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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

Transcribed by Eric Olson

s=single man

Nottingham Township
Adam, William  
Armstrong, William  
Baker, George  
Bar***, Cornelius s
Barber, Samuel  
Barr, William  
Batt, John  
Bay*s, William  
Beatts, Michael  
Bently, Benjamin  
Bently, Joseph  
Betts, Michael  
Bevard, James  
Blackmore, Nathaniel  
Blair, John  
Bounds, Thomas s
Bowers, Robert  
Boys, William  
Bradford, Charles  
Bready, William  
Brown, George  
Brown, Henry  
Brown, John  
Brown, William  
Brown, William  
Bryan, Henry  
Calbreath, Samuel  
Callaway, James?  
Cambers, James  
Camron, Lewis  
Casebear, Jonathan  
Casebear, Nathan  
Chambers, Joseph  
Clamins, Nicholas  
Cline, Michael  
Collins, Benjamin  
Collins, Isaac  
Collins, John  
Collins, Joseph  
Collins, Thomas  
Cool, Peden  
Corns, William  
Coughran, William  
Coxx, Gabriel  
Crawford, Alexander  
Crawford, Benjamin  
Crawford, John  
Crawford, Joshua  
Croutch, Robert  
Custard, Benjamin  
Daily, Charles  
Daily, Nathan  
Daily, Samuel  
Davis, George  
Dealy, Philip  
Dealy, Philip Junior  
Devour, Andrew  
Devour, Henry  
Devour, John  
Devour, Nicholas  
Devour, Peter  
Dick, Samuel  
Dickson, Thomas  
Driver, John  
Ellis, James  
Errick, Leonard  
F**l**, Zachariah  
Farlane, Patrick  
Feghey ?, Jacob  
Feghey ?, Simon  
Fenley or Finley, John  
Ferguson, Henry  
Ferguson, Isaac  
Ferguson, James  
Ferguson, James  
Ferguson, Vincent  
Ferrol, James  
Ferry, Jacob  
Forbey, William  
Galleher, Ebenezer  
Galleher, John  
Gallespie, George  
Gallespie, James  
Gibson, Thomas  
Gladen, Joseph  
Gondey or Goudey, William
Gonkens, William  
Gordon, John  
Gray, Alexander  
Grimes, James  
Hall, John  
Hamilton, Alexr.  
Hamilton, Anne  
Hamilton, David  
Hamilton, James  
Hamilton, John  
Hamilton, John  
Hannas, William  
Hardon, John  
Heath, Henry  
Heath, John  
Heath, Samuel  
Heath, William  
Higgs, Daniel  
Highpouogh, George  
Higley, Obediah  
Holliday, Moses  
Holmes, Francis  
Hopkins, David  
Hopper, John  
Jacob, Daniel  
James, James  
James, Richard  
Johnson, David  
Johnstone, John  
Johnstone, Matthew  
Jolley, Danid  
Jolley, David Junr.  
Jolley, James  
Jordan, John  
Karr, James  
Karr, John  
Kinney, Isaac  
Kinney, William  
Kuykendall, Benjamin  
Lake, Ameriah  
Lawrey, James  
Leard ?, James  
Leedom ?, James  
Little, Robert  
Livingstone, David  
Logan, James  
Mackleheny, John  
Mallet, Mary  
Marshell, Hugh  
Marshell, James  
Martin, Abigail  
McCadims ?, James s
McCaslin, Andrew  
McClain, David  
McCowan, John  
McCune, Joseph  
McDonald, Enos  
McDonald, John  
McFarland, Adam  
McFarlane, Andrew  
McFarlane, Baptist  
McGee, Robert  
McGraw, John  
McMullan, William  
McMullen, James  
McNaughton, Peter  
Meeks, Samuel  
Meers, Matthew  
Miller, David  
Miller, George  
Miller, James  
Miller, John  
Mitchell, John  
Montgomery, Robert  
Morrison, Henry  
Morrison, John  
Munn, James  
Munn, John  
Munn, John Junr.  
Munn, Joshua  
Murry, Neal  
Newkirk, Henry  
Noble, John  
O'Brian, David  
O'Donald, James  
Onstrote ?, John  
Onsuller?, Philip  
Orr, William  
Otter, Aaron  
Otter, John  
Otter, John  
Parkinson, Benjamin  
Parkinson, James  
Parkinson, John  
Parkinson, Joseph  
Parkinson, William  
Parrimore, John  
Parrimore, John Jr.  
Parrimore, Nathal  
Parrimore, Thomas  
Paterson, Peter  
Pegg, Benjamin  
Pegg, Elias  
Penticost, Dorsey  
Persall, Sampson  
Province, John  
Qugley, William  
Ralph, Samuel  
Ramage, William  
Rankin, James  
Rankin, John  
Rankin, Thomas  
Rankin, William  
Reed, Bennet  
Reed, Opheniah  
Robinson, Daniel  
Robinson, John  
Robinson, John  
S**ings, Joseph  
Sampson, John  
Sanderson, James  
Sayers, Camwell  
Scott, Hugh  
Scott, James  
Scott, Samuel  
Scott, William  
Shanon, George  
Shanon, John  
Smith, William  
Spivey, Jacob  
Stephens, John  
Stephenson, John  
Steward, James  
Stewart, John  
Stout, Abraham  
Swan, William  
Swearingin, Samuel  
T****s, Elijah  
Taylor, Michael  
Thatcher, Joseph  
Thomas, Liverton  
Underhill, John  
Vannatta, John  
Walker, Andrew  
Walker, Isaac  
Walker, Samuel  
Wartner ?, Barney  
Watt, Samuel  
Welch, George  
Welck or Welch, John  
Wickerham, Adam  
Wickerham, Adam Senr.  
Wickerham, Jacob  
Wickerham, John  
Wickerham, Peter  
Wilie, Samuel  
Wilkey, William  
Williams, Aaron  
Williamson, William  
Willson, Daniel  
Willson, George  
Wilson, George  
Wilson, Obediah  
Wilson, William  
Winds ?, Abner  
Wright, Jerry  
Wright, Samuel  
Wright, William  
Wright, Zadoch  
Yant, John  

Source: FHL #1027064


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