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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

s=single | SF= Single Freemen

Cecil Township

Acklin, Samuel  
Agnew, Robert  
Alexander, Samuel  
Alexander, Thomas SF
Allison, James Coms. (?)
Allison, John SF
Allisonon, John  
Anderson, William SF
Andrew, Widow  
Armstrong, James  
Armstrong, John  
Armstrong, John SF
Armstrong, William SF
Ashbey, Stephen  
Atcheson, William SF
Atchison, Matthew  
Atheson, Widow  
Barns, William  
Bell, William  
Berry, John  
Biggert, Samuel  
Black, William  
Boatman, Henry  
Boatman, Henry Junr.  
Boatman, Robert  
Boatman, William  
Boice, Richard  
Bowland, Robert SF
Bowling, Matthew  
Bowling, Sims  
Bowman, John  
Boyd, Bolly  
Boyd, Thomas  
Boys, John  
Braken, Thomas  
Brekinridge, James  
Brice, William  
Brown, John  
Brown, Joseph  
Brown, Joseph  
Brown, Samuel  
Bruce, James  
Buchanan, John  
Burwell, Ephraim  
Caldwell, John  
Camon, John  
Campbell, Charles  
Campbell, James  
Campbell, John  
Campton, Jacob  
Camron, Daniel SF
Carmichael, John SF
Castles, Alexander  
Cheese, Edward  
Colvin, James  
Conyer, Dimis  
Conyer, Widow  
Cook, Peden  
Cottril, Thomas  
Coughran, William  
Cowen, Henry  
Craig, James  
Crawford, Josiah  
Crawford, Widow  
Creal, John  
Creal, Thomas  
Cumming, John  
Davidson, Robert T - under McCormick, James
Davis, Thomas  
Dinsmore, James  
Dixson, George  
Donnahee, Widow  
Donnahee, William  
Dornan, Oliver SF
Dougherty, Michael  
Dougherty, Roger  
Douglass, Patrick SF
Downard, Joseph  
Downing, Robert  
Duncan, John  
Dunlop, William  
Dunn, Byard  
Faucet, John  
Faucet, Thomas  
Foster, Jacob tenant
Fraizer, George  
Fraizer, Jonathan  
Fraizer, Thomas  
Furman, James  
Gamble, Josiah  
Gance, Christopher SF
Garrell, James  
Gaston, James  
Gault, David  
Gault, James  
Gaunce, Benjamin  
Gaunce, Nicholas  
Gibson, Andrew  
Glenn, John  
Graham, Abraham T
Griffeth, Widow  
Guset, John  
Guthrie, James SF
Guthrie, Robert  
Hall, John & Leeper Allen  
Hamilton, Jno T  - Neeper, John
Hammond, John  
Hammond, Robert SF
Hammond, Widow  
Hay, William s
Hays, James  
Hays, John  
Hays, Robert  
Henderson, Matthew Revd.  
Henry, Francis  
Herring, George  
Herring, James  
Herring, John  
Herring, William  
Hickman, Adam  
Hickman, Peter  
Hill, Robert  
Hillis, William T listed w/ Moore
Holmes, Joseph SF
Holmes, Obediah  
Holmes, William  
Howlet, James  
Hughes, James  
Hughes, Widow  
Hunter (?), John  
Hutchison, Thomas  
Ireland, John  
Jackson, George  
Jeffery, Samuel  
Jinkins, John SF
Johnson, Ebenezer SF
Johnson, John  
Johnson, Joseph  
Johnson, Robert  
Johnson, William  
Johnson, William Extr.
Johnson, William Junr.  
Jolliff, Jesse SF
Kelly, William  
Kenner, William listed w/ Acklin
Kerrns, Peter  
Kinkaid, Robert  
Kirkpatrick, James  
Larrimore no 1st name
Laughlin, John  
Leadly, James  
Leeper, Allen listed w/ Hall
Lesnet, Christian  
Lesnet, Hophel or Stophel (?) SF
Lindsley, John  
Lingo, Henry  
Little, James  
Logan, Samuel  
Long, William  
Luck, William L
Makemson, John  
Marchant, James  
Martin, James  
Martin, Jonathan  
Matthewson, Robert  
Matthewson, William SF
May, John s
McAllister, Alexr.  
McBride, James  
McBride, Samuel  
McBride, Samuel Senr.  
McCabe, Robert SF
McCall, James SF
McCall, John  
McCall, Thomas SF
McCall, William SF
McClain, John SF
McClelland, Hance  
McClelland, James  
McClosky, Robert  
McCollough, George  
McCollough, John  
McComb, George  
McComb, John  
McConkey, Hugh L
McConnel, Alexr. s
McConnel, Mathew Esq.  
McConnel, William  
McCormick, James  
McCoy, Alexr.  
McCoy, Daniel  
McCoy, Daniel B.  
McCoy, William  
McCready, James  
McDonald, William  
McDonald, William SF
McDonnald, William  
McErving, Samuel  
McGu_ahen, John  
McKinzey, Keneth  
McLaughlin, James  
McLaughlin, Wm.  
McMillen, Alexander SF
McNaught, Hugh  
McNaught, Robert  
McNeary, David  
McNeary, James  
McRorrey, David  
McRorry, Robert SF
Meader, Martin SF
Meek, Robert  
MeElkenney, Samuel SF
Merchant, Ann  
Merchant, Thomas  
Middleswart, Abram  
Middleswart, Henry  
Middleswart, Jacob SF
Middleswart, Moses SF
Miller, James  
Miller, Robert  
Miller, Widow  
Miller, Widow  
Milligan, John  
Milligan, William SF
Ministers Land  
Mitchel, William  
Montgomery, Robt.  
Moore, Jesse L
Morreson, Gavin  
Morrison, James  
Munro, Andrew  
Munro, William  
Navill, John Genl.  
Navill, Presley Esq.  
Neeper, John L
Neilson, John  
Nesbitt, John  
Oaram, William T listed w/ Luck
Odonald, Henry  
Odonald, John  
Odonald, Widow  
Orr, John  
Osburn, Samuel  
Park, John SF
Park, Robert  
Park, Samuel  
Parker, James  
Patton, David  
Patton, Hugh  
Person, Willis  
Philip, Thomas  
Porter, Joseph  
Porter, Robert  
Potter, Robert  
Quillen, Ambrose  
Ralston, Robert  
Ralstone, David SF
Ralstone, John s
Ramsey, James  
Rankin, David  
Rankin, Thomas  
Reed, David  
Reed, James Schr. (?)
Reed, James  
Reed, James SF
Reed, John SF
Reed, John Esqr.  
Reed, Matthew SF
Reed, Paul  Senr.  
Reed, Thomas  
Reily, John  
Reno, Thomas  
Ritchie, Andrew  
Ritchie, Craig SF
Ritchie, James  
Ritchie, Matthew Esqr.  
Ritchison, William  
Roberts, William SF
Roberts, William SF
Robertson, John  
Robertson, Robert T - Stephenson, Robert
Ross, Daniel  
Rowley, William  
Russell, Andrew  
Russell, John  
Russell, Robert  
Russell, William  
Rutherford, Robert  
Saintelear, William  
Sallsman, William  
Sallsman, William Junr.  
Scott, Abraham  
Scott, Archibald  
Scott, Hugh  
Scott, James  
Scott, James  
Scott, Samuel SF
Shaver, James s
Shaw, John SF
Sibbet, James  
Simpson, Jeremy SF
Singhorse, Abraham  
Smith, John  
South, Daniel  
Sproul, Hugh  
Sprowel, James  
Stephenson, David  
Stephenson, Robert L
Stephenson, Robert  
Sterling, Hugh  
Stewart, William  
Still (?), William  
Stockman, Samuel  
Stoutt, Job SF
Struthers, Alexander SF
Struthers, John Junr.  
Struthers, John Senr.  
Sullivan, Patrick  
Sutherland, John  
Sutherland, William SF
Suttles, Thomas  
Swearingin, Andrew  
Swim, Isaac  
Tannehill, Nathan s
Tannihill, James SF
Tannill, William SF
Tharp, George T
Thompson, John listed w/ J. Campbell
Thompson, Samuel  
Thompson, Samuel SF
Tucker, James SF
Turner, John  
Turner, William  
Waits, Widow  
Walkefield or Wakefield, Thomas SF
Walker, Gabriel  
Walker, John  
Walker, Robert  
Walker, Robert  
Wallace, William s
Webster, John Lee  
Welch, Daniel  
Welch, Fellen or Trellen (?)  
Welch, Robert  
Wells, Joseph  
White Hill, Thomas SF
White, John  
White, John  
White, Robert  
White, Thomas  
Wilie, Jacob  
Wilkinson, John  
Williams, William  
Willie, Adam  
Willson, William  
Wilson, Andrew Robt.  
Wilson, John listed w/ Armstrong
Wilson, John  
Wilson, Myles  
Wilson, Thomas  
Wood, Samuel  
Woodburn, James  
Young, Goodman SF

Source: FHL #1027064


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