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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

s=single man |  ()=a different spelling in the original tax list or a suggested spelling

Dickinson Township

Adam, Robert  
Adams, Forpitt (?)  
Allison, William  
Armore, Patrick  
Augustine, Amos  
Baker, Charles  
Bane, John  
Barnet, John  
Barrachman, Michael  
Bart, Alexander  
Bartly, John  
Beam, Abraham  
Beam, Jacob  
Bell, James  
Bell, Paterson  
Bishop, David  
Black, William  
Boggert, Benjamin  
Boggs, John  
Boggs, William  
Bousman, Frederick  
Bousman, Jacob  
Bowman, Casper  
Bowsman, Nicholas  
Bready, James  
Brunton, Thomas  
Burk, Michael  
Burns, Richard  
Butler, William  
Campbell, John  
Chambers, John  
Clark, Charles  
Clark, John  
Clark, Thomas  
Cliffer, John  
Coughran, William  
Coulter, James  
Coyl, Edward  
Crawford, James  
Cunningham, John  
Cunningham, Samuel  
Dawson, Joshua  
Dermon, Alexr.  
Dougherty, William  
Eakin, John  
Eaking, Alexr.  
Elliot, John Senr.  
Evault, Henry  
Evins, Meburry  
Evins, Richard  
Fagan, James  
Finney, Robert  
Finney, Thomas  
Finney, Thomas  
Flatcher, Simon  
Forgey, John  
Forgison, David  
Forgison, Samuel  
Forsyth, James  
Foster, Samuel  
Fouler, Alexander  
Four, Henry  
Fowler, James  
Gallaher, John  
Gilfillan, Thomas  
Gilmore, John  
Glass, Samuel  
Glazer, John  
Gobbin, John  
Gobbin, William  
Gordon, William  
Gray, Robert  
Hamilton, James  
Hay, Abraham  
Hay, James  
Hay, John  
Hay, Matthew  
Haymaker, Jacob  
Heath, Joseph  
Henderson, James  
Henderson, Robert  
Henderson, William  
Herrington, Jabus  
Huling, Mark  
Irvine, James  
Irvine, Joseph  
Jones, George  
Keho, Agness  
Kelly, Berry  
Kelly, Mundieou (?)  
Kennedy, Robert  
Kildoo, Thomas  
Kinkaid, John  
Kirkendall, John  
Lapsly, Martha  
Lapsly, Thomas  
Lauderback, Peter  
Leepheart, Augustine  
Linzey, Michael  
Long, Joshua  
Long, William  
Loots, Christiane  
Louderback, Conrod  
Louderback, John  
Louderback, Michael  
Low, Henry  
Lower, John  
McCallister, Eneas  
McClain, Amos  
McClure, Andrew  
McCormick, John  
McCoy, Hugh  
McCoy, Hugh Senr.  
McCoy, John  
McCulley, John  
McCune, John  
McDermet, Daniel  
McDermet, Daniel  
McDonald, William  
McDorment, John  
McDowell, Archibald  
McDowell, John  
McDowell, Joseph  
McGill, William s
McGuldrick, James  
McKee, Guyon  
McKee, James  
McKee, John  
McKee, Margaret  
McKee, Robert  
McKee, William  
McKinney, James  
McKinsey, John  
McLaughlin, William  
McMean, John  
McNulty, John  
Metzker, John  
Michael, Andrew  
Miller, James or Jacob  
Mole or Mote, Casper  
Montgomery, John  
Neel, John  
Neel, Joseph  
Nighman, Elias  
Nighman, Henry  
Ormsbey, John  
Patch, John  
Paterson, John  
Patten, James  
Rasher, Daniel  
Rasher, John  
Rasher, Michael  
Redman, Hugh  
Reduck, John  
Reed, John  
Reed, William  
Ritchie, Robert  
Robinson, Samuel  
Robb (?), John  
Rows, Boston  
Rutherford, James  
Sands, John  
Say, John  
Shaw, William  
Shea, John  
Sheaver, John  
Shever, Henry  
Shields, John  
Shiver, Lewis  
Small, Henry  
Small, John  
Smith, Charles  
Snodgrass, Alexander  
Snodgrass, James  
Stelley, Ann  
Stewart, John  
Stewart, William  
Stitt or Still, James  
Swasick, Richard  
Swaswick, George  
Swim, Barbary  
Tannihill, Thomas  
Thompson, Robert  
Thompson, William  
Torrance, James  
Treasy, Loudiwick  
Trumbo, John  
Wallace, George  
Wallace, John  
Wallace, John  
Ward, John  
Watson, Andrew  
Welson, James  
White, Robert  
Whiteman, William  
Whitiker, Aaron  
Whitiker, James  
Wilson, Amos  
Wilson, John  
Wilson, Robert  
Wilson, Samuel  
Wolf, Henry  
Written (?), Horn Edmond  

Source: FHL #1027064


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