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Washington County PAGenWeb Genealogy Project

Washington County Natives in Jefferson Co., Ohio

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Early Residences Stated in Jefferson Co., Ohio Deed Entries. 

Lists of people who stated they were from Washington Co., Pa.

Vol. A 1788-1806

Volume B 1806-1809

Volume C 1809-1811



Source: (book) Early Residences Stated in Jefferson Co., Ohio Deed Entries. There are 3 volumes , Vol. A 1788-1806, Vol. B. 1806-1809, and Vol. C 1809-1812. 



If you are researching these families, please submit other data, like dates of birth and death, spouse's name, and where the family originated before Washington County PA (if you know).  I will add your data in the "additional information" column.  Please include your full name, and / or your email address (if you want others to be able to contact you.  This table will also be used on the Migration Chart at www.freepages.

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