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Simon GIRTY from 1942 newspaper

with information about Colonel CRAWFORD, Daniel MORGAN

Submitted by Judith Florian


As far as the article about "Patty Lane" and her father go, I see that the transcriber correctly copied what was in the article, but the article itself made several gross errors which anyone who is familiar with the history of Wheeling or the story of the sieges of the fort would immediately recognize. As with so many accounts found in histories there is some minor variation of the story, but most agree that the "the run for the powder" occurred during the second siege of Fort Henry in September of 1782, not the siege of August 1777. The family name was not "Lane", but "Zane", and the Elizabeth was commonly called "Betty", not "Patty". (The family was instrumental in the building of "Zane's Trace", the road from Wheeling into the Ohio Territory towards the town which was named "Zanesville". Some years later, this road became the basis for that section of the "National Road.") In the interest of accuracy, you may want to put a note with this article mentioning these errors. The story of the siege is told in almost any history of the area. The following link to an article published by the West Virginia Archives relates the story and includes many references and footnotes. 

Thank you , and keep up the good work on the website.

Jeff Evans


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Town Topics --- by Doc

DO YOU KNOW that Colonel CRAWFORD, frontiersman, guide, scout, farmer, surveyor and Indian fighter stood near to his friend, Colonel WASHINGTON?  The same CRAWFORD who fought throughout the Revolution and then retired to his lovely farm near Connellsville.  From his tranquil life here he was called upon to put down an Indian uprising in the Northwest.  CRAWFORD was captured by the Indians and no where does history tell of more terrible methods of inflicting death than those inflicted upon CRAWFORD.  The Indians were led on by Simon GIRTY, one of the cruelest white men that [sic=who ] ever lived.  CRAWFORD Avenue, Connellsville, was named to do CRAWFORD honor.

DO YOU KNOW that Daniel MORGAN destined to be commander of "MORGAN's Riflemen," conceded to be the finest fighting unit in this Continental Army, was but a teamster?  The same MORGAN who twenty-two years later together with Benedict ARNOLD was to win the great battle of Saratoga, the turning point of the war.  And lying wounded was Horatio GATES, the man who so nearly lost that same battle but took wholly to himself all the glory of victory.  And---lying wounded was that gallant Scotchman Dr. Hugh MERCER, who in January, 1777, gave to our nation its second victory, the victory at Princeton and who died in so doing.  And--acting as a teamster's aid was 13 ? 18? year old Edward LACEY who led the Chester troops to victory at King's mountains.

And-- Ralph BURTON who led the Royal Americans at Quebec was one of this Army.  Without BURTON's support WOLFE quite likely would have failed.  And-- another young man was Lt. SUMTER, "The Fighting Cock of South Carolina," SUMTER, with MARION and PICKENS made life most unpleasant for TARLETON and CORNWALLIS.  The same SUMTER who was honored by South Carolina giving to her most formidable fort his name.  The same Fort Sumter that saw the American flag hauled down in '61, to be raised again in '65 [i.e. 1861 and 1865].

And do you know---that at long last---we find a royalist, Thomas GAGE, last colonial governor of Massachusetts and first military autocrat of America?  We associate GAGE with Lexington and Concord, and Bunker Hill.

DO YOU KNOW that Brownsville is undoubtedly Fayette's history center?  The 

Girty-Simon_Charleroi Mail newspaper_Sept-5-1942-pg8

word Monongahela is said to mean "The river that sits by its banks."  A pretty phrase is it not?  Now if that river would just sit up and talk what stories it could tell !  What of the mound-builders?  What of that unknown period between the moundbuilders [sic] and the coming of the white man?  What of Captain TRENT's storehouse?  What of Captain BURD's fort?  What of Michael CRESAP's holdings?  What of Nemacolin?  What of George Rogers CLARKE and his hopes of grabbing the Northwest from British control?  Hopes to be realized.  What of the mysterious boats that could move by steam and conquer the current of the mighty Mississippi?  What of the great bridges built to defy time.  A bridge over which countless hordes could journey overland to home in the West?  What of the flatboats and the keel boats?  What of the first paper mill west of the Alleghenies built near by?  What of the Whiskey Rebellion?  What of the busy days from '61 [1861] to '65 [1865] when Brownsville as well as Pittsburgh gave its best to send out boats to break the river blockage, but to maintain the seaboard blockade?  Yes, Brownsville helped to win the Civil War.  Would you like to read a good book about Brownsville?  If so, try "Reckon with the River."

DO YOU KNOW where the above information was obtained?  1. NELSON's History of Fayette County, ELLIS' History of Fayette County, SEARIGHT's "Old Pike,"  VEECH's "Monogahela of Old," HART's "Three Towns" and "Fort necessity and Historic Shrines of the Redstone Country."



Page ONE of story of Elizabeth "Patty" LANE at Colonel LANE's house
 fighting Indians and Simon GIRTY 

Link to full article for Elizabeth "Patty" LANE -LARGE!

Page TWO of story of Elizabeth "Patty" LANE at Colonel LANE's house
 fighting Indians and Simon GIRTY  

More about Simon GIRTY, page ONE from a 1939 newspaper

More about Simon GIRTY, page TWO from a 1942 newspaper



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