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Marriages 'M' Names 1885-1889 - Persons
Residing In or Born In Washington County

Records of the Department of Internal Affairs
RECORD OF MARRIAGES, 1885-1889. {series #14.25}

Please READ this IMPORTANT INFORMATION about these records.

Instead of marriages performed "in" or at Washington Co., Pa., I pulled ALL entries for people born in or residing "in" or at Washington Co., Pa.
*These MAY help prove someone was born in Washington Co. PA -- since births were not recorded this early in the county.

Index for Brides and Grooms Residing In or Born In Washington County:


Note:  ALL were WHITE race.


Column Headers:  Full Name of Female, Residence, Place Of Birth, Age of Female, Color, Date Of Marriage, Full Name of Male, Occupation, Residence, Place Of Birth, Age of Male, Color, County

WC-PA = Washington County, Pennsylvania

BRIDES "M" NAMES - 34 pages (14 pairs, 28 persons)

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Page BRIDE Residence Birth Age Date Groom Occupation Residence Birth Age Married County
Page 1=none                      
2 Moffit, Ada S. West Brownsville, Pa blank  19 Nov. 26, 1885 James Paling Miner Brownsville blank 23  FC-PA
Page 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7=none                      
8 Moore, Alice J. Clinton Township blank 25 April 1, 1886 R. J. Hood Minister WC-PA blank 31  BU-C-PA
Page 9 ; 10 ; 11=none                      
12 Mahan, Kate M. Waynesburg GC-PA 19 Feb. 10, 1886 William C. Dugan Farmer   Washington GC-PA 22 GC-PA
  Mathews, Rosanna Walston, Pa.   18 June 16, 1886 William  Ellsworth Rodgers Brickmaker  Claysville? blank  22  J-C-PA
Page 13 ; 14 ; 15 ; 16 ; 17 =none                      
18 Moorison?? Annie L. WC-PA Scotland   17   June 24, 1887 William White  Miner WC-PA Scotland  23   FC-PA
Page 19 ; 20 ; 21 ; 22 =none                    
23 Martin, Leulla  WC-PA Illinois   21  Dec. 31, 1884 Russell T. Gribble? Physician  FC-PA FC-PA 26  FC-PA
25 Miller, Ada FC-PA WC-PA 22 [no race listed]  Apr 2, 1888 Orville G. Hutchison Laborer  FC-PA Germany 20  FC-PA
  Miller, Elizabeth WmC-PA A-C-PA  20   Apr 5, 1888 William Ratcliff Merchant WC-PA England 44 FC-PA
Page 26 ; 27 =none                      
28 Miller, Julia Anne Prosperity WC-PA 40  Aug 30, 1888 Sampson Vandergraft ??  Blacksmith  Jefferson  GC-PA 54  GC-PA
29 =none                      
30 Sarah E. Miller FC-PA FC-PA 17  Feb 26, 1889  P. F. Conaway  Laborer  FC-PA WC-PA 21 FC-PA
  Manorn ? , Mary B. WC-PA WC-PA 19  Mar. 9, 1889 M. J. Divier ? Coal miner  WC-PA WC-PA 21 FC-PA
  Mounts, Jennie S.  WC-PA WC-PA 37   Oct. 18, 1888 Hiram M. McIntyr Carpenter  Washington  WC-PA 39 GC-PA
32 Montgomery, Elizabeth (bith?) Ferr Mill ?  WC-PA 24 Feb. 14, 1889  Thomas J. Mitchell ? Ruffs Creek (i.e. Ruff Creek) GC-PA 26   GC-PA
33 Mayhorn, Elizabeth WC-PA WC-PA 18 Dec 9, 1889  Edward Wright  Miner  WC-PA WC-PA 19 FC-PA
Page 34=none                      


WC-PA = Washington County, Pennsylvania
AL-C-PA = Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
BC-PA=Beaver County, Pennsylvania
BL-C-PA = Blair County, Pennsylvania
BU-C-PA = Butler County, Pennsylvania
FC-PA = Fayette County, Pennsylvania
FR-C-PA =Franklin County, Pennsylvania
GC-PA = Greene County, Pennsylvania
J-C-PA = Jefferson Co Pa.
LC-PA = Lawrence Co Pa.
McK-PA=McKean County, Pennsylvania
ME-C-PA =Mercer County, Pennsylvania
WmC-PA=Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

PUNX = Punxsutawney PA

D.T.'s List = Transcribed by Dawne Temple

Source Information: 

These marriages from 1885-1889 were taken from original volumes housed at and copied by the Pa Archives for online use.  (*The website states: "The original records extend beyond this date, to 1991...")

These records are often called "Marriage Returns", meaning someone (usually the preacher) reported to the Court House Clerk, "Yep, they actually got hitched."  Getting a marriage license does not a marriage make.  (And, licenses were not required this early.)   The Index starts at this URL:



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