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Dixon Collection
1880 Death Notices from Washington PA Newspapers

Collected and submitted by Glen Dixon


S Surnames

Child SCOSE, age 3, died Jun. 3, 1880, in Washington, of diphtheria. Child of Jacob Scose. Black. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

GEORGE T. SCOTT, age 42, died Aug. 15, 1880, died at his home in Monongahela City, of consumption. A well known businessman. Son-in-law of Oliver Linsey, Esq., of Washington, Pa. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Aug. 20, 1880).

JEAN SCOTT, age 2, died Jan. 30, 1880 in Monongahela City of catarrh fever. Dau. of George T. & Mary Scott. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Feb. 13, 1880).

JOHN D. SCOTT, Esq., age 70, died Mar. 6, 1880, of pneumonia. Resided in Somerset Twp. (W.O. Mar. 12, 1880).

Miss MAMIE SCOTT, age 21, died Sep. 1, 1880, in Monongahela City, of consumption. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Sep. 10, 1880).

Mrs. MARY SCOTT, age 85, died Aug. 31, 1880, in Clinton, Allegheny Co. Resided near Florence. Widow. (W.O. Sep. 10, 1880).

Mrs. SCOTT, died Jan. -, 1880, at Paris, Wash. Co., of general debility. Wife of Joseph Scott. She was at an advanced age. (W.O. Jan. 16, 1880).

RACHEL SCOTT, age 63, died Aug. 4, 1880, in Jefferson Twp., of dropsy. Wife of Josiah N. Scott, Esq. (W.R. Aug. 9, 1880).

SARAH SCOTT, age 75, died Jul. 26, 1880, in Monongahela City. Widow of Alexander Scott. (W.O. Aug. 6, 1880).

NANCY SCOTTHORN, age 85, died Dec. 21, 1880, at the residence of Charles Hayes, Esq., Washington. Relict of Nathan Scotthorn, a soldier from the War of 1812. (W.O. Dec. 24, 1880).

ALEXANDER SEAMAN, age 67, died Nov. 11, 1880, at his residence in Washington, of a brain aneurysm. Engaged in the grocery business. Internment at Washington Cemetery. (W.R. Nov. 12, 1880).

JANE D. SEAMAN, age 69, died Aug. 9, 1880, after a protracted sickness of paralysis. Wife of Alexander Seaman. (W.O. Aug. 13, 1880).

ALBERT SEARIGHT, died Oct. 27, 1880, Roney’s Point, W. Va. Youngest son of Henry & Wilhelmina Searight. (W.O. Nov. 19, 1880).

JONATHAN SELLS, age about 63, died Jun. 23, 1880, near Valley Grove, of gangrene. (W.R. Jun. 24, 1880).

JOHN H. SEYBOLD, age 52, died Sep. 22, 1880, in Washington borough, suddenly from disease of the stomach. Tobacconist in Washington borough. Internment in old graveyard. (W.R. Sep. 23, 1880).

ELIZABETH SHAFFER, age 58, died Jul. 2, 1880, in Elizabeth, Allegheny Co., from the effects of paralysis. Wife of Dr. John Shaffer, formerly of Washington, Pa. (W.O. Jul. 23, 1880).

ISAAC SHANE, age 97, died Jul. 30, 1880, at the residence of his son, James H. Shane, Jefferson Co., Ohio. He was born Dec. 26, 1782, on Pigeon Creek, Washington Co., Pa. He moved with his parents to Ohio, Apr. 2, 1798. (W.O. Sep. 10, 1880).

DAVID SHAW, died May 3, 1880, at his residence in Monongahela City, of pneumonia. Born in McKeesport. (W.O. May 7, 1880).

HENRY SHEATZ, age 70, died Feb. 25, 1880 in Brownsville, Fayette Co. (W.O. Mar. 5, 1880).

ELLA SHELLER, age 28, died Dec. 28, 1880. Wife of David Sheller, of Claysville. (W.O. Dec. 31, 1880).

ZILLA SHELLER, age about 21, died Sep. 6, 1880, in West Alexander, of consumption. Dau. of C. Sheller, Esq. (W.O. Sep. 17, 1880).

JOHN SHORT, age 13, died Jun. 17, 1880, of diphtheria. Son of John Short, East Finley Twp. Internment at Claysville. (W.R. Jun. 18, 1880).

MAGGIE M. SHORT, age 4, died Feb. 3, 1880 in East Finley Twp., of diphtheria. Dau. of John Short. (W.O. Feb. 20, 1880).

Infant SIBERT, died Dec. 21?, 1880, in Morris Twp. Infant son of Andrew Sibert. (W.O. Dec. 31, 1880).

J. ROSS SIMCOX, age about 85?, died Mar. 18, 1880, in Hickory, of pneumonia. (W.O. Mar. 27, 1880).

IDA SIMMINS, age 5, died Pct. 28, 1880, in Monongahela City, (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

THOMAS SIMONDS, age 78, died Apr. 22, 1880, in Monongahela City, (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881). 

JOHN SIMONS, age about 30, died Sep. --, 1880, in South Strabane Twp., of typhoid fever. (W.O. Sep. 23, 1880).

Child SIMPSON, died Jul. 11, 1880, in West Alexander. Child of D. Simpson. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

JONATHAN SIMPSON, M.D., age 88, died Dec. 6, 1880, in East Finley Twp., of general debility. (W.O. Dec. 17, 1880).

LAURA SIMPSON, age 20, died Mar. 2, 1880, in Buffalo Twp. Wife of David Simpson, formerly of East Finley Twp. (W.O. Mar. 12, 1880).

Mrs. SIMPSON, died Aug. 17, 1880, in Brownsville, Fayette Co. Wife of John Simpson. (W.O. Sep. 3, 1880).

WILLIAM SKILLEN, age 4 months, died Aug. 1880, of pneumonia. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jan. 21, 1881).

ANNIE M. SLATER, age 18, died Nov. 21, 1880, in Washington, suddenly of heart disease. Dau. of the late Theodore & Appolonia Slater. (W.O. Nov. 26, 1880).

SALLIE SLATER, age 28?, died Mar. 27, 1880, in West Alexander, of consumption. Dau. of M. Slater. (W.O. Apr. 2, 1880).

JOHN SLEMENS, age 5, died Aug. 27, 1880, in East Finley Twp., of diphtheria. Son of John & Jane C. Slemens. (W.O. Sep. 3, 1880).

JAMES FORREST CARSON SLEMMONS, age 5, died Aug. 27, 1880, at East Finley Twp., of paralysis of the heart. Only son of John E. & Jennie C. Slemmons. (W.O. Sep. 10, 1880).

JANE SLEMMONS, age 75, died Feb. 26, 1880, at the residence of her sister near Jackson, Wayne Co., Ohio. Formerly of West Middletown, Wash. Co., Pa. Relict of the late T.B. Slemmons. (W.O. Mar. 5, 1880).

JENNIE SLUBY, age 19, died Aug. 19, 1880, in Canonsburg, of consumption. Black. (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

EMMER SMALLWOOD, age 4, died Feb. 21, 1880, in East Pike Run Twp., of pneumonia. Child of G.W. Smallwood. (W.O. Mar. 5, 1880).

ANNIE SMITH, died Aug. 20, 1880, near Sycamore Station, Greene Co., of consumption. Dau. of Jacob Smith. (W.O. Sep. 3, 1880).

ELLEN R. SMITH, age 2, died Nov. 1880, of scarlet fever. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jan. 21, 1881).

HENRY SMITH, age 76, died May 1, 1880, in West Pike Run Twp. Black. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

JAMES SMITH, age 5, died Nov. 1, 1880, in Amwell Twp., of scarlet fever. Son of James Smith. (W.O. Nov. 12, 1880).

JENNIE SMITH, age about 80, died Apr. 1, 1880, in Somerset Twp., near Bentleyville, suddenly of paralysis. Widow of John Smith. (W.O. Apr. 9, 1880).

JOHN SMITH, age about 80, died Jul. 25, 1880, in Florence. (W.O. Jul. 30, 1880).

Mrs. SMITH, age 66?, died May 23, 1880, in West Pike Run Twp. Wife of Joseph Smith. Black. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

NELLIE? SMITH, age 6, died Nov. 6, 1880, in Allegheny City, Allegheny Co., of scarlet fever. Dau. of ---- K. Smith, formerly of Monongahela City. Interred in Monongahela City. (W.O. Dec. 10, 1880).

SAMUEL SMITH, age 81, died Oct. 2, 1880, in Washington, of paralysis. (W.O. Oct. 8, 1880).

Mrs. ELIZA A. SNODGRASS, died Oct. 29, 1880, in Franklin, at an advanced age. (W.R. Oct. 29, 1880).

MARY E. SNODGRASS, age 20 died Jun. 3, 1880, of measles. Resident of West Middletown. (W.O. Sep. 3, 1880).

Mrs. CATHERINE SNYDER, age about 73, died Dec. 1, 1880, in Franklin Twp. (W.O. Dec. 10, 1880).

NANNIE SPEER, age 3, died Aug. 15?, 1880, in Canonsburg, of diphtheria. Dau. of ---- & Rebecca Speer. (W.O. Aug. 27, 1880).

SARAH A. SPEISS, age 9, died Nov. 1880, of diphtheria. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jan. 21, 1881).

LOOMIS SPRIGGS, age about 20, died Oct. 13, 1880, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Cornelius Curran, of Washington borough, of typhoid fever. Formerly a resident of West Alexander. Internment at the Catholic Cemetery, on the Pittsburg turnpike. (W.O. Oct. 22, 1880). 

CYRUS SPROWLS, died Aug. 20?, 1880, in East Finley Twp., of consumption. (W.O. Aug. 27, 1880).

ELISHA STANSBURY, age about 47, died Apr. 28, 1880, in Wellsburg, W. Va. (W.O. May 7, 1880).

Mrs. REBECCA STANSBYRY, age 81, died Sep. 24?, 1880, in Brooke Co., W. Va., of paralysis. (W.O. Oct. 8, 1880).

Mrs. ELIZABETH STANTON?, age 30, died Mar. 22, 1880, in Washington, of disease of the heart. (W.O. Jan. 7, 1881).

JOHN A. STANTON, age about 85?, died Mar. --, 1880 in Washington borough, after a lingering illness. (W.O. Mar. 27, 1880).

GEORGE STARK, age 42, died Nov. 12, 1880, at Limetown, Wash. Co., after being struck by a switching engine the previous night. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.R. Nov. 15, 1880).

WILLIAM STEELE, age about 50, died Jul.13, 1880, suddenly at Rich Hill Farm, three miles north of Washington, after over-exertion while stacking hay. A farmer. An Irishman who came to America 20 years earlier. He was in the British Navy. He leaves a wife & seven children. Formerly resided in Hickory, where internment is to take place. (W.R. Jul. 14, 1880).

HENRY STEVENS, age 58, died Oct. 21, 1880, suddenly in Franklin, of a heart attack while at work. A resident of Washington borough & a carpenter. An Englishman by birth & a resident of Washington for 10 years. He leaves a large family. (W.R. Oct. 22, 1880).

SAMPSON STEVENSON, age 45?, died Aug. 28, 1880, in Hookstown, Beaver Co., of paralysis. (W.O. Sep. 10, 1880).

ANNA STEWART, died Apr. 18, 1880, in Washington borough. Infant child of Hamilton Stewart. (W.O. Apr. 23, 1880).

Capt. GEORGE WASH. STEWART, died Feb. 22, 1880 in Fayette City, Fay. Co., of cancer of the face & neck. (W.O. Mar. 5, 1880).

JAMES R. STEWART, age 68, died May 22, 1880, in Chartiers Twp., from effects of a cold. (W.O. May 28, 1880).

PETER STICKLE, age 78, died Jun. 5, in Morgan Twp., Greene Co. (W.O. Jun. 18, 1880).

LAVINIA STOCKDALE, age 52, died Nov. 3, 1880, in Monongahela City, of heart disease. Wife of Richard Stockdale. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Nov. 19, 1880).

Mrs. JANE STOCKWELL, died Apr. --, 1880, at Fredericktown, of old age. (W.O. Apr. 23, 1880).

JESSE STOCKWELL, age 75, died Apr. 8,1880, of stone in bladder. Resident of Fredericktown. (W.O. Apr. 16, 1880).

ROBERT STOKES, age about 10, died Jul. 8, 1880, drowned in Monongahela River, Coal Valley. Son of Christopher Stokes. (W.O. Jul. 23, 1880).

ROBERT STOLLER, age about 45, died Aug. 11, 1880, a few miles north of Washington, as a result of being struck by lightning, while working on the R.R. His insane wife resides in the County Home. His mother resides at Clokeyville. Interred at Hill Church, Clokeyville. (W.R. Aug. 12, 1880).

ROSE WORTON? STRAYER, age 4, died Nov. 27?, 1880, in Brownsville, Fayette Co. Second dau. of Rev. O. & K. WORTON STRAYER. (W.O. Dec. 3, 1880).

RETTA STREIGHT, age about 8, died Feb. 16, 1880 in Buffalo Twp. Dau. of Kate & the late George Streight. (W.O. Feb. 27, 1880).

Miss MARY ELIZABETH STRINGER, age 30, died Jun. 6, 1880, at Stockdale’s Works, Carroll Twp., of consumption. (W.O. Jun. 18, 1880).

WILLIAM T. STURGES, age 55, died Sep. 22, 1880, in Amwell Twp. (W.O. Oct. 1, 1880).

EUGENE SUMMERILL, age 18 months, died Feb. 10, 1880, in Monongahela City. Child of O. H. P. Summerill. Interred in Monongahela Cemetery. (W.O. Jan. 14, 1881).

Child SUTHERLAND, age 5 months, died Jun. 18, 1880, in West Finley Twp. Child of Wylie Sutherland. (W.O. Jun. 25, 1880).

WILEY SUTHERLAND, age 31, died Nov. 8?. 1880, in East Finley Twp., suddenly of diphtheria. He left an invalid wife and six children. (W.O. Nov. 19, 1880).

SAMPLE SWEENEY, age 79, died Jul. 17, 1880, in Washington, of general debility. Born in Peters Twp., Oct. 23, 1801, of Scotch-Irish parentage. He married Phoebe Lawrence Bell, in 1830 in Van Buren, Wash. Co. He was a storekeeper. His wife & 8 children, survived him. (W.O. Jul. 23, 1880).






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