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Postmasters at Campbellville
Forks Township
Sullivan County, PA

Note: Some postmasters were owners of the Mill in Campbellville; some were not. The post office operated from 8 Jan 1851 until 15 Sept 1920. After Sept 1920, mail service was out of Eldredsville, PA.

December 16, 2001
Contributed by Burke Campbell

Covered Bridge at Campbellville
From a Picture Printed in the Sullivan Review in 1950
Historical Note: The bridge was condemned, taken down and replaced with a modern bridge shortly after this picture was taken.





John Campbell

8 Jan 1851

Millard Fillmore

Nathan Hall/Whig

Hiram Campbell

20 June 1857

James Buchanan

Aaron Brown/Democrat

Jacob Snyder

11 Sept 1865

Abraham Lincoln

Montgomery Blair/Republican

Benjamin Fawcett

12 Jan 1871

Ulysses S. Grant

Marshall Jewell/Republican

Robert B. Warburton

07 Sept 1873

Ulysses S. Grant

Marshall Jewell/Republican

Wilson R. Campbell

02 Mar 1876

Rutherford B. Hayes

David Key/Republican

William Fawcett

27 Sept 1881

James Garfield*

Thomas James/Republican

Powell Norton

17 Dec 1883

Chester Arthur

Walter Gresham/Republican


15 Sept 1920

Woodrow Wilson

Albert Burleson/Democrat

*Last of the "log cabin" presidents, so-called because they were born in log cabin times.

Important dates in Postal history:

~ 1775- First Postmaster General: Benjamin Franklin
~ 1829- Postmaster General joins Cabinet
~ 1847- Postage stamps
~ 1852- Stamped envelopes
~ 1855- Registered mail
~ 1855- Compulsory prepayment of postage by sender
~ 1863- Uniform postage rates, regardless of distance

Note: Post office names were derived from several sources, including names of towns, townships, neighborhoods, and crossroads, or even the postmaster's name or business. The preceding information was obtained from postal history, postal museum and national archives.


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