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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

s=single man | SF=Single Freeman | ()=a different spelling in the original tax list

Cumberland Township

Adamson, John  
Adamson, Joseph  
Adamson, Thomas Junr.  
Akins, Gabriel SF
Anderson, Charles  
Anderson, Charles Junr.  
Anderson, Daniel  
Ankrim, John  
Archer, James  
Archer, Samuel or Simon  
Armstrong, Abraham  
Armstrong, John  
Ball, Joseph  
Barnhill, Samuel  
Barnhill, Samuel Jr.  
Blackburn, James  
Blackledge, Enoch  
Blackledge, Thomas  
Blacklidge, William SF
Blair, James  
Blaney, Jacob  
Boarman, John SF
Boaz, Henry  
Boner, William  
Bowen, Clifton  
Bowen, Thomas  
Bradford, Robert  
Brown, Thomas  
Bruce, Alexr.  
Burns, John  
Busen, Edward  
Cain, John  
Cain, Patrick  
Carloe, James (Carlow)
Carmichael, James  
Carrel, George  
Carrel, William  
Carter, Richard  
Cathers, William  
Church, George  
Clark, James  
Clinin, Jacob (Cline)
Congo, Moses  
Coughran, Alexander  
Crago, Thomas (Crawgo)
Crawford, Alexander SF
Crawford, John  
Crawford, Mary  
Crawford, Oliver  
Crawford, William  
Cree, Patrick  
Cree, Robert  
Cree, Robert SF
Cree, William  
Crosley, Robert  
Cummings, James SF
Cune, Michael  
Darby, James  
Darmond, Samuel SF
Davis, Azariah  
Davis, John  
Davis, Stephen  
Davis, William  
Devall, Daniel  
Devall, Daniel SF
Dickinson, Jesse SF
Dollarson, Alexander SF
Dougherty, John (Douglas)
Dougherty, Michael SF
Dun, Samuel SF
Duncan, David  
Dunham, Dinnis  
Dunn, Edmond  
Dunn, Isaac  
Dunn, Joseph  
Eaton, Thomas  
Edwards, John  
Extile, Daniel (Eastle)
Fee, John  
Fee, John  
Fee, Thomas  
Finley, Alexander  
Flenniken, James  
Flenniken, John  
Floughro, Robert  
Foster, Samuel SF
Frakes, Nathan  
Gardner, James SF
Garrard, Elias  
Garrard, Jesse  
Garrard, Joseph SF
Garven, John  
Garwood, Median  
Gaskins, John SF
Gillespie, James  
Gillispee, John  
Gorral, Robert  
Greggs, George  
Greggs, Richard  
Grigg, Levi SF
Gunner (?), James SF
Hale, William  
Hatheway, Samuel  
Hatheway, William  
Helten, John  
Henderson, James  
Henson, Thomas  
Herod, William  
Hills John  
Hills, John  
Hogen, Barnet  
Hogen, James  
Hollow, John  
House, Anderw  
Huffman, Henry  
Hughes, James  
Hughes, Nathaniel  
Hughes, Rowland  
Hughes, Thomas  
Husten, Paul SF
Huston, John  
Ingram, Arhur  
Ingram, Jinkins  
Ingram, William  
Jackson, Samuel  
Jamison, Alexander  
Jamison, William  
Johnes, John M. C.  
Johnson, Hugh  
Johnston, Cornelius SF
Jones, John  
Jones, Michael  
Kelly, Robert  
Kendall, Reuben  
Killgun, George  
Kirk, Adam  
Lakens, Joseph  
Leonard, Lott  
Levingood, Peter  
Levingood, Peter Junr.  
Lewis, Robert SF
Looming, Benjamin  
Lusader, Aaron  
Major, Anthoney  
Marchant, William  
Marrallo, James  
Martin, Aqulla  
McClelland, Andrew  
McClelland, James SF
McClelland, Robert  
McClelland, Robert  
McDowell, Charles  
McDowell, William  
McElroy, William  
McKabe, John  
McKann, John SF
McKee (?), Samuel  
McKee, (?), John  
McKinney, Joseph  
McKinney, Robert  
McLaughlin, Edmond  
McLeary, William  
McMillen, Richard  
Miers, Peter  
Miller, Amos  
Miller, Isaac  
Miller, Isaac Junr.  
Miller, Nicholas  
Minor, Josiah  
Monro, Alexander  
Montgomery, David SF
Moore, George  
Moore, Samuel  
Moore, William  
Morris, Ezekiel  
Murdock, Daniel  
Murdock, James  
Navill, Peter  
Newland, George  
Newland, Mary  
Nickolas, Vollan  
Nott, George  
Oldridge, John  
Paden, Obediah  
Parkinson, William  
Perkins, William  
Phester, Rachel  
Pollock, Samuel  
Porter, James  
Pribble, James  
Pribble, Job SF
Pribble, Ruben  
Pribble, Stephen  
Pribble, Thomas  
Pribble, Thomas Junr.  
Proir (?), John  
Purdom, John  
Reed, Robert  
Rice, John  
Rinehart, Barnard  
Rinehart, Thomas  
Rinehart, Thomas Junr.  
Rineheard, Joseph  
Roach, Thomas  
Santee, George  
Scott, Abraham  
Seaton, Betty  
Seaton, Francis  
Seaton, George SF
Seaton, James  
Seaton, Kenner  
Sedwick, Thomas  
Sedwick, Thomas Estate  
Shepheard, William  
Shroeff (?), Boston  
Simarman, Abraham  
Simonton, John  
Smith, Jehabud  
Smith, John  
Stephenson, Hugh  
Steward, Daniel  
Stewart, Hezekiah  
Stiles, Stephen  
Strahan, Thomas  
Strahen, Jacob  
Strahen, Jacob estate  
Stroud, Samuel  
Swan, Charles  
Swan, John  
Swan, Richard  
Swan, William  
Tegarden, George  
Tegarden, William  
Thomas, Samuel  
Thrasher, John  
Thurraman, Thomas  
Vanmeter, Joseph  
Vanmetre, Absolom SF
Vanmetre, Henry Esqr.  
Vanmetre, Jesse  
Veach, Daniel  
Veach, Jeremiah  
Veach, Nathan  
Villers, John  
Weekley, Thomas  
Wells, Thomas  
White, David  
Whitelock, William SF
Williams, Daniel  
Wilson, Absolom SF
Wilson, John  
Wilson, John Estate  
Wilson, Thomas  
Wilson, Thomas  
Winn, James  
Wood, Benjamin  
Wood, Isaac  
Worton, Robert  

Source: FHL #1027064


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