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Biography for James LAIRD and family who lived in Washington County PA at one time but who moved to Mesopotamia, Trumbull County, Ohio

Searched and typed by Judith Florian

Background of migration into Ohio via The Connecticut Land Company 


Note:  If you download the entire biography of either volume, the book page numbers do not match the PDF page numbers, but the webmaster gives both numbers on each biography.

Mesopotamia TOWNSHIP

James LAIRD and family, from Washington county, Pennsylvania, arrived in this township April 15, 1811, making the thirteenth family in Mesopotamia. They lived in a log-cabin on the spot where Captain C. P. LYMAN's house now stands, until October 1814, when they removed [to] the present J. H. LAIRD farm, lot thirty-nine. Of Mr. LAIRD's family of ten children eight came with him, viz: John [LAIRD], Matthew [ LAIRD], Andrew [ LAIRD], Margaret [ LAIRD], Betsy [ LAIRD], Polly [ LAIRD], James [ LAIRD] and William [ LAIRD]. His oldest daughter, Rachel  [ LAIRD] MORRISON moved into this township with her husband in October 1811. 

Josiah, the oldest son, settled in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Excepting him, the children spent most of their lives in this township, and all of them raised families but John  [ LAIRD] and Rachel [ LAIRD MORRISON]. Three, Matthew [ LAIRD], James [ LAIRD], and Mrs. Betsy [ LAIRD] HIGBY, passed their lives in this township; Matthew [missing words here, possibly "resided"? or "stayed" or "lived"?] upon the old place. Two only are now living, William [ LAIRD], in Cleveland, and Mrs. Margaret  [ LAIRD] HOLBROOK, in Toledo. John [ LAIRD] and Rachel  [ LAIRD] (CHAMBERS)* each married, but had no children. Andrew  [ LAIRD] married Tabitha PARISH in 1823, and settled one and one-half miles north of the center. He reared a family of four children, now all living. John  [ LAIRD] resides in Stockwell, Indiana; 
Orris P. [ LAIRD], in Mesopotamia: [sic=;] Maria [ LAIRD], single, in Fresno City, California; Mary  [ LAIRD] is at present in New York City. James LAIRD, Jr., married Catharine COX for his first wife, and had by her six children who reached mature years. For his second wife he married Lorain JOSLIN, who is still living. By his first wife, his children were Stephen [ LAIRD], Josiah [ LAIRD], Ralph [ LAIRD], Susannah [ LAIRD], Minerva [ LAIRD], and James [ LAIRD]. All are living but Ralph [ LAIRD]. Stephen [ LAIRD] resides in Mesopotamia, and is a member of the Ohio Legislature for 1881-82 -- the first Representative ever sent from this township. Josiah  [ LAIRD] and James reside near Jessop, Iowa. Susannah  [ LAIRD] (GRISWOLD) and Minerva  [ LAIRD]  live at Hart's Grove, Ashtabula county.  Orris P. LAIRD, the second son of Andrew [ LAIRD], was born in Beaver county, Pennsylvania, in 1829. Six years later his father returned to Mesopotamia, where Mr. O. P. LAIRD has since resided. He was married September 9, 1857, to Betsey I. ATWOOD, of Licking county, Ohio. Their children are Louie E.  [ LAIRD] (deceased), Marcie C. [LAIRD], and Martin W. [ LAIRD], living. Both are being educated at Hiram college.

Seth MORRISON [married Rachel], LARID's son-in-law, came about the same time with the LAIRD family, and settled on lot forty-two.

[several bios skipped] 

Reuben JOSLIN came here quite early, and settled on lot forty. He was a carpenter and had worked at his trade in Boston before coming here.  [Webmaster Note:  This Reuben JOSLIN may be related to Lorain JOSLIN LAIRD. 

Williams, 494 [PDF 639]

*Rachel  LAIRD's marriage is listed as both MORRISON and CHAMBERS, unless I'm reading it incorrectly.  Of all the biographies I transcribed from WILLIAMS, this biography seems to be the most confusing; therefore, it may contain mistakes in the original text.



Source for Background: Tract No. 96 Annual Report of The Western Reserve Historical Society (Inc. 1867).  "The Connecticut Land Company and Accompanying Papers". October, 1916.  Parts I and II. Published Cleveland, Ohio: 1916   Sub-section:  Land Papers   Sub-section:  The Connecticut Land Company: A Study in the Beginnings of Colonization of the Western Reserve by Claude L. Shepard.

Sources for biographies: (book) History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties: with illustrations and biographical sketches, Volume 1 (Google eBook; History Category) H.Z. Williams & Bros.  H. Z. Williams, 1882.

(book) History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties: with illustrations and biographical sketches, Volume 2 (Google eBook; History Category ).  H. Z. Williams & Bros.  H.  Z. Williams, 1882.

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