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Howe Cemetery Photo List #2 Named Tombstones

Photos taken by Nikki, (nacs/cahs)

Howe Church & Cemetery 
422 Dally Rd
Long Branch, Pennsylvania 15423

File / Photo Name Description
Named Tombstones
7_howe-ceme_williams.JPG (1) Williams
(2) Janson?, son of Jas. E. & A. E. Williams 1875 - 1892?
(3) ____ , daughter of T. & L. Williams 1840 - 1862
(4) unreadable d/t camera angle
11_howe-ceme_underwood.JPG 3 stones, big one "Underwood" with one on each side "Mother", "Father" -- unreadable d/t camera angle
12_howe-ceme_ailes.JPG Big stone in back "Ailes" - rest unreadable d/t camera angle
14_howe-ceme_dixon.JPG Mildred N. -- Glenn J.  dates and rest of stones unreadable d/t camera angle
15_howe-ceme_pearce-bertha-m_william-p.JPG William P. Pearce (dates unreadable) Bertha M. Pearce 1892 - 1967
16_howe-ceme_pearce-anthony_elizabeth.JPG Anthony Pearce 1849 - 1916  
Elizabeth Pearce (dates unreadable)
18_howe-ceme_howe-william-1820.JPG Founder of Howe Church & Cemetery 
 "In Honor of William Howe Died Aug 15,  1820 Donor of the first Acre of Howe Cemetery June 2, 1820" (new stone)
23_howe-ceme_young-robert.JPG Robert Young  -- dates and rest of stones unreadable d/t camera angle
24_howe-ceme_sickman.JPG Sickman (big stone) dates and rest of stones unreadable d/t camera angle
25_howe-ceme_speers.JPG Sacred to the Memory of Henry Speers who departed this life Jan. 2nd, 1840, in the 84th year of his age (more history below but too far away to read).   Also CHALFANT -- dates and rest of stones unreadable d/t camera angle  
26_howe-ceme_speers-henry.JPG Speers, see #25
CHALFANT, Mary Catherine 1853? - 1863  John Archibald 1865? - 18_7? --- rest of stones unreadable d/t camera angle  
27_howe-ceme_frye_chalfant.JPG Many stones  -- unreadable d/t camera angle   -- Frye -- Chalfant  --
28_howe-ceme_chalfant.JPG Many stones  -- unreadable, too far away -- Chalfant --- Sphar
31_howe-ceme_unk.JPG ?___sters -- Many other stones  -- unreadable, too far away
32_howe-ceme_scheppok.JPG Christopher Scheppok Father (dates unreadable ) - Many other stones  -- unreadable, too far away
33_howe-ceme_scheppok.JPG Scheppok 
34_howe-ceme_scheppok_perring.JPG Anna Scheppok Perring  1885 - 1921
Minnie Eva  Dec 15, 1898  Aug 4, 1914
35_howe-ceme_sickman.JPG Sickman  - Many other stones  -- unreadable, too far away
36_howe-ceme_nixon__gibson.JPG Nixon  - Many other stones  -- unreadable, too far away
37_howe-ceme_dunlev-wm.JPG Wm Dunlevy - rest unreadable
38_howe-ceme_where_huggins.JPG Jacob Where?? Wherr? 
Richard Huggins ?  dates & rest unreadable, old stones
39_howe-ceme_crow_johnson.JPG William crow  Died Feb 27, 1881? aged 66 years  -- Jane Johnson, his wife Died Feb. 18, 1884 Aged 87 years  
J. Lawrence, their son, Died Feb. 25, 1884,  Aged 12 days
40_howe-ceme_west.JPG Sarah Jane, wife of Jeho West, born April 14, 1854 --  Died Nov. 18, 1884
42_howe-ceme_scheppok_eckert.JPG Eckert, Mary.... Martin
Scheppok, Elsie E.  1897 -- 1974
Scheppok, Paul G. 1894-1979 (shared stone)  -- Many other stones  -- unreadable, too far away
43_howe-ceme_scheppok-howard-p.JPG Howard P. Scheppok  1920--1928 Son
47_howe-ceme_bradford.JPG Bradford (near road & Chapel) Many other stones  -- unreadable, too far away
48_howe-ceme_bradford.JPG Bradford (near road & Chapel) Many other stones  -- unreadable, too far away
51_howe-ceme_scheppok-donald-w_WW2.JPG 2nd LT. Donald W. Scheppok
20th Bomb Sq. 90th Bomb Group
1917 - 1944
52_howe-ceme_scheppok-donald-w_WW2.JPG See #51
53_howe-ceme_scheppok-donald_3.JPG See #51 and 52 ... Row of Military Graves with Markers
57_howe-ceme_lee.JPG Lee -- names & dates unreadable, too far away, many other stones, near back of cemetery
60_howe-ceme_parkinson.JPG (1) Father Philip Parkinson 1904--1960
Mother Helen 1908 --1996  In Loving Memory
(2) Sprowls -  and many other stones  -- unreadable, too far away
64_howe-ceme_webster.JPG Gomet (reddish stone on left)
Webster - unreadable, distance
Overview of Cemetery section
65_howe-ceme_dixon.JPG Dixon - at least 2 stones  - unreadable, distance - Overview of Cemetery section
66_howe-ceme_dixon.JPG Dixon - unreadable, distance - Overview of Cemetery section back to Chapel
67_howe-ceme_cowell-wilfred-a_WW2.JPG Wilfred A. Cowell, Sr.,  Pvt. US Army
World War II  -- Feb 26, 1927   
Jan 19, 2007 (with cross)
68_howe-ceme_pichard.JPG Raymond Michael Pichard (with photo) Dec. 24, 1913 - May 11, 2004
Mary Elizabeth Garrison (with photo)
Oct. 20, 1905 - April 23?, 2003
Married July 16, 1936  -- Life Was a Voyage -- Now Homeward Bound
69_howe-ceme_maloy__carson.JPG Santine.... (backside?)
Carson....  (backside?)
Maloy....     (backside?)
70_howe-ceme_hill.JPG Hill....      Brewer.....
Overview of Cemetery section on sloping hillside
71_howe-ceme_rukas_cone_sprowls.JPG Rukas....
Cone...or Core?
Myron E. Sprowls 1900 - 1987
Laverna R. Sprowls 1904 ? - 1967
Other stones, unreadable, distance
72_howe-ceme_schach_rhoads_willet.JPG (1) Mother Minnie E Schach 1889 - 1968
Father Joseph A. Schach  1889  - 1976
(2) Willet  (3) Rhoades (4) Chester  -- Other stones also, unreadable, distance
73_howe-ceme_sheppick.JPG (1) Ferguson, John (unreadable, as is wife's names & dates)
(2) Beloved Mother Mary Rebar Sheppick Chester  Oct. 14, 1921 -- Nov. 24, 1992
(3) Donald Wm. Sheppick  June 27, 1944 -- April 16, 1961  ( at bottom -- "Forever Honored and Forever missed" ?? )
74_howe-ceme_chester-harry-j_WW2.JPG Harry J. Chester  Cpl US Army
World War II  
Aug 3, 1920 - May 14, 2001
75_howe-ceme_sheppick-chester.JPG (See #73) Beloved Mother Mary Rebar Sheppick Chester  Oct. 14, 1921 -- Nov. 24, 1992
76_howe-ceme_sheppick-donald-wm.JPG (See #73) 
77_howe-ceme_maund.JPG Bonnie M. Maund 1923 - 2004
Roland H. Maund  1916 - 1993
90_howe-ceme_ailes.JPG Ailes - unreadable, distance

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History of Howe Church and Cemetery, Allen Twp, from Crumrine

Howe Cemetery Information Card

Just before Howe Church and Going into the drive-way

Driving behind Church and on roads inside Cemetery

War Memorial outside church

Right Pillar going into Cemetery

Left Pillar going into Cemetery

Pillars on both sides of drive-way going into Cemetery

Ruth Eckart Memorial Chapel

Cemetery information posted on Chapel wall

Overview of Tombstones Inside Howe Cemetery

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Howe Cemetery Photo List #2


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