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Dixon Collection
1880 Death Notices from Washington PA Newspapers

Collected and submitted by Glen Dixon


H Surnames

CATHERINE HAIR, age about 4, died Feb. 5, 1880, of diphtheria. Dau. of James Hair of East Finley Twp. (W.O. Feb. 20, 1880).

IBELA? HAIR, age 33, died Oct. 1880. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jan. 21, 1881).

JAMES HAIR, age 60, died Oct. 1880. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jan. 21, 1881).

MARY ELIZABETH HAIR, died Aug. 6, 1880, in East Finley Twp., of consumption. Wife of William Hair. (W.O. Aug. 13, 1880).

REBECCA HAIR, age 64, died Oct. 1880. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jan. 21, 1881).

BRIDGET HALL, age 66, died May 23, 1880, in Washington borough, of inflammatory rheumatism. Wife of Daniel Hall. (W.O. May 28, 1880).

MARY HALSEY, age 82, died May 4, 1880, at the residence of her son William, near New Rochell, Ogle Co., Ill., from effects of a fall received several months earlier. Widow of the late Jerry Halsey, an old resident of Buffalo and Somerset Twps., Wash. Co., Pa. (W.R. Jun. 17, 1880).

MARY J. HAMILTON, age about 41, died Oct. 11, 1880, in Chartiers Twp., of nervous disease. Dau. of the late Robert Hamilton & sister of L. Y. Hamilton, Esq. (W.O. Oct. 22, 1880). 

ROBERT HAMILTON, age 70, died Mar. 11, 1880 in Chartiers Twp. Internment at Plum Run. (W.O. Mar. 19, 1880).

HARRIET, died Sep. 7, 1880. An aged black and at one time a slave to E. Sissonís father, of Ohio Co., W. Va. She was given her freedom but never left the family or the old homestead. (W.R. Sep. 8, 1880).

ANNA M. HARRIS, died Feb. 21, 1880, in California Borough, of bronchitis. Wife of William Harris. Dau. of E.M. Melchi, Esq. (W.O. Mar. 5, 1880).

SALLIE HARRISON, age 16, died Nov. 4, 1880, in Allegheny Co., of consumption. Dau. of John & Henrietta Harrison. Granddaughter of the late F. Wilkinson, of Washington, Pa. Interred in Washington. (W.O. Nov. 19, 1880).

SARAH M. HARRISON, age 34, died Apr. 30, 1880, near West Alexander, from complications of childbirth. Wife of Samuel Harrison. (W.O. May 7, 1880).

ALVAN HARSH, age about 14 years, died Jan. 4, 1880, in West Bethlehem Twp., of scarlet fever. Son of Jacob Harsh. (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

HENRY HARSHMAN, age 65?, died Aug. 10, 1880, in Hancock Co., W. Va. Formerly of Washington Co., Pa. (W.O. Aug. 20, 1880).

MATTIE HARSHMAN, died Aug. 20, 1880, in Buffalo Twp. Wife of Jacob Harshman. (W.O. Aug. 27, 1880).

HENRY HART, age 52, died Oct. 14, 1880, in St. Louis, Mo., from inflammation of the bowels. Brother of Mrs. Mary A. Taylor, of Washington, Pa. A former member of the 79th Pa. Vols. He died while traveling by boat. (W.O. Nov. 5, 1880).

JOHN HARTER, age 6 months, died Sep. 14, 1880, of cholera infantum. Son of Matthew & Henriette Harter. (W.O. Sep. 17, 1880).

DAVID HARTMAN, Sr., age 71, died Apr. 14, 1880, of consumption. Resided in East Pike Run Twp. (W.O. Apr. 30, 1880).

Capt. CALEB HARVEY, age 84, died Jul. 3, 1880, in Monongahela City. Born in Chester Co., Pa. in 1796. Married Dec. 11, 1828 to Rebecca Macacil?, dau. of john Macacil, Esq., of Cumberland, Md. She survived her husband. They moved to Monongahela in 1830. He ran a stage coach line, steamboat & a hotel. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jul. 16, 1880).

Mrs. GEORGE HARVEY, age 73, died Nov. 26?, 1880, at Stockdaleís coal works, near Monongahela City, of general debility. (W.O. Dec. 3, 1880).

JESSIE HARVEY, age 11 months, died Feb. 1880 in Bentleyville, of bronchitis. Son of Homer and Sarah? Harvey. (W.O. Feb. 20, 1880).

JOSEPH HERTZOG/ HARDSOCK, age about 20, died Jun. --, 1880, in Amwell Twp., at the residence of Mr. Chalfant, on the Samuel Thompson farm, of inflammation of the bowels. Formerly of Brownsville, Fayette Co. interred in Brownsville. (W.O. Jun. 11, 1880).

Miss HETTY HASS, age about 70, died Oct. 25, 1880, at her residence in Amwell Twp., of pneumonia. (W.O. Oct. 29, 1880). 

EFFIE EDWINA HASTINGS, age 6 months, died Jul. 19, 1880, near Fredericktown, East Bethlehem Twp. Dau. of Francis L. & Tillie A. Hastings. (W.O. Jul. 30, 1880).

AVERILLA HAWKINS, age 22, died Oct. 26, 1880, in West Pike Run Twp. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

JOHN HAWKINS, age 78, died Apr. 17, 1880, at his residence in Somerset Twp., of general debility. (W.O. Apr. 23, 1880).

ROBERT HAYBURN, age about 63, died Jul. 18, 1880, in Donegal Twp., of typhoid fever. (W.O. Jul. 23, 1880).

WILLIAM HAYBURN, age 37, died Apr. 22, 1880, of neuralgia of the stomach and heart. Son of Alex. Hayburn, Donegal Twp. Internment at old burial ground at Claysville (W.R. Apr. 28, 1880).

KATIE HAYS, age 19, died Jan. 23, 1880 in Webster, of consumption. Dau. of Rev. J. J. Hays. (W.O. Feb. 6, 1880).

ELIZABETH HAYWOOD, age 56, died Sep. 1880, from the effects of an amputation of a broken leg. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jan. 21, 1881).

SAMUEL J .HAZLETT, age 43, died Aug. 23, 1880, in Franklin Twp., of typhoid fever. (W.O. Sep. 3, 1880).

SADIE HAZLETT, age 15, died Aug. 20, 1880, in Franklin Twp., of typhoid fever. Dau. of Samuel J. Hazlett, who died three days later of the same disease. (W.O. Sep. 3, 1880).

Child HAMMOND, died Aug. 24, 1880, in South Strabane Twp. Youngest child of David Hammond. (W.O. Aug. 27, 1880).

SAMUEL J. HAZLETT, age 45, died Aug. 25, 1880, near Van Buren, in Franklin Twp. (W.R. Aug. 26, 1880). 

JOHN HEMPHILL, Esq., age 65, died Jun. --, 1880, in Houstonville, of malignant disease of the bladder. Formerly County Commissioner. (W.O. Jun. 11, 1880).

Child HENDERSON, died Jun. 13, 1880, in Canonsburg. Child of Aaron Henderson. Black. (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

Mrs. HANNAH HENDERSON, age about 70?, died Jan. 26, 1880 in Chartiers Twp., of general debility. Widow of Andrew Henderson. (W.O. Feb. 13, 1880).

JACOB HENDRICKS, age 74, died Nov. 12, 1880, at the residence of Thomas Hill, Colliers Station. (W.O. Nov. 26, 1880).

SARAH HENNING, age 70 or 83, died Nov. 16, 1880, in Monongahela City, of paralysis. Widow of George Henning. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

HOWARD HENRY, age 2, died Jul. 2, 1880, in South Strabane Twp., of brain fever. Son of R. D. Henry. (W.O. Jul. 9, 1880).

Mrs. HENRY, died Sep. 20, 1880, in West Alexander, of disease of the heart. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

ROBERT HENRY, age 65, died May 10, 1880, near Wenona, Marshall Co., Ill.? Formerly of Somerset Co., Pa. (W.O. May 28, 1880).

EDWARD HERMAN, age 30, died May 23, 1880, in Washington, of consumption. Black. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

EDWARD HERNAN, age about 80, died May 23,1880, in Washington. (W.R. May 24, 1880).

DAVID HERTZOG, died Sep. 12, 1880, in West Finley Twp., of old age. (W.O. Oct. 1, 1880).

ANDREW HEWITT, age about 51, died Aug. 1, 1880, in South Strabane Twp., of consumption. (W.R. Aug. 5, 1880).

Miss RACHEL HEWITT, age 74, died Jun. 6, 1880, in Washington borough, of general debility. (W.R. Jun. 7, 1880).

SAMUEL HEWITT, age about 30, died Jun. 28, 1880, in Amwell Twp. of ulceration of the stomach. (W.R. Jun. 29, 1880).

ELIZABETH HEYWOOD, died Sep. 26, 1880, in Monongahela City, (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

FRANK HICKMAN, age 37, died Sep. 11, 1880, in Cecil Twp. (W.O. Sep. 23, 1880).

ELIZABETH HIGBEE, age 22?, died Sep. 11, 1880, near Library, Pa., of consumption. Dau. of the late Henry & Maria Higbee. (W.O. Oct. 1, 1880).

JOSEPH HIGBEE, age 69, died Nov. 10?, 1880, in Union Twp., of consumption. (W.O. Nov. 26, 1880).

Mrs. GEORGE HIGGINS, died Mar. 1880 of pulmonary disease. Wife of W.W.R.R. master carpenter. Her remains taken to Harrisburg for internment. (W.O. Apr. 2, 1880).

NANCY HILL, age 80, died Mar. 28, 1880, in Beallsville, of general debility. Wife of Joseph H. Hill, of Beallsville. (W.O. Apr. 2, 1880).

Mrs. REBECCA HILL, age 83, died Feb. 26, 1880 in Milesville, near Monongahela City. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Mar. 5, 1880).

SAMUEL SPENCER HILTON, age 3, died Nov. 1, 1880, in Monongahela City, (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

JOHN HODGENS, age 52, died Jun. 20, 1880, in Middletown, Iowa. Formerly of Canonsburg. (W.R. Jul. 9, 1880).

FRANK EMMETT HOLLAND, age about 15 months, died Jan. 8, 1880, in Monongahela City. Son of Hon. John Holland, Mayor of Mon. City. (W.O. Jan. 16, 1880).

JULIA H. HOLLAND, age 13, died Oct. 11, 1880, in Monongahela City, of diphtheria. Dau. of John Holland, Esq. (W.O. Oct. 22, 1880). 

MARY E. HOOK, age 73, died Nov. 25, 1880, in Waynesburg, Greene Co. Widow of Hon. Enos Hook, a one time member of Congress. (W.R. Nov. 28, 1880).

Miss MATE HOOPER, died Sep. 29, 1880, in Waynesburg, Greene Co. (W.R. Sep. 29, 1880).

SARAH HOOTMAN, age 37, died Mar. 13, 1880, in Nottingham Twp., of consumption. Wife of David Hootman, Esq. (W.O. Mar. 27, 1880).

------- HOOVER, died Dec. --. 1880, in West Bethlehem Twp., of general debility. (W.O. Dec. 24, 1880).

JAMES HOPE, age 60, died Nov. 23, 1880, at Victory, near Monongahela City, of pneumonia. He was a miner and had no family. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Nov. 26, 1880).

ANDREW HOPKINS, Esq., age about 55, died Mar. 5, 1880 at his residence at Washington, of pernicious anemia. Born Oct. 18, 1824 in Washington Co. Eldest son of William Hopkins. Extensive obituary available. (W.O. Mar. 12, 1880). (W.R. Mar. 10, 1880).

Mrs. SUSAN JENKINS, age about 67?, died Mar. 8, 1880, in East Finley Twp. Formerly of Canton. (W.O. Mar. 12, 1880).

MINERVA HORMELL, age 63, died Mar. 20, 1880, in West Pike Run Twp. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

ADAM HORN, Sr., age 74, died Oct. 14, 1880, in West Bethlehem Twp., near Zollarsville, suddenly of heart disease. (W.R. Oct. 26, 1880).

SIMEON B. HORN, age 30, died May 26, 1880, in St. Louis, Mo., as a result of falling under a stock R.R. train. Son of Adam Horn, Esq., of West Bethlehem Twp., Wash. Co. Interred in Zollarsville. (W.R. Jun. 1, 1880).

Mrs. NANCY HOSIE, age about 83, died Jun. 18, 1880, near West Alexander, of general debility. (W.O. Jun. 25, 1880).

Mrs. NANCY HOUSE, age 80, died Apr. 12, 1880, died at her home in Fallowfield Twp. (W.O. Apr. 23, 1880).

ISAAC HOUSTON, age 48, died Jan. 17, 1880 in Washington Borough, of paralysis. (W.O. Jan. 23, 1880).

HENRY HOWARD, age 77, died Mar. 9, 1880 at his residence near West Brownsville. Interred in Taylor Cemetery. (W.O. Mar. 19, 1880).

Mrs. ELIZABETH HOWDEN, age about 80, died Jul. 14, 1880, in Nottingham Twp., of heart disease. Formerly of Somerset Twp. Mother of John A. Howden, of Washington. (W.O. Jul. 23, 1880). 

SADIE J. HUBBS, age 34, died Nov. 21, 1880, in Bridgeport, Fayette Co., of typhoid fever. Wife of Dr. J. Allen Hubbs. (W.O. Dec. 3, 1880).

SAMUEL L. HUGHES, Esq., age 70, died Nov. 29, 1880, of cancer. Resident of Amwell Twp. Justice of the Peace for 37 years. Internment at Valley Cemetery. (W.R. Nov. 30, 1880).

ANNIE HUPP, age 6, died Jan. 1, 1880, at West Alexandria of diphtheria. Eldest dau. of Joseph Hupp, Esq. (W.O. Jan. 9, 1880).

HUGH HUSTON, age 70, died Jun. 18, 1880, in Canonsburg. (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).






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