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Early Marriage Records & a few Death Notices from the Washington Reporter

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Contributed by Paula Chodacki
Additional data Christina Hunt, Janet Currie, Donna Opfer, Jennifer Morrow & Deborah Nagy.

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309. Feb. 24, 1820
John MARTIN to Mary SMITH of Martinsburg
By John MCMILLAN, Esq.

310.  Feb. 24, 1820
John KIDDOO to Nancy, d/o Robert BARR of Nottingham
By Rev. Samuel RALSTON

311.  Feb. 29, 1820
John MORRISON to Margaret PORTER
By Rev. Samuel RALSTON

312.  Mar. 2, 1820
Col. Samuel HILL of Somersett Twp. To Elizabeth BOLTON of Nottingham.

313.  Feb. 24, 1820
Jonathan BALL to Asenah MOORE, d/o Samuel MOORE of West Bethlehem.
By Rev. David WALLACE

314.  Mar. 8, 1820
Robert LOVE of Allegheny County to Jane LOVE, d/o John LOVE of Nottingham.

315.  Feb. 23, 1820
Robert QUAIL to Catherine, d/o John ROBERTS of Canonsburg.
By Rev. James RAMSEY

316.  Mar. 16, 1820
Henry MORRISON to Ann, d/o William STUARD of Nottingham.

By Rev. Samuel RALSTON

317.  Mar. 16, 1820
Francis MCAFEE to Ann AIMS of Somersett.
By James RAINEY,  Esq.

318. Mar. 14, 1820
William PARKINSON to Isabella DUGAN of Nottingham.
By David HAMILTON, Esq.

319.  Mar. 16, 1820
William MCGUFFY to Mary, d/o John GRAHAM of Buffalo Twp.
By Rev. David FRENCH

320. Mar. 16, 1820
Christopher MUSSER to Mary HUFFMAN of Somersett.
By Henry MCDONOUGH, Esq.

321.  Mar. 31, 1820
Alexander GEORGE to Miss Mary LOVE, d/o John LOVE of Nottingham.

322. Mar. 23, 1820
Robert MCFARLAND of West Liberty to Jane BUSHFIELD of Findley.

323. Mar. 31, 1820

Hugh HAGERTY, merchant of Washington to Susan d/o Judge ROBINSON of Pittsburg.
By Rev.____________

324. Mar. 30, 1820
Frederick LYDIE to Elizabeth SOMENEY
By Rev. Boyd MERCER

325. April 4, 1820
Leonard DICKERSON to Susan WOLFE
By Rev. Joshua MONROE

326. April 4, 1820
Capt. James ANDERSON to Jane MCKEEN, d/o Mr. Thomas MCKEEN of Buffalo.
By Joseph HENDERSON, Esq.

327. April 6, 1820
Thomas AXTILL to Miss Mary WEIR, d/o Samuel WEIR of Morris.
By Rev. Cephus DODD

328. April 6, 1820
Rev. Joshua MUNROE to Catherine MCILVAINE.
By Rev. Thomas KENNERLEY

329. April 6, 1820
Andrew PEES to Phoebe d/o Jacob COTNER.

330. April 6, 1820
Henry GALLIHUE to Phoebe CLARKE.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER

331.  April 13, 1820
Samuel LYON, Esq. to Nancy, d/o Parker CAMPBELL, Esq.
By Rev. Andrew WYLIE

332. April 20, 1820
By Rev. Andrew WYLIE

333. April 20, 1820
Michael Johns of Maryland to Margaret Hazlett.
By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

334. April 13, 1820
Jacob Miller of Amwell to Mary Friend of W. Bethlehem.
By Rev. Matthias Luce.

335. April 13, 1820
Mark Mitchell to Sarah Freeman.
By S. Bentley, Esq.

336. April 13, 1820
William Wallace to Miss Hazelbaker.
By S. Bentley, Esq.

337. April 13, 1820
Amos Headley to Experience Lindley.
By Rev. Cephus Dodd.

338. April 17, 1820
Reuben Turner to Elizabeth Henry.
By James Gilmore, Esq.

339. April 24, 1820
William Seaber to Mrs. Phoebe Todd.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

340. April 20, 1820
John Anderson to Mary Tennis of Buffalo.
By Samuel Urie, Esq.

341. April 18, 1820
Adam Miller of Donegal to Esther, dau. of Philip Hewit of Canton.
By Rev. Jacob Winter.

342. April 27, 1820
Alexander Buchanan of Wheeling to Sarah Cooper of Washington.
By Rev. Joshus Munroe.

343. April 27, 1820
Jeremiah Allen to Jane Parkinson, both of Allegheny Co.
By Rev. Samuel Ralston.

344. April 27, 1820
Thomas Blackmore to Nancy Loveless, both of Peters Twp.
By Rev. David Philips.

345. May 4, 1820
Andrew Allison to Sarah Morton, both of Peters Twp.
By John Bowers, Esq.

346. May 11, 1820
John Roberts to Elizabeth Wall. By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

347. May 2, 1820
Rev. James Rowland to Maria Christmass of Wooster, Ohio.
By Rev. Thomas Barr.

348. May 18, 1820
William SMILEY to Rachel BORELAND.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

349. May 18, 1820
Edward DOUGHERTY of West Middletown to Abigail McCOMB, d/o Robert McCOMB of Cross Creek.
By Rev. John ANDERSON.

350. May 18, 1820
William HUSTON to Esther DICKEY, d/o James DICKEY of Hopewell.
By Rev. Samuel FINDLEY.

351. May 31, 1820
Walter GLASS to Elizabeth MASSEY of Pittsburgh.
By Rev. ____ Davis.

352. May 25, 1820.
William THOMPSON, to Nancy WALLACE of Fallowfield.
By Rev. John WHITE.

353. Jun 6, 1820
William VANKIRK to Margaret BOLLEN (?), of Fallowfield.

354. Jun 8, 1820
Robert HAZLETT to Susan REED of Zanesville, Ohio.

355. Jun 13, 1820
Samuel FITZHUGH of Wheeling to Mary ADDISON, d/o Judge ADDISON.

By Rev. Andrew WYLIE.

356. Jun 13, 1820
Robert DEFRANCE to Rebecca DEFRANCE.
By Rev. Moses Allen.

357. Jun 22, 1820
By Rev. Samuel RALSTON.

358. Jun 22, 1820
Dorsey PHILLIPS to Mrs. ___ BLACKMORE of Peters.
By Rev. David PHILIPS.

359. Jun 20, 1820
William WELSH to Polly ST. CLAIR of Chartiers.

360. Jun 29, 1820
John JOSEPH of Stark Co. to Nancy HOBS, Strabane.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

361. Jul 1, 1820
Levi RODGERS of Tuscarowa to Tene SWAGLER of Somersett.
By James RAINEY, Esq.

362. Jun 28, 1820
By James RAINEY, Esq.

363. June 29, 1820
Jacob Crow to Ann Riggs of Pike Run.
By Rev. G. Baker.

364. June 20, 1820
John J. Jacob to Elizabeth Fetter of Wellsburg.
By Rev. Joseph Doddridge.

365. July 18, 1820
John Rosborough to Angel Scott, dau. of Wm. Scott. of Nottingham.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

366. Aug. 1, 1820
Arthur Logan to Jane Kirkpatrick. Peters.
By Rev. A. Wilson.

367. Aug. 8, 1820
Rev. William Reed, son of William Reed of Canton, to Maria
Cooke. By Rev. Matthew Brown.

368. Aug. 24, 1820
Elias Wick of Trumble Co., Ohio to Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel Johnston of Morris.
By Rev. Andrew Wylie.

369. Aug. 12, 1820
Died----William Curry of Amwell, soldier in Revolution.

370. Aug. 19, 1820
Anthony Sampson to Rachel Baldwin.
By A. Sweringen, Esq.

371. Aug. 31, 1820
John b. Conrod of Pike Run to Catherine Ferguson of Somerset.

372. Aug. 31, 1820
John Boyd to Susanna Hoffman. By William Wallace, Esq.

373. Aug. 29, 1820
George Rhine to Elizabeth Cunningham.
By Rev. Mr. Brown.

374. Aug. 31, 1820
Samuel Cook to Hannah, dau. of Wm. McFarland of Amwell.
By Rev. Cephus Dodd.

375. Aug. 31, 1820
Lieut. Joseph Wier to Jamina Squires of Morris.
By Rev. Cephus Dodd.

376. Sept. 14, 1820
Samuel Vance of Strabane to Martha Fife of Allegheny Co.
By Rev. William Woods.

377. Sept 21, 1820
Samuel Page of Steubenville to Mrs. Elizabeth Bertie.
By Rev. Joshua Monroe.

378. Sept. 21, 1820
Daniel Mowry of Pittsburg to Jane Wylie, dau. of Wm. Wylie of Canton.
By Rev. James Ramsey.

379. Oct. 9, 1820
David ANNSTEAL to Elizabeth, daughter of Mingo AYRES of Somersett

380. Oct. 12, 1820
By Rev. Charles WHEELER

381. Oct. 19,1820
Israel POST to Abigail DAY, both of Morris
By Rev. Thomas HOGE

382. Oct 19, 1820
Mr. ___ POST to Abigail JOLLY, both of Canton
By Rev. Thomas HOGE

383. Oct. 5, 1820
John YOUNKER to Hannah BERRY, both of Nottingham
By Rev. Henry WYANT

384. Oct. 23, 1820
Lester NORTON of Connelsville to Harriett COOK
By Rev. Charles WHEELER

385. Oct. 17, 1820
Thomas GOOD to Maria, daughter of Moses CONGLETON, Esq. Of Willsburg
By Rev. Alexander CAMPBELL

386. Oct. 24, 1820
James HANNA to Phoebe DAY
By Rev. Cephus DODD

387. Oct. 30, 1820
James ANDREW to Catherine RINGLAND
By Rev. Matthew BROWN

388. Oct 26, 1820
By Henry ENLOW, Esq

389. Nov. 5, 1820
William SERGEANT to Eleanor SEAMAN
By Henry ENLOW, Esq

390. Oct 26, 1820
Zachariah COOPER to Dorkis TOWN
By ? Leazer, Esq.

391. Nov. 1, 1820
By Rev. Boyd MERCER

392. Nov. 1, 1820
Samuel BROWNLEE to Ann WYLIE of Canton
By Rev. David FRENCH

393. Nov. 1, 1820
Hugh ALLISON to Jane GABBY, daughter of James GABBY
By Rev David FRENCH

394. Oct. 26, 1820
Ephriam BLAINE of Beaver Co. to Maria L., d/o Neal GILLESPIE of Pike Run.

395. Nov. 1, 1820
John H. EWING to Ellen, d/o James BLAINE of Beaver Co.

396. Oct. 26, 1820
John KERR, s/o James KERR, Esq. to Sarah, d/o Alexander SCOTT.
By Rev. Dr. John MCMILLAN

397. Nov. 2, 1820
John G. Smith to Mary FOORNER.

398. Nov. 13, 1820
Solomon ASHBROOKE to Rebecca MUSTARD of Buffalo.
By. J. ALLISON, Esq.

399. Nov. 16, 1820
George HIPPLE to Elizabeth POKER, d/o of Michael POKER
By James RAINEY, Esq.

400. Nov. 10, 1820
Gustavue CUNNINGHAM to Elizabeth RUNER
By Samuel URIE, Esq.
401. Nov. 11, 1820
Joseph MEDILL to Nancy, d/o James FLEMING.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN

402. Dec. 7, 1820
James BEABOUT of Canton to Elizabeth OLIVER of Beaver Co.
By John WRAY, Esq.
403. Dec. 7, 1820
Samuel MUSTARD to Margaret ADAMS, both of Buffalo Twp.
404. Dec. 14, 1820
James MCDUNNOCK to Margaret HALL.
By Rev. Samuel RALSTON.
405. Dec. 21, 1820
John SMITH to Hannah POWELL of E. Bethelhem.
By William WELSH, Esq.
406. Dec. 21,1820
Alexander WELLS to Ann OATLEY of Cross Creek.
By Rev. Mr. BECKS
407. Dec. 5, 1820
John R. THORNTON to Julia Ann, d/o James DUNCAN of Gettsyburg.
408. Dec.14, 1820
Francis R. SHUNK. Esq. to Jane, d/o William FINDLEY, late Gov. of Pennsylvania.
By Rev. Mr. DEWITT of Harrisburg.

409. Jan. 1, 1821
Lewis VALENTINE to Mary ROBERTS, d/o Dickerson ROBERTS.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER

410. Dec. 29, 1820
Michael LETHERMAN to Hannah OLLER.
By. E. JENKINS, Esq.

411. Jan. 11, 1821
William M. BROONE to Mrs. Mary MCAFEE.
By James RAMEY, Esq.

412. Jan. 11, 1821
John GASTON to Patience MORRISON of Peters.

413. Jan. 11, 1821
William BARR to Fanny KIDDOO.
By Rev. ______ WEEDS.

414. Jan. 26, 1821
Lewis DILLE to Lucy MCCOLLUM of Morris.
By Jonas CONDIT, Esq.

415. Jan. 11, 1821
Hugh MCGUIRE of Brooke Co. to Mary BUCHANAN, d/o John BUCHANAN.
By Rev. Davie HITT

416. Jan. 18, 1821
Hugh MCILRAVEY to Eleanor QUIGLEY of Fallowfield.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

417. Dec. 30, 1820
John MCCRACKEN to Mary, d/o Samuel CALDWELL of Buffalo.
By Joseph HENDERSON, Esq.

418. Jan. 25, 1821
William LEDLEI to Elizabeth, d/o John FLEMMING.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER

419. Jan. 23, 1821
Freeman BRADY to Mary MEANS.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

420. Feb. 12, 1821
Frederick BEYERS, s/o Philip BEYERS to Sarah, d/o George MORRIS of Somersett.

421. Feb. 22, 1821
George CHARTERS to Mary, d/o James SMITH of Canton.
By Rev. John GRAHAM.

422. Feb. 20, 1821
By Rev. _____ O'BREIN.

423. Feb. 20, 1821
By Rev. _______O'BREIN.

424. Feb. 20, 1821
George CRAFT of Redstone Twp. to Elizabeth, d/o James WORKMAN of Brownsville.
By. Rev. Dr. MCGUIRE.

425. March 12, 1821
James IRWIN to Nancy CLARKE of Canton
By Rev. David FRENCH.

426. March 12, 1821
Andrew NICHOAL, Jr. to Nancy HUGHES of Canton.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

427. March 12, 1821
Robert M. LERN to Nancy SOOTER.
By Rev. Samuel RALSTON.

428. March 8, 1821
David QUAIL to Margaret, d/o John WALKER.
By Rev. Andrew WYLIE.

429. March 22, 1821
Joseph LANE to Margaret, d/o of Thomas MCKEEVER.
By Rev. Thomas BEEKS.

430. March 22, 1821
David BOYD, Jr. to Elizabeth DAVIS of West Middletown.
By John BUCHANAN, Esq.

431. March 22, 1821
George SPONG of Allegheny to Mary, d/o Vachel MITCALF of West Middletown.

432. March 15, 1821
Joseph RIGGS of Allegheny Co. to Sarah COOPER of Nottingham.
By _________________

433. March 22, 1821
Montgomery SAYRES to Sarah THARP.
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

434. April 6, 1821
Died- - William FINDLEY of Greensburg. Was Congressman, soldier, etc.
Resided United Twp., West Moreland Co.

435. March 28, 1821
William MERCER to Elizabeth, d/of R. BOWLAND of Burgettstown.
By Rev. Thomas MARQUIS.

436. April 17, 1821
Dr. James P. KERR to Elizabeth MILLER of Claysville.
By Rev. Joshua MUNROE

437. April 19, 1821
Irwin MCCOY to Jane ECKLES.
By James HAIR, Esq.

438. April 19, 1821
Peter ONSTAT to Christina, d/o John MYERS of Somersett.
By David HAMILTON, Esq.

439. April 19, 1821
Luke DARRALL to Ann, d/o James TAYLOR of Nottingham.
By Rev. WHITE.

440. APRIL 26, 1821
Isaac TAYLOR of Pike Run to Eleanor TAYLOR of East Bethlehem.
By _____________.

441. April 26, 1821
Robert HALL to Rachel KINNEY.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

442. May 17, 1821
Dr. John STEEL to Mary CLEMONS.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

443. May 10, 1821
George SPINGLER to Catherine EWART.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

444. May 22, 1821
Marcus WILSON, Merchant, to Anne, d/o David EVANS of Pittsburgh.
By Rev. Joseph MCELROY.

445. May 29, 1821
Duncan CAMPBELL to Nancy EWART of East Bethlehem.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

446. June 7, 1821
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

447. June 13, 1821
Alexander BOWLAND to Elizabeth B. MERCER.
By Rev. Thomas MARQUIS.

448. June 21, 1821
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

449. June 21, 1821
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

450. June 28, 1821
Henry PLYMIRE to Rebecca, d/o Jacob SYBERT of Morris Twp.
By Rev. Mr. WYANT.

451. July 19, 1821
Thomas FREY to Margaret, d/o Patrick BRISON.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

452. July 19, 1821
William DAILEY to Sarah MCKELVEY.
By James RAINEY, Esq.

453. Aug. 1, 1821
Died - Capt. William BLAKENEY, new resident of Pittsburg.
Soldier in Revolution. Was taken prisoner. Aged 73.

454. Aug. 5, 1821
Ahesuerus VAN ANTWERP to Hannah POTTER, BOTH OF Milton.
By Rev. Mr. MCCADE.

455. Aug. 16, 1821
George EAGY to Phoebe WALTON.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

456. Aug. 23, 1821
Abraham VORES to Sarah, d/o Ebenezer HATHAWAY.
By Jonas CONDIT, Esq.

457. Aug. 23, 1821
Samuel MORGAN to Julian MELOY.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

458. Aug. 30, 1821
William LIGGET to Mrs. ______ RICKET of Allegheny Co.
By Rev. Michael LAW.

459. Sept. 12, 1821
William MILLIGAN to Mary KURTZ.
By Joseph HENDERSON, Esq.

460. Sept. 14, 1821
James FLEMMING to Elizabeth HUSTON.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

461. Sept. 11, 1821
John HORN to Sarah GANTZ.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

462. Oct. 9, 1821
William MCCONAHAY to Elizabeth FAULKE.
By James ORR, Esq.

463. Oct. 18, 1821
Archibald BROWNLEE to Kezia, d/o William BROWNLEE of Canton.
By Rev. David FRENCH.

464. Oct. 25, 1821
Andrew HART to Mary, d/o Samuel FERGUS.
By Rev. John GRAHAM.

465. Oct. 30, 1821
William CHAMBERS, attorney to Elizabeth, d/o Parker CAMPBELL, Esq.
By Rev. Andrew WYLIE.

466. Nov. 1, 1821
Ebenezer MCCLAIN of Chartiers to Jane, d/o Thomas MCMURRY of Donegall.
By Rev. Andrew WYLIE.

467. Oct. 23, 1821
William SCOTT to Elizabeth, d/o James KERR.
By Rev. ________ MOORE.

468. Oct. 26, 1821

469. Nov. 3, 1821
Died-- Col. John SHIELDS, West Moreland Co., Pa. Aged 83

470. Nov. 21, 1821
Joseph TEEPLES to Susanna, d/o David LASH.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

471. Nov. 21, 1821
David BOLTON, Jr. to Rachel, d/o John HILL.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

472. Nov. 30, 1821
Abraham GANTZ to Rosanna, d/o Martin HORN of Buffalo.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

473. Nov. 22, 1821
By John WHITE, Esq.

474. Nov 22, 1821
Edward REX of Ohio to Hetty HUFTY of Greene Co.
By John BOWER, Esq.

475. Nov 30, 1821
Robert WATSON to Nancy MUNCE.

476. Nov 30. 1821
By Rev. Mr. FRENCH.

477. Dec 3, 1821 (June 1821)
DIED -- Hiram Rex BOWER, s/o John BOWER, Esq. on Mississippi River bank,
five miles above Baton Rouge.

Reporter, Dec 3, 1821.

478. Dec 6, 1821
Rev. George BROWN to Eliza, d/o George JACKSON.
By Rev. Henry FURLONG of Wheeling.

479. Dec 5, 1821
Maj. John PARK to Ann COLMERY.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

480. Dec 14, 1821
James JONES to Mary, d/o Thomas ROBINSON.
By Rev. Mr. BAER, Pittsburgh.

481. Dec 3, 1821
Alexander BRACKENRIDGE, attorney, to Mary PORTER of Pittsburgh.
By Rev. William KENNEDAY of Lewisburg.

482. Dec 20, 1821
Israel BAKER to Mary, d/o Timothy EDWARDS of Amwell.
by Rev. Matthias LUCE.

483. Dec 27, 1821
Henry LASH to Nancy, d/o James CRAVEN.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.


484. Jan 1, 1822
John S. RIDDLE, merchant of Pittsburg to Sarah Jane DUNCAN of Washington.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

485. Dec 27, 1821
James LOVET to Eliza KNUCKLE.
By Henry McDONOUGH, Esq.

486. Dec 27, 1821
Alexander McBETH to Elizabeth NOBLE of Hopewell.
By Samuel RALSTON.

487. Jan 3, 1822
James McBETH to Elizabeth NOBLE of Hopewell.
By Rev. Samuel FINDLEY.

488. Jan 10, 1822
Robert STURGEON to Eliza, a d/o John RODGERS of W. Bethlehem.
By John RODGERS, Esq.

489. Jan 11, 1822
DIED -- Rebecca, wife of Joseph LAWRENCE, Speaker of the House.

490. Jan 17, 1822
Samuel HAZLETT, merchant to Sarah, d/o Thomas JOHNS of Chambersburg.
By Rev. John BAER of Pittsburg.

491. Jan 16, 1822
DIED -- Sarah, wife of William SIBBETT of W. Bethlehem.

492. Feb 5, 1822
Nathaniel EWING of Uniontown to Jane, d/o John KENNEDAY.
By Rev. William WYLIE.

493. Feb 7, 1822

William FRENCH to Mary, d/o David BREADING of Lucerne.
By Rev. William JOHNSTON

494. Jan 31, 1822
Andrew BOWER to Sarah MORRIS OF Fredericktown.
By John BOWER, Esq.

495. Feb 14, 1822
Charles HALLAM to Margaret McKEE of Amwell.
by Thomas HOGE.

496. Feb 14, 1822
Samuel WRIGHT of Buffalo to Mary HOWE of Canton.

497. Feb 5, 1822
Abraham PEES to Rebecca VAUGHAN of Somersett.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

498. Feb 14, 1822
George LYDIE to Susanna NEWKIRK.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

499. Feb 7, 1822
Robert COLMERY, Esq. to Maria GOOD.
By Rev. J. WATERMAN of Steubenville.

500. Feb 21, 1822

James MOORE to Ann, d/o Gen. Andrew SUTTON of E. Bethlehem.
By Rev. Mattias LUCE.

501. Feb 3, 1822
DIED -- George HARRIS of Morris Twp. Aged 83.
Soldier in Revolution.

502. Feb 21, 1822
Maj. Jacob McFARLAND of West Bethlehem Twp. to Jane, d/o Samuel HOULSWORTH of Jefferson, Pa.
By Rev. George VANEMMAN.

503. Feb 28, 1822
William BUCK to Mary STOUTON.
By Rev. David FRENCH.

504. Feb 28, 1822
James CARSON to Jane, d/o Thomas BROWNLEE.
By David FRENCH.

505. Feb 28, 1822
John HARMON to Jane CRAIG.
By Rev. David FRENCH.

506. Feb. 28, 1822
Alexander HAMILTON to Margaret SMILEY of Buffalo.
By Rev. John ANDERSON.

507. Feb 28, 1822
Major Isaac HODGENS to Margaret, d/o Ludowick McCARRELL of Mt. Pleasant.

508. Feb 26, 1822
Isaac KERR to Maria THOMPSON of Nottingham.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

509. Mar 7, 1822
John FLEMMING, inn-keeper, to Elizabeth CLARK, Strabane.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

510. Feb 12, 1822
Edward TYLER, music teacher, aged 76 years to Mrs. WILLIAMS of Racoon, aged 52.
By ______ of Noblestown.

511. Mar 4, 1822
DIED -- Mary, wife of Dr. Henry MOORE. Born in Ireland May 1773.
Died Canton Township.

512. Mar 14, 1822
James IRWIN to Lavina WEIR of West Bethlehem.

513. Mar 21, 1822
By Rev. Joshua MUNROW.

514. Mar 7, 1822
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

515. Mar 28, 1822
John JONES to Sarah BRADBURY, both of E. Bethlehem.
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

516. Mar 28, 1822
Jonathan BINNS to Hannah MORRIS.
By John BOWERS, Esq.

517. Apr 4, 1822
Joseph FLEMMING of Westmoreland Co. to Elizabeth, d/o Aaron KERR.
By Rev. A. WYLIE.

518. Apr 2, 1822
Berridge LUCAS to Jane, d/o George LEE of Findley Twp.
By Rev. Joseph STEPHENSON.

519. Apr 18, 1822
David McKENNAN of Brownsville to Rebecca, d/o Galbreath STEWART of West Middletown.
By Rev. John ANDERSON.

520. Apr 18, 1822
James LEE of Cadiz, Ohio to Ruth, d/o John CROUCH of Strabane.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

521. May 2, 1822
Isaac VANCE to Isabella RIDDLE.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

522. May 9, 1822
Alexander McPHERSON to Sarah SNODGRASS.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

523. May 16, 1822
George RINGLAND, inn-keeper, to Margaret, widow of Samuel WIER of Morris Twp.
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

524. May 16, 1822
William LINDLEY to Mary GORDON of Findley Twp.
By Rev. Walter ROBINSON.

525. May 16, 1822
Peter ARICK to Elizabeth BYERS of Strabane.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER

526. May 9, 1822
Henry AULMAN to Nancy HOPKINS of Pike Run.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

527. May 12, 1822
John THOMPSON, Wheeling; to Sarah Ann, d/o Zadock WALKER of Union Pa.
By Rev. Thornton FLEMMING.

528. Jun 2, 1822
DIED -- Luther AXTELL, Sr. aged 69 of Morris Twp.

529. Jun 27, 1822
James DOAK to Prudence, daughter of George RINGLAND, inn-keeper, of near Washington.
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

530. Jul 17, 1822
DIED -- Edward BESS of Canton Twp. aged 73 years.

Lived in county for 50 years. Soldier in the Revolution.

531. Jul 14, 1822
DIED -- at home of Daniel L. GOBLE, his sister Phoebe wife of Thomas BRICE of Ohio, aged 27.

532. Dillan BROOK, to Eliza McFADDEN.
By Rev. David YOUNG of Zanesville.

533. Aug 1, 1822
DIED -- Jane,widow of Moses McWHIRTER of Strabane, aged 80. years.

534. Aug 8, 1822
By Rev. Henry FURLONG.

535. Aug 15, 1822
Alexander HERRINGTON of Muskingham Co., to Elizabeth, d/o Jacob MYERS of Nottingham Twp.
By Rev. Joshua Munrow.

536. Aug 6, 1822
John MADDEN to Mary TRIPP of Strabane.

537. Aug 28, 1822
Gideon DICKERSON to Elizabeth, d/o William GUNN of Findley Twp.
By Henry ENLOW, Esq.

538. Aug 28, 1822
Maj. Moses LINN to Agness, d/o Alexander SPEAR.

539. Aug 28, 1822
Thomas McCLELLAND to Elizabeth, d/o Richard MILLER.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

540. Sep 5, 1822
Alexander McCALL to Lydia THOMPSON.
By Rev. Mr. DUNNING.

541. Sep 5, 1822
Robert SPEAR to Maria PERRY.

542. Nov 14, 1822
Dr. John H. IRWIN of Wheeling to Mary Ann WAUGH. At Mr. John WALKERS.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

543. Nov 21, 1822
George LEESER to Margaret, d/o John MILLER of Somersett.
by Isaac LEONARD, Esq.

544. Nov 21, 1822
Mr. ____ HUNTSBERRY to Margaret, d/o Thomas HILL.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

545. Nov 21, 1822
Samuel WIER of Morris to Permelia CARTER of Amwell.
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

546. Dec 28, 1822
Caleb EVANS of Fayette Co. to Ann, d/o Azariah SMALLEY of Amwell.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.


547. Jan 2, 1823
William SCOTT to Elizabeth, d/o Hugh ALLISON.
By Rev. D. FRENCH.

548. Jan 17, 1823
William BAIRD to Agness MITCHELL
By John WILSON, Esq.

549. Jan 16, 1823
John LOWRY of Canonsburg to Rachel SHORT.

550. Jan 16, 1823
Joseph HUNT to Eliza HAGERTY.
By Rev. William McMillan.

551. Jan 23, 1823
John MOWELL to Sarah CAMP.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

552. Jan 30, 1823
John McFARLAND to Jane, d/o Isaac BUCKINGHAM of W. Beth.
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

553. Feb 6, 1823
Abraham REED to Catherine CHRISTY of Amwell.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

554. Feb 6, 1823
John R. GRIFFITHS to Sarah, d/o Samuel MARSHALL of Canton.
By Rev. Henry FURLONG.

555. Jan. 23, 1823
Joseph Hill of W. Bethlehem to Catherine, dau. of John Conrod of Pike Run. by Rev. Mr. Spears.

557. Feb. 4, 1823
John Graham to Sarah, dau. of David Bonner of Greenfield, Ohio. By Rev. Samuel Carothers.

558. Feb. 13, 1823
David Birch to Creutia Vankirke. By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

559. Feb. 24, 1823
William Lawther to Isabella, dau. of Thomas McKeen of Buffalo.
By James allison, Esq.

560. Feb. 25, 1823
Robert Jackson to Eliza Ann, dau. of A. Johnston. By Rev. George Brown.

561. Feb. 28, 1823
Joseph Vankirke to Eliza Curran of Amwell. By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

562. Feb. 19, 1823
David Templeton to Margaret, dau. of James Martin of Strabane.
By Rev. David French.

563. Feb. 23, 1823
Rev. Thomas Hanna to Jemima, dau. of Robert Patterson, Esq. of Jefferson Co., Ohio. By Rev. Joseph Anderson.

564. Mar. 2, 1823
Abraham Gardner to Catherine Christy of Amwell. By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

565. Mar. 6, 1823
Joseph Brice to Hannah, dau. of John Flemming. By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

566. Mar. 6, 1823
William Kirk to Agness, dau. of Patrick Lindsey. By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

567. Mar 6, 1823
William CHRISPAN to Mary Ann, d/o Henry VANKIRKE, Jr. of Amwell.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

568. Mar 6, 1823
William CUNNINGHAM of Chartiers Twp. to Elizabeth McCLURE formerly of Washington Co., at Steubenville.
By Rev. Obediah JENNINGS.

569. Mar 3, 1823
Jacob DEVORE to Catherine, d/o Daniel McCARTY.
By Washington PARKINSON, Esq.

570. Mar 6, 1823
Samuel EDGAR to Elizabeth, d/o James MOORE.

571. Mar 13, 1823
James BARR of Nottingham to Mary, d/o William WYLIE of Canton.

572. Mar 18, 1823
Abraham MILLER of AMWELL to Mrs. ___ DUVALL of Morris Twp.
By John HAIR, Esq.

573. Mar 20, 1823
William DEMPSTER to Mary SHEARER of West Middletown.
By Rev. George BROWN.

574. Mar 20, 1823
William GAULT to Sarah MORRISON of Nottingham.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

575. Mar 27, 1823
John GARDNER to Rebecca, d/o Abraham MILLER of Amwell.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

576. Mar 28, 1823
William HAMAGER to Mary JAMISON of Findley Twp.
By David FRAZIER, Esq.

577. Apr 17, 1823
Solomon PLANTZ to Kezia FETHERBY of Findley Twp.

578. Apr 30, 1823
By Rev. William McMILLAN.

579. May 8, 1823
William PRAUL to Margaret WOODS.
By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

580. May 1, 1823
Henry ARCHER to Mary POOL of Belmont Co.
By ___ NEELY Esq.

581. May 1, 1823
Daniel JEWELL aged 82, to Mrs. Mary ALLEN, aged 85, grandmother to late Leut. ALLEN.
By Rev. Berrian HOTCHKINS at Westerly, N.Y.

582. May 23, 1823
Dr. Francis J. LEMOYNE to Madelyne R. BUREAU.
By Rev. GOULD of Gallipolis, Ohio.

583. May 15, 1823
Samuel ADAMS to Dorcas BEATTY of E. Beth.
By J. HILL, Esq.

584. Jun 16, 1823
Jacob FUNK to Ann, d/o A. MILLER of W. Beth.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

585. May 30, 1823
Thomas GORDON to Mary, d/o Rev. Thomas L. BIRCH.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

586. Jun 8, 1823
John HOUSE to Susanna, d/o John HAGEN of Pike Run.

587. May 3, 1823
James WILSON to Miss ____ McCRACKEN. d/o widow McCRACKEN of Claysville.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

588. Jun 20, 1823
William SCOTT to Margaret POWER.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

589. Jun 19, 1823
Joseph GILCHRIST to Mary, d/o Joseph WHERRY.
By Rev. Andrew WYLIE.

590. Jun 12, 1823
James HUGHES of Amity to Phoebe WORTHINGTON of Greene Co.
By William Bailey, Esq.

591. Jun 26, 1823
Capt. Wilson HARDGROVE to Susanna, d/o John JACKSON of E. Beth.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

592. Jul 1, 1823
Dr. David H. JOHNSTON of Peters to Mrs. Sarah LETHERMAN, d/o Rev. Boyd MERCER.

593. Jul 3, 1823
James LOCKHART of Steubenville, Ohio to Mary McALLISTER of Nottingham.
By Rev. Samuel RALSTON.

594. July 4, 1823
(Monday Reported July 14 - 1823) Died on Friday, July 4, 1823
DIED -- John IIAMS, aged 71 years, of West Bethlehem. He was one of the oldest inhabitants of the county, and in his character there was no thing assuming, still in it combined the moralist, the good neighbor, honest citizen, the affectionate husband, and indulgent and tender parent. His neighborhood will feel the loss of a useful member, and his family have sustained an irreparable bereavement.

595. Jul 17, 1823
Moses LITTLE Jr. to Nancy, d/o Joseph HARRIS of Amwell.
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

596. Jul 9, 1823
Robert FEE, editor to Frances LAYBURN of Brownsville.
By Isaac Mayes, Esq.

597. Aug 1, 1823
John MORROW to Sophia, d/o Thomas HALLAM of Amwell.
By Reb. Thomas HOGE.

598. Aug 6, 1823
William CLEMENS to Eliza HENDERSON of Buffalo.
By James ALLISON, Esq.

599. Aug 7, 1823
Dr. Hugh CAMPBELL of Uniontown to Susan, d/o Dr. Absolam BAIRD.
By Rev. John GRRAHAM.

600. Aug 7, 1823
Jacob GOOD to Miss ___ TAYLOR of Beallsville.
By Zeph. BEALL, Esq.

601. Aug 14, 1823
James SHAW to Elizabeth SHAW, both of Chartiers Twp.
By Rev. John GRAHAM.

602. Aug 21, 1823
Robert McKNIGHT to Nancy WILLISON.
By Rev. John GRAHAM.

603. Aug 28, 1823
John HAGARTY of Amwell to Mary LEWALLEN.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

604. Aug 29, 1823
Nathaniel COULTER Jr. to Ann MACKEY OF Cecil.
By Rev. James RAMSEY.

605. Sep 4, 1823
Joseph LAWRENCE, Esq. to Maria M., d/o John BUCHER of Harrisburg.

606. Sep 11, 1823
James PATTERSON to Martha, d/o William WYLIE.
By. Rev. John GRAHAM.

607. Sep 4, 1823
Henry WHARTON to Rachel LEONARD of Finley Twp.
By David FRAZIER, Esq.

608. Sep 4, 1823
Peter DEGARMO to Elizabeth DAILEY, both of Finley Twp.
By David FRAZER, Esq.

609. Oct 7, 1823
John B. McFadden to Catherine FLEMMING.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

610. Sep 25, 1823
By Rev. John GRAHAM.

611. Oct 16, 1823
Dr. William CAMPBELL of Steubenville to Barbara, d/o Jacob SHAFFER of Washington.

612. Oct 21, 1823
DIED -- Elizabeth, wife of Joshua DENMAN. Aged about 28 years.

613. Oct. 28, 1823
Elderkin Potter, Esq. of New Lisbon, Ohio to Jane, dau. of late Rev. Samuel Waugh of Cumberland Co.
By Rev. Isaac Keller of Bedford, Pa.

614. Oct. 30, 1823
John Ross to Mary, dau. of David Craig of W. Middletown.
By Rev. Samuel Findley.

615. Oct. 23, 1823
Thomas Patterson Pollock to Cynthia, dau. of John Carter.
By Rev. Cephus Dodd.

616. Nov. 13, 1823
Cyrus Huston to Mary, dau. of Jacob Swartz.
By Rev. Cephus Dodd.

617. Nov. 13, 1823
Henry Mullen to Sarah Griffiths.
By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

618. Nov. 13, 1823
Robert Hilton to Hannah McCool.
By Rev. Thomas Hoge.

619. Nov. 16, 1823
Henry Beck to Sophia Shelby.
By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

620. Nov. 11, 1823
Rev. A. O. Patterson of Mt. Pleasant, Pa. to Maria E., dau. of Rev. Speer of Greensburg.
By Rev. Porter.

621. Nov. 20, 1823
Thomas Brice to Nancy Harriot of Fayette Co. By Rev. Jeffrey.

622. Dec. 1, 1823
Charles Dickerson of New Brunswick NJ. to Harriet, dau. of Philip and Susan Anderson, formerly of Washington, PA.

623. Nov. 28, 1823
George W. Clarke of Belmont Co., to Eliza, dau. of Patrick Moore. By Rev. Henry Furlong.

624. Nov. 28, 1823
William Marshall to Rebecca Shaw. By Rev. John Graham.

625. Nov. 16, 1823
Stephen Snyder to Mary, dau. of Joseph Wilson.
By Thomas Carson, Esq.

626. Nov. 20, 1823
John White of Pike Run to Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Leonard.

627. Nov. 20, 1823
Zenos Leonard to Elizabeth Ritchey of Pike Run.
By Rev. Flemming.

628. Dec. 13, 1823
George Newkirk to Maria Bennett of Bridgeport, Fayette Co. 
By Rev. Joshua Munroe.


Source: FHL #1888963


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