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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

Transcribed by Judy McCartney
SF=Single Freeman

Peters Township
Allison, Charles  
Anderson, James  
Anderson, John  
Armstrong, William  
Atkins, John  
Baily, Elias  
Barker, Aaron  
Barr, John  
Bayor, James SF
Bealy, James  
Beeler, Joseph  
Been, John  
Bell, David  
Bell, Joseph  
Bell, Robert  
Belle, John  
Bennet, William  
Bennington, William  
Black, John  
Blackburn, John  
Blackburn, John SF
Blackmore, Samuel  
Blare ?, Samuel  
Body, Peter  
Bolly, Anthony  
Bousman, Jacob  
Boyd, Robert  
Boyd, Thomas  
Boyer, John  
Bradon, Mehall  
Brandon, Peter  
Breden, Robert  
Brekenridge, John SF
Buchanan, Ebenezer  
Buchanan, John SF
Campbell, Edward  
Campbell, John  
Campbell, John Coll
Carnahen, David  
Caughey, Nathaniel  
Clark, John  
Clark, John Revd
Clements, Alexander  
Coe, Moses  
Conner, Cornelius  
Conner, Cornelius  
Conner, John  
Conner, William  
Corn, David  
Correl, Daniel  
Couch, Joseph  
Coulter, Nathaniel  
Coutch, Nathan poore
Cox, John  
Crooks, Richard  
Dally, Samuel  
Densmore, David  
Douglass, James  
Douglass, John Esq.  
Douglass, Robert  
Dunlavy, Anthony  
Dunlavy, Frances  
Elliot, Daniel  
Eshtop, Robt.  
Fife, John  
Fife, John SF
Fife, William  
Fife, William  
Fife, William Junr.  
Fiffe, John  
Fouler, George  
Fraizer, Frances  
Frazer, Robert SF
Frew, Andrew SF
Frew, John  
Friend, Issac  
Friend, John  
Gaily, James  
Gilfellon, Alexander  
Gilkeson, James  
Gilkeson, Samuel  
Gilmore, Mathew  
Goodhorn, Leonard  
Gooshorn, George  
Hand, Edward Gl [Gentleman?]  
Hanna, Samuel  
Hanson, Jacob  
Henry, James  
Henry, John  
Hewey, Robert  
Hite, Anthony  
Hood, Andrew  
Hopkins, John  
Huey, Edward  
Huey, Ephraim  
Hull, Samuel  
Hulse, Henry  
Hulse, Joseph  
Hulse, Richard SF
Hulse, Richard SF
Huston, Daniel  
Irvin, James  
Jacob, Robert  
James, Thomas  
Jarviss, James  
Johns, John  
Johnston, Robert  
Jones, Jacob  
Jones, John  
Kennedy, David  
Kennedy, James  
Kennedy, John SF
Kennedy, William SF
Kerns, James  
Kiddo, George  
Kiddo, James  
Kinsalley, James  
Kirkandall, Abraham  
Kirkandall, Benjamin  
Kirkandall, Henry  
Kirkandall, James  
Lamb, John SF
Laughlin, Andrew SF
Laughlin, Robert  
Lee, William  
Lesly, Charles  
Lewis, John  
Lisle, Peter SF
Logan, Adam  
Logan, James  
Logan, Joseph  
Lone, Elias  
Long, Alexander  
Long, Jacob  
Long, Jacob junr  
Long, James  
Look, William  
Lunadeal, Thomas  
Lush, Robert  
Lusk, James SF
Magner, Edward  
Magner, Edward SF
Magnor, Henry  
Magnor, John SF
Maners, John  
Mannon, Corneluis  
Mars, William SF
Marshall, John  
Marten, James  
Martin, William  
Masters, John SF
Masters, Richard  
Masters, William  
Matthew, James  
Matthews, Margaret  
Matthony,  Nathal.  
Mattz, John  
Mayhall, Timothy  
Mayhall, William  
McCartney, James  
McClain, Patrick  
McClelland, Widow  
McClure, Damy SF
McColloch, Alexr.  
McCollock, Kean  
McCollough, Joseph SF
McCormick, John  
McCormick, Samuel  
McCoy, Alexander  
McDaffey, Robert  
McDaniel, John  
McDaniel, John  
McDermet, Archibald  
McDermett, Joseph  
McFarland, Andrew  
McFarson, Robert  
McGowan, John  
McGowen, James  
McKain, Martin  
McKee, John  
McKee, Robert  
McLaughlin, James  
McLong, John  
McMahen, Abner  
McMillan, Thomas  
McMillen, Patrick  
McMullen, John SF
McNaight, William  
McNeight, Joseph  
Miller Isaac  
Miller, Alexander  
Miller, James  
Miller, James SF
Miller, John  
Miller, Thomas  
Miller, William  
Mills, Benjamin  
Mitchel, Andrew  
Mollock, Jacob  
Moor, William  
Moore, Widow  
Morgan, Charles  
Morrison, Frances  
Morrison, John SF
Morrison, William  
Moses, James  
Murdock, William  
Murpherp ?, Patrick  
Murphey, Edward  
Murry or Muvoy, Joseph SF
Murry, George  
Murry, James  
Murry, John  
Navill, John Coll.  
Neely, Thomas  
Neight, Andrew  
Park, James  
Park, Thomas  
Paterson, Adam SF
Paterson, John  
Paterson, Joseph  
Paterson, Thomas  
Philips, David Col.  
Philips, David Revd.  
Philips, Job  
Philips, Joseph  
Philips, William  
Power, John  
Pyatt, Widow  
Queen, James  
Rallins, James  
Ramsey, Thomas  
Redman, George  
Redman, Thomas  
Reed, Paul  
Reedman, William  
Reno, Francis  
Reno, Widow  
Richardson, William SF
Richman, William  
Rigdon, Thomas  
Rigdon, William SF
Ross, Philip  
Scott, Wm  
Sellers, Isaac  
Severs, John SF
Shabridge or Strabridge, David  
Shannon, John  
Sharp, Adam  
Sharp, Edward  
Sharp, James  
Sheepheard, Edward SF
Shuchen, Daniel  
Sickman, George  
Smith, Robert  
Smith, William SF
Snodgrass, Robert  
Steel, David  
Stephenson, John  
Stephenson, John  
Sterling, Hugh SF
Stewart, James  
Stewart, William  
Stokes, Nathaniel  
Stone, John  
Stoops, James  
Sutherland, Anguish  
Sutton, David SF
Swearingen, Daniel  
Swearingen, John  
Sweet, Benjamin  
Thomas, Daniel  
Thompson, Elizabeth  
Thompson, Samuel  
Thompson, William  
Tidball, Thomas  
Tidball, William  
Tod, John  
Torrence, James  
Tounsend, Daniel  
Toute, Abraham  
Turk, James  
Turk, William  
Veezey, Elisha  
Waddle, George  
Walker, John  
Wallace, James  
Wallace, James  
Wallace, John  
Wallace, Robert  
Walls, John  
Ward, Edward  
Watson, Thomas  
White, James  
White, Robert SF
Wilkison, John  
William, Frances SF
Williams, Isaac SF
Williams, Thomas  
Williams, William SF
Wilson, Abraham SF
Wilson, John SF
Wilson, Joseph  
Wilson, William SF
Witherhead, Robert  
Work, Adam "or Aron"  
Young, John  

Source: FHL #1027064


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