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Deed Section

William W. PORTER and Margaret H Porter, dec'd (1921), Grantee

Affidavit for Transfer and Record of Real Estate Inherited


Washington County Court House, Washington PA

Land in Jackson Twp., Guernsey County, Ohio
Deed Book **
Sale 14” day of October, A.D. 1921 
Transcribed by MaryLu.


William W. PORTER and Margaret H Porter, dec'd


S F Porter, George W. PORTER, R T Porter, Rena McLaughlin, Belle Shroyer, Bessie Freeman, Etta Etta Smith, H L Porter Heirs at Law


Affidavit for Transfer and Record of Real Estate Inherited

William W Porter and Margaret H. Porter Deceased to S F Porter, George W Porter, R T Porter, Rena McLaughlin, Belle Shroyer, Bessie Freeman, Etta Etta Smith, H L Porter Heirs at Law

H L Porter being first duly sworn, says he is heir at law of William W Porter and Margaret H Porter deceased; that on the 16th day of June, 1921 the said William W Porter died intestate, and on the 7th day of October, 1921 Margaret H Porter died intestate, residing at Byesville, Ohio; leaving the persons herein designated, all their heirs at law and next of kin, with their age, address, relationship and portion inherited by them in the real estate hereinafter described;

S F Porter, Cambridge, Ohio son one-eighth
George W Porter, Zanesville, Ohio R D son one-eighth
Rena McLaughlin, Tuscan , Arizona daughter one-eighth
Belle Sherrard, Guthrie Center, Iowa daughter one-eighth
Bessie Freeman, Canton, Ohio daugher one-eighth
Etta Smith, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania daughter one-eighth
H L Porter, Cambridge, Ohio son one-eighth

That said William W Porter and Margaret H Porter at the time of their decased were seized for the following described real estate: Situated in the Township of Jackson, County of Guernsy and State of Ohio, and being known as lot numbered two hundred and twenty-eight (228) in Ringer’s Third Addition to the Ville of Byesville in said county and state.

That we, S F Porter, and Elizabeth Porter, his wife, George W. Porter and Delta Porter, his wife, R. T. Porter and Martha Porter ,his wife, Rena McLaughlin and W. M. McLaughlin, her husbnd, Belle Shroyer and Clyde Shroyer, her husband, Bessie Freeman, unmarried, Etta Smih and John Smith, her husband, and Lucretia Porter, wife of H. L. Porter, Grantee, being all the heirs at law of William W. Porter, and Margaret Porter, deceased, do hereby make, constitute and appoint H.L. Porter, of Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio, our true and lawful attorney in fact, for us and in our name, place and stead, to bargain, sell and convey in fee simple, by deed of General Warranty, for such price and upon such terms of credit and to such person or persons, as our attorney shall think fit, the following described real estate, owned by us and Grantee herein, as heirs at law of William W Porter and Margaret Porter, deceased.

To pay and satisfy all mortgages, incumbrances, taxes and assessments that may be a lien or charge on said real estate.

To receive payment of the purchase money of said real estate when sold, and to satisfy and discharge any and all mortgages, securing said purchase money, if any. 

To pay and settle all debts claims or demands which are legal against the estate of the said William W. Porter and Margaret Porter, and to erect a monument and markers at the graves of the said William W. Porter and Margaret Porter, and after all said claims, demands, costs and cost of said monument and markers have been paid, to istribute the balnce of said proceeds received from the said lands hereinafter described among the eigh heirs of said William W.Porter and Margaret Porter, share and share alike.

Bounded by the lands of:

The said real estate hereby authorized to be sold and conveyed being described as follows: Situated in the County of Guernsey, in the State of Ohio, and in the township of Jackson, and bounded and described as follows: Being known as lot number two hundred and twenty-eight (228) in Ringer’s Third Addition to the Village of Byesville, in said County and State.

Giving and Granting unto our said attorney full power and authoriy to do and perform all and every act and thing whatsoever, requisite, necessary and proper to be done in and about the premises, as fully, to all intents and purposes, as we might or could do if personally present, hereby ratifying and confirming al that our said attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue hereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto set our hands this 14” day of October, A.D. 1921.

Signed and aknowleged in prescense of:

1. A R McCulloch and C L Doyle
1. S F Porter, Elizabeth Porter, R. T. Porter, Martha Porter, Lucretia Porter, Belle Shroyer, Clyde Shroyer
2. Ralph W. Young Florence E Young
2. Bessie Freeman, John Smith, Etta Smith
4. Bertha M Gamble Frances D Flair
4. Rena McLaughlin W. M. McLaughlin
Robert Wayne acknowledged John Smith and Etta Smith
Bertha Thompson acknowledged Etta Smith
Bertha H Krier acknolwedged for George W Porter
Joseph Z Krier acknowledged for Delta Porter

All signatures notarized.





***See ROSS families in newspaper articles at Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania Genealogy and Family History 


 **Deed Books are written as Book Volume Number, Letter, page number.


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