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Brooklyn, Pennsylvania
Chronological List of Pioneer Settlers
And Later Comers Now Deceased or Removed

from E.A. Westonís History of Brooklyn, Pa. 1889


This includes all who came here in the years specified so far as can be ascertained. In many cases the names of wives and children cannot be told. Those born here can usually be found by consulting the family account.


Dr. Caperton
William Conrad
_________ Dennison
________ Fox,
Peggy Fox
_________ McIntyre
Richard McNamara
Adam Miller
Elinor Miller
Polly Miller
Mortimer Page (wife and several children)
Robert Patterson and at least one child
John Robinson
______ Trout

1790 or 91

John Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Nancy Jones
Betsey Jones
Polly Jones
Bloomfield Milbourne
Sarah Milbourne.


Mark Hartley
Cathern Hartley
Jane Hartley
Wm. Hartley


Prince Perkins
Judith Parkins
Wm. Perkins
"Young" Prince and another Perkins
Wm. Harkins
James Coyle (may not have come till 1798 or 9)


Wright Chamberlain
Denman Coe


Joseph Chapman, Sr.
Elizabeth Chapman
Joseph Chapman, Jr.
Lydia Chapman
Mary Chapman
Isaac A. Chapman, Jr.
Edward Chapman


Andrew Tracy (came himself in 1798)
Mary Tracy
Leonard Tracy
Harriet Tracy
Edwin Tracy (here in 1798)
Sidney Tracy
Sally Tracy
Samuel Weston
Mary Weston
Wm. Weston
John N. Weston
Peleg Tracy (Norwich, Ct.)
Hannah Tracy
Betsey Tracy
Maria Tracy
Daniel Tracy
Betsey Leffingwell
Samuel Howard
______ Webber
Joshua Sabin
Aaron Sabin
Lyman Sabin
Betsey Sabin
Thomas Giles
Betsey Giles
Polly Giles
Daniel Giles-- (The Giles residence in after years was adjudged to be in Dimock.)


Jacob Tewksbury
Ebenezer Whitney
Elizabeth Whitney and some children
Mrs. Joshua Sabin
Ezra Sabin
Polly Sabin
4 other Sabins


Edward Goodwin and his wife
Jeremiah Spencer
Joshua Saunders
Mary Saunders
Richard Saunders
Nathan Saunders
Joshua Saunders, Jr.
Lyman Saunders
Thomas Saunders
Mary Saunders (daughter)
Phally Saunders
Benj. S Saunders
Aaron Saunders and probably Varman Saunders
Mary Tewksbury, (Jacobís wife)
Nancy Tewksbury
Elizabeth Tewksbury
Lovina Tewksbury
Silas Lewis
Amos Lawrence and wife
Daniel Lawrence and wife
William Lawrence


Amos Bailey (he and Ebenezer Gere came in 1801 (Groton, Ct.) but returned)
Prudence Bailey
Jeremiah Gere
Martha Gere
Mary Ann Gere
Charles V. Gere
Edward L. Gere
Geo. M. Gere
E. Mott Wilkinson
Phebe Wilkinson, and some children
Sargent Tewksbury
Nancy Tewksbury
Amos Tewksbury


Charles Gere (came to Lord place in 1800-1)
Sally Gere
Sarah D. Gere
Lucy F. Gere


Orlando Bagley
Dorcas Bagley
Jesse Bagley
Stephen Bagley
Thomas Bagley
George Bagley
Betsey L. Bagley
Dorcas Bagley (younger)
Dolly Bagley
Washington Bagley
Sally Bagley
Consider Fuller
Ruth Fuller
Sally Fuller
Alfred Fuller
Ruth Fuller (younger)
Isaiah Fuller
Susannah Fuller
Lucinda Fuller
Isaac Tewksbury
Judith Tewksbury
Hannah Tewksbury
Abigail Tewksbury
Huldah Tewksbury
Jonathan Tewksbury
Judith Tewksbury (daughter of Jacob)
Barnard Worthing
Dorothy Worthing
Jacob Worthing
Jonathan Worthing
Winthrop Worthing
Samíl Yeomans, Sr.
Samíl Yeomans, Jr.
Joseph Yeomans
Sabra Yeomans. ( The Yeomans family may not have come till 1805 or 6)


Stephen Gere (1805 or 6)
Mary Gere
Peter Gere
Alfred Tiffany


Frederick Bailey
Polly Bailey


Joshua Miles, Sr. (generally supposed, in 1808, but in his accounts with Daniel Lawrence, dated Apr. 11, 1807)
Lucy Miles
Jonathan Miles
Sarah Miles
John Seeley and family - 1808-9, though it might have been 3 or 4 yrs. Earlier


Charles Perigo
Edward Paine
Charolotte Paine
Edward L. Paine
Mason Denison
Noah Tiffany
Mary Tiffany
Jemima Tiffany
Hannah Tiffany
Olney Tiffany
Mary Tiffany (younger)
Noah Tiffany, Jr.
John Tiffany
Clarissa Tiffany
Malinda Tiffany
Samuel Wright
Almira Wright


Joshua Miles SJr.
Lucy Caroline Miles
Bela Case
Rowena Case
Edith Case (and other children of B. Case)
Isaac Sterling
Hilliard Sterling
Bradley Sterling
Elijah Mack, (possibly 1809)
Elizabeth Mack,
Josiah Mack
Betsey Mack
Jemima Mack
Elijah Mack, Jr.
Polly Mack
Gideon Beebe
Elisha Safford (family came in 1911?)
Elisha Mack
Taphena Mack
Lydia Mack
Matilda Mack
Eliza Mack
Fanny Mack
Elisha Mack, Jr
Marvin Mack
Enoch Mack
Alfred Mack
Putnam Catlin (1809 or 10)
Eli Catlin
Polly Catlin
Charles Catlin
Henry Catlin
George Catlin
Eliza Catlin
Mary Catlin
Julius Catlin
Richard Catlin
Lynde Catlin
James Catlin
Bristol Budd Sampson
Pelatiah Tiffany David Morgan
Rufus Holridge


Nathan Jewett
Electa Jewett
Francis Jewett
Rodney Jewett
Olive Safford
Verie Ann Safford
Felix Safford
James W. Sterling
Asa Bonney (and most or all of his children)
Cyril Giddings
Jedediah Lathrop
Sarah Lathrop
Alice Lathrop
Silas P. Ely
Mehitabel Ely
David Sutlif
Charity Sutlif
Harris Sutliff
Joel Sutliff
Zarah Sutlif
, Currance Sutliff
Hannah Sutliff
Charity Sutliff (younger)
Justice Kent (came himself in 1810)
Anna Kent
David Kent
Robert Kent
Elijah Kent
Wallace Kent
Latham Williams
Lucy Williams
Nelson Williams
Amanda Williams (and other children)
Jacob Wilson, Jr.
Selinda Wilson
Esek H. Palmer
Amy Palmar
Lydia Palmer
Emeline Palmer
Annis Palmer
Elmina Palmer
Eleazer Kimball (and family)
Ebenezer Paine
Wise Wright
Louisa Wright


Edward Packer
Stephen Brees
Sophia Breed
Stephen W. Breed
Stephen Williams, Sr.
Polly Williams
Amos Williams (perhaps)
James Packer
Selina Packer
William Albert Packer
William S. Merritt
Rebecca Merritt
Caleb Crandall
Asa Crandall
Polly Crandall
Nancy Crandall
Ephraim Howe
Amy Howe
Thomas Howe
Elijah Howe
Ephrain K. Howe
James E. Howe
Minerva Howe
Mary A. Howe
Elisha Bibbins
Stephen Smith
Luther Catlin
Ora Catlin
Diantha Catlin
Julius S. Catlin
Erastus Catlin
Thomas Sterling
Mehitabel Sterling
Solomon Dickinson
Davison brothers
Lawrence Johnson
Persia Johnson


Reynolds - Israel, Hannah, Nathaniel Samuel Sarah (and prob others)
Brown - Ezra, Nancy, Ezra S. (and others)
Bissell, David
Crandall - Asa, Matilda (and probably some children)
Cone- Daniel, Ruth, Ruth (younger), Thomas, Sylvester, Amanda, Edwin, Eliza, Nelson, Alma Angeline
Smith- Isaac. Salley, Betsey, Giles, Minette, Hallum, Samuel, Latham, Sally, Lovina, Sophronia Emma
Mack- Polly, Harriet, Flavel, Batsey
Rose - Nathaniel, Anna (and children probably)


Baker -Joshua, Betsey, Daniel, Betsey, the younger, Mary, Reuben, Abbie Jane
Ely - Zelophehad, Elizabeth, Jacob Lym,an, John R., Hiram, Parnel, Elizabeth, Jared Gabriel, Eunice, Joseph, William, Fanny, Erastus, Theresa, H. Gates
Fish- Anthony, Hannah, Anthony Jr., (came a year or two before and went back), Prudence, Francis, Frederick, Sabra, Julia, Sally, Fanny, Mary
Latham - Hannah, Erastus


Rogers- Lebbeus, Andrew
Sterling- Nathaniel and family
Herkimer, Peter
Oakley, James
Tubbs, Oliver (likely before)
Babcock, John R.
Mitchell- Henry, Mary
Palmer- Thaddeus, Martha (and children perhaps)
Lewis, Valentine
Birge, Augustus (or before)
Rand or Rhan(1812-1815)
Thayer, Nathan (1812-1815)