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Dixon Collection
1880 Death Notices from Washington PA Newspapers

Collected and submitted by Glen Dixon


B Surnames

THOMAS MORGAN BABCOCK, age 15, died Feb. 12, 1880 at the residence of his mother in Steubenville, Ohio, of scarlet fever. (W.O. Feb. 20, 1880).

ALBERT BAKER, age 23, died Jul. 7, 1880, in Washington. Black. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

Miss EMILINE BAKER, died Jul. 3, 1880, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Dunn. (W.O. Jul. 9, 1880).

ROBERT BAKER, age 13, died Jul. 7, 1880, in the Third Ward, Washington. Son of Reuben Baker. (W.R. Jul. 7, 1880).

Mrs. KATIE BALEU or BALLAU, age about 55, died Sep. 29, 1880, at the residence of John B. Wolf, in Washington borough, of apoplexy. (W.R. Sep. 30, 1880).

LESTER L. BALL, age about 17 months, died Sep. 8, 1880, in Stahleytown. Only child of Charles & Phoebe Ball. (W.O. Sep. 17, 1880).

Miss ELIZA BANE, age 60?, died Jan. 11, 1880 in Amwell Twp. (W.O. Jan. 16, 1880).

GARRETT W. BANE, age 68, died Jul. 21, 1880, near Fredericktown, East Bethlehem Twp., of typhoid fever. Born Feb. 10, 1812, in the Shenandoah Valley, Va. Interred in Buckinghamís graveyard. (W.O. Jul. 30, 1880).

NELLIE BANE, died Aug. 8, 1880, in Waynesburg, Greene Co. Wife of William Add. Bane, formerly of Washington, Pa. (W.O. Aug. 13, 1880).

WILLIAM G. BANE, age 46, died Jun. 23, 1880, at Bridgeport, Fayette Co. (W.O. Jul. 9, 1880).

-------- BANKS, age 80, died Feb. 17, 1880, in Monongahela City, (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

JOSEPH C. BARNUM, age about 21, died Mar. 6, 1880, as result from a fall of slate in the American Coal Works, a couple of miles from California, Pa. (W.R. Mar. 10, 1880).

BYRON PAINTER BARZOR?, died Feb. 29, 1880, in Monongahela City, (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

JOHN BEADELL, age 56?, died Nov. 24, 1880, of cancer of the stomach. A large landowner in Fallowfield Twp. (W.O. Dec. 3, 1880).

MARY BEAGLE, age 67?, died Jan. 1, 1880, at Valley Grove, W. Va. of Pneumonia. (W.O. Jan. 9, 1880).

WILLIAM M. BEATTY, age 62, died Dec. 4, 1880, as a result of being struck by a train. He was a switchman for the Pittsburg Southern Railroad. He resided in Temperanceville and leaves a wife and five children. (W.O. Dec. 10, 1880).

NANCY A. BEBOUT, age 69, died May 8, 1880, at Cross Creek Village, after a long and lingering illness. Relict of Joshua Bebout. (W.O. May 14, 1880).

HATTIE BEDDOW, age 23, died Mar. 27, 1880, Mt. Pleasant Twp., of lung disease. Wife of David Beddow. (W.O. Apr. 9, 1880).

CATHERINE BELL, age 22, died Dec. 21, 1880, in Morris Twp. Wife of George Bell. (W.R. Dec. 24, 1880).

LIZZIE BELL, age 4, died Sep. 18, 1880, in Monongahela City, (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

MATILDA BELL, age 19, died Dec. 12, 1880, in Monongahela City, of inflammatory rheumatism. Dau. of Frederick Bell. (W.O. Dec. 24, 1880).

ANN BENNETT, died Aug. 14, 1880, at Old Eagle. Wife of Thomas Bennett. (W.O. Aug. 27, 1880).

FRANK W. BENTLEY, age 21, died Jun. 30, 1880, near Monongahela City, of suicide. Tailor. A son of S. B. Bentley, wool merchant, of Monongahela City. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jul. 2, 1880).

G. M. BENTLEY, age 35, died Jul. 12, 1880, in Carroll Twp. Son of the late H. M. Bentley. (W.O. Jul. 23, 1880).

ISABELLA BEST, age 74, died Mar. 1, 1880, at the residence of her son-in-law R.A. Anderson near Claysville. Mother of John A. Best, Washington Borough merchant. (W.O. Mar. 5, 1880).

JOHN BEST, Sr., age 97, died Apr. 1, 1880, at his home near New Concord, Ohio. Formerly of Washington, Pa. Born in Ireland. Moved to Ohio in 1856 after his wife died. (W.O. Apr. 9, 1880).

SPURGEON BIGLER, age one month, died Jan. 17, 1880 in Amwell Twp. Child of Stephen F. Bigler. (W.O. Jan. 30, 1880).

CYRUS C. BLACK, Jr., age 34, died May 30, 1880, near Monongahela City, of consumption. (W.O. Jun. 11, 1880).

JOHN A. BLACK, died May 18, 1880, as a result of being kicked by a horse the day previous. Resided near Prosperity and was a farmer. He leaves a wife & three children. He was a member of Co. D, 140th Regt. Pa. Vols. (W.R. May 18, 1880).

MARY BLAINE, age 59, died Jul. 1, 1880. Wife of Matthew Blaine, of East Bethlehem Twp. (W.O. Jul. 9, 1880).

Child BLAIR, age 13, died Sep. 26, 1880, in Washington, of diphtheria. Son of Alex. Blair. Black. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

JOSEPH BLANEY, Esq., age 63, died Jul. 23, 1880, in the residence of his son-in-law, D. R. Frazier, of West Alexander, of general debility. (W.O. Jul. 30, 1880).

Miss KATE BLAYNEY, age 24, died Mar. 16, 1880, in West Alexander, of consumption. (W.O. Mar. 27, 1880).

Mrs. BLANEY, age about 80, died Nov. 11, 1880, near West Alexander, of a stroke of paralysis. Leaves a large family of children, including Mrs. Reed, whom she resided with at the time of her death. (W.O. Nov. 26, 1880).

SUSAN BLANKENSOT, age 70?, died Aug. 10, 1880, in Wellsburg?, W. Va. Wife of Peter Blankensot. (W.O. Aug. 27, 1880).

JOSEPH BLAYNEY, age 72, died Jul. 23, 1880, in West Alexander, of old age. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

Miss NANCY BLAYNEY, age 80, died Nov. 10, 1880, in West Alexander, of paralysis. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

JOANNA BLYTHE, age 22, died Mar. 25, 1880, of fever. Wife of William Blythe, of Fallowfield Twp. (W.O. Apr. 9, 1880).

LEWIS BOOTH, age 19, died May 22, 1880, as a result of a gunshot to the head, which occurred on Apr. 14, 1878. Resident of Beallsville. (W.O. May 28, 1880).

Mrs. LIZZIE A. BOOTH, age 25, died May 30, 1880, in Franklin Twp., at the residence of her father, Samuel Wier, of consumption. (W.R. Jun. 1, 1880).

Mrs. LYDIA BORROUGHS, age 82, died Oct. 9, 1880, at the residence of her son, David, in Washington, Pa., of disease of the heart. Born in Vermont in April 1797. She came to western Pa. in 1837. Mother of eight children with five still living. (W.R. Oct. 11, 1880). 

JAMES BOTTOMFIELD, died Jan. 12, 1880, in Morgan Twp., Greene Co., of diphtheria. Stepson of S. W. Smith. (W.O. Jan. 23, 1880).

Mrs. S. M. BOWELL, age 60, died Sep. 6, 1880, at the residence of her son-in-law, J. M. Bower, of Belle Vernon, Fayette Co. She was a resident of Millsboro. (W.O. Sep. 17, 1880).

DAVID BOWER, age 43, died May 1, 1880, in Philadelphia. Son of John Bower, Esq., of Peters Twp. (W.O. May 7, 1880).

Miss HARRIET BOYCE, age 65, died May 18, 1880, in Chartiers Twp., of general debility. (W.O. May 28, 1880).

MARGARET MILLER BOYCE, age about 23, died Jul. 11, 1880, in Canonsburg. Wife of George Boyce. (W.O. Jul. 16, 1880).

JAMES BOYD, age 98, died Oct. 8, 1880, in Independence Twp., of general debility. Born in Cumberland Co. A War of 1812 Veteran and a noted farmer. Married three times and had nine children. (W.R. Oct. 15, 1880).

CLARA BOYER, age about 20, died Sep. 27, 1880, in Library, Allegheny Co., of typhoid fever. Dau. of Peter B. Boyer. (W.O. Oct. 8, 1880). 

Miss DEBORAH BRADBURY, age 57, died Jan. 2, 1880 at Winterset, Iowa, formerly of Washington Co., Pa. (W.O. Jan. 23, 1880).

MARIA BRADDOCK, died Feb. 7, 1880, in Richland? Twp., Greene Co., of diphtheria. Wife of Franklin Braddock. Dau. of Dr. William B. Porter. (W.O. Feb. 20, 1880).

MAGGIE BREVARD, age 23, died Sep. 1, 1880, in California borough, of consumption. Oldest dau. of George Brevard. (W.O. Sep. 10, 1880).

ANN BRICE, age about 40, died Jul. 23, 1880, in Washington borough, of consumption. Wife of John G. Brice. (W.O. Jul. 30, 1880).

JOHN H. BRISTER, age 64, died May --, 1880. A prominent resident of Steubenville, Ohio. A native of Washington, Pa. (W.R. May 15, 1880).

Mrs. NANCY BROOKS, age about 73, died Sep. --, 1880, in Morris Twp., Greene Co., of general debility. (W.O. Sep. 23, 1880).

JOHN BROWN, age about 70, died Apr. 26, 1880, in Wheeling, W. Va., of general debility. Formerly of Washington, Pa. A former stage-driver between Washington & Wheeling. (W.O. Apr. 30, 1880).

MARY EMMA BROWN, age 9, died May 16, 1880, at her parentís residence in Pittsburg, of typhoid fever. (W.R. May 20, 1880).

SARAH BROWN, died Mar. 25, 1880, in Washington, of consumption. Wife of Jerry Brown. Black. (W.O. Apr. 2, 1880).

Miss RACHEL BRYAN. Died on Oct.15,1880, dau. of John Bryan of Fredericktown. (W.R. Oct. 26, 1880).

Miss SALLIE BRYAN, age 32, died Feb. 20, 1880, of consumption. Resident of Fredericktown. (W.O. Feb. 27, 1880).

NANCY BUCHANAN, age 83, died Jul. 12, 1880, in Pittsburg. Formerly of Hanover, Wash. Co. Interred in Florence. (W.O. Jul. 23, 1880).

REBECCA BUFINGTON, age 18, died Mar. 26, 1880 in Bentleyville, of typhoid fever. Dau. of Hon. A. J. Bufington. (W.O. Apr. 9, 1880).

ELLA M. BURGETT, age 24, died Dec. 11, 1880, in Burgettstown, of consumption. Dau. of B. G. Burgett. (W.O. Dec. 17, 1880).

SIMON BURKE, age 17, died Oct. 24, 1880, in Washington, of typhoid fever. Internment in old graveyard. (W.R. Oct. 25, 1880). 

Mrs. JANE BURNS, died Mar. 29, 1880, after a lingering illness. Resident of Manchester House, Hancock Co., W. Va. (W.O. Apr. 9, 1880).

EDWARD BURSON, age 66?, died Jan. -, 1880 in Clarksville, Greene Co., of complications of disease. (W.O. Jan. 30, 1880).

WILLIAM? BURTON, age 48, died Dec. 16, 1880, in Pittsburg, of heart disease. Formerly of Washington Co. Interred in Pigeon Creek Presbyterian cemetery. (W.O. Dec. 24, 1880).

LEWIS BUSHFIELD, age 32, died Sep. 2, 1880, at Sewickley, of consumption. He leaves a wife & four children. Interred at the former home at West Middletown. (W.R. Sep. 3, 1880).

HAMILTON BUTZ, age about 30, died Mar. 10, 1880, in Mrs. Dagardnas Jenningís coal bank at Bentleyville. Instantly killed by falling roof coal. Resident of Somerset Twp. & unmarried. Interred in Beallsville Cemetery. (W.O. Mar. 12, 1880).

ISAAC EDWIN BYERS, age 21, died Mar. 19, 1880, of typhoid fever. Son of R. C. Byers, Esq., of Monongahela City. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Apr. 2, 1880).






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