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Contributed by Nikki (nacs/cahs)
Photos taken Feb. 2009



The Horseshoe Baptist Cemetery was built first in 1790 on land formerly owned by Abraham Frye. In 1810 a brick church replaced the original log structure, and for seventy years the members worshipped here. In 1880 that church was torn down and members joined Monongahela Baptists. The cemetery which adjoined the church has been preserved in its original form. A Revolutionary War soldier, Captain George Grant, his wife Mary Worth, their families, Rabe, Colvin, Frye, Carson, Fisher, and many others whose stones have been destroyed are buried here."  Erected by the Mononagahela Valley Chapter DAR
May 11, 1974.

Directions:  Take Rte. 88 North from Charleroi up Craven Hill to the junction of Rte 837 to the traffic light in front of the Giant Eagle (on left) and turn right on Rte 837.  Go just a little ways, look to your right and you will see the lot right next to the road with the existing grave stones. 

AAN=Arbitrarily Assigned Numbers

s = stone
AAN Readable Names - Link to Images Link to readable data
1 1_horseshoe-bapt-marker.JPG - see above  
2 (repeat of #1)  
3 3_ceme_roadside.JPG  
4 4_ceme_roadside.JPG  
5 5_ceme_main.JPG  
6 6_one-row.JPG  
7 7_walk-before-wall.JPG  
8 8_2-flag-markers.JPG  
9 9_2-flag-markers.JPG  
10 10_WW-wall.JPG
s1 s1_carson_elizabeth-a.JPG  
s2 s2_carson_thomas.JPG  
s3 s3_carson_jackson.JPG
s4 s4___charles-thomas.JPG
s5 s5_unreadable.JPG  
s6 s6_carson_tho.JPG  
s7 s7_carson_isaac_and_.JPG  
s8 s8_blurred.JPG  
s9 s9_blurred.JPG  
s10 s10_blurred.JPG  
s11 s11_blurred.JPG  
s12 s12_livingstone_lucinda_franklin.JPG  
s13 s13_S_T.JPG  
s14 s14_grant-george.JPG  
s15 s15_grant-george_marker.JPG  
s16 s16_r_g.JPG  
s17 s17___harriet.JPG  
s18 s18____z-g.JPG  
s19 s19_gar-marker.JPG  
s20 s20_colvin-__es.JPG  
s21 s21_grant-reazen.JPG  
s22 s22_grant-george_broken.JPG  
s23 s23_broken.JPG  
s24 s24_p-j-c.JPG  
s25 s25_spence-robert-t_elizabeth-t.JPG  
s26 s26_bamford-joseph_hannah-m.JPG  
s27 s27_bland-wiliam.JPG  
s28 s28_cheevy_ida-kibler.JPG  
s29 s29_kibler_benj-f.JPG  
s30 s30_kibler-anna-s.JPG  
s31 s31_kibler-andrew-j_barbara.JPG  
s32 s32_musselman.JPG  
s33 s33_kibler_david-n.JPG  
s34 s34_kibler-lloyd.JPG  
s35 s35_kibler-edward-b.JPG  
s36 s36_fisher_aaron-jacob_father.JPG  
s37 s37_fisher_mary-susan_mother.JPG  
s38 s38_fisher_.JPG  
s39 s39_fisher_olive-a.JPG  
s40 s40_west_euttice_samuel.JPG  
s41 s41_fry-luke.JPG  
s42 s42_shown-mary.JPG  
s43 s43_galbraith-leticia_.JPG  
s44 s44_gatsheath-robert.JPG  ??  
s45 s45_beha__-sarah.JPG  
s46 s46___sarah.JPG  
s47 s47_redlincshaler-virginia.JPG  
none (messed up, no #48)  
s49 s49_redlincshaler_john-l.JPG  
s50 s50_redlincshaler_john-m.JPG  
s51 s51_unreadable.JPG  
s52 s52_fisher_elva-a.JPG  
s53 s53_fisher_elva-a_copy.JPG  
s54 s54_unreadable.JPG  
s55 s55_unreadable.JPG  
s56 s56_frye-thomas_second-1.JPG  
s57 s57_frye-thomas.JPG  
s58 s58_two-stones.JPG  
s59 s59_fry_noah_lucy.JPG  
s60 s60_fry-eucinda.JPG  
s61 s61_cant-read.JPG  
s62 s62_campbell-robert_margaret.JPG  
s63 s63_broken-stones.JPG  
s64 s64_cant-read-blurred.JPG  
s65 s65_white-tower_no-names.JPG  

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