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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

s=single | SF= Single Freemen

Bethlehem Township

Ackelone, John  
Alspaugh, Henry  
Arvecost, John  
Aspie, Josiah  
Aspie, Josiah Estate  
Bacon, John gone
Baham, James  
Baker, John  
Baker, Joshua SF
Baldon, Thomas  
Ball, Zopher  
Barnet, James  
Bishop, Thomas  
Bishop, Thomas  
Blackburn, Benjm.  
Blackburn, James  
Blackburn, Joseph SF
Blair, David  
Braden, Ezekiel  
Braden, Jacob  
Braden, James  
Braden, James  
Branton, Robert  
Buckias, John  
Buckingham, Enoch SF
Buckinham, John  
Buckinham, William  
Burcham, David  
Bush, Isaac  
Callender, John SF
Callender, Robert SF
Chancelor, Philip  
Clark, Michael  
Cline, Henry SF
Cloton, Thomas  
Colson, Mary  
Cook, Thomas  
Coolley, William  
Cornvall, John SF
Cornvall, Thomas  
Crooks, Thos. Esq.  
Curry William Estate  
Curry, Daniel  
Curry, James  
Curry, William  
Cussens, John  
Dager, Martin  
Davis, Hinson  
Davis, John  
Davis, John forest
Davis, Rembrance SF
Death, Jacob  
Dilworth, Thomas  
Diven, Leonard  
Dixson, James  
Donlin, John  
Dorban, Thomas  
Dorsey, Joseph  
Dowdle, Joseph  
Doyls, John  
Drake, Peter  
Driskel, Daniel  
Eaton, Jonah  
Enochs, David  
Enochs, Henry  
Enochs, Samuel  
Evance, Josiah  
Evans, Nathan SF
Felty (?), Isaac  
Fetchpatric, James  
Fool (?), Ebenezer  
Foster, James  
Foxal, Absolom  
Frederick, Daniel SF
Frederick, Jacob SF
Frend, George  
Frend, Philip SF
Frend, Tobias  
Fruit, George  
Gaddis, Reese  
Galleher, Jeremiah SF
Gamble, William  
Gillespie, Allen  
Ginkins, John  
Graham, James  
Gribes, Widow  
Griffen, Bartly  
Hail, Nathan  
Hails, John  
Hails, John SF
Hansell, Michael  
Hardesty, John  
Hardgrove, William  
Hardman, Abraham  
Hardman, Adam  
Hardman, Adam Estate  
Hardman, Solomon  
Hardmon, Anthony  
Harsh, Simon  
Harsock, Daniel SF
Hartsock, Catharine  
Hartsock, Coonrad  
Hartsock, Henry  
Hatfield, John  
Hatfield, Jonas  
Hatfield, Thomas  
Hatfield, Thomas  
Hatter, Adam  
Hawkins, Richard  
Hawkins, Thomas  
Hawkins, William  
Hayworth, Joseph SF
Headen, John  
Helps, George  
Henry, John  
Herveson, John SF gone
Hews, Thomas  
Hill, John SF
Hill, Joseph  
Hill, Thomas  
Hill, Thomas  
Hill, William  
Hill, William Jr.  
Hines, James  
Hoge, Absalom  
Hollis, Daniel  
Holloway, Elkenia  
Hook, Jacob  
Hook, Jacob Estate  
Hook, Matthias  
Horable, Henry  
Horable, Jacob SF
Horn, Christopher  
Horrable, John  
Horton, Charles SF
Hosick, Michael  
Hotnet, Jonathan  
Hupp, Everhot  
Huttson, John SF
Jackson, Jesse SF
Jinkins, Jacob SF
Jonas, Jacob SF
Jonas, William SF
Kemble, John  
Kinder, George  
Kinder, Vallentine  
Koffman, Henry  
Kunkell, Henry  
Large, Widow  
Lasley, Peter  
Lazore, Peter  
Leatherman, Daniel  
Leatherman, Frederick  
Leet, Isaac  
Lemming, Joseph  
Lewallen, Widdow  
Lighty, Jacob  
Litten, Samuel  
Lower, Polson  
Lower, Polson SF
Luallen, Francis  
Luallen, Isaac SF
Luallen, Philip  
Luckey, Andrew  
Lutts, George  
Manning, John  
McCartor, John  
McCartor, Paul  
McCowen, John  
McFarling, Daniel  
McGibbens, John  
McNeme, Barnibas  
McNeme, Isaac SF
Meek, John  
Meeks, Samuel  
Meeks, Samuel Sr.  
Michael, Widow "poor"
Miller, Christian  
Miller, Henry SF
Miller, John  
Miller, John Dunkard  
Miller, Thomas "or Wm."  
Montgomery, William  
Moore, Andrew  
Moore, Daniel  
Moore, Michael  
Morgan, Charles SF
Morrison, Robert  
Myers, George  
Myers, John  
Myers, Nicholas  
Nestell, Henry  
Noffsinger, John  
Noffsinger, Samuel  
Odaniel, John SF
Packer, John  
Patrick, Jonathan  
Peary, Widow  
Peek, George  
Perry, James SF
Placken, Ulrick  
Plockenstaf, David SF
Polser, Henry  
Polsor, Henry  
Poots, Jonas  
Powel, James  
Proker, George  
Pusley (?), Daniel  
Rednor, John  
Reese, Jesse SF
Reese, Thomas  
Richardson, Thomas  
Ricker, Gasper  
Rigdon, George  
Rigg, Clement  
Riggle, Jacob  
Rite, James  
Robert, John  
Roberts, Leonard  
Rose, Ezekial  
Ross, Alexander  
Ross, Jonathan  
Ruble, David  
Ruble, Jacob SF
Rush, John  
Sellors, Frederick  
Sergent, Rachel  
Serjent, John SF
Shanks, Christian  
Shawhin, Derby  
Shedlor, Petor  
Shidlor, George  
Shidlor, Henry  
Shidlor, Jacob  
Shidlor, John  
Shidlor, Peter  
Simons, Adam  
Simons, Andrew  
Simons, Jacob SF
Sims, Edward  
Smith, Abraham  
Smith, Demes  
Smith, Henry  
Smith, Lazor  
Smith, Reuben  
Smith, Samuel  
Smith, Samuel  
Snuff, Jacob  
Spoon, Martin  
Stanly, William  
Stell, Robert [Steel ?]
Stephens, Robert SF
Stone, William  
Sundaker, Christopher  
Sutton, David  
Swaney, Robert  
Swinehart, George  
Swinehart, Jacob  
Syms, William  
Tagg, Frederick  
Tagg, Matthias  
Tagg, Michal  
Tansor, George  
Teator, Francis SF
Tegerden, Widow  
Tolen, Elias  
Townsend, Amos SF
Townsend, John SF
Tucker, John  
Tusman, Jacob  
Voulry, John  
Walton, Amos  
Watson, John  
Wavel, John  
Wear, John SF
Weaver, Adam  
Weaver, Samuel  
Weir, James SF
Welch, John  
Welch, Richard SF
White, Edward  
White, Jacob  
Wilie, Joseph  
Williams, George  
Williams, Thomas  
Wise, Adam  
Wise, Andrew  
Wise, Frederick  
Wise, Peter  
Witson, William  
Woodfield, Joseph  
Wright, James  
Wright, John SF
Wright, Robert SF
Yost, Christian  
Young, Andrew  
Young, John SF

Note: This was before Bethlehem was split to the townships of East and West

Source: FHL #1027064


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