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Biography for John MORROW and family who lived in Washington County PA at one time but who moved to Fowler Township, Trumbull County, Ohio

Searched and typed by Judith Florian

Background of migration into Ohio via The Connecticut Land Company 


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Fowler, Ohio



One of the earliest settlers of Fowler, and probably the earliest whose descendants remain residents of the township, was John MORROW. He was a native of Ireland, and after emigrating to this country with his parents [he] became a settler of Washington county, Pennsylvania. While living there he married his wife, who was also a native of Ireland. In 1804, with their family, they removed to Fowler. There were at that time but four other families in the township. Mr. MORROW's family consisted of three sons and three daughters--Robert [MORROW], James [MORROW], John [MORROW], Jane [MORROW] (Mrs. David WRIGHT), Sarah [MORROW] (Mrs. William JONES), and Eliza [MORROW]. Mrs. Sarah JONES is the only survivor of the family. She resides in Fowler.

Robert, the oldest son of John MORROW, was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, October 4, 1800, and was consequently but four years old when his parents came to the township. His boyhood, youth, manhood, and old age was spent on the same farm which he had helped to clear and prepare for cultivation. Like every other boy of the period Mr. MORROW experienced many hardships incident to pioneer life. People were poor, and their resources of a character that much labor was required to develop them. Mr. MORROW married, February 23, 1833, Harriet [HILL], daughter of Jared HILL, who came from Connecticut to Ohio in 1811. Mr. HILL's family consisted of six children by the first marriage and four by the second. Robert and Hariet MORROW have had a family of five children, three of whom are living -- James [MORROW], at Burg Hill; Jared [MORROW], at Fargo, Dakota; and Martha [MORROW], in Fowler.

One of Mr. MORROW's characteristics was a delight of story-telling. In this his Irish descent was traceable. With a rich Irish accent he was accustomed, in his older years, to narrate to his children and his neighbor's children experiences of the early day, when the woods, almost unbroken, were infested with wild animals and venomous reptiles. When his father first came to Fowler the family lived in the wagons till a cabin could be erected. One night after they had become settled in their little home the dog was heard to make an unusual noise, and something seemed to be crawling across the floor. No one was alarmed at the disturbance, or, indeed, paid any attention to it. But daylight revealed the fact that it was fortunate that no one had arisen, for a snake seven feet long had invaded the house. 
It was tracked and killed but a short distance away.

Wolves were troublesome, and sheep had to be securely penned up every night. This work, of course, fell chiefly upon Robert. On one of [continued next page] these errands he saw a panther, an animal very rare in this section of the West. He also took pleasure in the sports of the early period of settlement, and altogether had a large fund of interesting anecdotes.

Williams, p. 418 [PDF 545]
Picture of Robert Morrow 418a
Williams, p. 419 [PDF 546], bio continues

Source for Background: Tract No. 96 Annual Report of The Western Reserve Historical Society (Inc. 1867).  "The Connecticut Land Company and Accompanying Papers". October, 1916.  Parts I and II. Published Cleveland, Ohio: 1916   Sub-section:  Land Papers   Sub-section:  The Connecticut Land Company: A Study in the Beginnings of Colonization of the Western Reserve by Claude L. Shepard.

Sources for biographies: (book) History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties: with illustrations and biographical sketches, Volume 1 (Google eBook; History Category) H.Z. Williams & Bros.  H. Z. Williams, 1882.

(book) History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties: with illustrations and biographical sketches, Volume 2 (Google eBook; History Category ).  H. Z. Williams & Bros.  H.  Z. Williams, 1882.

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