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Census List for Wayside Cemetery Dager Cemetery

Submitted by Gary L. Caldwell

Cemetery Name: Wayside Cemetery (Dager Cemetery)

Address: Approximately near bt 218 and 226 Rt. 519 South a short distance from Glyde PA

Glyde, North Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Phone:  n/a

Latitude: 40"08' 20.25"N 
Longitude: 80"07'51.20"W

Location: Glyde, North Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA 1/2 mile east from Rt. 40. 

Directions: From Eighty Four, Pa take PA Route 519 south for 4 mi toward Glyde.  Wooded lot is on the left side of 519 S

OR, from Glyde at the intersection of Rt. 519S and Rt 40 The National Pike if traveling East on Rt. 40, turn left at the yellow flashing light on Rt. 40, go about 1/4-1/2 mile past Ritter Industries, Inc. and the 2nd business on the right.  The wooded lot is just beyond the business's parking lot.  

* There is too little shoulder to park along Rt. 519, especially with semi-truck traffic and dump or wide-based trucks.  Ask permission before parking in the business's parking lot.

Per this list, the cemetery was in use as early as 1798 or before, up through March 3, 1857 or later.

1 Roberts Anne -- d. 3 Mar 1857 age: 43yr Wife of Asa
2 Roberts William  -- d. 12 Feb 1834 age: 47yr  
3 Roberts Susannah -- d. 14 Sep 1845 --  
4 Renger Catherine -- d. 22 Dec 1799 --  
5 Renger Jonathon no dates -- --  
6 Dager Jacob unreadable -- --  
7 Degen Edward b. 1737 d. Dec 1798 --  
8 Dague Peter -- d. 1833 age: 59yr  
9 Dague Susan -- d. 1855 age: 67yr wife of Peter
10 Hann Martin b. 3 Oct 1741 d. 1802 --  
11 Hann Maria b. 1749 d. 1802 -- wife of Martin

Note: The numbering is not any reference to the cemetery records, if any exist at all.  Instead, the numbering is only a count on this alphabetical list.

Note: There are more graves here than there are existing stones.


Webmaster's note:  There was a Jacob Dager Sr. and Jacob Dager Jr. who lived in this general vicinity pre-1850s.  One of the Jacobs had a daughter, Anna Dager (sister to a Jacob Dager), who married Joseph Lane in the early 1830s or before.  Joseph and Anna Dager Lane moved to Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ohio where they raised their family.

Joseph Lane was the 2nd son/child of John Lane Sr. and Catherine Baker Lane who lived along Rt 40 East on "Egg Nogg Hill" just above Glyde (and right around the corner / up Rt 40E from this cemetery).  John Lane Sr. and Catherine Baker Lane moved into the area about the summer-fall of 1809, living with Catherine's parents Joseph and Mary ___ Baker, from the Beaver Dam and Big Pipe Creek areas of Frederick Co., Md.   John Lane Sr. finally bought a small farm that adjoined the larger Baker property.  Catherine Baker Lane supposedly died in 1822.  Her brother, Phillip died in 1816.  Catherine's father died in 1815. We have never been able to locate their graves.

John Lane Sr. died Dec. 24, 1844.  We have never been able to locate his grave.  His land was not re-deeded after his death until about 1866, to Samuel Ross. In desperation, I searched neighbor deeds pre-1870, trying to figure out who obtained the land after 1844.  In one Dager deed, I found mention of Anna Dager, wife of Joseph Lane-- we had not known that John Lane Sr. had children other than our Rev. Daniel Lane. From this Dager deed, I learned that John Lane Sr. had John Lane Jr who married Susannah McClure and went to Ripley Co Indiana about 1830s; Joseph Lane who married Anna Dager and moved to Carroll Co Ohio, and Mary A. Lane, in addition to our Daniel.

The process for the Baker and Lane deeds was as follows: 
1. John Lane Sr. made a land deal with his father-in-law, Joseph Baker.  But before Lane had time to pay it off--and well before the terms of their deal expired--Joseph Baker died (1815).
2. Joseph Baker's Account needed settled.  John Lane Sr. could not come up with all the money he would have owed to Joseph Baker, so the land was kept as part of Joseph Baker's estate.
3. Philip Baker, son of Joseph and Mary, turned right around and made a new deal with John Lane Sr. for the same portion of land.  But then, Philip Baker died (1816), so again John Lane Sr. had to give up the land deal.  No one made a new deal with John Lane Sr., probably because Phillip Baker died with minor children who probably needed the money from the land sale.
4. About 1822, John Haines who lived on a small tract of land had to forfeit that land at Sheriff Sale.  John Lane Sr. bought those 14 acres.  Haines may have been related to Lane, maybe through the Bail family.   According to one unverified source, Catherine Baker Lane died in 1822.
5. Somehow, John Lane Sr. gained more acreage, for a total of about 38 acres.
6. John Lane Sr. died Dec. 22 or Dec 24 (likely 24th), 1844. His land was NOT part of his Account Record.  NO deed of transfer found between 1844 to 1866 (Ross).
7. In the deed of John Lane Sr., one neighbor was Jacob Dager.
8. Switching to the Dager Deeds, one deed gave that Anna Dager, now wife of Joseph Lane, Carroll Co Ohio... So, John Lane's UNdeeded land went at his death to Joseph Lane, son of John Lane Sr. But Joseph and Anna Dager were living in Ohio.  So father-in-law Jacob Dager possessed the land as part of his larger acreage.  When Jacob Dager died, the small portion once belonging to John Lane Sr was 'kinda' verified in a Dager deed.  But NO sales were Recorded at the Deeds office until John Lane's land is sold to Joseph Ross in 1866 as part of a much larger farm.


We never have found the burial locations of:

1. Joseph Baker d. 1815
2. Mary ____ Baker, wife

3. John Lane Sr died Dec. 24, 1844
4. Catherine Baker Lane died maybe 1822

We considered these possible burial locations:

1. Was there a Baker plot on Joseph Baker's land?  John Lane Sr tried to buy part of Joseph Baker's land twice but lost it the first time when Joseph died (1815) and when the son Phillip died (1816).  Did John Lane Sr. want that land because that is where his wife, Catherine, was buried?
2. Where ever members of the Ten Mile congregation of German Baptists were buried pre-1822?  No luck following this idea.
3. On the land where Ten Mile Church of the Brethren (congregation of German Baptists) was built in 1832; maybe there were burials there before 1832?  A Ross donated the land. No proof following this idea. 
4. In the Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery (Dutch Glory), for some unknown reason besides proximity to the homestead?  No proof following this idea.
5. In the Friends Meetinghouse cemetery near Amity PA   No proof following this idea. 
6. But what if the Lanes were buried in the Wayside Cemetery also?  Per this list, the cemetery was in use as early as 1798 or before, up through March 3, 1857.  This time frame would include the death dates for all of our Baker and Lane family members.  

6. The Hann name may fit the Hahn or Hand name in our Denman family.  Joshua Denman fathered a child with a Mary Hahn (?) and Joshua supposedly abandoned her.  The child was Joshua Alpheus Denman born 1837 and was raised by his grandfather Joshua and uncle Joshua W. Denman at Amity...just down the road from Glyde.  Joshua Alpheus Denman born 1837 married Maria Anthony and had 5 children but after serving as a cook in the Civil War and returning home, Joshua Alpheus Denman born 1837 ran off with Maria's younger sister, Eliza.  They took the name of Donley (Andrew J. Donley and Eliza Donley i.e. true surnames Denman and Anthony, respectively.)


Information Card for Wayside Cemetery Dager Cemetery

Census List for Wayside Cemetery Dager Cemetery


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