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Abstracts of
Marriages Published During 1815 AND 1817
Submitted by Glen Dixon  < gddix13 AT >

Copied from "The Washington Reporter" newspaper, published at Washington, PA, collected from individual notices of marriages from the years 1815 and 1817.  Note:  During the 1800s, marriage notices were typically only one sentence long.

Dec. 24, 1815
Abijah Heaton, of Greene Co. to Rachel Wathen, of Greene Co, by Rev. Mathias Luse.

Dec. 26, 1815
Daniel Darrah, of Wash. Co. to Sarah Sheldon, of Brownsville.

Jan. 1, 1816
Samuel Stackhouse, of Pittsburgh to Nancy Hamilton, dau. of Robert Hamilton, of Wash., by Rev. Monroe.

Jan. 1, 1816
Mark Crawford, of Canton Twp. to Ruom Jolly, dau. of E. Jolly, of Canton Twp., by John McMullen, Esq.

Jan. 9, 1816
James Workman, Jr., to Elizabeth Shannon, dau. of the late Samuel Shannon, Esq., of Washington.

Jan. 11, 1816
Thomas Baird, of Wash. to Elizabeth Wilson of near Canonsburgh, by Rev. John McMillan.

Jan. 11, 1816
William Hill, of Somerset Twp. to Elizabeth Witherow, of Somerset Twp., by Rev. A. Gwinn.

Jan. 18, 1816
James Birch, of Amwell Twp. to Elizabeth Price, of Amwell Twp., by Rev. Matthais Luse.

Jan. 26, 1816
William Donaldson to Eleanor Jenkins, dau. of Nathaniel Jenkins of Hopewell Twp., by James Alison, Esq.

Feb. 7, 1816
John Muncey, of Taylorstown to Agnes McKinney, of Buffalo, by Rev. French.

Feb. 13, 1816
Thomas Scarlett, of E. Beth. Twp. to Catherine McKennan, of E. Beth. Twp., by John Bower, Esq.

Feb. 20, 1816
William Briceland, of Wash. To Elizabeth Grame, of Strabane Twp., by Dr. John Smith.

Feb. 22, 1816
David McCracken, of Morris Twp. to Rebecca McCollough, of Finley Twp., by Jonas Condit, Esq.

Feb. 22, 1816
Stephen Cooper, of Morris Twp. to Hannah Bane, of Amwell Twp., by Rev. Luse.

Feb. 22, 1816
John Booth, of Fredericktown to Hannah Heacock, dau. of John Heacock, near Frederick, by John Bower, Esq.

Feb. 23, 1816
Joseph Chambers, of Hopewell Twp. to Mary Patterson, of Brooke Co., Va., dau. of J. Patterson, Esq., by Rev. Joseph Doddridge.

Mar. 12, 1816
Otho Craig to Jane McClekkand, by Rev. Charles Wheeler.

Apr. 18, 1816
James Falkner, of Wash. to Margaret Doland, of Strabane Twp., by Andred Swearingin, Esq.

Apr. 30, 1816
Isaac Fenical? Of Taylorstown to Margaret Anderson of Buffalo, by James Allison, Esq.

May 1816
Hugh Hawthorn, formerly of Wash., now at Cincinnati to Jane Bonnell, of Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio, by Rev. W. Burke.

May 21, 1816
Joseph Newell, merchant of Burgettstown to Eleanor McFadden, 2nd dau. of the late Thomas McFadden of Wash., by Rev. Matthew Brown.

June 1816
Andrew Bell, of Canton Twp. to Mary Anne Boyd, of Canton Twp., by Rev. Thomas Leslie Birch.

Aug. 15, 1816
Daniel G. Grable , of East Bethlehem Twp. to Susannah Bieler, dau. of David Bieler, of Strabane Twp., by David Little, Esq.

Sep. 26, 1816
John Gregg, Merchant from Washington to Henrietta Tate, late of Bedford Co., by Rev. Finley at Steubenville.

Sep. 26, 1816
William Auld, Merchant of Louisville, Ky. to Ann Jackson, dau. of George Jackson of West Bethlehem Twp., by Rev. Boyd Mercer.

Oct. 8, 1816
Edward Coleman, Esq., of Lancaster Co. to Jane Ross, only dau. of James Ross, Esq,, by Rev. Herron in Pittsburgh.

Oct. 8, 1816
Samuel Cooper, of Pittsburgh to Elizabeth Weigley, dau. of Joseph Weigley, Esq, of Westmoreland Co.

Oct. 10, 1816
William Hoge, of Washington to Sophia Perry, of Washington, by Rev. Charles Wheeler.

Oct. 28, 1816
James McCane, of Chartiers Twp., to Mary McBride, OF Chartiers Twp, by Rev. Ramsey.

Nov. 21, 1816
Joseph G. Hameger, Strabane Twp. to Elizabeth Miller, of Strabane Twp., by Mr. Breckenridge, Esq.

Nov. 21, 1816 
Dr. A. Blair to Louisa Morris, dau. of David Morris, by Rev. Matthew Brown.

Nov. 26, 1816 
Col. Benjamin Anderson to Margaret Stevenson, dau. of the late Gen. 
.James Stevenson, by Rev. Finley.

Nov. 28, 1816 
Joseph McIlroy, of Pittsburgh to Mary Allison, dau. of Judge Allison of Chartiers Twp., by Rev. McMillin.

Nov. 30, 1816 
James Gibson, of Chartiers Twp. to Betsey McCormick, of Peters Twp., by Rev. Ramsey.

Nov. 30, 1816 
Nathaniel Rockeyfeller, of Chartiers Twp. to Rachel Machan, of Chartiers Twp., by Rev. McMillin.

Dec. 3, 1816 
John Hann to Margaret Munell, dau. of Robert Munell of Strabane Twp., by E. Jenkins, Esq.

Dec. 19, 1816 
Sulivan Hubler, of Amwell Twp. to Martha Cuningham, of Chartiers Twp., by Rev. Wheeler.

Dec. 19, 1816 
Barkley K. McClain, of Buffalo Twp. to Jane McWilliams, of Buffalo Twp., by Rev. John Anderson.

Mar. 25, 1817
Samuel Craig to Mary Craig, dau. of Patrick Craig, Finley Twp., by Isaac Mayes, Esq.

Mar. 25, 1817 
William T. Hays, Esq., of Waynesburgh to Sarah Wilson, of Waynesburgh, by Rev. Mercer at Waynesburgh.

Mar. 27, 1817 
Joseph McDowel, of Buffalo to Jane Miligan of Buffalo, by Rev. French.

Apr 3, 1817
Isaac Huston, of Canton Twp. to Nancy Ashbaugh, of Buffalo Twp., by John McMillen, Esq.

Apr. 8, 1817 
Thomas Officer, of Washington to Mary Harrah, of Washington.

Apr. 9,1817 
John Brown, of Wash. to Mrs. Brigett Murphy, of Washington, by Prelate O’Brian, in Pittsburgh.

Apr.17, 1817 
John Wallace, Strabane Twp. to Susannah Tripp, Strabane Twp., by Craig Ritchie, Esq. 

Apr. 17, 1817 
Kenneth McCoy, of Finley Twp. to Jane Brownlee of Canton Twp., by Rev. French.

Apr. 22, 1817 
Samuel Douglas, Attorney from Pittsburgh to Louisa Wyeth, eldest dau. of John Wyeth, editor of the Oracle Dauphin, Harrisburgh, by Rev. Lochman.

Apr. 23, 1817 
John T. McKennah, Cashier of Monongahela Bank, Brownsville to Harriet Bowman, dau. of Jacob Bowman, Esq., of Brownsville, by. Rev. Johnston.

Apr. 29, 1817 
John Conrad Williams, son of Col. Eli Williams, of Wheeling to Naomi Eoff, of Wheeling, by Dr. Doddridge.

May 6, 1817
James Reed, of Wash. to Jane Ann Allison, of Chambersburgh, Pa..

May 8, 1817
Dr. Samuel King, of Williamsport to Mariah Black, dau. of Samuel Black, by Rev. Ralston.

May 8, 1817 
Peter Edenbourne, of Chartiers Twp. to Miss Milheney, of Nottingham Twp., by Rev. Ralston.

May 22, 1817 
John Extal, of Morris Twp. to Mary Vennum, dau. of Col. Thomas Vennum of Amwell Twp., by Jonas Condit, Esq.

May 29, 1817 
William McDowell to Mary Moore, dau. of Patrick Moore, by. Rev. Matthew Brown.

Jun. 12, 1817 
Andrew McGowen, of near Canonsburgh to Sarah Nixon, of near Canonsburgh, by Rev. Matthew Brown.

Jul. 13, 1817 
John Steward, of Canton Twp. to Elizabeth Mountz, of Canton Twp., by James Gilmore, Esq.

July 1817 
Mr. Montgomery, of Canton Twp. to Elizabeth Kelly, of Canton Twp., by James Gilmore, Esq.

July 1817 
William Chesheir, of Mingo to Margaret Townsend, of Peters Creek, by Rev. Phillips.

Aug. 21, 1817 
John Johnson, Merchant from Washington to Mary Jacobs of Brownsville, by Rev. Johnston at Brownsville.

Aug. 26, 1817 
Frances Nixon, of Wash., to Ann Kennedy, of New Lisbon, Oh., m. at New Lisbon by Rev. Flanegen.

Aug. 27, 1817 
Daniel McCook, of New Lisbon, Oh. to Martha Lattimore, of New Lisbon, Oh., at New Lisbon by Rev. Flanagen.

Aug. 28, 1817 
James McAdden to Margaret Orr, dau. of James Orr, Esq., of Wash., by Rev. Matthew Brown.

Sep. 11, 1817 
Henry Hatheway to Miss Casterline, of Morris Twp., by Rev. Thos. Hoge.

Sep. 11, 1817 
William Crawford, of Cannonsburgh to Catherine McCook, 2nd dau. of Mary McCook, of Cannonsburgh, by Rev. McMillan.

Sep. 17, 1817 
William Hoagland to Catherine Cazod, by Rev. Thos. Hoge.

Nov. 6, 1817 
William McIntosh, of Columbiana Co., Ohio to Jennet McCoy, of Findley Twp., by Rev. Thomas Hoge.

Nov. 25, 1817 
John Jenkins to Ann Mo….., eldest dau. of Joseph Mo…., of Hopewell Twp., by Rev. Fin……

Dec. 18, 1817 
William West, of Wash. Co. to Elizabeth Buchanan, of Wash. Co., by John Buchanan, Esq.

Dec. 25, 1817 
John Hill, of Somerset Twp to Mary Bolton, of Nottingham Twp., by Rev. Boyd Mercer.

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