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Alpha List J to L for Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery

Submitted by Gary L. Caldwell

Cemetery Name: Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery 

Address: Cross Creek United Presbyterian Church, 70 Liberty St., Burgettstown, PA 15021 

Phone: (724) 947-9548 (church) 

Location: Cross Creek Twp., Burgettstown, Washington Co., PA 

This is a multiple-page list of 780 known burials (numbering is 1 off, so it starts at number 2).

319 Jackson William C., Rev b. 10 Dec 1808 d. 20 Aug 1888    
320 Jennings Ebenezer, Dr.   d. 21 Nov 1803 age: 32yr An eminent Physician and Christian Gentleman. A descendent of a Pilgrim Father who came over on the Mayflower. Was Father of Rev. S.C. Jennings, DD., who represented Wash Co. in the 1806 and 1807 legislature
321 Jennings Jacob   d. 22 Feb 1832 age: 28yr  
322 Jennings Mariah J.   d. 10 Feb 1881 age: 80yr Daughter of Dr. Ebenezer Jennings
323 Jennings Mercy   d. 31 Jul 1806 age: 26yr Wife of Ebenezer
324 Jerome Amos   d. 23 May 1862 age: 62yr  
325 Jerome Charles M.   d. 25 Jun 1858 age: 35yr Killed by lightning
326 Johnston Amos   d. 23 May 1862 age: 62yr  
327 Johnston Anna   d. 27 Apr 1850 age: 84yr  
328 Johnston Eleanor   d. 24 Jan 1827 age: 23yr Daughter of Andrew Farrer
329 Johnston Elizabeth   d. 30 Sep 1866 age: 76yr  
330 Johnston Henry   d. 1817    
331 Johnston John   d. 8 Mar 1850 age: 85yr He served in the army Gen. Washington sent out to quell the Whiskey Insurrection
332 Johnston John   d. 1849    
333 Johnston John, Captain   d. 1881 age: 100yr Soldier of the Revolution. Brave soldier, stood on the Battlefield of Brandywine and many other engagements. Date of birth is shown as 1721 and date of death as 1821 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
334 Johnston Mary   d. 6 Oct 1872 age: 40yr Wife of AL
335 Johnston Mary   d. 1836    
336 Johnston Molly   d. 22 Aug 1855 age: 95yr  
337 Johnston Old Mrs. Samuel   d. 1817    
338 Johnston Phebe   d. 27 Jan 1878 age: 23yr Wife of Aaron
339 Johnston Rebecca   d. 10 Feb 1873 age: 95yr  
340 Johnston Robert   d. 9 Oct 1852 age: 70yr  
341 Johnston Thomas   d. 12 Dec 1838 age: 70yr  
342 Jones Isaac   d. 1832    
343 Jones Thomas   d. 1848    
344 Jones William   d. 1850    
345 Kelley Agnes   d. 23 Jan 1838 age: 87yr Her 1st Husband was killed by Indians in the spring of 1782 (John Yeaman), the same day that Park and Robinson were killed. Was buried on the farm now owned by J.J.
346 Kerr Aaron b. 4 Jul 1776 d. 1 May 1824 age: 48yr 3 years in NJ legislature, 7 years in PA Legislature. Member of Constitutional Convention of 1838. Lineal descent of Walter Kerr, Scotland (AS WRITTEN)
347 Kerr Alexander b. 4 Feb 1816 d. 20 Apr 1833    
348 Kerr Eleanor   d. 22 Nov 1818 age: 32yr Wife of William
349 Kerr Hannah b. 9 Apr 1784 d. 24 Sep 1842   Wife of James
350 Kerr I.H. b. 14 Jan 1815 d. 1 Feb 1866 age: 51yr  
351 Kerr James b. 3 Oct 1782 d. 19 Jul 1847    
352 Kerr James M. b. 8 Jun 1809 d. 28 Oct 1846    
353 Kerr Jennie   d. 1857    
354 Kerr Sarah b. 5 July 1776 d. 17 Feb 1860 age: 84yr  
355 Kerr William   d. 31 March 1807 age: 69yr  
356 Kerr William b. 3 May 1805 d. 26 May 1846    
357 Kerr William   d. 8 Feb 1815 age: 30yr  
358 Lawton Isaac b. 22 Jan 1838 d. 26 Feb 1878    
359 Lee Elizabeth   d. 22 Oct 1886 age: 79yr Wife of Robert
360 Lee Hannah b. 2 May 1787 d. 24 Feb 1882   A mother of Israel, born in Cumberland Co before the adoption of the Federal Constitution and lived to see the 21st President in the chair
361 Lee Hugh   d. 28 Aug 1813 age: 73yr  
362 Lee Hugh   d. 24 Apr 1837 age: 64yr  
363 Lee Jane Craig   d. 14 Feb 1890 age: 60yr Wife of William
364 Lee John   d. 23 Apr 1856 age: 46yr  
365 Lee Margaret   d. 23 Sep 1828 age: 38yr Wife of James
366 Lee Mary   d. 30 Nov 1820 age: 75yr  
367 Lee Mary Ann   d. 28 Jun 1828 age: 22yr Consort of John
368 Lee Nancy   d. 12 Nov 1840 age: 64yr  
369 Lee Robert   d. 16 Jan 1853 age: 47yr  
370 Lee Varian Stockton b. 2 Apr 1844 d. 17 May 1892   First name is not clear in the text - best guess
371 Lee William b. 24 Jul 1807 d. 17 Aug 1888    
372 Leeper James   d. 16 Aug 1826 age: 80yr  
373 Leeper Jane   d. 13 Jun 1868 age: 68yr  
374 Leeper John   d. 12 Oct 1849 age: 73yr  
375 Leeper Martha   d. 2 Jun 1850 age: 70yr  
376 Leeper Mary   d. 9 Nov 1826 age: 80yr  
377 Levin Ann       no dates
378 Liggett Irene   d. 3 Aug 1885 age: 33yr Wife of C.M.
379 Lindley John   d. 12 Nov 1840 age: 64yr Claimed to be a descendant of the Pilgrim of the Mayflower (Hand written note says NO!)
380 Linnville Peter   d. 19 Apr 1834 age: 85yr Soldier of the Revolution. Date of birth is shown as 1749 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
381 Louther Adam   d. 29 Sep 1803 age: 34yr  
382 Luckey Samuel   d. 1852    
383 Lyle Aaron   d. 2 Sep 1825 age: 66yr Soldier of the Revolution and the War of 1812, Many years in the Senate and House of Rep, Also in Congress from 1809-1817. Date of birth is shown as 1759 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
384 Lyle Annie   d. 30 Dec 1883 age: 26yr Daughter of William and Mary
385 Lyle David   d. Sep 1791 age: 30yr A teamster in the Revolution. Date of birth is shown as 1761 on the revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
386 Lyle Dorcas C. b. 18 May 1809 d. 28 Oct 1886    
387 Lyle Eleanor   d. 13 Dec 1849 age: 91yr Wife of Aaron
388 Lyle Elizabeth Lee   d. 22 Oct 1886 age: 79yr Wife of Robert
389 Lyle James   d. 5 Mar 1860 age: 75yr  
390 Lyle John, Sr.   d. 17 Apr 1826 age: 74yr Soldier of the Revolution. Shown as Captain with date of birth of 1752 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
391 Lyle Mary   d. 2 Dec 1867 age: 84yr Wife of James
392 Lyle Mary   d. 6 Oct 1886 age: 36yr Daughter of JJ and RD
393 Lyle Moses   d. 10 Jun 1840 age: 58yr Soldier in the War of 1812
394 Lyle Moses b. 10 Mar 1810 d. 7 Apr 1891    
395 Lyle Samuel   d. Apr 1813 age: 30yr  
396 Lyle William   d. 23 Mar 1886 age: 61yr  
397 Lyons Benjamin, Rev   d, 1837    

Because this file was made with Excel, the numbering is one off.  There are only 780 total names, not 781.

Link to LARGE 1.22MB Overview Photo

Link to LARGE 1.35MB Photo of Military Monument

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Cross Creek Graveyard - Established 1779

Note: The numbering is not any reference to the cemetery records, if any exist at all.  Instead, the numbering is only a count on this alphabetical list.

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