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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

Transcribed by Jennifer Morrow
SF=Single Freeman

Greene Township

Allen John  
Alley Ross SF
Anderson David "or Danl"  
Andrews John  
Azal William  
Balshay James  
Balzor Nicholas  
Banifield John  
Blaiz Jacob  
Boil Stone George  
Boils William SF
Boilstone David  
Bowman Thomas  
Bradford James  
Bradford John  
Brakebill Peter  
Britain James  
Brown John Hatter  
Brown John Weaver  
Bruner Jacob  
Burns Michael  
Burns William  
Burt William  
Campbell Dugall  
Caneth Vallantine  
Canon Richard  
Carbey John  
Carmichael James  
Chaffin John  
Chaffin John [listed twice]  
Clark Daniel  
Clay Alexander  
Closen Mary  
Closen Peter  
Clover Jacob  
Colvin George  
Conwell Elverton  
Corbray John Revd.  
Coughran Thomas  
Covalt Abraham  
Coxx Michael  
Craner Boston  
Craner Samuel  
Crosley Robert  
Crosley Ross  
Davis Ignatious  
Davis James  
Davis John  
Davis Joseph  
Devall John  
Dillinger Augustine  
Dolhiver Henry  
Douglass John SF
Douglass John  Trader SF
Douglass Timotheous  
Dye Andrew  
Dye Benjamin  
Edward John  
Elacote Coms on theline ?  
Erwin Richard  
Erwin William  
Evance George SF
Evance John SF
Evans David  
Everly Adam  
Evins John Jun  
Evins John Sen  
Farmer Jacob  
Fast Christopher  
Fast Francie  
Fast Jacob  
Fast Nicholas  
Ferry John SF
Fertner Henry  
Flinn (?) James  
Floun (Flowers) David  
Flowers Thomas  
Fort Francis  
Fraizer Jacob  
Fraizer Joseph  
Frakes Henry  
Frakes Nathan  
Galpen (?) Samuel  
Gapin Zachariah  
Gappin Stephen SF
Gappin William W. SF
Gardner Adam SF
Garrard John  
Garrard Justice  
Garrison Frederick  
Garrison George SF
Garrison Leonard  
Garrison Leonard SF
Gates John  
Gerrard Isaac  
Glasgow John  
Goodwine Daniel SF
Green Leonard  
Griffey John  
Guthrie John  
H*sley (?) Rudolph  
Hannin Matthew  
Harday Thomas  
Harden John  
Harred Samuel  
Harrow Thomas  
Hart John  
Hide Samuel  
Hinkle Joseph  
Hobbs Henson  
Holmes William  
Hooper Robert  
Hover George  
Howard Joseph  
Howard Samuel  
Howard Vashill  
Hustin John  
Hutson William  
Ivers Richard  
Jackson Alexander  
Jackson Henry  
Jenkins Aaron  
Jenkins Francis  
Johnston Baily  
Johnston Henry  
Johnstone Zepheniah  
Jones Evin  
Jones Joel  
Jones Robert  
Julen Isaac  
Kidd Nathaniel  
Knots Benjamin  
Knots James  
Knots Solomon  
Knots William  
Knotts Nathaniel SF
Lamby George  
Lamley John  
Lance Andrew  
Lance John  
Lavinbanger George  
Lewis Andrew  
Lewis John SF
Lewis Philip  
Lewis William SF
Lines Samuel  
Little Michael  
Livingood Jacob  
Long Ann Widow  
Long David  
Long Elial or Eliat  
Long Gideon  
Long Jeremiah  
Long John  
Long Noah  
Manon Edmond  
Marshall William  
Martin Joseph SF
Martin Zachariah SF
Masters William  
McClure John  
McGinnis Francis  
McKey William  
McMahen John  
McMillen James  
Miford Daniel  
Minor John Esq  
Minor William  
Moore John  
Morris Amis SF
Morris George  
Morris Jonathan  
Morris Joseph Jun  
Morris Joseph Sen  
Morris Levy  
Morrison Robert  
Munch Jonathan SF
Mundle Abner  
Mundle James  
Navil John Col  
Newman Isaac  
Night David  
Night William  
P*ttit John  
Pain Richard  
Parser James  
Pollock John  
Prise David  
Province Sarrow  
Ralstone John Jun  
Ralstone John Sen  
Ralstone William  
Rankin Joseph  
Rankin Joseph estate  
Rankins George SF
Reily Peter  
Rinehart Daniel  
Roberts John  
Robins William  
Rose John  
Ross Joseph  
Rowen Caspin  
Rutter John  
Serina Henry  
Shalbey David  
Shannon Robert  
Shapheard John  
Sheapherd Solomon SF
Shines Catherine  
Shins George  
Shipley William  
Shipman Nicoles  
Six Henry  
Six Jacob  
Smith Henry  
Smith John  
Sriver Adam  
Sroier (?) John  
Stephens Peter  
Stone Elias  
Stutten Stephen  
Sulser George  
Sulser Jonathan  
Sulser Lewis  
Sutten Benjamin  
Swan John  
Swope Michael  
Tebatt George  
Truelock Thomas  
Turner Herculles  
Upthegrove Samuel  
Vandavin John  
Watkins Peter  
Weaver Henry  
Wellington John  
White David  
Willford Joseph  
Wilson George  
Winson William  
Winzer James  
Wolf George  
Wood Isaac  
Wood William  
Worley Brice  

Source: FHL #1027064


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