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Construction Provisions in 1936 (Map "6200400270002.TIF")
1936 PA PennDOT Road Plans for Route 40
From west of Scenery Hill PA to Pancake PA
Washington County PA

Transcribed by Judith Florian

This map only gives construction details but does not contain any landowners' names.  The map is included as part of the 1936 plans for 'moving' Route 40 (formerly LR 113) either to the North or to the South at many points along Rt. 40 East between Pancake PA and Rt. 519 intersection.

Map 6200400270002.TIF gives the following details (from left down, to right down):

1. Reinforced Cement Concrete Pavement
2. A 2" Bituminous Surface HE-1 on 8" Crushed Aggregate or Native Stone Base Course
3. Overall Length of Project as 26163.82 Feet 4.9553 Miles
4. Detour Map with Legend
5. Graphics of each proposed road sign for use during construction phase.
6. Notes
7. A table of Sketch Showing Classification of Ditch Evacuation with measurements and "Sta. to Sta." details.
8. Slopes and Elevations
9. Sketch Showing Details of Possible Hauling Routes in the City of Washington PA with Legend; routes for construction trucks.
10. List of Public Utilities Represented on this Plan. * With names of each utility company.
11. Notice that this is a Federal Aid Project.
12. Grading Sections (table) with measurements from "Sta. to Sta."

A notice on this page says:

"Legal width of Original Right of Way is sixty-six (66) feet (National or Cumberland Road) Established by Act of Congress March 29, 1805. Authorized and Confirmed by Legislature April 9, 1807. Penna. Laws, Page 185.

"Legal Right of Way" as used on these drawings indicates those lines of the original Right of Way as determined from the center line of the existing roadway and old landmarks found on the ground.

All connections with intersecting roads shall be warped at the direction of the Engineer.

Buildings and Structures indicated with a C (in box) are to be removed by the County or other responsible authority and such work is not part of this contract.

Buildings and Structures indicated with an R [in a box] are to be removed under Clearing and Grubbing as part of this contract."

It continues with maintenance of traffic; Guard Fences; Embankments.

Foundation work to occur in 1936 and pavement work during 1936-1937 in a way that would not impede travel.

SOURCE: 1936 "Pennsylvania Department of Transportation [PennDOT] Drawing [Plans] for Construction and Condemnation of Right Away Route No. 113 [Now Rt. 40] Section No. 9B in Washington County PA From Sta. 1524+00 to Sta. 1789+20".  These plans were prepared prior to 'straightening' major curves of the original Federally owned road, which was transferred to the control, management and upkeep of U.S. Route 40 a.ka. The National Pike. The changes/straightening of Rt. 40 left numerous "pieces" which later were either re-named as township roads, or pieces which dead-end. Some pieces dead-end on both sides that used to be Rt. 40, with the middle piece re-absorbed into the current landholder's acreage.  

This webpage documents the construction provisions for the changing of The National Pike, Rt. 40, during the 1936-1937 season, from the 1936 map file titled " 6200400270002.TIF".  

The original files were over 27Megabytes. They have been reduced for this website but are still quite large.

1936 PennDot Plans

The first four maps are from a 1936 plan that covers the intersection with SR 519 (formerly LR 62075). Included is the Title Sheet/Index Map, General Notes and two plan view sheets. This plan starts about 2000 feet east of the intersection with SR 519 and continues westward to the Village of Pancake. The two plan view sheets cover the 2000 foot section.

Links to Very Large Maps

1. The landowners on both sides of The National Pike, Rt. 40, from the 1936 map file titled "6200400270001.TIF"

2. Construction Provisions in 1936 (Map "6200400270002.TIF") 1936 PA PennDOT Road Plans for Route 40

3. Slopes and Right of Way Measurements in 1936 (Map "6200400270003.TIF") 

4. Slopes and Right of Way Measurements in 1936 (Map "6200400270004.TIF")


Descriptions and Transcriptions

Thumbnail Maps for 1936 PA PennDOT Road Plans for Route 40

1. The landowners on both sides of The National Pike, Rt. 40, from the 1936 map file titled "6200400270001.TIF"

2. Construction Provisions in 1936 (Map "6200400270002.TIF") 1936 PA PennDOT Road Plans for Route 40

3/4. Slopes and Right of Way Measurements in 1936 (Map "6200400270003.TIF") and (Map "6200400270004.TIF")


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