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First Christian Church of Washington

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Church records transcribed by Mrs. Martha Lacock Nicholl, deceased, late of Washington, PA 
Mrs. Nicholl presented the church with two notebooks she had prepared on the church's history. 
One notebook is held by the church in Washington PA; 
the second notebook is held by the Disciple of Christ Historical Society in Nashville, TN.

Submitted by Paula Schlichter Aug. 2006



(Webmaster's Note: Continuation of June 15, 1850 entries from previous page.)

June 15th, 1850 CONTINUATION:

It was moved that Br. STREATOR cite them to appear before the officers of the church on Saturday the 29th of June to answer to the charges brought against them.  Br. PRALL for intoxication and non-attendance and Br. ROBINSON for profanity and non-attendance.  In the case of Sister McCREARY it was moved that Br. STREATOR write to the Peters Creek congregation to ascertain her standing at the time she left.  Inasmuch as the brethren at Redstone deemed it inexpedient to change Br. STREATOR's appointment in order that Br. STREATOR and Br. MILLIGAN might preach one half of their time for this congregation, it was resolved that Br. MILLIGAN still be employed one half of his time.  

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On motion of Br. MILLIGAN that Brs. SULTON, HAYDEN and BURNET be invited to attend the yearly meeting.  On motion that we adjourn to meet again on Saturday before the 3rd Lord's day in June at 1/2 (one half) past one o'clock. 

June 29, 1850

The officers met agreeable to adjournment.  Brs. Harrison PRALL and Robert ROBINSON being present their cases were taken into consideration.  The testimony was presented in Br. PRALL's case and was considered sufficient to prove the charge.  Br. PRALL having exprefsed (sic=expressed) a regret for his past conduct and an intention of doing better for the future was excused.

Br. ROBINSON acknowledged to the charge of profanity. He was then called upon for his reason for absenting himself from the church (and?) a number of charges against members of the church which were not considered by the officers as any reason why he should absent himself.  Having therefore not rendered any sufficient reason nor manifesting any desire to do better.  On motion he was excluded from the church.

(Space added)

The following cases were postponed till the next meeting.  Br. HAND for using profance (sic=profane) language.  Br. Joshua MARTIN for fornication. Samuel MARTIN for profanity.  Jacob LUTZ and Jane MARTIN for improper conduct. On motion Br. STREATOR was appointed to cite them to appear (at) the next meeting.  On motion that we adjourn to meet again this day 2 weeks at 2 o'clock.


[Webmaster's note:  Tables added for easier reading.)

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FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF WASHINGTON - FAMILIES OF MARTIN, CLARKE FAMILIES, with Markland, Michener, Baker, Loofman, Hamilton, Charlton, Valentine, Kline




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