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Washington Observer Articles, October 21 and 22, 1880 

Short bits of Interest
Contributed by Deborah Grant


Geo. W. Roberts the druggist who has been very low with the typhoid fever, but is improving.

J. A. Hopkins has been appointed postmaster at Beallsville and Carry Piper at Pike Run, in this county.

Cud Regester [Note: Register?] of East Bethlehem township, is putting up the foundation for his new house which will be 31 by 35 feet.

James P. Sayer will address the Republicans meeting at McClay's school house in Canton Township on Monday evening the 25th.

Hon. Geo. V. Lawrence will address the Republicans of California this (Friday) evening. Several marching clubs will be in attendance.

The Waynesburg Central Fair Company have arranged to hold a Horse Fair Wednesday and Thursday, November 3 and 4, 1880. $1000. in premiums will be given.

T. S. Brown, Esq., class of '77 W & J. who was the republican candidate for the District Attorney, of Brook county, W. Va., was defeated by 11 votes. He ran 89 votes ahead of his ticket.

The Willow Grove and Primrose mines on the Panhandle R.R., in this county are under the personal supervision of Charles McDonald, brother of Alexander McDonald, the distinguished member of the English Parliament.

John Clishum, charged with robbing cars on the Panhandle Railroad, and in whose house at Sheridan Station a large amount of stolen property was found, was to have a hearing Saturday before 'Squire Lohrman, but as he failed to put in an appearance the $500 in which he was held was declared forfeited.

It is stated that those horses which had the epizoot eight years ago are untouched by the disease on its reappearance this season. It is true, however, that the greater part of the horses of 1872 which had the disease are dead, so that very few valuable horses are left which can claim immunity from the contagion should it become general.

Why He Flops

Messrs Eds: Having hitherto been a strong Democrat and having determined to vote for Garfield and Arthur and the entire ticket I desire to give my reasons for so doing.

1st. I believe that the Democratic party is the advocate of dead issues and the republican party is ? ?. progressive party.

2nd I believe that the Free-trade plank in the Democratic platform is against the business prosperity of the whole country, and especially detrimental to the laboring classes.

3rd I have always voted the Democratic ticket, but having read both sides of the political issues and listened to the able, convincing speech of Wm. C. Moreland, I deem it a duty I owe myself and country to cast my lot henceforth with the Republican party.

Hugh Wilson
Franklin Township, Oct 21, 1880

Good Intent

The Democratic meeting here last Wednesday night was well attended by both parties. After the election of officers A. S. Sprowls , Esq,. addressed the audience, Albert is a good fellow, but he, like Butler's goat has got into a bad crowd.  Mr. Butler from Boston, introduced as a relative of the great Ben Butler, took floor next. We could hardly expect much from him after this introduction, and we were not disappointed. He started off by saying "I hate the Republicans and will teach my children to hate them," then he appeared to know that there were many republicans in the audience and he said, "the followers are just as bad as the leaders; you are a set of damned rascals." Will a gentleman talk this way in an audience of men and boys which he himself calls intelligent? This is not the way a man will talk and the gentleman is a coward or he would never speak so from a public stage. He said "Grant was the drunken soldier". How dare he talk in this manner when Grant fought for the freedom which he enjoys. Had it not been for Grant the Rebel flag might have been waving over his own native city. There were men in that audience who call themselves Sunday school teachers who laughed at these remarks and even cheered the thing that uttered them, then tendered him a vote of thanks. Are we to thank a "next tow lines unreadable."
Is this true Democracy? Let it be true or false it is the kind we had dished out to us last night by one of their great leaders. Next came Munger the turn coat, who blazed away awhile in fury but soon run out of things to say. The three speakers surely were excited, they spent all there time in berating the Republican party when they said they were going to tell us about the issues of the day. They even forgot to mention their own candidates. Hancock's name was mentioned twice but the Hon. Wm. H. English was forgotten entirely. Now honest men, are we to be taught and governed by a party represented by such men? Let your voices ring as clear as a bell "never."





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