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Obert's Mill Pond
Headley Avenue, Dushore, PA
Late 1900s or Early 20th Century
Francis Ivan Thayer drowned here in 1905 while skating on the iced over pond.
Photo Contributed by Bettyann Sick Goodyear from an old Postcard

The Descendants of James Madison Thayer

We are indebted to Colleen Thayer of Binghamton, NY for the historical information presented here. She is a granddaughter of Jarius and Anna Coyle Thayer. Comments or suggestions should be sent to Colleen or to Bob Sweeney, the administrator of the Sullivan County Web Page.

JAMES MADISON THAYER (Albert, William, George Thayer) born August 3, 1843 in Warrenton (Fauquier) VA, died February 25, 1897.

Married TEMPERANCE JANE WATSON.  She was born January 5, 1842 in Jackson Twp Luzerne Co. Pa. daughter of Jairus and Rebecca VanLoon Watson.  She died February 20, 1896.

Children of James and Temperance Watson Thayer:

  1. Elizabeth L. Thayer 1866-
  2. Jairus Harrison Thayer 1868-1944
  3. William Norman Thayer 1870-1913
  4. Bernice V. Thayer 1873-1904
  5. James E. Thayer 1875-
  6. John W. Thayer 1878-
  7. Cora Thayer 1882-
  8. Frank Howard Thayer 1883-1961
  9. George W. Thayer 1888-


ELIZABETH L. THAYER (James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born September 25, 1866.



JARIUS HARRISON THAYER (James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born August 1, 1868 in Albany Twp, Bradford Co., Pa. died April 21, 1944.

Married ANNA COYLE on July 15, 1891 in Overton.  She was born August 2, 1870; daughter of Thomas and Ellen Cullen Coyle. Died February 18, 1956 in Elmira, NY.

Children of Jarius and Anna Coyle Thayer:

  2. FRANCIS IVAN THAYER 1894-1905
  4. ELLEN “NELLIE” R. THAYER 1897-1972
  5. CLAUDE E. THAYER 1900-1963
  7. GERTRUDE THAYER 1903-1908
  8. GRACE A. THAYER 1908-1992


The Sullivan Review

April 27, 1944

Jairus H. Thayer, a prominent Attorney in Sullivan County, died Friday night, April 21st at his home in Cherry Township.  He had been in failing health for several years and during the past four months has been confined to his home, although since the weather became warmer, he seemed to be gaining in strength, and it was anticipated that he would again be able to visit his office soon.  His death came as a shock to his many friends.

Mr. Thayer was born August 1st, 1868 in Albany Township, Bradford County, a son of the late James and Temperance J. Watson Thayer, and moved with his parents to Bernice when he was three years of age.

After completing his studies in the public schools of the county he entered State Normal School at Mansfield where he prepared himself for the profession of teaching.  In this work he successfully taught four terms in the rural schools, served as principal of the Bernice High School for eight terms and was the first principal of the Dushore High, continuing in this school for five consecutive terms.  During this time he enrolled as a law student in the office of the late Hon. Bryan S. Collins and Attorney Alphonsus Walsh, preparing himself for his life work in the legal profession.  He was admitted to the Bar in May 1903, to the practice of law in the courts of Sullivan County and later was admitted to practice in the Superior court, the Supreme Court and the United States District courts.

He was elected District Attorney for Sullivan County in 1913 serving three consecutive terms.  In 1925 John G. Scouton, Jr. was elected to this office, but due to failing health served only at two terms of court when he resigned and Mr. Thayer assumed the work and was again elected, serving the count in this capacity for over 18 years.  In 1932 he was elected Prothonotary, Register & Recorder and Clerk of the Courts, serving one term of four years.  As public official he was courteous, capable prompt and efficient.

Mr. Thayer enjoyed a large and lucrative law practice.  He was a sound and careful practitioner, a close student of the law, a safe counselor and a forceful advocate.  As a citizen Mr. Thayer enjoyed the confidence and esteem of all who knew him and his death will be a distinct loss to the community and the county.

He was an ardent sportsman, and was vitally interested in the conservation of the natural resources of the county.  He was a member of the county sportsmen’s association and was always willing to assist with advice which would further the efforts of the game commission and the fish commission in providing better sport for our citizens.  He always took a very active part in any development, which was for the betterment of the community as a whole.  As long as his health would permit he enjoyed an annual hunt for big game and at one time had many trophies of the chase mounted and in his home.

On Sunday, January 27, 1935 fire destroyed the Reformed Church of the Redeemer and also the adjoining home of Mr. and Mrs. Thayer, on German Street.  The heat was so great that it was impossible to save any of the furniture, and many of his valued trophies were burned at this time.

On July 15th, 1891 he was united in marriage with Miss Anna A. Coyle of Albany Township who with their family held open house at their home on July 15, 1941, the 50th anniversary of their marriage. 

To them have been born nine children: Frederick W. Thayer, who served as Lieutenant in World War I.  After his return to private life, he took up his profession as dentist, opening an office in Dushore and later moved to Sayre, where he enjoyed an ever growing practice until his untimely death from an auto accident on November 1st, 1922; Francis Ivan Thayer, who met his death by drowning in the Obert mill pond, November 25, 1905; Miss Mildred E. Thayer, who upon completing school entered her father’s office as clerk and stenographer, which position she continued to hold until January 1936, when she was admitted to the Bar for the practice of law in Sullivan County courts.  Since this time she has continued to assist her father in the care of his business and also conducts an increasing insurance business of her own; Nellie R., wife of H. R. Welwood, who resides at the family home in Cherry township; Claude E. Thayer, who served for some time with armed forces of World War II. And has received an honorable discharge, he is an automobile mechanic by trade, making his home with his parents; Charles Edmund Thayer, an upholsterer by trade, living in Binghamton.  He has a son, Corpl, Frederick E. Thayer, now serving the World War II and stationed at Camp Breckenridge, KY, and a son-in-law Sgt. James E. Sherman of Binghamton, now somewhere in Africa; Grace, wife of Francis Vill, Gertrude who passed away September 23, 1908; and Mary wife of Paul Tourscher of Cherry township. Sixteen grandchildren, a sister, and three brothers also survived

Funeral services were held from his late home Tuesday morning with Mass at St. Basil’s church at 10 o’clock.

Interment in the family plot in the adjoining cemetery.

Editor's corrections:

1.  Corpl. Frederick E. Thayer was a grandson. 

2.  Sgt. James E. Sherman was married to his granddaughter.


FREDERICK WILLIAM THAYER (Jairus, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born July 25, 1892; died November 1, 1922


FRANCIS IVAN THAYER (Jairus, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) Born January 29, 1894; died November 25, 1905.


The Sullivan Review
November 30, 1905

A tragedy occurred in this place Saturday afternoon, which has cast a gloom over the entire community and caused the most profound sorrow in every circle. Ivan, the eleven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Thayer, broke through the ice while skating and was drowned.

On Thursday night a thin scum of ice had formed, and, although it was generally considered unsafe there was quite a sprinkling of boys on the millpond Friday. Friday afternoon and Friday night the ice thawed a little, and looked as though it would hardly bear the weight of a sparrow, but Saturday there were still a few adventurous youngsters who persisted in trying it. Young Thayer was one of these.

About four o’clock, he, in company with half a dozen other boys, was skimming like birds over the half frozen surface, but cautiously keeping to the eastern side, where there is an extensive mud flat, and the water is very shallow. If they had broken through there no more serious trouble than wet feet would have occurred.

Finally Ivan Thayer started to skate clear across. To do this it was necessary to cross the creek channel, but he started, like a shuttle, to dart across. His skate cut through the thin ice, his toe caught, and he fell full length into the icy waters. The lad was a good swimmer, and almost immediately began to paddle and call for help. In a very short space of time there were two hundred people on the banks of the pond, all shouting advice to the struggling boy.

The ice was just thin enough that it would not bear the weight of a man, and at the same time rendered it almost impossible to reach the boy. He was about seventy-five feet from the shore, and swam around and around in the circle of icy water, the ice breaking under his weight whenever he attempted to climb out. Planks were thrown on the ice, and attempts made to reach him that way, but the ice broke under their weight.

Dan Casey plunged into the water, and started to swim and break his way to the struggling boy, who saw him coming and cried, “Casey, Casey, help me.” Half way out he was seized with a cramp, and obliged to return to the shore, to save his own life.

Then Otto Behr, of Shady Nook, who was visiting in town, performed the most heroic act that has been witnessed in years. He swam out through the broken ice, reached the point where Casey failed, and then deliberately breaking the ice ahead of him with hands bleeding, and the icy water chilling his very bones, he reached the boy, who had sank and rose for the third time and, succeeded in keeping him afloat until a boat was launched and pushed out to him.

Willing hands carried the unconscious boy to the house of C.T. Lilley, where everything that medical skill could do, was done to resuscitate him, but to no avail. The boy was in the water about twenty minutes, and was under the water, in all, about four minutes.

The lifeless body was taken to his home, and the funeral and interment was at St. Basil’s at ten o’clock Tuesday. The schools were dismissed during the funeral services, his schoolmates attending the funeral in a body, and contributing a beautiful floral piece, as a testimony of their affection.

Floral pieces were also contributed by the members of the bar, the town council, of which Mr. Thayer is secretary, the Knights of Maccabees, of which he is a prominent member, the alumni of the high school and by private parties.

For the stricken father and mother, and the brothers and sisters, the tenderest sympathy is expressed. The loss is not theirs alone, for the entire town mourns with them, and all feel the weight of their affliction.


MILDRED EUGENIA THAYER (Jairus, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born July 12, 1896; died April 7, 1993.

Married Albert R. Meehan in 1968.


ELLEN “NELLIE” R. THAYER (Jairus, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) Born June 3, 1972; died June 3, 1972.

Married Rupert “Doc” Holmes Welwood on December 1, 1927 in Scranton, Pa.  He was born May 29, 1904 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  He died December 15, 1964 in Waverly, NY.

Children of Ellen and Rupert Welwood:

  1. Jeanne Ann Welwood 1930-1990
  2. Roberta Holmes Welwood 1931-1998
  3. Eleanore Marie Welwood 1935-


Jeanne Ann Welwood (Ellen, Jarius, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born January 19, 1930; died December 15, 1990.

Married Richard Barrett.


Roberta Holmes Welwood (Ellen, Jarius, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born May 15, 1931; died September 25, 1998.

Married George A. Bartholomew on May 6, 1950 in St. Petersburg, FL.


Children of Roberta and George Bartholomew:

  1. Alex Todd Bartholomew 1954-
  2. George Ann Bartholomew 1960-
  3. Christine Marie Bartholomew 1962-


Eleanore Marie Welwood (Ellen, Jarius, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born April 5, 1935

Married Marc Todd.


CLAUDE E. THAYER (Jairus, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) Born March 28, 1900; died July 19, 1963

Married Mary Roirdon.


Child of Claude and Mary Roirdon Thayer:

  1. Eugene Thayer


CHARLES EDMUND THAYER (Jairus, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) Born October 4, 1902; died June 22, 1957.

Married Mabel Lillian Long on February 16, 1923 in Scranton, Pa.  She was born November 12, 1903; daughter of Julius Long and Mary Barth.  Died January 1, 1984 in Johnson City, NY.


Children of Charles and Mabel Long Thayer:

  1. Frederick Eugene Thayer 1923-2000
  2. Lillian Ruth Thayer 1924-
  3. John Edmund Thayer 1926-
  4. Joan Marie Thayer 1933-2003
  5. Colleen Ann Thayer 1937-


Frederick Eugene Thayer (Charles, Jarius, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born September 23, 1923; died October 17, 2000.

Married Teresa Zelesnikar on September 3, 1949 in Johnson City, NY; She was born July 17, 1925 in Forest City, PA, daughter of Laurence and Christina Pirnaver Zeleznikar.


Children of Frederick and Teresa Zelesnikar Thayer:

  1. Patricia Ann Thayer 1950-
  2. Richard Thomas Thayer 1953
  3. Gary Thayer 1957-
  4. Colleen Marie Thayer (our contributor) 1966-


Lillian Ruth Thayer (Charles, Jarius, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born October 1, 1924 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Married Theodore E. Mulford on September 16, 1950 in Binghamton, NY.  He was born July 21, 1920; son of Ford and Edith Parker Mulford.


Child of Lillian and Theodore Mulford:

  1. Barth Parker Mulford 1965-


John Edmund Thayer (Charles, Jarius, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born October 21, 1926.


Joan Marie Thayer (Charles, Jarius, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born March 31, 1933; died December 6, 2003.


Colleen Ann Thayer (Charles, Jarius, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born July 21, 1937.

GERTRUDE THAYER (Jairus, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) Born November 4, 1903; died September 23, 1908.


GRACE A. THAYER (Jairus, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) Born February 12, 1908; died October 13, 1992.

Married Francis M. Vill in 1938


Children of Grace and Francis Vill:

  1. Martha J. Vill 1943-1993
  2. Kathryn M. Vill
  3. Thomas F. Vill


MARY CECELIA THAYER (Jairus, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born May 31, 1911.

Married Paul Tourscher in 1934.


Children of Mary and Paul Tourscher:

  1. Jarius Tourscher
  2. Shelia Tourscher
  3. Daniel Tourscher
  4. Jean Tourscher
  5. Gail Tourscher


WILLIAM NORMAN THAYER (James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born August 18, 1870 in Albany Twp. Bradford Co. Pa. died March 23, 1913.

Married MARIETTA EIHLENBERGER on January 1, 1894.  She was born July 9, 1876; died February 25, 1960.


Children of William And Marietta Eihlenberger Thayer:

  1. William Aloysius Thayer 1894-1875
  2. Howard Ambrose Thayer 1896-1963
  3. Edna Thayer 1898-1966

Here is a picture of Edna Thayer. There is quite a story behind the discovery and identification of this picture. This painting was one of two rescued from a rummage sale in Silvara, PA in July 2004. The paintings were originally auctioned at the Schaad estate auction in Mildred and then ended up in Silvara. There they were exhibited at a yard sale by Linda English who had originally acquired them for the frames. They were found in the house belonging to Franklin J. and Marcella (Steafather) Schaad. Dan Schaad identified his grandmother, Edna Thayer, as the subject of the photo shown here in the first photo. The couple in the second photo was identified in April 2008 as William and Marietta Eihlenberger Thayer, Edna's parents. We are grateful to Vincent Rex Soden, great grandson of Franklin J. Schaad, Sr. and Edna Thayer and grandson of Franklin J. Schaad, Jr. and Marcella Steafather, for this information. You can see a picture of a young Franklin J. Schaad, Sr., son of John Schaad and Kate Cook, at the end of Selected Cook Family Pictures. In the summer of 2008, Carol Brotzman picked up the pictures from Linda English for transfer to the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum; in late October 2008, Ray and Linda (Karge) McDonald came to Carol's farm to secure and carry them back to Laporte for the Museum. We thank everyone involved.

Edna (Thayer) Schaad
Daughter of William and Marietta Eihlenberger Thayer
Source: Yard Sale Displayin Silvara, PA
Held in July 2004
Original Photos in the Possession of Linda English

William and Marietta (Eihlenberger) Thayer
Parents of Edna Thayer, Wife of Franklin J. Schaad, Sr.
Source: Yard Sale Display in Silvara, PA
Held in July 2004
Original Photos in the Possession of Linda English


The Daily Review
Towanda, PA
February 26, 1960

Well Known Mildred Woman Dies

Mrs. Marietta Thayer Lowery, 83, of Mildred died Thursday morning, February 25, at her home here after an extended illness.
Born in Durell, a daughter of the late Moses and Isabel Shields Eilenberger, she resided in Mildred most of her life. Highly regarded in the community because of her thoughtfulness and willingness to help everyone, she was very active in the American Legion Auxiliary until she was taken ill about a year ago. She was a member of St. Francis of Assisi Church in Mildred and its Altar and Rosary Society. She was Justice of the Peace in Mildred for eight years.
She is survived by two sons, William Thayer of Dushore and Howard Thayer of Atlantic City; one daughter, Mrs. Edna Herker of Mildred; one brother, Arch Brown of Dushore; 11 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, four foster children, several nieces and nephews.
Funeral services will be held from the family residence in Mildred Monday morning at 8:45 o'clock, with high mass of requiem celebrated in St. Francis of Assisi Church at 9:30. Burial will be in the parish cemetery.
Friends may call at the family home any time after 2 p.m. Friday.
The Altar & Rosary Society will meet at 4 p.m. Sunday for Recitation of the Rosary.

William Aloysius Thayer (William, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born November 9, 1894 in Mildred, pa; died December 17, 1975 in Binghamton Broome Co. NY. 

Married Catherine Louise Walsh on June 2, 1920 in St. Basil’s church, Dushore, PA. She was born September 17, 1893; died February 21, 1979 in Endicott, NY.


Children of William and Catherine Walsh Thayer:

  1. Mary Helen Thayer 1921-1991
  2. James William Thayer 1923-1992
  3. John Edward Thayer 1925-1997
  4. Leo William Thayer 1928-1951
  5. Theresa Thayer 1930-
  6. Richard Thayer 1934-
  7. Genevieve Dolores Thayer 1938-


The Sullivan Review
December 24, 1975

William A. Thayer, 81, 109 Grant Avenue, Endicott, N.Y. died Dec. 16 at our Lady of Lourdes Hospital after a short illness.
He was a retired employee of Harrington Dairy, Dushore, a former member of St. Basil’s Parish, Dushore, and a member of St. Ambrose Church, Endicott, N.Y.
He was a veteran of World War I, a member of McDermott Post 452 American legion of Mildred, a member of the Knights of Columbus 2953 of Johnson City and the Holy Name Society of St. Ambrose Church.
He is survived by his wife, Catherine L. Thayer of Endicott, three daughters, Mrs. Carl (Helen) Fritsch of Endicott; Sister M. Theresa Thayer stationed at Pittsburgh and Mrs. Michael (Genevieve) Kvasnak, Endwell; three sons, James W. of Tucker, Georgia; John E. of Endicott and Richard A. of Freeport; 24 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, several nieces, nephews and cousins.
Funeral services were on December 18 from Allen Memorial Home, Endicott, and from St. Ambrose Church where a high mass of Resurrection was offered. Burial was in St. Basil’s cemetery, Dushore where a Military service was conducted by the Mildred Post No. 452.


Mary Helen Thayer (William, William James, Albert, William George Thayer) born August 13, 1921; died March 6, 1991. 

Married Carl Fritsch.  He was born July 8, 1920; died April 19, 1997


Children of Mary and Carl Fritsch:

  1. Carl William Fritch , Jr., 1942-1977
  2. Thomas John Fritsch 1944-
  3. David Eugene Fritsch 1946-
  4. Mary Kathryn  Fritsch 1948-
  5. Theresa Ann Fritsch 1950-
  6. Leo Cyril Fritsch 1952-
  7. James Anthony Fritsch 1953
  8. Monica Agnes Fritsch 1955-
  9. Richard Grant Fritsch 1957-
  10. Veronica Louise Fritsch 1959-
  11. Joseph Francis  Fritsch 1961-
  12. Jerome Allen Fritsch 1963-
  13. Vincent Paul Fritsch 1966-


James William Thayer (William, William James, Albert, William George Thayer) born May 21, 1923; died May 2, 1992.

Married Shirley Rose Long on July 27, 1957.  She was born July 3, 1928; daughter of Earl and Wilma Allen Long.


Children of James and Shirley Long Thayer:

  1. Kevin Allen Thayer 1960-
  2. Kerri Thayer 1968- (adopted)


John Edward Thayer (William, William James, Albert, William George Thayer) born September 19, 1925; died March 31, 1997.

Married Genevieve Pollott, but they were divorced.


Children of John and Genevieve Pollott Thayer:

  1. Theresa Ann Thayer 1958-
  2. Mary Thayer 1959-
  3. Michael Thayer 1961-


Leo William Thayer (William, William James, Albert, William George Thayer) born June 28, 1928; died May 28, 1951. Private First Class Thayer was killed in action in Korea, the only known death from Sullivan County to occur in the Korean War, although Joseph Calaman, a native of our County who enrolled from Elmira, NY, was also killed in this contest.

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
June 21, 1951

PFC. LEO W. THAYER KILLED IN ACTION Word was received on Friday, June 15th at 4:00 P.M. from the War Department by Mr. and Mrs. William A. Thayer, of Dushore, RD 2 of the death of their son Pfc. Leo W. Thayer, who was killed in action in Korea on May 28, 1951. Leo was inducted in the Army on October 30, 1950, and went through training at Fort Devens, Mass., on February 20, 1951 was sent to Fort Stoneway, California. On March 7th, 1951 he sailed on the U. S. S. General Brewster for Japan. He left Japan on Easter Sunday for Korea where he received more training and soon went to the front.
He was very faithful about writing and the last letters received by his parents were written on the 22nd, 26th and 27th of May, the last one on the day before he was killed.
He met one boy, a former classmate of his in Korea, Ace Kelli of Mildred, Pa., and they had a shot visit on the road as they were moving.
Leo would have been 23 years of age on June 28th, 1951, was a graduate of Cherry Township High School with the class of '46. He was employed for the past year and a half by the Keystone Shoe Co., of Mildred.
He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Thayer, three brothers, James W., John and Richard; three sisters Mrs. Helen Fritsch of Dushore; Theresa, now Sister M. Julian of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Marywood, Scranton; Miss Genevieve at home. James W. Thayer was in the 2nd World War in Iran and John served in Okinawa for several months in that War.
His father, William A. Thayer, is a Veteran of World War One, serving for a year in France and 26 days of this time in the front line.
Leo is the first War Casualty from Dushore in the Korean War.


Theresa Thayer (William, William James, Albert, William George Thayer) born December 1, 1930.

Entered I.H.M. Community, Scranton, PA, February 1949.


Richard Thayer (William, William James, Albert, William George Thayer) born June 13, 1934. 

Married Dorothy Virginia O’Mark on May 24, 1968


Children of Richard and Dorothy O’Mark Thayer:

  1. Melinda Joy Thayer 1969-
  2. Noel Therese Thayer 1973-


Genevieve Dolores Thayer (William, William James, Albert, William George Thayer) born September 15, 1938.

Married Antone Kvasnak on June 29, 1963.  He was born October 4, 1940.


Children of Genevieve and Antone Kvasnak:

  1. Michael Antony Kvasnak 1964-
  2. Karen Marietta kvasnak 1966-
  3. William Stephen Kvasnak 1967-
  4. March David Kvasnak 1973-


Howard Ambrose Thayer (William, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born July 24, 1896 in Bernice, Pa.; died April 28, 1963 in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne Co., Pa.

Married 1st Rajahia Elmassian Peters

Married 2nd Margaret Culley on June 26, 1923.


Children of Howard and Rajahia Peters Thayer:

  1. Evelynn Elizabeth Thayer
  2. Arnold Ambrose Thayer


Children of Howard and Margaret Culley:

  1. Howard Thayer
  2. Wayne Thayer

Edna Thayer (William, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born February 23, 1898; died July 1966.


JAMES E. THAYER (James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born February 1875


Children of James and Mary Collins Thayer:

  1. Jennie Thayer
  2. Gerald Thayer


JOHN W. THAYER (James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born June 1878 in Bernice, Pa. 



Child of John and Grace Hamilton Thayer:

  1. Thelma Thayer


FRANK HOWARD THAYER (James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born June 1883 in Bernice , Pa. died in 1961.



Children of Frank and Sarah Johnston Thayer:

  1. Frances Hope Thayer 1907-1907
  2. Iona Thayer 1906-1968
  3. Arthur Thayer 1909-1979
  4. Franklin R. Thayer 1913-1973
  5. John Watson Thayer 1916-1974
  6. Eugene Thayer 1923-1999


Iona Thayer (Frank, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born 1906; died 1968.

Married Floyd Miller.  He was born in 1907; died in 1970.


Child of Iona Thayer and Floyd Miller:

  1. Ronald Miller


Arthur Thayer (Frank, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born in 1909; died in 1979.

Married Goldie Wassam.


Child of Arthur and Goldie Wassam:

  1. Dixie Lea Thayer


Franklin R. Thayer (Frank, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born in 1913; died in 1973.

Married Mildred States.


Children of Franklin and Mildred States Thayer:

  1. Robert Thayer 1938-
  2. Leonard Thayer 1940-1982
  3. Donald Thayer 1952-


Robert Thayer (Franklin, Frank, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born in 1938

Married Diane Calabrese.


Children of Robert Thayer and Diane Calabrese Thayer:

  1. Robert W. Thayer 1958-
  2. John F. Thayer 1959-
  3. David Thayer 1962-


Leonard Thayer (Franklin, Frank, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born March 24, 1940; died April 1982

Married Connie Sawyer, but they were divorced.


Children of Leonard and Connie Sawyer Thayer:

  1. Kim Thayer 1959-
  2. Scott Thayer 1964-
  3. Kelly Thayer 1970-


Donald Thayer (Franklin, Frank, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born in 1952

Married Debra Swearinger.


Child of Donald and Debra Swearinger Thayer:

  1. Michael Thayer 1980-


John Watson Thayer (Frank, James, Albert, William, George Thayer) born April 17, 1916; died August 11, 1974

Married Laura Leona Ferrier.  She was born November 30, 1917.


Children of John and Laura (Ferrier) Thayer:

  1. Dennis Norman Thayer 1946-
  2. Wayne Howard Thayer 1950-
  3. Gary Richard Thayer 1951-
  4. John Roger Thayer 1953-

Dennis Norman Thayer has one son, Jack David Thayer, born in 1969. Gary Richard Thayer has three children: Kathryn Faye Thayer, born in 1979; Todd Jeffery Thayer, born in 1982; and Kevin Thayer, born in 1989.
Editor's Note: The information on the family and descendants of John Watson and Laura Leona (Ferrier) Thayer was provided by John Roger Thayer in April 2007.


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