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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

s=single man ()=a different spelling in the original tax list

Amwell Township
Names Notes
Adam, Clemon  
Aklen, Samuel  
Allison, Patrick  
Angle, John no land
Atkison, George  
Atkison, John  
Atkison, William s
Axtele, Daniel  
Axtele, Thomas  
Ayrs, John  
Baldwin, Caleb  
Baldwin, Jabez  
Bane, Ellis  
Bane, Isaac  
Bane, Jesse  
Bane, Joseph Jr.  
Bane, Joseph Sr.  
Bane, Nathan  
Bates, Ephraim  
Benham, Robert  
Bilby, Richard  
Bobet, Job  
Brown, William  
Bruen, Andrew  
Bruin, William  
Byeen, James s (Bruen)
Cahill, Dennes  
Camp, Laurance  
Carmichael, John Junr.  
Carmichael, John Senr.  
Cary, Abraham  
Carson, John  
Carter, George  
Carter, James  
Carter, Stephen  
Carter, William  
Carwine, William  
Cary, Colvin  
Cary, Jeremiah  
Chamberland, Arthur  
Clark, Samuel  
Clutter, John  
Clutter, William  
Coe, Joseph  
Coltson, Samuel  
Cook, Abel  
Cook, Jacob  
Cook, Noah  
Cook, Stephen  
Cooper, Moses  
Cooper, Nathaniel  
Cooper, Zebulon  
Covalt, Chinaniah  
Cracraft, Charles  
Craft, John  
Craft, Laurance  
Craft, William s
Craig, John Esqr.  
Craig, Samuel  
Craig, Thomas s
Davis, John  
Day, Daniel  
Day, Jeremiah  
Day, Samuel  
Dorman, George  
Dickerson John  
Dickerson, Gideon s
Dickerson, Henry  
Dickerson, Ruth widow
Dillie, Caleb  
Dillie, David Junr.  
Dillie, David Senr.  
Dillie, Isaac  
Dillie, Israel s
Dillie, John  
Dillie, Price  
Dillie, Samuel  
Dod, Daniel  
Dodd, John  
Dod, Thaddeus Revd.  
Dotty, John  
Dousman, Daniel  
Eaton, Ebenazer  
Eddy, John  
Elliot, William  
Evans, Abraham  
Evans, Caleb  
Evans, David  
Evans, Joseph  
Fairly, Andrew  
Ferril, John  
Fordyce, Abraham (Fordice)
Fordyce, James  
Fordyce, John s
Fordyce, Samuel  
Fraizee, Jonathan  
Frazee, Benjamin  
Frazee, David  
French, Samuel  
Gardner, John  
Goble, Benjamin  
Goble, Caleb  
Goble, Daniel  
Goble, Ebenezer  
Goble, John  
Golden, Matthew (Gordon)
Grandine, Edward  
Gregg, Amos  
Gregg, Israel  
Gregg, John  
Hathaway, Abraham  
Hathaway, Nathan  
Hathaway, Richard  
Hewet, Peter  
Hewet, Philip  
Hill, John  
Hill, Robert  
Hill, Thomas  
Holloway, Elkenny  
Hollensworth, Levi  
Horn, Hardman  
Horn, John  
Howel, Daniel  
Howel, Abner  
Hughes, John (Hewes)
Husong, Jacob  
Hyslop, Samuel  
Jennings, Joseph  
Johnson, Abraham  
Johnson, John  
Keating, Thomas  
Kemble, John  
Kitts, Christian  
Lackey, Thomas  
Lacock, Isaac s
Larrison, John  
Lasher, Joseph  
Leacock, Elisha  
Leacock, Joseph  
Leacock,William (Laycock)
Lindsly, Caleb Junr.  
Lindsly, Caleb Sr.  
Lindsly, Daniel s
Lindsly, Demas  
Lindsly, John  
Lindsly, Joseph  
Lindsly, Zenas  
Lollar, James  
Love, Leonard  
Loveridge, Abijah  
Luchas, Thomas  
Martin, John  
McColloch, Samuel  
McCormick, William  
McFarland, Daniel  
McFarland, William  
McFarson, Alexander  
McGiffen, Nathaniel  
McGiffen, Thomas  
McVay, Benjamin  
McVay, Edmond  
McVay, Isaac  
McVay, James  
McVay, John  
McVay, John Junr.  
Michael, Simon  
Miller, John  
Morris, Elisha  
Morris, Isaac  
Morris, Jacob  
Morris, Robert  
Mustard, James  
Newell, John  
Nickles, Thomas  
Parker, Peter  
Parkhurst, Samuel  
Paul, James  
Peck, Jacob  
Phillips, James  
Post, Joseph  
Pettit, Isaac  
Reese, John  
Reese, Morris  
Ricky (?), Benjamin  
Ross, Benjamin (Royse)
Ross, Nathaniel  
Royce, Benjamin  
Rude, John  
Rude, Jacob s
Ryan, Timothy  
Sanders, Elihu  
Seducer, Christopher  
Serjeant, Thomas (Serjant)
Shearer, William  
Standers (?), Stephen  
Stone,  Francis  
Suster, Daniel (Shuster)
Sutton, Abraham  
Swart, Philip  
Swineheart, Gabriel  
Thomas, Michael  
Tucker, James  
Tuttle, Daniel s
Valllilie, Daniel  
Vancamp, Aaron  
Veers, Daniel  
Veers, Nehemiah  
Venham, George  
Vineyard, Francis s
Vineyard, James s
Vineyard, John  
Vineyard, Thomas  
Vineyard, William  
Virgin, Thomas  
White, Edward  
Wheeling, John  
Wier, Adam  
Williams, Moses  
Wingate, Caleb  
Wolverton, Thomas  
Wright, Alexander  
Wright, Obediah  
Young, George  

Source: FHL #1027064


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