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Pictorial History of land once owned by Lott Winnett and Hester Winnett

Submitted by Charleroi Historical Society

House on land once owned by Lott (Lot) Winnett and wife, Hester Winnett
House on land once owned by Lott (Lot) Winnett and wife, Hester Winnett

1860 United States Federal Census 
about Lot Winnett 
Name: Lot Winnett 
Age in 1860: 44 
Birth Year: abt 1816 
Birthplace: Pennsylvania 
Home in 1860: Fallowfield, Washington, Pennsylvania 
Gender: Male 
Post Office: Monongahela 
Value of real estate: View image 
Household Members: Name Age 
Lot Winnett 44 
Hester Winnett 42 
John Winnett 20 
Hannah Winnett 18 
Elmira Winnett 16 
Richard Winnett 14 
Elizabeth Winnett 12 
Joseph Winnett 10 
Hester Winnett 8 
Christena Winnett 6 
Isabell Winnett 3 
Alberta Winnett 10/12 
1860 Neighbors:

117, 117 Frye
118, 118 Abraham and isabell Frye
119, 119, Jackson and Elizabeth Frye
120 Abraham and Christina Colvin
121, 121 Franklin and Lucy Murphy
122, 122 Washington and Ruth Anne Cooper
123, 123 Newton and Nancy Vanvoorhis
124, 124, Lot(t) and Hester Winnett (Lot age 55, Hester age 53)
125, 125 Henry Rider and children
126 Gibson and Elizabeth Youngh

1870 United States Federal Census 
about Lot Winnett 
Name: Lot Winnett 
Birth Year: abt 1835 
Age in 1870: 35 
Birthplace: Pennsylvania 
Home in 1870: Fallowfield, Washington, Pennsylvania 
Race: White 
Gender: Male 
Value of real estate: View image 
Household Members: Name Age 
Lot Winnett 35 
Hester Winnett 53 
Elizabeth Winnett 22 
Joseph Winnett 24 
Hester Winnett 17 
Chestine Winnett 15 
Isabel Winnett 13 
Abbritie Winnett 14 
Mary Winnett 57 
1870 Neighbors:

88, 88 - John and Nancy Wilson and family
89, 89, Reason and Carolina B. Frye?
90, 90 Smith and Mary A, Frye
91, 91 Jackson and Mary Frye
92, 92 John and Eliza J. Winnett - likely a son of Lot(t) Winnett
93, 93 Lot(t) and Hester Winnett (Lot age 55, Hester age 53)
94, 94 Henry and Elmira Crabb

1880 United States Federal Census 
about Lott Winnett 
Name: Lott Winnett 
Home in 1880: Fallowfield, Washington, Pennsylvania 
Age: 65 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1815 
Birthplace: Pennsylvania 
Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head) 
Spouse's Name: Hester Winnett 
Father's birthplace: Pennsylvania 
Mother's birthplace: Pennsylvania 
Neighbors: View others on page 
Occupation: Farms 
Marital Status: Married 
Race: White 
Gender: Male 

Household Members: Name Age 
Lott Winnett 65 
Hester Winnett 63 
Eliza Winnett 25 
Orval Winnett 4 
Hanen Winnett 18 
Mary Winnett 67 
1880 Neighbors:

108, 112 Peter and Sarah C. Anderson
109, 113 Hiram and Marian A.
110, 114 Joseph and Malissa F.? Winnett
111, 115 Lott and Hester Winnett
112, 116 John Winnett, who has a son named Lott under age 10 yrs.
113, 117 James and Zil_sha Smiley
114, 118 Harvey and Caroline Fox
115, 119 Frye and Charlotte Robison
116, 120 ___ and Ellen Winnett
117, 121 Richard and Jane Sphar


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