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Alpha List N to P for Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery

Submitted by Gary L. Caldwell

Cemetery Name: Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery 

Address: Cross Creek United Presbyterian Church, 70 Liberty St., Burgettstown, PA 15021 

Phone: (724) 947-9548 (church) 

Location: Cross Creek Twp., Burgettstown, Washington Co., PA 

This is a multiple-page list of 780 known burials (numbering is 1 off, so it starts at number 2).

548 Nelson James   d. 9 Jul 1839 age: 32yr  
549 Newell George   d. 20 Sep 1840 age: 60yr A Ruling Elder
550 Newell Hughey   d. 18 Sep 1810 age: 66yr A Ruling Elder. Soldier of the Revolution. Date of birth shown as 1774 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
551 Newell Mary   d. 27 Jun 1867 age: 81yr Wife of George
552 Noah Richard   d. 4 Nov 1890 age: 35yr  
  No "O" names          
553 Parker Abigail   d. 1817    
554 Parks Susannah       no dates
555 Paschal Catherine   d. 29 Nov 1872 age: 83yr Wife of David
556 Paschal David   d. 29 May 1853 age: 67yr Soldier of the Revolution
557 Paschal Elizabeth b. 22 Jul 1819 d. 10 Feb 1892    
558 Paschal Samuel   d. 21 Nov 1805 age: 47yr  
559 Patterson Eliza W.   d. 9 Dec 1886 age: 85yr  
560 Patterson Elizabeth   d. 30 Jan 1826 age: 79yr  
561 Patterson James   d. 27 Mar 1796 age: 28yr  
562 Patterson Josiah   d. 23 Jan 1823 age: 71yr  
563 Patterson Martha   d. 1 Apr 1841 age: 40yr Daughter of J and J
564 Patterson Mary   d. Aug 1795 age: 75yr  
565 Patterson Mary   d. 27 Nov 1855 age: 97yr Wife of Josiah
566 Patterson Samuel   d. 24 Dec 1805 age: 58yr  
567 Patterson William   d. 29 Jun 1818 age: 86yr Soldier of the Revolution. Settled in Cross Creek on the old Patterson Homestead in 1778 where he defended his home from Indians until 1783. Captain, Date of Birth shown as 1732 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
568 Pelley James   d. 3 Feb 1885 age: 69yr  
569 Perrine Anne Mary   d. 20 May 1861 age: 89yr Wife of Stephen
570 Perrine Jennie B.   d. 20 Dec 1884 age: 47yr  
571 Perrine Margaret   d. 3 Aug 1848 age: 49yr  
572 Perrine Stephen   d. 17 Dec 1847 age: 88yr Soldier of the Revolution. Date of birth is shown as 1759 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone.
573 Perrine William   d. 19 Jun 1834 age: 28yr  
574 Perry Mary b. 20 Sep 1842 d. 10 Mar 1892    
575 Pettibone Benjamin   d. 1852    
576 Phillips David b. 31 Oct 1819 d. 15 Jun 1869    
577 Phillips Hannah   d. 9 Dec 1879 age: 42yr Wife of Joseph
578 Porter Alice   d. 16 Jun 1889 age: 22yr Daughter of F and Isabel
579 Porter Ann   d. 8 Sep 1861 age: 81yr  
580 Porter Gustavus   d. 9 Aug 1849 age: 64yr  
581 Porter Laura   d. 14 Mar 1892 age: 29yr  
582 Porter Nellie E.   d. 8 Jul 1882 age: 24yr Wife of J. Frank
583 Porter William   d. 18 Dec 1859 age: 59yr  
584 Powelson Catherine   d. 9 Jan 1854 age: 43yr Wife of Charles
585 Powelson Elizabeth   d. 16 Nov 1881 age: 73yr  
586 Powelson John   d. 29 May 1893 age: 85yr  
587 Proudfit John   d. 25 Aug 1849 age: 74yr  
588 Pry Catherine J.   d. 17 May 1864 age: 19yr Daughter of A and R
589 Pry Deborah   d. 17 Mat 1839 age: 26yr Wife of Abraham
590 Pry Hester Ann   d. 7 Oct 1868 age: 51yr Wife of John
591 Pry John   d. 12 Apr 1882 age: 71yr  
592 Pry Mary E. b. 25 Sep 1847 d. 5 Jan 1881   Wife of John
593 Pry William L.   d. 21 May 1863 age: 39yr Wounded and died at Chancellorsville
594 Pyles Mary R.   d. 26 Feb 1892 age: 76yr  
595 Pyles Thomas H. b. 3 Jan 1839 d. 24 Jul 1867    

Because this file was made with Excel, the numbering is one off.  There are only 780 total names, not 781.

Link to LARGE 1.22MB Overview Photo

Link to LARGE 1.35MB Photo of Military Monument

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Cross Creek Graveyard - Established 1779

Note: The numbering is not any reference to the cemetery records, if any exist at all.  Instead, the numbering is only a count on this alphabetical list.

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