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First Christian Church of Washington

Page 8 and 9 of Record

Church records transcribed by Mrs. Martha Lacock Nicholl, deceased, late of Washington, PA 
Mrs. Nicholl presented the church with two notebooks she had prepared on the church's history. 
One notebook is held by the church in Washington PA; 
the second notebook is held by the Disciple of Christ Historical Society in Nashville, TN.

Submitted by Paula Schlichter Aug. 2006


(Webmaster's note: This is a continuation of the subject on the previous Church Minute's page, same date.)  The following persons were appointed Mefsengers (sic=Messengers).  Brothers James C. CHAMBERS, John HUGHES, and James LANGLY with the following instructions, that this Church will agree to give thirty dollars ($30.00) provided that one Evangelist is selected and provided that the Church shall have a fair proportion of his time, and in case two Evangelists are chosen, sixty dollars ($60.00) provided that the Church will have their time in proportion, and lastly in case that this Church should have the time of one Evangelist in proportion, they would agree to give sixty dollars ($60.00).

Sep 17th 1843

Brother Wm. PLYMIRE was excluded for absenting himself from the meetings of the Church and disobeying the notice of the Church (sic=comma) and Brothers Robert MARSHELL and Wm. ADAMS withdrew from the church, and Brothers John MORER, Charles C. CLARK and Sister Jemima (sic=Jeminia) CLO-- (sic=CLONSE, probably) explained the cause of their absence and promised to do better for the future which was accepted by the Church.

Sep. 24th 1843 

Sister Matilda VANKIRK and Sister Susan VANKIRK who had been immersed by Brother LUCY was admitted into the Church, and letters of dismifsion (sic=dismission, dismissal) were granted to Brothers Wm. NEWBERN, Lemoyne NEWBERN, Daniel NEWBERN and Sister Marian NEWBERN.


Oct. 1st 1863 (Webmaster's Note: this clearly is typed 1863 but it should be 1843, as it is listed in the series of 1843 months and dates.)

Brother Cranston NEWBERN, who had been baptized by Brother LUCY was admitted into the Church.  A letter was read from the Committee in reference to the increase of the Church subscription from sixty dollars ($60.00) to ninety dollars ($90.00) after which discufsion (sic=discussion) was decided in the negative.

Oct. 15th 1843 

Brother Robert WILLIAMS who had been baptized by Brother LUCY was admitted and Brother John KEEFER was received by letter. 

Nov. 19th 1843

Sister Margaret McDERMOT who had been baptized by Brother LUCY was admitted into the Church.



Dec. 10th 1843 

Sister ____ PRALL and Brother Francis BIRCH who had been immersed by Brother STREATOR were admitted into the Church.

Dec. 31st 1843

Sister Eleanor CHAPLIN was admitted on letter to the Church.


Jany. 14 1844

Brother Foster BEACH who had been baptized by Brother STREATOR were admitted. 

Jany. 21st 1844

Brother John MOSER was excluded for profanity and disordly (sic=disorderly) conduct.

Feby. 11th 1844

Sister Emily BIRCH who had been immersed by Brother POOL was admitted to the Church.

Feby 25th 1844

Brother Nelson LACOCK who had been immersed by Brother STREATOR was admitted to the Church.

May 19th 1844

Brother John DARE and Brother I. C. ROBERSON were admitted into the Church.

June 9th (1844)

On Motion. Letters of recommendation were directed to be given to Brother David HOGE, Sister Margaret HOGE and Richard Williams.

June 10th 1844

Upon the suggestion of Brother MILLIGAN.  The Church appointed with the consennace (sic=consensus) of Brother Henry MONNIGER Sr., Brothers Geo. W. LUCY, John Whitaker, Lemace P. STREATOR, Samuel NICHOAL and David BIRCH to settle the difficulty between the Church and Henry MONIGER (sic 1 N) Sr. growing out of his expulsion some ten years.  The said committee met on Tuesday afternoon the 11th and after hearing the case and the parties came to the following decision viz.  That all of the difficulties between the Church and Henry MONIGER (sic 1 N) Sr. having been amicably adjusted to the satisfaction of all concerned do decide that he should be restored which decision was made known to the Church the same evening and Brother MONIGER (sic 1 N) restored.



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FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF WASHINGTON - FAMILIES OF MARTIN, CLARKE FAMILIES, with Markland, Michener, Baker, Loofman, Hamilton, Charlton, Valentine, Kline





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