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Credit:  Image from Harper's Weekly 19 November 1870
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1810 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Washington > Peters

These are the Heads of Household for the 
1810 Census Peters Twp., Washington County PA.

(alphabetical, not by neighbor)

Names Researched & Organized by Volunteer Laurie Huey


1810 Census, Peters Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Acheson, John
Achley, Uriah
Allison, Charles
Allison, Erasmus
Allison, James
Allison, Thomas
Anderson, Alex/r
Anderson, James
Anderson, John
Anderson, Samuel

Baird, Samuel
Beeler, Joseph
Beeler, Joseph Sen/r
Bell, Charles
Bell, Robert
Bird, John
Blackmore, Thomas
Blackmore, William
Boreland, Andrew
Bower, David
Bowls, Jerret
Boyer, James
Boyer, John
Brachen, James
Brackenridge, John
Braden, John
Brown, Thomas
Burton, Uriah

Caldwell, William
Callahan, John
Campbell, John
Cannan, Joseph
Carlin, Anthony
Carothers, George
Chambers, William
Clealand, James
Coe, Moses
Conellens, John
Coniers, Denis
Cook, John
Corns, Elizabeth
Corns, William
Coulter, Nathaniel
Crane, Daniel
Crawford, Alex/r
Crawford, John

Dawson, Isabel
Dickson, Henry
Duncan, James

Estep, Nathan
Estep, Robert

Fawcett, Joseph
Fulton, John

Gallay, James
Gaston, James
Gaston, John
Gaston, Samuel
Gaston, William
Gault, Adam
Gault, John
Gault, Mary
Gi[?]eny, George
Gillen, William
Guess, Batha
Guthrie, Robert

Hall, Henry
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Thomas
Harper, James
Hemphill, Margery
Henry, Joseph
Herron, Thomas
Hogge, Robert
Horner, William
Huey, Edward
Huey, John

Kelly, John
Kerr, James
Kritz, Andrew

afferty, Jackson
Lafferty, John
Lard, James
Lard, John
Leech, Mathew
Leech, Thomas
Livingston, Hugh
Long, Jacob
Long, Joseph
Lyle, James

Magner, Elizabeth
Mahon, John
Malone, John
Martin, Samuel
Mathews, James
Mathews, Paul
Mathews, Robert
McClean, Alexander
McClean, David
McClugage, John
McCush, Nathaniel
McGee, Hugh
McKenerick, Lydia
McMillen, James
McMillen, John
McMillen, Samuel
McMillen, William
McNeal, Neal
McVay, George
Millenger, Abraham
Miller, Joseph
Moderwell, William
Moncrief, David
Moore, John
Moreland, William
Morrison, Gavin
Morrison, William
Moss, James
Moss, John
Mouk, John

Neil, Adam
Nugent, Mordecai

Patterson, James
Pherson, James
Phillips, Daniel
Phillips, David
Phillips, Enoch
Phillips, Josiah
Pollock, Alexander
Potter, Henry
Price, Mary

Ramsey, Robert
Reed, James
Ritchie, Isaac

Shackly, Francis
Speers, James
Suiter, John
Swaney, Alex/r
Swearingen, John

Temple, William
Terence, Alexander
Thomas, Liverton
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, Hugh
Thompson, James
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Samuel
Toner, Charles
Townsend, Daniel
Townsend, Elijah

Underhill, Isaac
Underhill, John

Van Fossen, Ezra
Vance, Robert

Ward, Abraham
Ward, Richard
Watson, John
Watson, William
Webb, James
Whitely, Frederick
Willhellam, George
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Thomas
Woodruff, Andrew
Wright, Enoch
Wright, John

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