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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

Transcribed by Alice Helmey

Robinson Township

Anderson, Norman  
Andrew, Moses  
Armstrong, John  
Astins, Heirs  
Baber ?, Joseph  
Baggs, James  
Bail, George  
Bail, John  
Baily, Alexander  
Baily, Matthew  
Baker, George  
Baker, George s
Barns, John  
Barns, Peter  
Beer, Robert  
Beer, Thomas  
Beer, William  
Bell, James  
Bell, William  
Belle, Robert Capt  
Benney, John  
Biggert, Thomas  
Blunk, Andrew  
Blunk, William  
Bodin, Joseph  
Bond, Hugh  
Bosman, Jacob  
Boyd, Robert  
Boyd, William  
Brady, James  
Brady, Wallace Esq.  
Brahenridge, Hugh  
Brown, Thomas  
Bruce, Charles  
Bruce, William  
Burchfield, James  
Burns, Alexander  
Caldwell, James  
Callenders, Heirs  
Campbell, John  
Carkendall, Benjamin  
Carkendalle, Nathaniel  
Chambers, Captain  
Chamborland, Richard  
Cherry, Aaron  
Cifney ?,Joseph  
Clark, Charles  
Clark, Robert  
Clifford, John  
Clock, Heirs  
Collins, John s
Colvin, James  
Crawford, James  adjent  
Crochens, Heirs  
Crooks, Henry  
Crooks, Robert  
Crooks, Thomas  
Cunningham, Jonathan  
Cunningham, Robt  
Dawson, John  
Dimes, Batholomew  
Donaldson, John  
Dorough, John  
Dousman, John  
Drake, Edward  
Druming ?, Margaret  
Dunken, Pervenes  
Elliott, George  
Evans, Duncan  
Ewing, Alexander  
Ewing, James  
Ewing, Samuel  
Ewings, Amos  
Ewings, Samuel  
Fackle, Jacob  
Faulks ?, Heirs  
Fezel, Laurance  
Fife, William  
Fink, Andrew  
Flenniken, William  
Forbus, William  
Fowlar, Heirs  
Fullem, Benjamin  
Fullem, Benjamin s
Gallen, Patrick  
Garner or Gerner, Arthur s
Gibbs, Edward s
Gibson, John Col.  
Graham, Hugh  
Greenlee, Robert  
Greer, Seth  
Guy, William  
Hanna, Thomas  
Henderson, Matthew  
Henry, Joseph  
Hervey, Charles  
Hervey, John s
Hervey, William  
Holingsworth, Stephen  
Hull, John  
Hull, John  
Hull, Samuel  
Inmans, Ezekiel  
Inmans, Heers  
Insley, Thomas  
Jeffery, Samuel  
Johnson, Andrew  
Johnson, Court  
Johnson, James  
Justice, Isaac  
Kellsey, John  
Kelly, David  
Kelly, Joseph  
Kennedy, David  
Kerr, John  
Kidd, Alexander  
Kidd, William  
Kilbreath, John  
Kilbreath, William  
Kilosease, John  
Kilpatrick, Francis  
Kilpatrick, William  
Laurance, Isaac  
Leadem, Thomas  
Lee, William  
Leewebster, John  
Legget, Alexander  
Lepheart, Jacob  
Little, James  
Logan, Adam  
Long, George  
Lorance, Philip  
Lowry, James  
Lowry, Robert  
Macksfield, William  
Mallick, Tobias  
Marks, William  
McAdams, Gilbert  
McAdoo, Heis  
McAdoo, John  
McAtheney, John  
McBride, Henry  
McBride, James  
McCandless, Allexander  
McCandless, Elizabeth  
McCandless, William  
McCarmack, James  
McClelland, Alexander  
McCormick, John  
McCowan, Christopher  
McCoy, David  
McCoy, James  
McCoy, Margaret  
McCoy, William  
McCurdy, Alexander  
McDonald, John  
McGreeger, William  
McKee, James  
McLaughlin, William  
McMichael, Isaac  
McMinn, Robert  
McNeelys, Heirs  
Meek, Jacob  
Meek, John  
Meek, Joshuia  
Michael, Andrew  
Micheal, John  
Millen, John  
Miller, James  
Moore, Robert  
Mooreland, William  
Moors, James  
Morgan, Charles  
Morrison, James  
Morrisson, Samuel  
Morrisson, William  
Mullin, Thomas  
Neel, Abraham  
Neely, Hugh  
Newell, William  
Nickel, John  
Nickle, William  
Noble, Henry  
Noble, Richard  
Obeney, James  
Peery, John  
Peoples, William  
Perkins, Alexr  
Philips, John  
Philips, Jonathan  
Philips, Samuel  
Pierce, Paul  
Potter, Henry  
Potter, Robert  
Queen, Charles  
Queen, John s
Quickly, James  
Ralstone, Samuel  
Redick, John  
Redick, John surveyr ?
Redick, William  
Reed, Andrew  
Reed, John  
Reed, William  
Rerdon, Jack  
Rerdon, John  
Richeson, Major  
Ridle, Samuel  
Rion, Joseph  
Rion, William  
Robb, John  
Robb, John  
Robb, William  
Robinson or Smiths, Heirs  
Robinson, Andrew  
Robinson, Joseph  
Rolins, Aaron Sen  
Rollings, Aaron Junr.  
Ross, James Lawr. ?
Ross, William  
Rosseburry, William  
Scott, Abraham  
Scott, Henry  
Scott, John  
Scott, Josiah  
Scott, Samuel  
Shane, Timothy  
Sharp, Nehemiah  
Shearer, Hugh  
Shears, James  
Shoemaker, Bartholow  
Short, John  
Shumaker, Michael  
Simons, Jonas  
Singer or Senger, John  
Smallman, Major  
Smith, David  
Smith, Joseph  
Sonn ?, Major  
Spear, Allexander s
Spevey, John  
Springer, Michael  
Sproul, Thomas  
Sprout, John  
Stedem ?, Zachariah  
Stephenson, John  
Stephenson, John Junr.  
Steward, James  
Stewart, David  
Stewart, Samuel  
Stewart, William  
Stoe ? in Lancaster  
Sullen, William  
Swearingin, John  
Templie, Robert  
Tevebrough, Daniel  
Thompson, Benjamin  
Thompson, James  
Thompsons, Andrew Heirs  
Thornbourough, Thomas  
Tolin, John  
Tomkins, Wm. ?  
Tucker, William  
Tumblestone, Joseph  
Turner, William  
Vallandigham, George  
Vance, Robert  
Veal, John  
Veal, Soloman  
Waker, Robt.  
Walker, Edward  
Walker, Gabriel  
Walker, Isaac  
Walker, Joseph  
Walker, William  
Ward and Marshell in Comp  
Ward and Morgan in Company  
Ward, Edward  
Ward, John  
Wardon, James  
Wardon, William  
Weller, Gorge  
Wheeler, John  
White, James  
Whiteside, James  
Willson, Mary  
Wilson, James  
Wilson, John  
Wilson, Joseph  
Wilson, William  
Winkfield, Henry  
Witherington, Robert  
Wolf, Adam  
Wolf, John  
Woodrough, Cornelius  
Woods, John  
Woodsw, Tobias  
Wright, Allexr.  
Wright, Zadock  
Young, Thomas  

Source: FHL #1027064


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