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Description of smaller cut map panels from RG-17 Records of the Land Office
MELISH-WHITESIDE MAPS, 1816-1821. {series #17.534}
Washington County PA Map drawn in 1817

Starting from RIGHT OF CENTER, SOUTH, in Washington County PA is Column 4; scroll to right to see entire panel. 
This is Grid 5.

Column 4 Grid 5 Melish-Whiteside map 1817 Washington County PA

6_centerRR - 5

Somerset Twp
Fallowfield Twp
Boundary with Westmoreland County

___ Creek
House: Kighoe's
Road: To Williamsport 19 miles
Road: (National Western??) Road 22 (miles)
Church: Presby
House: Gordan's
House: Hawkin's
North Fork of Pigeon Creek
House: Newkirk's
House: Richardson's
Bentleyville, PA
House: Bentley's
Well's? Run (ww)
_____ Creek
House: Redd's
Parker's Run (ww)
___blick?? Run (ww)

House: McFarland's
House: Hairs
Pigeon Creek (ww)
Brownsville, PA
Church: (listed as "Church")

Williamsport PA
Church: Bap
Maple Creek (ww) Ringlands
South Fork (of Maple Creek)

Columbia PA
Cassner's?? Ferry
Spears Run (ww)

Freeport, PA
House: __dwin's

Note: The "cuts" are not perfect. I deliberately included an overlap so I wouldn't miss anything.  
Because of the overlap, many names and locations are repeated.
ww=waterway - a creek or run

Source information:  Record Group 17 (RG-17) of Land Maps were produced by John Melish a geographer, traveler, and entrepeneur who convinced the Pennsylvania legislature to pay him to produce the first set of official land maps.   Duputy surveyors spread out across PA counties between 1816 and 1821 to compile the works, then sent them to Mr. Melish to construct one larger Pennsylvania Land Map.  The smaller county maps, however, were copied by clerks before sending them on to Mr. Melish. The first clerk to execute copies was John Whitesides, and the maps became known as The Whiteside Maps, or Melish-Whiteside. The maps were submitted to the legislature in March 1822 and were deemed detailed and accurate. Scanned images online include county maps from forty-four of the Commonwealth's sixty-seven counties.

From Pennsylvania Historical and Musuem, RG-17, Records of the Land Office, MELISH-WHITESIDE MAPS, 1816-1821. {series #17.534}

Each panel was cut from the larger image, then enlarged, and presented on it's own page. 

Legend for 1817 Whiteside-Melish map of Washington County PA from RG-17 Records of the Land Office Longitude Statement for 1817 Whitesides-Melish map of Washington County PA from RG-17 Records of the Land Office Latitude Statement for 1817 Whitesides-Melish map of Washington County PA from RG-17 Records of the Land Office
Column 1 Grid 1 North Column 2 Grid 1 North Column 3 Grid 1 North Column 4 Grid 1 North Column 5 Grid 1 North
Column 1 Grid 2 Column 2 Grid 2 Column 3 Grid 2 Column 4 Grid 2 Column 5 Grid 2
Column 1 Grid 3 Column 2 Grid 3 Column 3 Grid 3 Column 4 Grid 3 Column 5 Grid 3
Column 1 Grid 4 South Column 2 Grid 4 South Column 3 Grid 4 South Column 4 Grid 4 South Column 5 Grid 4 South
Column 1 Grid 5 Column 2 Grid 5 Column 3 Grid 5 Column 4 Grid 5 Column 5 Grid 5
Column 1 Grid 6 Column 2 Grid 6 Column 3 Grid 6 Column 4 Grid 6 Column 5 Grid 6
  Column 2 Grid 7 Column 3 Grid 7 Column 4 Grid 7 Column 5 Grid 7
    Column 3 Grid 8   Column 5 Grid 8




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