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Deed Section

William Welsh & Wife 
to Benjamin Kenney 1821

Submitted by Jim Earles


Washington County Court House, Washington PA
09 Dec 1821 Deed William Welsh & Wife to Benjamin Kenney
Recorded and compared with original September 6th A.D. 1821

This indenture made this 9th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one between William Welsh of the County of Washington and State of Pennsylvania, and Rebecca, his wife, of the one part, and Benjamin Kenney of the County and State aforesaid of the other part. 

Whereas by deed having the date 19th day of December 1804 a certain Joseph Bruntry conveyed unto the said Welsh a certain tract of land called Bundy situated on the Fish Pot run of which a more perfect boundary may be had by having recourse to this office for recording deed in the said County of Washington. 

Now this indenture, Witnesseth that the said William Welsh and Rebecca, his wife, for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred and five dollars and fifty cents, in hand paid by the said Benjamin Kenney, at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have granted, bargained, and sold, and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell, and convey unto the said Benjamin Kenney, his heirs and assigns, forever all the following part of the above recited tract of land. 

Viz Beginning at a post, thence by land of William McGin, south twenty-five and one-fourth degree east twenty-eight perches to a post, south nine and a half degrees east fifty-two perches to a white walnut, south twenty-six and one-fourth degrees east twenty-five perches and five-tenths to a cherry tree, thence by land of Nathan Mentey north seventy-nine degrees east fifty-three and five-tenths perches to a white oak, thence to land of Mahlen Linton and the said Kenney north eleven and a half degrees west one hundred and eighty-one perches to a post thence by land of Herman Smith south seventy-eight degrees west sixty-three perches and six-tenths to a post in the road, thence by land of John Flower south thirteen degrees east fifty-five and four-tenths perches to a post, south twenty-four and a half degrees east eighty perches to a post, south seventy-nine degrees west four perches and four-tenths to the place of beginning, containing sixty-seven acres and nineteen perches, said measure be the same more of less. 

To have and to hold the said described lot of land and premises with the appurtenances named to the said Benjamin Kenney, his heirs and assigns, to the only proper use and behoof of him the said Benjamin Kenney, his heirs and assigns, forever. And the said William Welsh and Rebecca, his wife, for themselves, their heirs, executors, and administrators the said lot of land and premises with the appurtenances to the said Benjamin Kenny, his heirs and assigns, shall and will warrant and defend against all and every other person or persons whatsoever.

In Witness whereof the said William Welsh and Rebecca, his wife, have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written: William Welch Rebecca Welch

Sealed and delivered in the presence of Edward Norton Zephl Beall

Washington County SS:
Before me the subscriber, one of the Commonwealths Justices of the peace in and for said County, personally appeared the above named William Welsh and Rebecca, his wife, and acknowledged the above instrument of writing to be their act and deed for the purpose therein described, the said Rebecca being, by me, examined separate from her said husband voluntarily consented thereto. Given under my hand and seal this fourth day of September 1821: Zephl Beall

Recorded and compared with original September 6th A.D. 1821: Samuel Lyon, Recorder


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