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Washington County Genealogy_PAGenWeb Project__ Pennsylvania Links

Historic Pittsburgh 
Pennsylvania Mailing Lists
Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War
Digital Bookshelf at Penn State


SW PA Links

Mid-Monongahela Valley
Strolling the Youghiogheny and Monogahela Rivers
Greene Connections - Washington County too.


Washington County Links

Georgianne's Genealogy in Washington Co., PA []

Carol Mounts' Washington PA Nostalgia

Claysville PA History & Nostalgia

East Buffalo Cemetery

Helen Durbin's Washington County History Site

Susi C. Pentico's & Helen Durbin's Eastern U.S. Research Page

Judith Florian's Websites:

I started my first website in 2006 and within two years the content for Washington County Pa families grew to seven websites, including

  • Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania Genealogy and Family History was my 1st personal website.  It contains mostly newspaper records and photos of Washington Co. PA persons, a McDonald PA section, and a section for Marriages from the McDonald PA area.  This "freepages" website is in the Rootsweb category "genealogy" (Genealogy Web).
  •  The Washington County PAGenWeb site came under my management soon after I began my first website.  This site is a repository for records, history, and photos and has continued to grow, along with my other sites.  The website is located on the "rootsweb" area for sites.  This is the Washington PAGenWeb.
  • Life in Washington Co., PA "Little Washington" 1700s to Present became my 2nd personal website, focusing on memories and histories about people, locations, and towns.  The Town-Talk section attempts to give facts about every town, hamlet, and area in the county, and the plants, mills, and businesses that operated/operate in the area.  This "freepages" website is in the Rootsweb category "family" (Family Web).
  • Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania Religions, Churches, Worship attempts to list and describe all churches and places of worship in the county, as my 3rd personal web site for the county. This "freepages" website is in the Rootsweb category "religions" (Religions Web).
  • Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania One-Room Schools, Primary (Grade Schools), Secondary (High Schools), Colleges / Universities began as my 4th personal web site, as a collection concerning education.  This "freepages" website is in the Rootsweb category "school-alumni"   In 2010-11, I added to the school-alumni category an area called The RockDoctor's Original Guide to Geology and Geography in SW Pennsylvania which describes Earth Science subjects about SW Pennsylvania. The RockDoctor website had been online until several years ago; when I saw that website no longer existed, I asked the author if I could re-host his wonderful pages on my site.  The RockDoctor describes topography, geology, landforms, and manmade features in the county. (School-Alumni Web).
  • History about Locals, Glances, Personals or Notes from Newspapers for Washington County PA was launched in 2005.  This website uses newspaper columns called "Locals", "Glances", "Personals", "Notes", or "Correspondence from..." (various small towns within Washington County) as published by The Observer, The Reporter, and The Observer-Reporter, republished with permission from the newspaper.  Births, Deaths, Marriages, visitors, comings & goings, humorous items, and other tidbits were placed in these columns.  This "freepages" website is in the Rootsweb category "History".   (History Web).
  • Washington County PA Genealogy & History Webpages was launched December 2008 and will enable me to give just one URL for users to find all of my websites.  It will also house postcards and special sections on various topics or locations in Washington Co.  This "freepages" website is in the Rootsweb category "miscellaneous" (Misc Web)

Genforum's Washington County Board
Ancestry's Message Board
Cemeteries of Washington County (   
Washington County (mines) (Formerly PennPatch on geocities)
Pennsylvania State Archives - ARIAS
Beers Biographical Project
Observer-Reporter Obituary Archive
Washington County Government website 
Online Census Records for Washington Co.
Family Old
The Washington County Historical Society
Washington Co. Slave List
California Historical Society


Family Sites
Buchanan Family
Nancy Ranck's Genealogy Website (Covalt)
Allum (Pennsylvania - Westward)
Paula Chodaki's Family site (Hartsock & McKean)
Calvert Genealogy



Washington Co. Township Maps

Library of Congress Map Collection
Perry Castaneda Library Map Colllection
USDA Hardiness Zone Map - (track migration for farmers)
1895 U.S. Atlas
Map Blast for Washington Pa. or Map Blast for USA or World
Pennsylvania Atlases  
DOT Washington County Map (pdf file)



American Poorhouses
Brethren Library 
Virtual Museum of Coal Mining



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