayer-Lowery, the Lowery surname being that of her new husband. She is buried at St. Francis of Assisi Cemetery in Mildred, PA. You can read more about the Thayer family in The Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County (Group Two) on this web site.

As it turns out, Moses had also been married before he met Isabelle. Information at the Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda, PA tell us that he was first married to Marietta Bacon on October 20, 1839. She died February 15, 1875, age 54 years, 6 months and 15 days. He then married Isabelle on October 4, 1875. However, Moses died himself on December 26, 1876 at age 64 years and one month. He is buried in Durell, also in Bradford County, PA. Moses had ten children by his first marriage. He was 47 years older than Isabelle, his second wife!! Moreover, he named the child of his second marriage, Marietta, after his deceased first wife. Very interesting!

Notes for James Brown: Mary Lou Bordwell has provided the following information on the Brown family. Carol Brotzman has incorporated additional family information, elaborating specifically on Theresa Brown Huffmaster's family. Information from the Bradford County History was also added. This new History was compiled in 1995 by individual families submitting their own family information.

There is also additional information about the Huffmaster family at The Descendants of Frederick Huffmater and Sally Ann Thrasher by Tina Pastusic.

This was the family legend about James Brown that has been honorably carried forward. According to Mary Lou, My grandmother Fostina told me that James ran from prosecution as a young man in England. He was in a brawl and killed a man so he came to the US.

James Brown would have had to have been divorced from Isabelle Shields some time between 1887 and 1892. The census of Cherry Township for 1900 lists Jacob and Isabelle A. Kinsley married for 29 years (although not to each other obviously for that entire peirod, and it shows Arch and Henry "Kinsley" living with them. The census says they have 5 children with 4 living. The children probably were adopted by Jacob Kinsley and given the Kinsley name when young, or maybe the census taker just assumed that was their surname! They do, however, use the "Brown" name they were born with as adults.

Notes for Isabelle A. Shields:

Isabelle's father, Thomas J. Shields, was born in Ireland and her mother, Edy A. Shields, in the United States. They appear in the 1860 Federal Census for Colley, PA, with Isabelle, age 2, and several other children.

Children of James Brown and Isabel Shields are:

i. John Brown, born April 13, 1882; died young.

ii. Theresa R. Brown, born August 20, 1883 according to headstone; died November 16, 1903 in Cherry Township, Sullivan County, PA.

iii. Henry Brown, born July 08, 1885 in Cherry Township, Sullivan County, PA; died June 16, 1957 in Cortland, NY. His picture is at the head of this page. The article accompanying the picture reads:

CORTLAND BLACKSMITH, in the business 41 years: Harry Brown, who started as a boy

Cortland, Nov. 5--A man who has seen a complete change in the blacksmith business, but who still finds plenty of work to do in it, is Harry Brown, 53, of 92 South Pendleton Street. He has pursued his trade for 41 years, starting in boyhood.
"There's lots of business, but you have to travel to get it", Mr. Brown commented. Blacksmithing is no longer a business in which a man sets up a shop and expects customer do drive their team to the door, he explains.
"There are too many cars on the road; farmers won't take the risk", he says.
Mr. Brown got his start in the Pennsylvania coal mining district, where he shoed mules and horses. He has been 22 years in Cortland, and has passed the last seven years "on the road".
He caries his anvil and firebox on the rear of a light truck, and he makes regular calls in Cortland County, and in parts of Onodaga and Tompkins Counties.

iv. Arch K. Brown, born December 05, 1887 in Mildred, PA; died June 7, 1970. He is buried in Dushore, PA. He married Agnes Foote (1895-1981). Both are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Dushore, PA. His picture is at the foot of this page.

Theresa R. (Brown) Huffmaster
Taken at Englebreckt Studio, Dushore, PA
About 1900
Contributed by Carol Brotzman

Generation No. 2

Theresa R. Brown (James), born August 20, 1883, married George W. Huffmaster before May 19, 1900, son of Frederick Huffmaster and Sally Thrasher. George was born April 1871, and died in 1925 He was also the brother of Alice Huffmaster, who married Albert Fissell and whose daughter Almeda Fissell married Sevelle Corson, grandson of Levi Benjamin Thrasher and Anna Hunsinger. Sally was Levi Benjamin Thrasher's sister. After his first wife, Theresa, died, George Huffmaster married Anna Kisner on May 24, 1906. This marriage brought forth two children:

Frances Huffmaster, born August 11, 1907, died March 4, 1960
Ruth Huffmaster, born Nov. 12, 1912, married Vincent Touschner

Notes for Theresa R Brown:

Theresa Huffmaster was confirmed in the Zion Lutheran Church along with Maud A. Crawford and Preston Crawford on May 19, 1900. Maud was a daughter of Preston Crawford and Mary Caroline Thrasher, who was in turn a daughter of Levi Benjamin Thrasher and Anna Hunsinger. See how intricately the families of Thrasher, Hunsinger, Brown and Crawford fit together. Here is a picture of Maud's confirmation booklet and a second photo with the list of participants. Notice all the Crawfords, Thrashers and Subers in attendance, along with Theresa (Brown) Huffmaster.

Maud A. Crawford Confirmation Booklet
Evangelical Lutheran Church (Zion)
May 19, 1900
Contributed by Carol Brotzman

Confirmation Participant List
Evangelical Lutheran Church (Zion)
May 19, 1900
Contributed by Carol Brotzman

More About Theresa R. Brown:

Burial: Old Zion Cemetery, Dushore, PA

More About George W Huffmaster:

Burial: Old Zion Cemetery, Dushore, PA

Children of Theresa Brown and George Huffmaster are:

i. Unknown Male Child Huffmaster, born September 27, 1901; died September 27, 1901.

ii. Bertha Huffmaster, born July 07, 1902 in Sullivan County, PA; died August 30, 1990 in the Bradford County Manor.

Here is a picture of Bertha Huffmaster with her grandmother Isabelle A. Shields Brown Kinsley. The picture was taken some time about 1905.

Isabelle A. Shields Brown Kinsley
With Grand-daughter Bertha Huffmaster
Photo Taken About 1905, Ott & Hay Studio
Contributed by Carol Brotzman and Restored by Amanda Brotzman

Here is another picture of Isabelle A. Shields Brown Kinsley with Maud Crawford's mother, Mary Caroline (Thrasher) Crawford, and two additional pictures of Bertha Huffmaster as an infant and a child.

Isabelle A. Shields Brown Kinsley
With Mary Caroline (Thrasher) Crawford
Photo Taken Before May 1918
Contributed by Carol Brotzman

Bertha Huffmaster
Left: As a Child Between 1905 and 1910
Right: As an Infant About 1902
Contributed by Carol Brotzman

Henry Brown (James), born July 08, 1885 in Cherry Township, married Lucy Jamima Hunsinger on January 22, 1907 in Dushore, PA, daughter of Thomas Hunsinger and Fostina Allen. You can read about this branch of the Hunsinger family at The Descendants of John Johan Huntzinger. Lucy was born July 09, 1888 in Colley, PA, and died November 14, 1943 in Cortland, NY.

Notes for Henry Brown:

Henry was a blacksmith by trade. His job was shoeing horses for the railroad! In fact, both he and his wife Lucy worked for the railroad. She was a railroad cook. His daughter Fostina recalled how enormously strong he was. Once an automobile got stuck in a rut. Henry just lifted it right up. He had seen the coal mines kill his father. He wasn't going to have that happen to him, so he left PA about 1920. There were no coal mines in Cortland, NY where they settled. Mary Lou Bordwell, his great-grand-daughter, can remember sitting on his lap on their front porch in Cortland. He was a big man with big hands. He died two days past her fourth birthday in 1947.

More About Henry Brown:

Burial: Colley Cemetery, Colley, PA

Notes for Lucy Jamima Hunsinger:

More About Lucy Jamima Hunsinger:

Burial: Colley Cemetery

Children of Henry Brown and Lucy Hunsinger are:

i. Naomi Laura Brown, born November 11, 1907 in Lovelton, Wyoming County, PA; died July 22, 1993 in Cortland, NY. She married Raymond Armstrong, June 05, 1926, in Cortland, NY; born November 18, 1909 in Dryden, NY; died October 04, 1981 in Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY.

Notes for Naomi Laura Brown:

This family operated an antique shop from their home. Naomi was the family historian, retelling all the old stories. How lucky we are Mary Lou was there to listen!

More About Naomi Laura Brown:

Burial: Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY

More About Raymond Armstrong:

Burial: Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY

ii. Fostina Isabelle Brown, born April 26, 1909 in Colley, PA; died July 24, 1980 in Cortland, NY.

iii. Morgan James Brown, born December 14, 1910 in Colley, PA; died July 12, 1976 in Blodgett Mills, NY.

Arch K. Brown (James1) was born December 05, 1887 in Mildred, PA, and died June 7, 1970. He married Agnes Foote (1895-1981). Both are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Dushore, PA.

Notes for Arch K Brown:

In a letter dated November 8, that had to be written before 1947. Arch wrote to his brother Henry with all the dates of their siblings and birth dates.

Children of Arch Brown and Agnes Foote were:

i. Mildred Brown, still living in 2005. She married Jeremiah Hollon, who died after April 2001. They lived in Elmira, NY.

ii. Gladys Brown. She married Luther Heller, deceased. Gladys was living in Horseheads, NY in 2005.

iii. Ethel Brown. She married Abram Mills. They are both deceased. Their children were Roberta, who married DAivd Reniff, and James.

iv. Geraldine Brown. She married Dennis McKernan. Both are deceased. Their children were: Dennis, Patrick and Helen.

v. Loueva Brown, who was living in 2005. She married John Edwards, deceased. Their children were: David, who was adopted; and Patricia. In 2005, David was unfortunately in prison for the murder and burial of his girlfriend.

vi. Arch E. "Archie" Brown. He died about 1986.
In December 2005, Paul Hill, grandson of Arch E. "Archie" Brown, provided the information about the children and grandchildren of Arch K. and Agnes (Foote) Brown shown above, and additional specific informtion about the Arch E. Brown family, as shown below.

Generation No. 3

Bertha Huffmaster (Theresa R. Brown, James) married John Walter Huffman on April 12, 1921 in The Zion Lutheran Church, Dushore, PA, son of John Huffman and Helena Kaufmann. He was born June 16, 1899 in Wilmot Township, Bradford County, PA, and died October 23, 1989 in the Bradford County Manor.

Notes for Bertha Huffmaster:

From a newspaper clipping of their 50th wedding anniversary which was held at the old Wilmot Grange Hall, we know that Rev. William Fisher married Bertha Huffmaster and John Walter Huffmaster on April 12, 1921. Their attendants were Kathryn Weaver Wheeler and Ernest Yonkin. This couple was active in the community. They belonged to the Grange, where John served as Grange Master several times. They were members of the Masonic lodge and Eastern Star organizations along with being members of the Zion Lutheran Church. Their home church was Saint John's Lutheran church in Wilmot, PA.

More About Bertha Huffmaster:

Burial: September 03, 1990, Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery, Wilmot, PA

Notes for John Walter Huffman:

These families all reside in the Bradford/Sullivan County area of PA.

Burial: Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery, Wilmot, PA

Children of Bertha Huffmaster and John Huffman were:

i. Loreine Huffman. She married Norman Fenton.

ii. Thressa Huffman. She married _______ Speanburgh.

iii. Fern Huffman. She married John Denniston.

iv. Lucretia Agnes Huffman, born June 09, 1929.

v. Edna Huffman. She married Milton Morse.

vi. John L Huffman, born 1931.

vii. Rea Mae Huffman, born January 19, 1937; died January 19, 1937.

More About Rea Mae Huffman:

Burial: Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery, Wilmot, PA

Fostina Isabelle Brown (Henry, James) was born April 26, 1909 in Colley, PA, and died July 24, 1980 in Cortland, NY. She married (1) Clinton Ward Bordwell, son of Frederick Bordwell and Merta Joiner. He was born June 05, 1908 in Kansas, and died March 10, 1967 in Marathon, NY at the home of his daughter Patty. Fostina also married (2) Charles O. Allen on June 07, 1941 in Wyalusing, Bradford County, PA, but the marriage was annulled in 1943.

Notes for Clinton Ward Bordwell:

Clinton and his brother Clifford were awarded to their mother Merta in a custody battle in Kansas. However, their father Fred "took Clifford to the bathroom and never came back". Merta brought Clinton back to Marathon, NY. Fred Bordwell told his son where his mother was living just prior to his death so the family could again be reunited. Clinton became an auctioneer, and was extremely handsome, Mary Lou records.

More About Clinton Ward Bordwell:

Burial: Virgil Rural Cemetery, Virgil, NY

Child of Fostina Brown and Clinton Bordwell is:

Clinton Ward Bordwell, born June 13, 1928 in Cortland, NY; died July 14, 1979 in Cortland, NY.

Morgan James Brown (Henry, James) was born December 14, 1910 in Colley, PA, and died July 12, 1976 in Blodgett Mills, NY. He married (1) Jane Matson on January 25, 1930 in Towanda, PA; they divorced December 19, 1931 at Fort Myers, FL. He married (2) Vivian Miller on August 06, 1934 in Rome, NY. He married (3) Virginia Huttleston in 1954 in Cortland, NY. She died December 1999 in Blodgett Mills, NY.

More About Virginia Huttleston:

Burial: (cremated and had her ashes spread on the family farm)

Child of Morgan Brown and Jane Matson is:

i. William Brown, born 1930.

Children of Morgan Brown and Vivian Miller are:

i. Morgan James Brown, born October 26, 1936 in Rome, NY; died August 22, 1999 in Bethlehem, PA.

ii. Judith Anne Brown, born July 10, 1942.

iii. Timothy Brown, born January 04, 1944.

Child of Morgan Brown and Virginia Huttleston is:

i. Dawn Hope Brown, born 1954.

Archie Brown (Arch K, James) married Beatrice Heller, daughter of Walter and Frieda (Kellmer) Heller. on December 13, 1939. Here is their Marriage Application. She was the sister of Luther Heller, who married Archie's sister Gladys Brown. Archie died about 1986; his wife, in 1995. Both are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Jerusalem Hill, outside Elmira, NY along Route 17. Archie and Beatrice had four children, in the following age order:

Betty Jane

Note: Darlene (Brown) Hill is the mother of Paul Hill, our information source on this family. Three of the four children were still living in 2017. Here is the Obituary for Betty Jane (Brown) Doughty, Darlene's sister, who died in 2011. Paul's wife Kathryn Cavanaugh is the daughter of Bart Cavanaugh, who is the Cavanaugh family historian on this site. You can learn more at: Cavanaughs of Irish Ridge. Paul and Kathryn live with their three children in Winchester, VA.

Elmira NY
June 12, 2011

Age 69, beloved wife, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt and friend, passed away at home with her loving family by her side, following a long, courageous battle with lung cancer, on Friday, June 10, 2011. Betty was born on August 21, 1941, in Dushore, PA, daughter of the late Archie E. (1986) and Beatrice A. Brown (1995). She is also predeceased by her infant sister, Diane Lynn (1956) and mother-in-law, Betty Doughty (2008) and father-in-law, Frank Doughty (1987). Betty is lovingly remembered and survived by her loving husband of 50 years (April 15, 2011), Frank Doughty, III; children, Jacqueline (James) Pryslak and Thomas (Dorothy) Doughty of Elmira, NY, and Timothy (Stephanie) Doughty of Corning, NY; grandchildren, Gregory, Andrew, Joseph and Erik Pryslak, Kelly, Kimberly, Keegan, Karter, Kaden and Kooper Doughty; siblings, Edward Brown, Robert Brown (Jan Halstead) and Darlene (Donald) Hill, all of Elmira, NY; brother-in-law Robert (Lori) Doughty of Corning, NY, and sister-in-law Carol (Merlin) Russell of Tallahassee, FL; several special nieces, nephews and cousins including the Brown, Hill, Villard, and Doughty families; also many special friends, including Wilda Brusso and Helen Bohlayer. Betty was a 1959 graduate of Southside High School. She was employed for many years by Hills Department Store and as a bus aide for the Elmira City School District. She was an avid bird watcher, animal lover, gardener, casino gambler, cow collector, and Elmira Jackals fan. She was known for her delicious homemade fudge and macaroni and cheese, crocheted family pillows, and, for making special birthday cakes for her grandchildren. Betty was caring, generous, supportive, loving and loyal. She enjoyed attending her grandchildren's many school and social functions, going to breakfast and/or dinner with "the girls" and shopping with "Martha". She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. Family and friends are invited to Caywood's Funeral Home & Gardens, 1126 Broadway, Elmira, NY, on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, from 6-8 PM. A memorial service will follow. Betty's family extends a special thanks to the entire staff at the Falck Cancer Center, staff on 2B & 4B at AOMC, special angel Cynthia Kilbury, and Southern Tier Hospice (Kate and Patsy), as well as, Dr. Marianne Everett. The family will provide flowers. Donations in Betty's memory may be made to Southern Tier Hospice, 11751 East Corning Rd., Corning, NY, 14830; The Falck Cancer Center, 600 Roe Avenue, Elmira, NY, 14901; or the SPCA, 2435 State Route 352, Elmira, NY, 14903. *
* Editor's Note: Her remains were cremated, per Paul Hill.

Generation No. 4

Lucretia Agnes Huffman (Bertha Huffmaster, Theresa R. Brown, James) was born June 09, 1929. She married (1) ______ Ostrander before 1950. She married (2) John Oliver Way on June 10, 1955 in St. John's Lutheran Church in Wilmot, PA, son of James Way and Fedora Sutton.

Children of Lucretia Huffman and John Way are:

i. Richard Eugene Ostrander Way, born November 24, 1950.

ii. Jacqueline Nan Way, born November 07, 1957.

iii. Esther Luella Way, born March 16, 1960.

John L. Huffman (Bertha Huffmaster, Theresa R. Brown, James) was born September 22, 1931. He married Patricia Ann Potter on May 22, 195_, daughter of Donald Irvan Potter (died November 23, 1990) and Anna Pritchard. Patricia was born October 11, 1934. She has a sister, Mary Potter, born December 5, 19__; married Harold Lattimer on June 26, 19__. Mary and Harold have two children: Tammy and Scott Lattimer. This information about the family of John L. and Patricia Ann (Potter) Huffman is provided by their daughter, Dawn Marie Nichols, to whom the Sullivan County Web Project is grateful.

More About John L Huffman and Patricia Ann Potter:

Burial: they have a headstone in Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery, Wilmot, PA

Notes for Patricia Ann Potter:

She is another Hunsinger and Brown connection. Patricia is the great great granddaughter of Wilson William Potter (1816-1894 and Anna Catherine Hunsinger (1814-1892), daughter of John Hunsinger and Elizabeth Ruppert and also great aunt to Lucy Jamima Hunsinger who married Henry Brown, Patricia's great uncle.

Children of John Huffman and Patricia Potter are:

i. Donald Gene Huffman, born April 24, 1959. He married Anita Reese on March 20, 1982.

ii. James Walter Huffman, born November 25, 1961.

iii. Dawn Marie Huffman, born August 25, 1970. She married Charles L. Nichols on April 15, 2000

Clinton Ward Bordwell (Fostina Isabelle Brown, Henry, James) was born June 13, 1928 in Cortland, NY, and died July 14, 1979 in Cortland, NY. He married Elizabeth Jayne Metcalf on July 05, 1948, daughter of Marion Metcalf and Marian Blanchard. She was born February 23, 1927 in Virgil, NY, and died February 19, 1996 in Syracuse, NY.

Notes for Clinton Ward Bordwell:

Clinton was raised until about the age 10 years by his grandparents Henry and Lucy Hunsinger Brown. Clinton served as a local umpire, even umpired some AAA games for the "Syracuse Chiefs".

More About Clinton Ward Bordwell:

Burial: Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY

Notes for Elizabeth Jayne Metcalf:

Elizabeth became an organ donor and was buried beside her grandfather Herbert Metcalf. She tenderly cared for him until his death.

More About Elizabeth Jayne Metcalf:

Burial: Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY

Children of Clinton Bordwell and Elizabeth Metcalf are:

i. Clinton Kurt Bordwell, born December 01, 1948 in Cortland, NY.

ii. Steven Scott Bordwell, born January 07, 1950 in Cortland, NY. He married Leslie Bregman in Cortland, NY, but they divorced in the early 1970's.

iii. Mary Lou Bordwell, born June 15, 1953 in Cortland, NY. She is our co-contributor

iv. Susan Jayne Bordwell, born December 23, 1955 in Cortland, NY.

Morgan James Brown (Morgan James, Henry, James) was born October 26, 1936 in Rome, NY, and died August 22, 1999 in Bethlehem, PA. He married Jean Carruthers in 1956.

Children of Morgan Brown and Jean Carruthers are:

i. Walter James Brown, born March 31, 1958 in Leesville, LA.

ii. Scott Thomas Brown.

iii. Nancy Lynn Brown.

Generation No. 5

Richard Eugene Ostrander Way (Lucretia Agnes Huffman, Bertha Huffmaster, Theresa R. Brown, James) was born November 24, 1950. He married Linda Frances Shaffer on December 06, 1969 in Zion Lutheran Church, Dushore, PA, daughter of Donald Shaffer and Frances _______. She was born March 26, 1953.

Children of Richard Way and Linda Shaffer are:

i. Richard Eugene Way, born July 28, 1970.

ii. Sharon Louise Way, born October 31, 1974.

iii. Donald John (DJ) Way, born March 11, 1981.

Jacqueline Nan Way (Lucretia Agnes Huffman, Bertha Huffmaster, Theresa R. Brown, James) was born November 07, 1957. She married Wayne Bogovitch on February 29, 1980, son of George Bogovitch and Irene _______. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA.

Children of Jacqueline Way and Wayne Bogovitch are:

i. Carla Nan Bogovitch, born September 24, 1980.

ii. Carol Lynn Bogovitch, born November 20, 1984.

Esther Luella Way (Lucretia Agnes Huffman, Bertha Huffmaster, Theresa R. Brown, James) was born March 16, 1960. She married Thomas Vaughn Potts on June 09, 1979 in Saint John's Lutheran Church, Wilmot, PA, son of Vaughn Potts and Maxine Jones.

Children of Esther Way and Thomas Potts are:

i. Alicia Christine Potts, born August 20, 1981.

ii. Ezra Potts, born October 21, 1982; died October 21, 1982 at birth.

More About Ezra Potts:

Burial: Rushville Cemetery, Rush Township, Susquehanna County, PA

iii. Chavonne Lynn Potts, born November 16, 1985.

James Walter Huffman (John L., Bertha Huffmaster, Theresa R. Brown, James) was born November 25, 1961. He married Gayle L Cruiksank on July 21, 1990.

Children of James Huffman and Gayle Cruiksank are:

i. Kacey Huffman.

ii. Erika Lee Huffman, born October 21, 1994.

Clinton Kurt Bordwell (Clinton Ward, Fostina Isabelle Brown, Henry, James) was born December 01, 1948 in Cortland, NY. He married (1) Sandra Yacono in July 1967 in South Carolina, daughter of Philip Yacono and Lena. He later married (2) Linda Farron on July 01, 1983 in Cortland, NY. She was born in Cortland, NY. He then married (3) Shirley Yablanski on December 31, 1993 in Hudson, NY. She was born February 19, 1951 in Hudson, NY.

Children of Clinton Bordwell and Sandra Yacono are:

i. Michelle Tabitha Bordwell, born February 21, 1967 in Cortland, NY.

ii. Trisha Christine Bordwell, born September 12, 1969 in Cortland, NY.

Susan Jayne Bordwell (Clinton Ward, Fostina Isabelle Brown, Henry, James) was born December 23, 1955 in Cortland, NY. She married Joseph Marcanio on May 01, 1982 in Cortland, NY, son of Mario Marcanio and Carolyn ________.

Children of Susan Bordwell and Joseph Marcanio are:

i. Peter Dorian Marcanio, born January 24, 1984 in Syracuse, NY.

ii. John Clayborn Marcanio, born October 10, 1986 in Syracuse, NY.

iii. Olivia Jayne Marcanio, born August 22, 1995 in Pittsburg, PA.

Arch K. Brown
Son of James Brown and Isabelle A. Shields
About 1905-1910
Contributed by Carol Brotzman

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