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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

Transcribed by Barbara Campbell

Somerset Township

Armstrong, Thomas  
Ault, Conrod  
Ault, Frederick  
Bennet, John  
Bently, Sashbazer  
Black, Phillip  
Book, Jacob  
Book, Margaret  
Boughdell, Henry  
Braden, James  
Bryson, Hugh  
Bush, Joseph  
Campbell, Duncan  
Campbell, Rosannah  
Carson, Robert s
Cole, Barnerd  
Coonz, Frederick  
Coxx, Joseph  
Cramer, John  
Craven, Francis  
Craven, Herman  
Craven, James  
Craven, Jeremiah  
Cravin, Elisha  
Crawford, David  
Crites, Henry  
Dans, Joshua  
Darnal, John  
Darnal, John "or Cores ?" s
Darnal, William s
Davidson, John  
Davis, Richard  
Dickison, Thomas  
Diven, Leonard  
Earegh, Conrod  
Feely , Thomas  
Flemming, James  
Forbus, Alexander  
Forbus, Arthur  
Forbus, Hugh  
Forked, Jacob  
Forthness, Samuel  
Fryer, John s
Gilcrease, John  
Glass, James  
Greenlees, John  
Grubb, Andrew  
Hamilton, William  
Harp, Joseph  
Hartman, George  
Hazlet, John  
Hill, John  
Hobb, John  
Hooper, Philip  
Huffman, Henry  
Huffman, John  
Huffman, Rudolph  
Huskenson, Charles  
Johns, Levi  s
Johnstone, Peter s
Kerr, Mary  
Kerry, Luther  
Kinter, Catharine  
Kinter, George  
Laughlin, Matthew  
Leonard, Caleb Senr.  
Leonard, Isaac  
Leonard, Silas  
Lesly, Abraham  
Lesly, Jacob  
Luckey, Robert  
Lyda, James  
Lyda, John  
Macklevain, George  
Macklevain, Grier  
Martin, Edward  
Masterson, John 1st.  
Masterson, John 2nd.  
Masterson, John 3rd.  
Masterson, William  
Mc Collough, Patrick  
Mc Comb, George  
Mc Comb, William  
Mc Combs, Robert s
Mc Combs, Thomas s
Mc Craken, Hugh  
Mc Donough, Henry  
Mc Dowell, James s
Mc Ferring, John  
Mc Millen, William  
Meeks, Isaac  
Messinger, Daniel  
Miller, David  
Miller, James  
Morrow, Charles  
Murry, John  
Myers, George  
Myers, Michael  
Myers, Michael s
Naven, William  
Nelson , Joseph  
Newkirk, Abraham s
Newkirk, Henry  
Newkirk, Issac  
Nickle, Sampson  
Nugen, James  
Orr, Humphrey  
Parker, Esquire Wm  
Parkinson, William  
Preston, Barnard  
Ralstone, Joseph s
Ramsey, James  
Ramsey, Robert  
Ramsey, Thomas, s
Red,  Nathaniel  
Robinson, John  
Ross, Issac  
Sarton, Peter  
Scott, Patrick  
Scott, William  
Seaborn, Edward  
Shuster, Vallentine  
Simpson, James  
Slogan, John  
Sluster, Samuel  
Small, John s
Smith, Andrew  
Smith, William s
Sook, Jacob  
Sook, Jacob Junr.  
Spacht, Anthony  
Spacht, Christopher  
Spacht, Jacob  
Stehens, Daniel  
Stephenson, John  
Stephenson, John Junr.  
Stephenson, Mary  
Sticklel, Peter  
Study, John  
Stutt, Widow  
Swagler, Jacob  
Swarth, Peter  
Swickard, Daniel  
Swickard, Martin  
Sypole, George  
Taggart, James  
Thomas, Joseph  
Thomas, Michael  
Tinkey, John  
Tombough, Matthew s
Vance, Isaac  
Vance, John  
Vennemon, Andrew s
Wallace, Francis  
Wallace, John  
Wallace, Nathaniel  
Wallace, William  
Weaver, Conrad  
Wherry, David  
Wherry, James  
Williamson, John  
Williamson, William  
Wilson, Joseph x
Wilson, William  

Source: FHL #1027064


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