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Abstracts of
Deaths Published During 1800 AND 1815
Submitted by Glen Dixon  < gddix13 AT >

Copied from "The Washington Reporter" newspaper, published at Washington, PA, collected from individual notices of deaths from the years 1800 and 1815.  Note:  During the 1800s, death notices were typically only one sentence long.


Jan. 15, 1816 
John Hamilton, son of Robert Hamilton, of Washington.

Jan. 17, 1816 
Mrs. S. Peck, aged 52, of Strabane Twp. Came from Essex Co., N.Y. in 1813. She died suddenly.

Jan. 20, 1816 
Dr. Benjamin Carrol, age 29, at Mt. Pleasant, Wash. Co.

Feb. 28, 1816 
Mary Dodd, died at her residence in Washington. Widow of the late John Dodd. She was far advanced in years.

Apr. 16, 1816 
Elizabeth Mays, age 26, wife of Isaac Mays, Esq. She died of consumption.

May 31, 1816 
James W. McKemey, age 29. Clockmaker. He died of consumption.

Jun. 21, 1816 
Maj. Matthew Anderson, only son of George Andersen, Esq., of Chartiers Twp. He died as a result of an accident while building a house. He left a widow and five children.

Sep. 25, 1816 
Sarah Hughes, wife of Capt. John Hughes, of Amwell Twp. She was advanced in years.

Oct. 25, 1816 
John Alexander, at West Alexandria.

Nov. 8, 1816 
Henry Devore at Amwell Twp. Head struck by a stone while playing a game.

Dec. 25, 1816 
John McCracken, innkeeper on Wheeling Road. Was advanced in years.

Feb. 12, 1817 
John Thompson, at Washington. He died of consumption.

Feb. 25, 1817 
John Hartter, a German. He died of dropsy.

Mar. 1, 1817
Martha Neal, Age 16, dau. of John Neal, Cashier of branch bank, Washington. She died of Typhus.

Apr. 8, 1817 
Mary Nichoal, age 65, wife of Thomas Nichoal, of Canton Twp. She died of a bilious cholic.

Apr. 19, 1817
Gen. John Morgan, of Morganza, Washington Co.

Apr. 14, 1817
Mary Slagle, wife of Jacob Slagle of Washington. Also left one child.

May 3, 1816
William Marshall, age about 60. Blacksmith Resided in Washington for 30 years.

May 12, 1817
William O.Hara, Jr., son of William O’Hara, of Washington.

May 18, 1817
Thomas Officer, High Sheriff of Washington Co., in Washington.

Jun. 20, 1817
Elizabeth Sherrard, wife of William Sherrard, a merchant of Washington. She died at Washington.

Jun. 26, 1817
William Penrose, at Washington. Not from Washington. Was a contractor working on United States’ Turnpike east of Washington.

Jul. 9, 1817
Eliza Lacock, age 23, wife of Resin Lecock of Amwell Twp. Died of Puerperal fever. Left two children.

Jul. 17, 1817
Isaac Platford, age about 25, a native of Maryland. Died at Washington.

July 19, 1816
Jacob Sailor, at his farm in Buffalo Twp.

Jul. 23, 1816
Archibald Morrow, at Washington, formerly of Finley Twp.

Jul. 27, 1816
Thomas Brownlee, aged 65, of Buffalo Twp.

Jul. 30, 1816
Matthew Miller, age 19, son of James Miller, Mt. Pleasant Twp., Wash. Co.

Aug. 17, 1817
John Miller Speer, age 15, 2nd son of Alexander Speer of Strabane Twp. Died after 48 hours sickness.

Aug. 24, 1817
Tunis Quick, age 29, at Washington after an illness of fever of 4 weeks. A hatter by trade.

Aug. 25, 1817
Nancy O’Hara, dau. of William O’Hara, of Washington.

Aug. 26, 1817
Jonathan Coleburn, age 36, of Morris Twp. Died of consumption.

Sep. 1, 1817
Mrs. Wolfe, of this county. Wife of Jacob Wolfe, Esq.

Sep. 3, 1817
Mrs. Irons, wife of Joseph Irons, Esq., of Canton Twp.

Sep. 3, 1817
Stephen Van Rensellaer Forward, Esq., age 22, of Pittsburgh. Died of Typhus fever.

Sep. 10, 1817
John Tweed, at his residence in Hopewell Twp.

Nov. 1817
Elizabeth Bentley, wife of Sheshbezzer Bentley of Bentleyville & dau. of Dr. Moore, of Canton Twp.

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