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Because church records rank among the very best, yet most under-used, genealogical records available, this web site is designed to help sort out some of the vexing problems in understanding them, particularly as pertains to religious practice over the past 200 years in what would become Susquehanna County, Pa.

One of the reasons church records are under-used is the proliferation of denominations, and then the transformation of some denominations into identification with older smaller sects, or with newer "modern" churches which have attempted to put under one umbrella an identication with a certain set of beliefs. Another reason has to do with the very real difficulty of locating a specific church's records, and then, obtaining access to them.

Here are a few links about websites that actually attempt to share transcriptions of church records specific to Susquehanna County.

  • OnLine Church Records for Susquehanna Co., Pa.

    If you find a link not working, or you know of other links we should have here, or if you'd like to transcribe records and are looking for a home to place them, please contact Bob.