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Amwell Twp Road Petitions Volume Index 1787 to

Washington County PA

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This Index Volume is located in the Clerk of Courts Office Washington Co PA Court House.

Everything from the official book on these 2 pages is typed below.


Lindley's Mill Jacob Cooks [sic] 6 [blank] 1787 [check]  
Humphrey Blakeways [sic] Fredericktown 4 Road 1791 [blank]  
Daniel Dodds [sic] Demas Lindley's Mill 7 {ditto} 1795 [check]  
East Branch Crain's run Jackson Road 12 {ditto} 1795 [check]  
Nathan Bane's Mills John Horns [sic] 2 {ditto} 1797 [check]  
Dan'l Sextet's Mill Jones' old place 3 {ditto} 1798 [check]  
David Johnson's Mill Isaac Lacocks [sic] 8 {ditto} 1798 [check]  
Christopher Horn's  Bartholoman [sic=Barthlomaw?] 
Old Place
11 {ditto} 1798 [check]  
Samuel Ross' Mill Caleb Baldwin's Mill 13 {ditto} 1800 [check]  
Gantz Mill James Hills [sic] Mill 5 {ditto} 1801 [check]  
Gantz Mill John Iiams [sic] Mill 3 {ditto} 1802 [check]  
Thomas Hallams [sic] Washington 5 {ditto} 1802 [check]  
Thomas Hallams [sic] Carters [sic] on Ten Mile 6 {ditto} 1803 [check]  
Bridge over Ten Mile at Washington and Waynesburg Roads 21  {ditto} 1803 [check]  
Jacob Babbit's on Ryerson Road Robert Whartons [sic] 3 {ditto} 1803 [check]  
John Gantz Mill Thomas Hallam's Mill 7 {ditto} 1805 [check]  
Tuckers [sic] Mill Thomas Palmers [sic] 14 {ditto} 1805 [check]  
Morgantown Robert Moore & James Enoch Ross 16 {ditto} 1805 [check]  
Michael Simon's Wm. Smith's old farm 18 {ditto} 1805 [check]  
County line between Washington & Greene [blank] 1 {ditto} 1802 [check]  
Bridge over Ten Mile near Miller's Mill [blank] 14 {ditto} 1806 [check], Private  
John Fisher's on the Muddy Road Rev. Thomas Moores [sic] 7 {ditto} 1807 [check]   
Amity Greene Co. line towards Waynesburg 1 {ditto} 1808 [check] Confirmed.  
Washington  Amity 2 {ditto} 1808 [check]  
Wm. Carter's Samuel Luellens [sic] 6 {ditto} 1808 [check] Confirmed.  
Ephriam Post's Ten Mile road bt. Z. Lindley & Z. Fulton's 1 {ditto} 1810 [check]  
Greene Co. line near Peter Sibert's John Millers [sic] on Waynesburg road 4 {ditto} 1810 [check] Confirmed.  
Joseph Rigg's Sugar Camp Geo. Nixon's on Waynesburg road 10 {ditto} 1811 [check] Confirmed.  
*Mouth of Baker's lane Daniel Horn's Field 14 {ditto} 1811 [check] Confirmed.  
Amity Rev. Thomas Moore's Orchard 6 {ditto} 1812 [check] Confirmed.  
Sam'l Hatfield's old barrs [sic=barns?] Francis Caldwell's 8 {ditto} 1812 [check]  
Isaac Buckingham's Mill Demas Lindley's Mill 4 {ditto} 1813 [check]  
Jaob Coleman's Washington & Waynesburg road 7 {ditto} 1815 [check] no road
Mathew Rineharts [sic] Crossroads bet. D. Eggy's & J. Walton's 19 {ditto} 1815 [check] [ditto marks = no road]
Bridge over Ten Mile at Clarksville [blank] 2 [blank] 1814 [check] Bridge
Bridge over North Fork of Ten Mile at Clark's Mill [blank] 3 [blank] 1817 [check] [ditto marks = Bridge]
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Daniel L. Goble's plantation William Clemens' plantation 2 March 1817 [check]  
Simpson's Mill Intersect U. S. road bt. Doukes' & Boro. of Uniontown 2 October 1817 [check] Confirmed.  
Bridge over Ten Mile Cr. on road leading from Washington to Waynesburg 12 September 1819 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Bane's lane James Mustard on W. & W. Road 2 June 1820 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
John Iams' saw mill Moses Cooper's near mouth of Ten Mile Cr. 4 [ditto June] 1820 [check]  
Bridge over Bane's fork of Ten Mile bet. Jno. Ryans [sic] & Jesse Banes [sic] 3 September 1820 [check]  
William Paul's old barn Thomas McGiffin's land 1 March 1822 [check]  
Simeon Brown's near Greene Co. line Rezin Lewellens [sic] 1 November 1822 [check] Confirmed  
Jesse Bane's at forks of Ten Mile Buckingham's or Keys [sic] on Millsborough road 2 [ditto November] 1822 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Jacob McFarland's Mill Daniel D. Gobles [sic] 3 January 1823 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
John DeCamp's Stone Schoolhouse 1 March 1824 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Headley's Mill Bane's Mill 4 [ditto March ] 1824 [check]   
Henry Slusher's Mill Samuel Hatfield's farm 1 June 1824 [check] Confirmed  
Isaac Buckingham's U. S. road near James Dunlaps [sic] 4 [ditto June] 1824 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Isaac Bane's U. S. road near Rev. Matthew Brown's 6 November 1824 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Rob't & William Chamber's Mill Washington 1 June 1825 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
William Hallam's Bridge on west side Nicholas Garrett's farm 3 [ditto June] 1825 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Bridge over Ten Mile creek near Amity [blank] 11 [ditto June] 1825 [check]  
John VanKirks [sic] Borough of Washington 6 December 1825 [check]  
Amity Daniel Gardner's on Ten Mile creek 7 [ditto December] 1826 [check] Confirmed  
Strabane & Amwell Twps. praying for change in Twp line [blank] 23 March 1828 [check]  
William Patterson's William Chamber's mill 13 October 1828 [check] Confirmed  
Washington Whiteley's 20 [ditto October]  1828 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
William Paul's mill Enoch Bakers [sic] in direction to Hillsborough 4 June 1829 [check]  
Bridge over Ten Mile creek near Peter Smith's mill [blank] 14 [ditto June] 1829 [check]  
Bridge across North branch of Ten Mile creek near Peter Smith's Mill 9 October 1830 [check]  
Old Waynesburg road south of Elisha Lacock  Henry Monigers [sic] 5 March 1831 [check] Confirmed  
Andrew McCracken's Mouth of Condit's lane 6 [ditto March] 1831 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Bridge bet. Henry Slusher's & John Gantz's mill Enoch Baker's shop 10 October 1831 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Chamber's mill Washington 17 [ditto October]  1831 [check]  
Bane Jacob's mill Amity 1 March 1832 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed, but the writer never put Confirmed back in first]  
Clark Abner's Degood's Benj. 2 June 1832 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Bane Isaac's Mustard Jas.' farm 9 December 1832 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Chamberlin Jas. Crite Dan'l's land 3 March 1834 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Clark Ezekiel Baker Enoch's house 13 June 1834 [check] [ditto marks for Confirmed]  
Bridge over Ten Mile creek at Slusher's Mill [blank] 12 September 1835 [check]   
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I don't know what they used the check marks for; maybe it just indicated that the case was heard?
"Confirmed" means the road petition was heard, the potential road viewed (surveyed), and approved (confirmed).
"Ditto Marks" such as  "   "  means "the same as above".



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