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Credit:  Image from Harper's Weekly 19 November 1870
and colorized by Fred Smoot for use on PAGenWeb sites. Go to Larger Version

1810 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Washington > Somerset Boro

These are the Heads of Household for the 
1810 Census Somerset Twp., Washington County PA.

(alphabetical, not by neighbor)

Names Researched & Organized by Volunteer Liz DuBois


_____, unreadable
_______, J_unreadable
Adbert, Arthur
Adbert, James
Akey, James
Atkinson, Jeremiah
Atkinson, Mary
Atkinson, William
Ault, Frederick
Ault, Frederick
Ault, Frederick
Ault, Michael
Ault, Valentine

Barkhammer, Martin
Barnet, John
Bell, James
Bentley, Sheshbazzar
Billman, David
Black, George
Blaine, Leonard
Blaine, William
Blatchford, Abraham
Bond, Bazil
Bond, Edward
Borom, Aaron
Boyer, Phillip
Burt, William

Cameron, John
Carey, Luther
Chesnut, Benjamin
Clarke, John
Clemmons, John
Clemmons, Joseph
Clodfelter, Michael
Clouse, Christopher
Clouse, Jacob
Clouse, John
Cochran, Ellanor
Coldren, Eneas
Cooper, Lydia
Cotner, Jacob
Craven, James
Crawford, Maryanne
Creighton, Richard
Creston, Bernard

Daily, Denis
Dar_cy, William
Daugherty, Margaret
Daugherty, Michael
Davis, Joshua
Davis, William
Davison, Robert
Dawson, James
Divin, Jacob
Driver, Lydia
Dustman, Henry

Eaton, James
Eaton, James Jun.
Eckles, William
Elliot, Thomas

Ferguson, Robert
Ferguson, Thomas
Ferguson, William
Finch, John
Forgeson, William
Fortner, Elizabeth
Freis, John (or John Frew?)

Gallaher, James
Gamble, Samuel
Glendennen, Alexander
Glenn, William
Greenlee, John
Guthrie, Robert
Gwinn, Andrew

Hagen, John
Harpley, Nathaniel
Hart, David
Hastings, Thomas
Hazlett, John
Hill, John
Hinds, Moles
Horn, David
Hosich, Michael
Howden, Andrew
Huffman, Daniel
Huffman, David
Huffman, Jacob
Huffman, Joseph
Huffman, Martin
Huffman, Soloman
Hunstman, William
Huston, Alexander

Isenhart, George

Jackson, Robert
Jennings, Degress
Jennings, Hugh
Jennings, Simon
Jones, Perry
Jones, William

Kain, Charles
Kentley, James
Kerr, Lewis
King, George
Kintner, Christian
Kintner, Jacob
Kintner, John

Laughlin, Edward
Leonard, Abner
Leonard, Caleb
Leonard, Caleb Jr.
Leonard, Caleb Sen.
Leonard, Daniel
Leonard, Isaac
Leonard, Isaac Jr.
Leonard, James
Leonard, Silas
Leonard, Zenas

see other column

Lidey, Benjamin
Lidey, David
Lidey, Frederick
Lidey, John
Lutes, Chrisley

Mahon, John
Mahon, Robert
Marshell, Thomas
Martin, John
Mason, Isaac
McCorkle, Robert
McCosk, Samuel
McCullough, John
McCullough, Patrick
McDonough, Henry
McElvain, George
McElvain, Greer
McIntire, Hugh
Mercer, Boyd
Messinger, Daniel
Mitchel, John
Mitchel, John Jr.
Moore, Andrew
Moore, Mary
Morgan, William
Morrow, Charles
Morton, Joseph
Morton, William
Myers, Daniel
Myers, Jacob
Myers, Jacob
Myers, John
Myers, Mathias
Myers, Stephen

Nash, James **not online
Neely, Bazil
Newkirke, Abraham
Newkirke, Isaac
Niblack, William Sr.
Nichols, James

Ogleby, John
Oller, Phillip

Parker, Jeremiah
Pedan, William
Peterman, Andrew
Pierce, Benjamin
Piper, Robert
Poker, Michael
Prattoman, George

Ramsey, Thomas
Raney, James
Red, Nathaniel
Richardson, Thomas
Rossmon, Edward
Roudebush, Tobias

Sauter, Peter
Scott, James
Sheldon, Joseph
Smedley, Jacob
Smilie, David
Smith, Adam
Smith, Andrew
Smith, David
Smith, James
Somers, John
Sook, Jacob
Speers, Alexander
Starnes, Christian
Starnes, Peter
Steen, Mathew
Stevenson, John
Stewart, Charles
Stickle, George
Stickle, Jacob
Study, Margaret
Swagler, Sophia
Swickart, John
Swickert, Daniel
Swickert, Daniel Jr.
Swigins, James
Taylor, Abraham
Temple, James
Tinkey, Conrad
Tinkey, Frederick
Tombaugh, Jacob
Tutle, Samuel
Underwood, Jesse

Vance, John
Vanemmon, Andrew
Vaughan, Joseph

Wall, Thomas
Wallace, Edward
Wallace, Nathaniel
Wallace, William
Ward, Daniel
Ward, James
Ward, Joseph
Weir, Thomas
Weir, William
Wells, Thomas
Westfall, Abraham
Westfall, Joseph
Wherry, Arthur
Wherry, David
Wherry. John
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, John
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Thomas Jr.

Yoke, Peter
Yoke, Peter
Yorty, Samuel



see also Township Formation



CENSUS COPIED (Names only)

1810 Census Original by Neighbors Amwell Twp

1810 Census Original by Neighbors Somerset Twp


1810 Census Alphabetical Amwell Twp

1810 Census Alphabetical Somerset Twp



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