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Biography and History of Sprowles and Mounts Families

Submitted by Lori <no email available >

Note: Info originally compiled by Helen Durbin and (I believe was written by Wilbert Sprowls).

Ruth Sprowls has been a tremendous help for me in finding my SPROWLES & MOUNTS ancestry lines

The Early History 

The name for many centuries was spelled Sproul. Tradition says that the first of the name to have a coat of arms was a purse-bearer to Malcolm II, King of Scots (1005-1034 A.D.) " He was so faithful that the King presented him with three purses of gold and allowed him to use the King's hand as a crest. with the motto: We are all so proud of. 'Semper Fidelis' (always faithful). The armorial bearings are: Or chevron chequie betwixt three purses gules." 
Crawford, in his " History of Renfrewshire," published in 1710, says: " In the parish of Neilston lie the lands of Cowdon, which gave first title of Lord to Sir William Cochrane, afterwards Earl of Dundonald. An ancient family of the Sprouls did possess the aforementioned lands for many ages, but the first of that name I have found mentioned in charters was Walter SPREUL, 'Senescallus de Dumbartown,' i.e. High Steward of Dumbarton, who obtained from Malcolm, Earl of Lennox, a charter of the lands of Dalguham, 'pro hamagio et servitio suo,' i.e. " for his homage and service," as the charter testifies and by the witnesses appears to be in the beginning of the reign of Robert Bruce [Robert I, 1306-1329]. As also I have seen a resignation of the lands of Cowdon by Walter SPREUL [perhaps third or fourth in descent from Walter, the grantee of the charter], so designed in favor of Thomas SPREUL, his son and apparent heir, A.D. 1441, which Thomas was father of John SPREUL of Cowdon, who had a charter of these lands, A.D. 1481, as Robert SPREUL, his son had a charter of the same lands, A.D. 1515, which Robert, last-mentioned, was father of John SPREUL of Cowdon, who was succeeded by a son of the same name [John SPREUL], who was father of James SPREUL of Cowdon, in whose person this family failed. He sold his estate to __ilenordes Cochran of that IXL, A.D. 1622, which lands became the patrimony of William Cochran, his son, afterwards Lord Cowdon, [should be Lord Cochrane, created Dec. 27, 1647] and is now [1710] the property of the Earl of Dundoland." 

A tradition in Ulster is that this James SPREUL, after selling Cowdon, removed to Tullymoen, Co., Tyrone, Ireland, and became the ancestor of the Sproules of that county, but this tradition must be wrong, for James Spreul left no direct heirs, that being the meaning of the phrase, " in whose person this family failed." Another tradition is that the original settler in Co. Tyrone was Robert SPREUL who came from Cowdon Knowes, Scotland in1650 and settled at Galand, Co. Tyrone. This tradition has been placed on record by John Inch (great- grandson of Joseph, who was grandson of Robert, (see table)) in a MS, history of the family, written from memory [he left Ireland in 1818], for the use of his nephew, James R. Inch, LLD, President of Mt. Allison University, afterwards of the University of New Brunswick. The present writer has often heard that the spreuls were " Lairds of the CowdonKnowes" (as distinct from Cowdon, which perhaps, adjoins it.) Whether Robert Spreul was a brother or nephew of James of Cowdon, or how nearly related to him he was, has not been discovered. The Sproules of Longfield, Co Roscommon have a tradition that three brothers named Spreul came to Ireland from Cowden, one settling in Tyrone, another in Donegal, and the third in Roscommon. The last was Capt. John SPROULS, who came to Athlone with a Highland regiment about 1660, married a wealthy heiress, purchased an estate with a fine old castle, which he repaired, placing over the main door the Cowdon arms with the motto " Semper Fidelis." 

Nesbitts, " Heraldry" , says that the Sprouls were "eminent of old in the Shire of Lonfield" and that there were several branches of the family. It stated that the Cochranes " purchases the lands of Cowdon from John SPREUL [not James] the proprietor thereof." {end of this particular article} 


The surname Sprawls has been defined as a nickname for a person with a " drawing speech or slow tongue." Through Wright's " Provencial English Dictionary" of archaic and colloquial words defines sprawl as a " drawing voice" . It also gives an alternative as " movement" which is assumed to be an awkward or sitting position. 

This writer is inclined to equate the name Sprawl with the Scottish name Spreull, Sproule, Sproule, Spreall, or Sprawl, which is an old Dumbartonshire name dating back to around 1280. The meaning is presently unknown. 

The names Sprool, Sproule, and Sprowle found in the 17th century in Ireland are certainly of the same origin. 

Virginia land records show that Godfrey Sprell was granted 348 acres in James City County, in 1684, for paying the passage for seven indentured servants to the colony. 

The 1790 census lists the spellings, Sprall, Sprawls, Spruell and Spruil, in North Carolina, and Spraul in New York. The same census lists the spellings Sproull in Virginia, Sprowl in Pennsylvania and South Carolina, also Sprowls in Pennsylvania. (end this particular article). 

The Captain John Sproule, who came to Athlone with a Highland regiment, about 1660 is my ancestor. In 1669, he married Diana Wilson, the sister of Andrew Wilson of Shinglas Castle near Ballymore. Capt. John Sproule first lived near Tuberit, near Castle Daly, County Westmeath. In 1675, he purchased Gurtnacassa Castle or Longfield form Mr. Dodwell who married the daughter and heiress of Edward Coyle. Edward Coyle erected the castle in 1646. The castle is located on a hill about 12 miles, northwest of Athlone and 12 miles from the battle of Anghrim. When we visited the castle in 1968, it was in ruins. The roof was completely gone but some of the walls were standing. Captain John Sproule was born in 1626 and died 1730, aged 104 years. He is interred in the Church of Tisrara graveyard. This grave yard is located a short distance from what was the front of the castle. The gravestone is carved with the Sprouls coat of Arms. 

William Sproule, the 3rd son of Capt. John Sproule, was born in 1674, married Mary ___, lived in Athlone, died in 1751, and was buried in Friends Burying Ground at Moate. 

William Sproule, son of William and Mary, above, married Elizabeth Watson, daughter of John Watson of Clonmel. They lived in Athlone. William died in 1806. The house that William Sproule lived in Athlone is still being occupied. 

John Sproule, son of Wm. and Elizabeth Watson Sproule was born in 1749. He married Elizabeth Love (Lonney). They lived near Enskillen, Ireland. In the year 1793, feeling that he could better his condition and at the same time be free from the political and religious questions which were then disturbing that unfortunate country, determined to emigrate to America. He at the time resided on a farm. He with his wife and family, consisting of eight children, sailed from Londerry in 1793. After a voyage of about three months, they arrived in Philadelphia. The children, who came with them were: Arthur, Jane, Edward, John, Henry, James, Elizabeth and Nancy. Wm. and Mary were born in America. 

In Philadelphia, he located in South Ward, purchasing property from Ann Armitt on the South East corner of Plumb St. and 5th. St. in August 8, 1793. We have a copy of this deed and it lists John as being a shallopman. From Philadelphia, they moved to Carlisle, Pa., where they remained about two years. It was then concluded to go farther west. Finally, they landed in Washington County, Pa., where they lived until 1810, when they moved to Finley Twp., Wash. Co., Pa. All the members of John Sprouls family went with him to the last named place. 

As noted previously, my great-grandparents were William and Margaret Mitchell Sprowls. They had the following children: Sarah - never married. Mary - married David Sumney. Hiram - died in infancy. Arthur - married Ida Devore. Mark - married Sadie Devore. Margaret - married John Sumney. Dr. William Wilson - married Mary Wylie (my grandparents). Dr. William Wilson and Mary Wylie Sprowls had the following children: Nannie - married Rev. James S. Ferris - No Issue. Gemella - never married. William - married Greta Vanaken No Issue. Lloyd Sumney - married Della Grounds (my parents) Lloyd Sumney and Della Grounds Sprowls had the following children: Dr. Jay - never married. Dr. John - married Lucille Owaly: boy & girl in College (one daughter died) George (Druggist) - married Patty Carter - 2 step- daughters & 1 son. Lucille - married Harold Whitaker: 1 dau & 1 step-grand-daughter. Wilbert - married Bella Douglass (me & my wife): 2-daughters: 1 grand-daughter 3 grandsons. 

More Sprowls History.

When John Sprowls located in Finley, it was a wilderness. He, with the assistance of his sons built a log house, and as glass was then scarce, difficult to get, and very expensive, the openings in the house intended for windows were covered as best they could, and it was not an uncommon occurrence we are told, for the inmates to be awakened at night by the howling of wolves in the forest surrounding them. 

John Sprowls was a large muscular man, plain and direct of speech, but was respected on account of his sturdy honesty and strict integrity. As other pioneers were required to do, he, by unremitting toil, cut and cleared fields on the farm, which he had purchased and made for himself and family a pleasant and happy home. He died upon this farm in 1845, about nintey six years of age--his good wife having preceded him to the grave August 10, 1818, age fifty-seven--they are both buried on the farm which they conquered from the wilderness in what is known as the Sprowls graveyard on land lately owned by W.W. Sprowls in East Finley Township. 

The children born to John and Elizabeth Sprowls were as follows--Arthur, Jane, Nancy, John, Edward, James, Elizabeth, Henry, William, and Mary--the first eight of whom were born in Ireland, and the last two in America, Wm. in Carlisle, Pa. and Mary in Finley Township. Taxing up and considering these children we find: 

1. That Arthur Sprowls married Catherine Wallace to whom were born the following children: John, who married Margaret Carr. Rachel, who married William Camp and moved to Ohio--we have no information as to the number or names of their descendants. William, who married Ann Montgomery. Elizabeth, who married Laban Sampson, and moved to Ohio, we have no knowledge of the number or names of their descendants. Fannie, who married David Sampson. Mary, who married James Sammons and moved to Ohio we have no information as to the number or names of their descendants. Catherine, married Jesse Montgomery. Silas, who married Christina Ealy. (George Sprowls', parents.) 

2. Jane Sprowls, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, married William Carr and moved to Ohio. We have no knowledge of their descendants. 

3. Nancy Sprowls, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, was never married--is dead and buried in the Sprowls Cemetery to which reference has been made. 

4. John Sprowls, son of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, married Margaret Greadon, and the names of their children are as follows: Eleanor, who married John Ealy. William, who married Mariah Newland. James, who married Elizabeth Montgomery. Alexander, who married Jane Montgomery. Henry, who married Mary Stollar. Nancy, who married John ____. Arthur, who married Hester Seaman. John, who married twice, first to Elizabeth Lucas and after her death to Jane Trussell. Mary, never married and is dead. 

5. Edward Sprowls, son of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, married Sarah Brown--to whom were born the following children: Elizabeth, Isaiah, Margaret, Jane, William, Elmira, Jefferson, Washington, Julia Ann, Edward, Obadiah, and Sarah. Of these children Elizabeth never married and died in 1891. Isaiah also never married and died in 1902. Margaret also never married and died in 1852. Jane also never married and died in 1897. William, married Margaret Mitchell. He died in 1897, and his wife died in 1898. Elmira married Margaret Robison. He is dead, she resides at Bentleyville. Edward never married and lives on the old home place at Bentleyville. Jefferson never married and died in 1853. Washington never married and died in 1899. Julia Ann never married and lives with her brother, Edward on the home place. Obadiah was married first to Damarias Mitchell, after her death he married Herrietta Luker. He had no children to his first wife, and eight to his second. Sarah married Nelson Town and to them was born one child, who is married and lives near Elm Grove, W.Va. 

6. James Sprowls, died 1837, son of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, married Elenor Enlow, she died 1865, to whom were born the following children: Belinda, who married Joseph Martin. Cyrus, who was married to Phobe Post, after she died he married Belinda Elliot, and she also having died, he married Mary Ann Ashbrook. Jesse, who was never married and is dead. Elliott, who was never married and is dead. John, who married Hannah Reed. Simeon, who married Mary Montgomery. James, who married Mary Ann Sampson. James is living but his wife is dead. He resides in West Finley Township. 

7. Elizabeth Sprowls, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, never married and is buried in the Sprowls graveyard to which reference has been made. 

8. Henry Sprowls, son of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, married Elizabeth Newland to whom were born the following children: Matilda, who married John Fields. Elizabeth, who married Joseph Buchanan. William, who married Retta Newland. Mariah, who married George Frye.xxxx Abram, who enlisted in the Civil War and died in service.xxxx James W., who married Barbara Carr. James enlisted in the Civil War and died in service. Nancy Jane, who married William Birch. Mrs. Birch resides in West Finley Township. 

9. William Sprowls, son of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, married Dorcas Town, to whom were born the following children: Eli, who never married and is dead. James, who never married and is dead. William, who married Elizabeth Stockdale.xxxx John, who married Eliza McCroroy. It may be interesting to note that the Committee has been informed that soon after John's marriage he moved to Illinois, and soon after breaking out of the Civil War, enlisted in an Illinois Regiment. Our information that he on account of gallant and meritorious conduct on the field of battle, was promoted, and about the close of the war he died from disease contracted in the service. He held a high position as an officer in the regiment. To return to the Children of William and Dorcas Sprowls, the next following John was Abigail, who never married and is dead. Elizabeth, who never married and is dead. Henry C., who married Nancy McClelland. Dorcas Ann, who never married and is living in Washington.xxxx Cyrus, who enlisted at the beginning of the Civil War, and was as the committee is informed, killed in battle. He is buried in the Sprowls graveyard of which reference has been made. Isaac H., who died when a small boy. 

10. Mary Sprowls, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, was married to Andrew Kimmous, and to him had two children. John who died when quite small and, Elizabeth, who married John Anderson. 

After the death of Andrew Kimmous, Mary married William Wilson and moved to Washington, where the Committee is informed the following 0children were born: George, Sarah, Mary, John S., and Charlotte S. Wilson. 

The forgoing constitutes a history of the descendants of John and Elizabeth Sprowls as the committee has been able to compile the same. It has doubtless been noticed that it includes only the first, second and third generations. There is a large number of the fourth generation now living and while it will require a large amount of labor, yet it will not be a difficult task to complete the history, by bringing down the different branches at the present time. 

We would respectfully suggest that a permanent organization be effected for the purpose of completing the history in order that it can be handed down in an intelligent manner to our children. 

We would also suggest that when a permanent organization is effected, that steps be taken to ascertain the names of descendants of Jane Sprowls, daughter of John and Elizabeth, who married William Carr, and moved to Ohio. Likewise, the family of Elizabeth Sprowls, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, who married Laban Sampson and moved to Ohio. That the same be done of Mary Sprowls, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sprowls, who married James Sammon, and moved to Ohio. 


John Sprowls, who we have referred to in this history as having enlisted in Illinois in the Civil War, belonged to the third generation, and it would be well also to ascertain the name of his descendants. 

It would be advisable also to effect such an organization as we have suggested for another reason. 

The fourth generation contributed a number of soldiers to the Civil War. George and Jesse Sprowls, sons of Mrs. A. Sprowls, enlisted in the One Hundred Fortieth Penna. Volunteers--Jesse was killed at Gettysburg, and George died at Andersonville. William A. generally known as " Art" , and a son of James Sprowls, enlisted in the Eighth Penna., Reserves, and has an excellent record as a soldier. 

However, the attention of the committee has been called to the fact, and it should not be forgotten, that in the main, the descendants of John and Elizabeth Sprowls have been farmers. It is true some of the present generation have chosen other occupations such as ministry, medicine, and law. But as previously stated, we have devoted our labors principally to the first, second and third generations. We refer to them with pride, as they were composed of sturdy, honest, and exemplary men and women. It is well to recollect that in their homes, the book of books, the Bible, had the first place, and that their children were taught to reverence its Holy lessons. Their good reputation is a rich heritage and we should all live in such a way as to insure its preservation. xxxx--Marks the names of Veterans. 

1626 I. Capt. John SPROULE (104yrs.) (01) 1730
m. 1669 m. Diana Wilson

1A. James SPROULE 1754
1B. James SPROULE, of Longfield, eldest, d.s.p. 1757
2B. Peter SPROULE, 3rd son, of Longfield
m. 1752
m. Elizabeth Tew
1C. James SPROULE, of Longfield & A. 1756-1836
m. 1794 (d/o Rev. Alexr. Gunning)
m. Elizabeth Gunning 1795
1D. James SPROULE, of Longfield 1843
m. 1837 (d/o Robert Fair) at Cartrontroy
m. Diana Fair (60) 1884
2E. Robert Fair SPROULE
m. 1866 at Killinvoy (d/o Rev. Thomas Berry)
m. Rebecca Berry
1F. Thomas Berry SPROULE
m. Edith Gunning
1G. Dorothy Patricia SPROULE
m. 1939
m. Henry Gerald Ashton
16-Aug.1945 1H. daughter ASHTON
1851 3E. Jane Louisa SPROULE (60) 1921
1840 4E. Elizabeth Henrietta SPROULE (60) 1887
1800 2D. Peter SPROULE 1834
3D. Alexander SPROULE
m. Susanna 20-Nov.1851
1808 4D. George SPROULE
1835 5D. Francis SPROULE Jr.
7D. Elizabeth SPROULE
m. (her cousin (of St. John's))
m. Alexander Gunning
8D. Catherine SPROULE
m. Edmond Naghten Jun.
m. Stephen Longworth
m. Christopher George Plunkett
11D. Hester SPROULE
12D. Maria SPROULE
m. 1839
m. George Abbott
13D. Frances SPROULE
2C. Francis SPROULE
2A. Joseph SPROULE
m. Joyce
1B. Joseph SPROULE
m. Dorothy Goldsmith
1C. Edward SPROULE
2B. Andrew SPROULE
m. Prudence
1C. George SPROULE
2C. Joseph SPROULE
1D. Joseph SPROULE
1825 1E. George SPROULE
3C. Joicey SPROULE (only daughter)
1674 3A. William SPROULE (02) 1751
(res. Athlone, Ireland*)
m. Mary 1712
1B. William SPROULE * 1806
m. (d/o John Watson of Clonmel)
m. Elizabeth Watson 10-Aug.1818
1749 1C. John SPROWLS (96yrs) (03) 6-Sep.1845
(res. near Enskillen, Ire. removed to Pa.)
1761 m. Elizabeth Love (Lonney) (03) 1818
1D. Arthur SPROWLS
Pa. m. 1788
m. Catherine Wallace
m. Margaret Carr
2E. Rachel SPROWLS
m. William Camp (to Ohio)
Pa.1811/12 3E. William SPROWLS
m. (d/o Hugh Montgomery)
Pa. next 8 names: m. 25-Sep.1832
1812 m. Ann Montgomery
Pa 1814 4E. Elizabeth SPROWLS
m. (s/o David & Nancy Jane (__) Sampson)
1810 m. Laban Sampson (to Ohio)
17-Apr.1816 5E. Fanny SPROWLS (55y) (06) 12-Oct.1874
Maryland m. (s/o David & Nancy Jane (__) Sampson)
27-Jun.1808 m. David Sampson (70y) (06) 19-Aug.1878
6E. Mary SPROWLS (to Ohio)
m. James Sammons
1821 7E. Catherine SPROWLS
m. (s/o Hugh & Ruth (Enlow) Montgomery)
1817/20 m. Jesse Montgomery
5-Jul.1824 8E. Silas SPROWLS 5-Jul.1871
m. (d/o George Ealy who d. 1869)
Good Intent, West Finley Twp. Pa. m. 1844 
9/7Jan1824 m. Christina Ealy (06) 30-Oct.1911
Ireland??? 2D. Jane SPROWLS (61)
m. (s/o Robert & Jemima (Morton) Kerr)
31-Mar.1774 m. William Carr/Kerr (to Ohio)(61) 14-May.1858
Washington Co., Pa. next 9E's: Marshallville, Wayne Co., Oh.
14-Jun.1807 1E. Robert KERR (single) (61) 27-Jul.1808
2E. John KERR (single) " (61) 22-May.1838
Washington Co., Pa. Saltcreek Twp., Holmes Co., Oh.
26-Feb.1810 3E. James Wilson KERR (9ch)(62) 17-Nov.1896
m. 25-Sep.1838-Wooster, Wayne Co., Ohio.
(d/o George & Polly)
25-Apr.1821 m. Margaret Deardorff/Dierdorff(62)27-Apr.1899
10-Jan.1812 4E. Eliza KERR (5 ch) (63) 15-Sep.1871
m. 31-May.1836-Marshallville, OH
m. Charles Boyles Willford 12-Sep.1814
5E. William KERR Jr. (single)(61) 15-Apr.1831
20-Dec.1815 6E. Sidney KERR (63) 15-Mar.1888
m. Joseph Casselman (no children) 2-Jan.1818
7E. Jane KERR (64)
m. 27-Mar.1845 (6 children)
m. George Vankirk
12-Oct.1820 8E. Andrew J. KERR (65) 12-Feb.1889
m1. Jane Armstrong (3 ch)
m2. Jane Conn (3 ch)
17-Mar.1823 9E. Mary Ann KERR (63) 30-Apr.1905
m. 1-Mar.1849 (1 child)
m. John Harsh
Pa 1780 3D. Nancy SPROWLS (03) 10-Apr.1853
1779 4D. John SPROWLS 54yr. (03) 15-May.1833
1782 m. Margaret Greadon 56y. (03) 3-Oct.1838
East Finley Twp, Wash. Co., Pa.
1802 1E. Eleanor/Elonor SPROWLS (06) 10-Sep.1886 
m. (s/o George & Mary 'Polly' (Barrett) Ealy)
E. Finley Twp. m. 1834 
Wash. Co., Pa. next 3:
1802 m. John E. Ealy (06) 4-Oct.1857
19-Dec.1807 2E. William P. SPROWLS 5-Feb.1882
Pa. 1810 m. Mariah/Maria Newland 
E. Finley Twp., Washington County, Pa.
1809 3E. James SPROWLS (05) 5-Dec.1884
1812-Pa. m. Elizabeth Montgomery (05) 1890
Finley Twp.
17-Jun.1811 4E. Alexander SPROWLS (20) 10-Sep.1876
m. 17-Jan.1839
1816/18 m. Jane Montgomery (20) 23-Oct.1889
Wash. Co., Pa. Wash. Co., Pa.
4-Apr.1814 5E. Henry SPROWLS (06) 22-Sep.1889
m. (d/o Andrew & Rosannah (Ealy) Stollar)
E. Finley Twp. m. 1842 West Finley Twp.
6-Oct.1811 m. Mary Maudlena Stollar (06) 30-Nov.1907
17-Jan.1816 6E. Nancy SPROWLS (06) 11-Mar.1876
Canonsburg, Pa. m. 2-Feb.1841
2-Feb.1821 m. John Rockefeller (06) 3-Apr.1877
Pa. 1817 7E. Arthur SPROWLS (05) 22-Jan.1899
Pa. next 2 names:
1818 m. Hester Seaman (05) 
Pa. 1818 8E. John SPROWLS () 3-Aug.1870
m. 5-Apr.1850
near Waynesburg, Pa. m. (d/o James & Anna (Dickinson) McNay)
18-Mar.1825 m. Mary Ann McNay 
Pa. 1823/4 9E. Nelson SPROWLS 
1825 m1. Elisabeth Wilson 
1831 m2. Jane 16-Feb.1916
Info in this area supplied by Mrs. Isabella Sumney, 84, Pa.
5D. Edward SPROWLS
m. Sarah Brown
1E. Elizabeth SPROWLS (single) 1891
2E. Isaiah SPROWLS (" ) 1907
3E. Margaret SPROWLS (" ) 1852
4E. Jane SPROWLS (" ) 1897
12-Dec.1821 5E. William W. SPROWLS (72) 17-Feb.1897
m. (d/o David & Hannah (Burt) Mitchell) Bentleyville, PA.
18-Jun.1818 m. Margaret Mitchell (72) 11-Aug.1898
6E. Elmira SPROWLS
m. Margaret Robinson
7E. Jefferson SPROWLS (single) 1853
8E. Washington SPROWLS (" )
1899 9E. Julia Ann SPROWLS (" )
10E. Edward SPROWLS (" )
15-Jul.1831 11E. Obadiah SPROWLS (72) 18-Feb.1898
m. (d/o John & Christiana (Faulkner) Mitchell)
1832 m1. Damarias Mitchell (73) 9-Jun.1860
m2. Herretta Luker (8 children)
1835 12E. Sarah A. SPROWLS
1829/30 m. Horatio Nelson Town/e (25) 20-Feb.1909
1787 6D. James SPROWLS (03) 1837
1796 m. Eleanor Enlow 1872
East Finley Twp., Pa.
18-Oct.1813 1E. Belinda/Melinda SPROWLS (26) 15-Sep.1902
4-Jan.1817-Pa m. Joseph Martin (89yr) (26) 22-Sep.1899
1815 2E. Cyrus SPROWLS (06) 20-Aug.1880
5-Sep.1823 m1. Phobe Post 26y (26) 31-Jul.1849
1825-Pa m2. Belinda Elliott (42yr.) (06) 17-Jun.1867
1815 m3. Mary Ann Ashbrook (06) Nov.1907
3E. Jesse SPROWLS (d. single)
20-Nov.1820 4E. John SPROWLS (05) 1-Jan.1873
m. 1852/327-Aug.1829
m. Hannah Reed (05) 24-Oct.1917
13-Dec.1823 5E. Simeon SPROWLS (20) 23-Jun.1878
m. (d/o Hugh & Ruth (Enlow) Montgomery)
Pa. m. 25-Feb.184813-May.1828
m. Mary Montgomery
6E. Elliott SPROWLS
4 p.m. Thurs:
1823 7E. 'Carpenter Jim' James SPROWLS 2-Jun.1910
m. (d/o David & Fanny (SPROWLS) Sampson) 
1816 m. Mary Ann SAMPSON 1900
1791 7D. Elisabeth SPROWLS (03) 1865
8D. Henry SPROWLS 1848
m. Elizabeth Newland
1819-Pa 1E. Matilda SPROWLS
m. (s/o John & Rachel (Phippen/Fippen ) Fields)
m. ca. 1846
1820-Pa m. John Fields (47) 30-Jun.1863
2E. Elizabeth SPROWLS
m. Joseph Buchanan
3E. William SPROWLS
m. Retta Newland
4E. Mariah SPROWLS
m. George Frye
5E. Abram SPROWLS (died. Civil War*)
West Finley Twp.
7-Aug.1838 6E. James W. SPROWLS (*) (32) 8-Jul.1896
m. (d/o William Walter & Susanna (Applegate) Kerr)
Enon, East Finley Twp. Enon, E.Finley Twp.:
1-May.1832 m. Barbara Ellen Carr (32) 2-Jan.1896
West Finley Twp.
1842 7E. Nancy Jane SPROWLS (10) 13-Feb.1915
1832 He m2.+- m. William G. Birch 22-May.1917
+- m2. Miss Bessie Allen
8E. Jesse SPROWLS ( ) Jun.1864
m. Mary Christeena Stahl Carlisle, Pa.
aged 74y.2m.22d.
5-Oct.1794 9D. William SPROWLS (03) 27-Dec.1868
Massachussets m. 26-Jan.1823 aged 73y.25da.
5-Jan.1797 m. Dorcas Town/e (03) 30-Jan.1870
12-Jan.1800 1E. Abigail SPROWLS (03) 23-Jan-1817
1810-ca 2E. Isaac H. L. SPROWLS 21-Jan.1817
1825 3E. Eli SPROWLS (single) (03) 2O-Oct.1888
5-Feb.1825ca 4E. James T. SPROWLS (03) 26-Nov.1850
1828 5E. William W. SPROWLS 20-Apr.1888
m. (d/o Robert Stockdale of Allen Twp., Wash. Co., PA)
Pa m.15-May.1856
25-Oct.1830 m. Elizabeth Stockdale
1832-Pa 6E. Henry C. SPROWLS
m. (d/o Thomas & Margaret (Hutchison) McClelland)
m. Nancy McClelland
7E. John SPROWLS (Civil War Illinois)
m. Eliza McCrory
Jan.1835ca 8E. Ezra SPROWLS (03) 14-Feb.1835 
3-Apr.1838Pa 9E. Cyrus H. SPROWLS (03) 13-Apr.1863
1840 10E. Elizabeth SPROWLS 1841
Pa 11E. Dorcas A. SPROWLS(single-res. Wash.Pa.)
Carlisle,Pa. 10D. died in McConnellsville, Ohio:
1841 m1. Andrew Kimmons
1E. John KIMMONS (died small)
2E. Elizabeth KIMMONS
m. John Anderson
m2. Major William Jackson Wilson
3E. George WILSON
1828 4E. Sarah Jane WILSON 29-Jan.1905
West Granbury, Conn m. 23-Dec.1845 (s/o Alphens Hayes of Conn.)
1820 m. Morgan Hayes
m. Daniel Mowry
6E. John S. WILSON (of Louisville, Ky.)
m. 1868
m. Miss Hariet Woodward Kimball (no children)
7E. Miss Charlotte S. WILSON
2C. Solomon SPROULE 
1D. William SPROULE 
2D. Sarah SPROULE 
3C. William SPROULE
1D. Henry William SPROULE
2D. Samuel SPROULE
3D. Edward SPROULE
4D. Wilhelmina SPROULE
m. her cousin, '48 at Monkstown by Rev. John Tottenham
m. Geo. Harrison Bolton (WI, 3-Jun A.S.)
m. Jonas Swain 
1768 4C. Mary SPROULE
m. at A. (probably Athlone)
1794 m. Anthony Pim Athlone, Ireland
1713 2B. John SPROULE Athlone, co. R. Ireland
1715 3B. Samuel SPROULE 1806
4B. George SPROULE
Unknown Sproules in Ireland:
1722 Henry, lessee ho. where he dwells(192) 
'29 a Wit. (231) '34 holds 
fields in Bigmeadow (530) '44 he & Mary witness (559) '86 wife bur. St. M's.
1743 Sproules Bank, A. in 'Pues Occurences' of Sep. appears an advt. offering reward for 
discovery of author of false report about its failure (A17c.)
1770 Henry, A. co.W.(146) '79 held weirs(69) '70 godfather to baptsm. St.M's 
held pew att v. 82/3 '97 paid St. M's cess " Hy & partners" on l12 rent wife Elizabeth their 
c. baptd. St. M's-- Mary 77 Henry 79.
1777 Daniel & Jane, A. their son Daniel, baptd. St. M's.
1793 Lieut. Thomas, R.N. m. at St. M's to wid. Hannah Stanley, A.
1798 Thomas, Bonahinly, 1800 lessee ho. & gdn. in Irishtown '35 of Gaulbain, 
upper Canada, sells his interest (1001) 13 lessee 6-8 Parade st. N. '20 of Bonahinly 
sells interest (834, 866) wife Mary Anne Ardesoif, issue 
(i) John Plummer Ardesoif baptd. St. M's 1798 1835 of A. to sell his interest in 
lease of property in Northgate st. (AI, 18-Mar) signed Address to St. P's curate (Ai, 2-Dec35)
(ii) Robert, Ahmuty.
(iii) William, (866).
1817 Elizabeth, m. at St. M's to Thomas Landy.
1833 Henry, Connaught, st. (Slater 46 & 56) witness to a m. at St. M's '37 holds part 
of Bigmeadow (1009) 1841 new voter '42 gets l1 rent out of ho. occupied by William 
Sproule (1028) '45 wit. to m. St.P's.
1846 George, inmate of Workhouse, bur. St. M's. Dorothea, Mountview, l5 given to 
Relief Fund (WI, 5-Dec.)
1848 Samuel, M.D. East India Coy's Xervide, d. at Marseilles (AS)1852 Michael, 
Bastion st. voter 52/3 disallowed 54 of Wentworth st. 68.
1856 Stephen, Fry pl. soap maker, tallow chandler (Slater)
1888 James, of Curraghboy, m. Emily Jane Blake, d/o Geo. of Lecky Mills, issue:
(1) James Mills.
(2) George Eyre.
(3) Isabella Wright.
(4) Mary Ann Gibson.
1947 Robert Fair, 2nd s/o late Rob. Fair of Caltra, Co.R. died in Septr. at Toronto 
(I. Times 2-Oct.) 

Unknown Sprowls' in America

1964 Blayney Genealogy, a Cadwallader Blayney, no records of his birth or death, and no 
available records of his parents or ancestry but presumed to have been related to the 
Lords Blayney of his native Ireland. He married Mary Sproule and had issue Ambrose Blayney 
who was born in Ireland, a farmer. He married Elizabeth Smith who was a daughter of nee 
Ann Rolston and John Smith. Issue 6: Ann Blayney Mary Blayney Bessie Blayney (twin) Martha 
Blayney (twin) Rebecca (of whom further) and Chad Blayney lived to manhood.
Rebecca was born in Ireland, died 4-Apr.1900 near Zearing, Iowa. She married 
Hugh Blayney son of nee Frances Harper and Harry (or Henry Steele) Blayney, was born 
in 1830 near Dromore, county Tyrone, Ireland, died 12-May.1894 near St. Anthony, Iowa, 
buried in Illinois Grove Cemetery M.E. from Zearing, Ia. With his, he came to America in 
1832 and settled near Zearing where he remained a farmer and Presbyterian. In Ireland he 
married Reecca Blayney and had issue 7: Rebecca Blayney Elizabeth Blayney John S. 
Blayney Henry Steele Blayney

October 26, 1900 Claysville Recorder, (Local)
Miss Edna Sprowls, d/o Elymas Sprowls, of Coon Island, left last week for Cambridge, 
Mass., to attend Emerson College. She delayed her decision upon what Studies to take up 
after her arrival, but one is physical culture.

Nov. 2, 1900 Vol. 14, No 21, Claysville Recorder, L. & . J. Melvin Publishers. Mr. 
& Mrs. Milton Sprowls, Mrs. Margaret Sampson & Mrs. Lona Andrew were Washington visitors, 
last week. Miss Pearl Sprowls is visiting her parents.

Vol. 8, Keyhole, Oct. 1980 page 167, 18-Jan.1891 died William Sprowls in California, 
heart failure, 79 yrs.

Vol. 10, Keyhole, page 23, Wes Alexander Cemetery, 5-Dec.1881, Maggie McCoy Sprowls, 
died from consumption, Buried section A.18 page 95, Charles S. Sprowls buried 23-Feb.1888, 
died 21-Feb.1888 West Finley Township, from croupe, buried A-18.

Vol. 12, Keyhole, page 53, Marriage Records of Pa., First United Methodist Church 
, Phoebe A. Sprowls to Anderson Carroll, 5-Oct.1880.

Vol. 14 Keyhole, page 164, 1800 tax list, PikeRun Twp., Sprowls, John Farmer. 
Page 64, married 13-Sep.1855 Mr. John B. Irey to Miss Mary Town, Both of Washington 
Co., Pa. Fee $1.50, by Job Rossell.

Page 175, Chartiers Hill Presbyterian Church Roll, 1894- Elymas Sprowls 
Page 76, Jesse C. Sprowls, 1908, 1909, Irwin N. Sprowls.

Vol. 15, Keyhole, Washington Co., Quarter Sessions Docket #4, Township officers 
appointed: May Session 1807: Cecil Twp. John Sprowl and Robert McCrory

Vol. 16, Keyhole, 1790 census, Cecil Twp.: James Sprowl 1 male 16 and up and 1 female.

Vol. 19, page 150 Lists a Frances Sprouel as one witness to a will of Job Robins, 
Yohogania Co. 25-Aug.1777.



Church of Tisrora Cemetery, Ireland ............................. (01)
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Sprowls Cemetery ........................................................ (03)
West Alexander Cemetery, West Alexander, Pa............. (04)
West Finley Cemetery, West Finley, Pa. ........................ (05)
Fairmount Cemetery 







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