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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786
s=single man

Donegal Township

Adams, John  
Adams, John  
Akison, Thomas  
Alexander, James  
Alexander, Joseph  
Allen, James  
Allison, James  
Allison, John s
Ankrim, Samuel  
Anthoney, Joseph  
Arthur, John  
Asbill, Richard  
Ashbough, Simon  
Babb, Richard  
Barett, John  
Barnes, Josiah  
Barrel, John  
Barrel, Samuel  
Barrett, Edward  
Bekket, James  
Bibb, Robbert  
Blair, Joseph  
Boggs, Ezekiel  
Boggs, Frank  
Boner, Barnet  
Bonner, Charles  
Bonner, James  
Bonner, William  
Bradford, David  
Brakenridge, Hugh  
Bray, James  
Bready, James  
Britt, Daniel  
Brown, Joseph  
Brownlee, James  
Brownlee, John  
Brownlee, Widow  
Bruce, Elias  
Bryan, Brown  
Bryan, Francis  
Bryan, Henry  
Bryson, John  
Buce, James  
Burns, Alexr.  
Byers, James  
Byers, Thomas  
Cain, John  
Caldwell, David  
Caldwell, James  
Caldwell, Robert  
Canby, Eliza  
Canby, Thomas  
Cannedy, Duncan  
Carrell, Edward  
Carrell, Edward  
Carrell, Robert  
Carson, James  
Casper, John  
Channey, John  
Channey, Samuel s
Chapman, Thomas  
Cimmins, John  
Clark, Hezekiah  
Clark, James  
Clark, John  
Clark, John  
Clark, William  
Clemmings, James  
Clemmings, Jeremiah s
Clever, Jacob  
Coats, Joshua  
Coats, Samuel  
Conley, John  
Conner, Bryan  
Cooper, Matthew  
Cox, Jacob  
Coxx, Isaac  
Coxx, Jacob  
Coxx, Morris  
Craig, Samuel  
Danikin (?), James  
Davis, Samuel  
Davison, James  
Dennis, Michael  
Dillie, David Gent
Dilworth, Samuel  
Downey, James  
Downey, William  
Downing, John  
Dunn, Jeremiah  
Dunnifin, John  
Eli, Michael  
England, John s
England, Joseph s
English, David  
English, William s
Faulk, Adams  
Finley, James  
Fishen, Morris  
Fittz, Philips  
Flim, James  
Ford, Widow  
Forgison, William  
Forrest, James  
Franks, James  
French, Robert  
Fullebum, Christian  
Fullenswider, Henry  
Gator, Edward  
Gill, Samuel  
Gill, Widow  
Gillilland, Hugh  
Gillilland, Thomas  
Glover, Hugh  
Glover, James  
Gorbey, Thomas  
Gordon, Thomas  
Gorley, Robert  
Graham, John s
Graham, John  
Graham, Robert  
Gray, Rebeccah  
Gurpy, Francis  
Handley, David  
Hardestay, Francis  
Hawkins, Widow  
Henderson, James  
Henderson, Thomas  
Henderson, William  
Henry, Robert  
Hiction, Elijah  
Hight, Elijah  
Hill, Thomas  
Holliday, James  
Holmes, Henry  
Horn, Hardman  
How, Aaron  
Howell, John  
Howell, Jonathan  
Huggs or Higgs, Joshua  
Humphries, Clement  
Hupp, Phillip  
Inlow, Abraham  
Inlow, Luke  
Jeffery, James  
Jeffery, John  
Jeffery, John  
Johnson, Samuel  
Johnston, William  
Johnstone, Alexander  
King, John  
Lain, John  
Lane, David s
Lane, Thomas s
Laslitt, Francis  
Leeper, Widow  
Lefler, George  
Lefler, Isaac  
Lefler, Jacob  
Lettiimore, George  
Lewis, David  
Marmell, Peter  
Mason, Abraham  
May, John  
McClain, George  
McClain, John  
McClelland, James  
McClelland, Keneth  
McClure, David  
McClure, Francis  
McCroberts, James  
McDaniel, James  
McDonnel, Nathaniel  
McDonnough, Henry  
McEntoish, Alexander  
McFarlan or McFarran, John  
McFarland, James  
McGee, John  
McGuire, Matthew  
McIntosh, John  
McKnight, John  
McLaurance, Collin  
McMahen, Patrick  
McMullen, James  
McMullen, John  
McMurty, William  
McNeal, Archibald  
McNeal, Archibald Estate  
McNeight, James  
McNight, Widow  
McWilliams, John  
Millcos (?), Francis  
Miller, Christopher  
Miller, Francis  
Miller, Jacob  
Miller, John x
Mollar, William  
Montgomery, James  
Moore, Andrew  
Morris, Isaac  
Morris, James  
Morton, Agnew  
Morton, David  
Morton, John  
Morton, Robert  
Mucklewain, Forguson  
Murdock, Samuel  
Murphey, John  
Oneal, Daniel  
Orde, George  
Orr, William  
Pascill, Joseph Junr.  
Passill, Stephen Senr.  
Paterson, John  
Paxton, Joseph  
Peek, Francis  
Peek, Presley s
Peek, Thos.  
Portor, John  
Ralstone, James  
Razor, Jacob  
Razor, Samuel  
Rea, John  
Renoson, William  
Reonalds, Thomas  
Retch, Thomas  
Rice, Abraham  
Rice, Jacob  
Richardson, William  
Rigbey, Joseph  
Rightbright, Thomas  
Robinson, Johm  
Robinson, Samuel  
Robinson, William  
Rogers, Andrew  
Roney, Haraslue (?)  
Roney, James  
Ross, James Lawyer
Russell, Joshua  
Sailor, Jacob  
Scott, Daniel  
Sedwell, Hugh  
Sellors, Christopher  
Sergent, Richard  
Shannon, George  
Shue, Martin  
Shur, Leonard  
Sinclare, John  
Slator, James  
Smith, Alexander  
Smith, Daniel  
Smith, William  
Snodgrass, James  
Sparks, Alexr.  
Spry, William  
Steel, Captain  
Steel, John  
Stephens, Caleb  
Stephenson, James  
Stephenson, James  
Stephenson, John  
Still, John  
Streaker, Laurance  
Stutts, Laurance  
Summers, Philip  
Summers, Walter  
Summons, John  
Swearingin, Vann  
Taylor, Henry  
Taylor, Robert  
Taylor, Robert Senr.  
Taylor, Samuel  
Taylor, William  
Teets, Andrew  
Teets, Henry  
Templeton, James  
Templeton, John  
Templeton, Widow  
Tettermary, Richard  
Thomas, Joseph  
Thompson, James  
Turnbull, George  
Turnbull, Henry  
Uncil, Henry  
Vance, John  
Walker, Robert  
Waller, Thomas  
Warton, Charles  
Watman, William  
Wells, Charles  
Whitehead, William  
Whitesides, Peter  
Wilkin, John  
William, Bazel  
Williams, Jarret s
Williams, Laurance s
Williams, Leven s
Williamson, David  
Williamson, Eliazer  
Williamson, John  
Williamson, Joseph  
Williamson, Samuel  
Winter, Stophelle  
Wolf, Jacob  
Wolf, Peter  
Wolf, William  
Wood, Benjamin  
Workman, Samuel  
Wright, Alexander  
Wright, James  
Yeats, Richard  

Source: FHL #1027064


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