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From time to time (rarely), I will look-up a few records for a family not related to me. I am too busy to do look-ups very often.  I decided to share some of the searches here that I've done.


1937 Andrew CAIRNS
Roscoe PA- Washington County PA


Background: The request came in an email.  
Requestor: Kenneth Leo McIntyre
Subject: Cairns Family of Washington Co. Pa. 

The Charleroi Mail newspaper, Charleroi Pa, Saturday, May 1, 1937, page 8

As posted on the Washington County Message Board at Rootsweb

SOURCE: The Charleroi Mail newspaper, Charleroi Pa, Saturday, May 1, 1937, page 8

Mr. and Mrs. Charles DENT of Uniontown visited recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DENT in Fairhope [Pa].

Mrs. Myrtle GAUL, of Lynnwood, [Pa], accompanied by Mrs. James HASSEN and Reba Jane HASSEN of Belle Vernon [Pa] were visitors in Pittsburgh Friday evening.

Mrs. Irene WINN of Fairhope [Pa] spent Thursday visiting with Mrs. Joseph SAITZ in Belle Vernon [Pa]. 

Mrs. Hannah FOYL of Grindstone [Pa] is spending a few weeks at the home of Sadie DALE in Fairhope [Pa].

Andrew CAIRNS and Annabelle McCloy of Roscoe [Pa] visited recently with Mr. and Mrs. Harry WINN in Fairhope [Pa].

Mrs. James HOUGH and Mrs. Vernon NELSON of Belle Vernon [Pa] spent Thursday at the home of Mrs. Wilbur GRANT in Fairhope [Pa].

Mrs. Gladys DALE of Vesta [Pa] and Miss Ida DALE of Fairhope [Pa] visited recently with friends in Ohio.

Steve DOHASH, who has been confined to his home in Fairhope [Pa] for several months due to a broken leg is able to be around again.

Mrs. Clara HENCY and Mrs. Honor HAMER of Fairhope [Pa] spent Thursday in Charleroi [Pa].

Mrs. Frank BOWER and Mrs. Richard WILSON were recent callers in Charleroi [Pa].


Researched and transcribed by Judy Florian.
Not related and I have no other information.


The Census images are too large to attach here (because they take room on my harddrive).  Visit to get the images.

This was found during a look-up for a family member. This and other CAIRNS items are posted as of Sept. 1st 2008 on the Washington County PAGenWeb site at:

Researched by Judith Florian


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