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Alpha List D to F for Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery

Submitted by Gary L. Caldwell

Cemetery Name: Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery 

Address: Cross Creek United Presbyterian Church, 70 Liberty St., Burgettstown, PA 15021 

Phone: (724) 947-9548 (church) 

Location: Cross Creek Twp., Burgettstown, Washington Co., PA 

This is a multiple-page list of 780 known burials (numbering is 1 off, so it starts at number 2).

207  Dagon John       no dates. Name listed on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
208 Daugherty Mary Campbell   d. 16 Apr 1883 age: 25yr Wife of David, daughter of S&M Campbell
209 Davidson Martha   d. 1849    
210 Davis Pheba   d. 7 Mar 1849 age: 100yr A slave liberated by Emancipation Act of 1780
211 Davis Richard       no dates. A slave
212 Dawson James   d. 7 Jan 1873 age: 74yr  
213 DeFrance Martha   d. 4 May 1856 age: 82yr  
  DeFrance John b. 1760 d. 1838   Name and dates listed on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
215 Denny Elizabeth   d. 1837    
216 Denny Susan   d. 3 Dec 1830 age: 60yr  
217 Dimit Carrie b. 1859 d. 20 Sep 1889    
218 Dinsmore Ellen R.   d. 28 Aug 1844 age: 21yr Wife of John
219 Donahoo Margaret   d. 1866    
220 Donehoo James, Esq   d. 16 Jun 1873 age: 74yr A Ruling Elder, Justice of the Peace for 38 years in Cross Creek and a member of the Legislature in 1858
221 Donehoo William   d. 11 May 1864 age: 51yr  
222 Dowden Joseph   d. 1841    
223 Drake Susannah b. 23 May 1849 d. 11 Mar 1883    
224 Duncan Daniel   d. 1793    
225 Duncan Jesse H.   d. 25 Nov 1843 age: 40yr  
226 Duncan Louisa   d. 4 Feb 1852 age: 36yr  
227 Edgar Adam   d. 1 Oct 1827 age: 82yr  
228 Edgar James   d. 8 Feb 1875 age: 88yr Soldier in the War of 1812
229 Edgar James, Esq   d. 8 Jun 1814 age: 71yr Member of Convention of 1776 in Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, moved to Washington County 1778, Elder in Cross Creek Church, represented Washington County in State legislature in 1781, Justice of the Peace, Associate Justice for Washington.
230 Edgar Jane   d. 13 Oct 1838 age: 80yr Wife of Adam
231 Edgar Martha   d. 7 Oct 1783 age: 47yr Wife of William
232 Edgar Mary   d. 10 Oct 1808 age: 68yr 2nd wife of William
233 Edgar Mary   d. 31 Mar 1856 age: 68yr Wife of James
234 Edgar William   d. 6 Oct 1803 age: 90yr Father of Judge James Edgar
235 Elder Margaret   d. 9 Dec 1852 age: 80yr Wife of Thomas
236 Elliott Patrick   d. 1832    
237 Evans Catherine   d. 1885    
238 Ewing James       no dates
239 Fink Abraham   d. 21 Jul 1825   Brother of Mike Fink, Associate of Lewis Wetzel
240 Fitch Margaret   d. 27 Apr 1846 age: 27yr Consort of James
241 Fleming James   d. 1 Feb 1830 age: 70yr A Ruling Elder of Cross Creek Church. Soldier of the revolution. Date of birth shown as 1760 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
242 Fleming Jane   d. 16 Jan 1805 age: 95yr  
243 Fleming Jane   d. 1 Mar 1841 age: 75yr Wife of James
244 Fleming Jane F.   d. 10 Jun 1866 age: 54yr  
245 Fleming John   d. 16 Apr 1858 age: 58yr  
246 Fleming Robert   d. 3 Apr 1802 age: 96yr Soldier of the Revolution. date of birth is shown as 1706 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
247 Fleming Robert   d. 7 Jul 1824 age: 22yr  
248 Fulk Eliza   d. 16 Oct 1848 age: 36yr Wife of Richard, Daughter of RK and E. Futhey (may be Futher)
249 Futher Elizabeth   d. 9 Sep 1858 age: 75yr Wife of Robert K.
250 Futher Robert K.   d. 26 Oct 1854 age: 71yr Soldier in the War of 1812

Because this file was made with Excel, the numbering is one off.  There are only 780 total names, not 781.

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Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Cross Creek Graveyard - Established 1779

Note: The numbering is not any reference to the cemetery records, if any exist at all.  Instead, the numbering is only a count on this alphabetical list.

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