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Burial List for Cooke Burial Ground

Directions submitted by Lola (Swearingen) Weber
Lola (Swearingen) Weber expanded on the Tombstone Readings by Gina G. Nestor's reading in 2003

Cemetery Name: Cooke Burial Ground 


Phone: N/A

Location: Off Country Club Road in S. Strabane Twp., Washington, PA. 

Lola (Swearingen) Weber transcribed all legible information on the gravestones in 2010. Items in brackets indicate information from Mrs. Weber's research or that was present when Gina Nestor read the cemetery in 2003.   

No. Name Inscription See Photo Notes / Additions
1 John Lyttleton Cooke John Lyttleton Cooke Died May 6th, 1872 in the 61st year of his age. The Lord is my Shepherd. Our Father.   
2 Mary M. (Moore) Mull Mary M. (Moore) Mull, wife of John Mull Sr. Jan 22, 1844-Aug 15, 1911   
3 John Mull  John Mull, Jan. 15, 1843-Apr 7, 1919 Co F 32nd Reg US Col. Vols. (US Colored Troops, Civil War) Obituary of John Mull (1843 - 1919)
4 (illegible) Grave stone with a crest (It is near the Hon. Isaac Leet and his son's markers. It could possibly be Margaret Cooke Leet).  No  information is legible.  Florian: I'm positive the crest is the ornate, curved PA Shield from the PA State Seal (old blue one). Photo manipulation looks like PA maybe a unit like 8th or 9th. About 1/4 up from the bottom is a 'ribbon' which likely has PA State Motto "Virtue, Liberty and Independence" (best seen in photo 2, recolored).  This picture of a PA Shield shows the same outline used on the tombstone.
5 (illegible) Obelisk stone – no legible information (seems to be near the center of the cemetery – perhaps a marker denoting same)   
6 Hon. Isaac Leet In Memory of Hon. Isaac Leet who died June 10th, 1844 aged 42 years. Distinguished for his talents at the Law in the Senate of Pennsylvania and this (chipped away)  
[b. abt. 1801-02]
Florian: I bet it says "and this County".  See below.    Obituary of Major Isaac Leet ( - 1844)

Obituary of Hon. Isaac Leet ( - 1844)

7 Edmund C. Leet Edmund C., son of Isaac & Margaret Leet Died Oct 26, 1852, aged 23 years.  
8 Sarah Jane (Cooke) Creigh In Memory of Sarah Jane Cooke wife of Dr. Alfred Creigh born Sept 11th 1814 died Oct 8th 1842. Earth exchanged for heaven.  Florian: Mother died 8 days after childbirth, likely from uterine infection (typical reason).
9 Ellen Dunbar Creigh  Ellen Dunbar Creigh Daughter of Dr. A (Alfred) and S. J. (Sarah Jane) Creigh born and died September 30, 1842 (b 30 Sep 1842)  Florian:  Dr. Alfred Creigh, L.L. D. who started his book about 1861
10 John Cooke In Memory of John Cooke who departed this life July 1858 In his 87th year.  
11 Sarah (Swearingen) Cooke    In Memory of Sarah Swearingen (broken pieces) (d 18 Jan 1852, age 81 yr, wife of John Cooke)   
12 Helen Cooke Helen Cooke who died 1822 (stone laying down)  Obituary of Miss Helen Maria Cooke ( - 1822)
13 Elizabeth Cooke In Memory of Elizabeth Cooke who departed this life ____ 1821 (broken stone leaning on A. Cooke's stone) Obituary of Miss Eliza Cooke ( - 1821)
14 Andrew S. (Swearingne) Cooke  In Memory of Andrew S. (Swearingne) Cooke who departed this life on the 18th of August 1923 in the 24th year of his age.  Obituary of Andrew Van Swearingen Cooke ( - 1823)
15 Andrew Swearingen Esq.  In Memory of Andrew Swearingen Esq. who departed this life on the 26th day of June 1824 in the 78th year of his age. (Revolutionary War)  
16 Elizabeth (Chaplin) Swearingen In Memory of Elizabeth Chaplin wife of Andrew Swearingen who departed this life (broken stone) (Dec 11, 1834 age 85 y)   
17 M.   M.  (footstone) (There is what appears to be a foot stone or small child’s stone “ M……….M” )  
18 John Mull  John Mull  Born ________Died Sept 13,1872 Aged 60 years  Looks like b. Dec.  (1812 if 60; looks like 1811)
19 Samuel Mull  Samuel Mull 1856-1930 Gone but not forgotten.  
20 Sarah J. White Sarah J. White 1861-1939  
21 Thom(as) Swe(aringen) In Memory of Thom(as) Swe(aringen). He depart(ed this life April 12 in the (year) of our Lord 1803. 29 years of Age.  (Stone broken and laying on ground in front of Andrew Swearingen stone.)   
 In addition, when Gina Nestor read the cemetery in 2003, the following gravestones were located:
No. Name Gina G. Nestor's Reading No Photo Notes
22 Abigail Agnes Bennet d 21 Jan 1855, age 1y 9m x  
23 Benjamin Eterrel d 30 Sep 1857, age 33y. Native of New Orleans  x Could not find in Census unless he came through NY in the 1840s or was in the midwest in 1850.
24 Katie Lewis  b 30 Aug 1861, d 17 Oct 1886  x  
25 Sarah Moore  d 5 Oct 1861, age 45y 9m 9d  x  
Those believed buried in Cooke Burial Ground but no gravestone found
No. Name Information Photo Notes
26 Margaret Savage (Cooke) Leet died 18 Feb 1849 married Isaac Leet  x  
27 Lyttleton Cooke  born March 31, 1807 - died April 19, 1807 x  
28 Sarah Cooke born December 21, 1809 - died April 4, 1810 x  
29 Sarah (Redick) Swearingen Unknown burial location for Sarah (Redick) Swearingen d 1813 in Washington County ; wife of Thomas Swearingen d 1803. x Obituary for Sarah (Redick) Swearingen
Other children of Margaret Savage Cooke and Isaac Leet who were not traced and could possibly be buried here are:  Sara Leet, Isaac Leet, Mary Leet , and John Leet.

Note: The numbering is not any reference to the cemetery records, if any exist at all.  Instead, the numbering is only a count on this alphabetical list.

Note: See Google Books for  Creigh, Alfred.  History of Washington County: from its first settlement to the present time ...   On June 29, 1870 Alfred Creigh lived at "Ellendale villa', Washington, PA (pg. 3 of his book).  By then, he had already survived the death of his wife Sarah Jane (Cooke) Creigh and Ellen Dunbar Creigh.

Note: From Beers Commemorative: "Jonathan Leet was the father of six children, one of whom was Isaac Leet, a prominent attorney, who was State senator in 1834, and later a member of Congress until his death in 1844. He married Margaret Swearingen Cook, daughter of John Cook and granddaughter of Andrew Swearingen. Mary, a daughter of Isaac and Margaret Leet, is the wife of James B. Wilson, grandson of Hugh Wilson." Source: Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893).
Wikipedia Article for Hon. Isaac Leet  Hon. Isaac Leet was a W&J Graduate.
Practicing Attorney from 1826.
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress for Hon. Isaac Leet
Political Graveyard Website for Hon. Isaac Leet
Washington County PA Treasurer (1826 to 1830).
Washington County PA Deputy Attorney General (1830 to 1834)
Leet (D) Twenty-sixth Congress - Pennsylvania State Senate (1834 to 1838).
Leet (D) U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania 21st District, 1839-41.
Leet (D) Voting Record
Leet mentioned in:  Benton, Thomas Hart.  Thirty years' view: or, A history of the working of the American Government for Thirty Years From 1820 to 1850, Volume 2. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1858.


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Illegible tombstone and PA Shield or Crest in Cooke Burial Ground

A 10-page Word Document compiled by Lola M. (Swearingen) Weber


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